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Article: A well earned break for Barney

A well earned break for Barney

Well, I made it. I^m through to the Premier League Darts playoffs and it^s time for a bit of a rest.

I^m actually now on holiday until May 12 and that means no obligations, no plans, no schedules. I^m free to do whatever I want and that means playing some poker on, going round the golf course and enjoying time with friends I haven^t see for a long time. The weather is getting better as well, so that means I can enjoy the sun and spend more time with the kids as it^s their holiday as well.

On May 13 and 14 I^ll be back on my game and putting in a lot of practice in preparation for the US Open, as well as an exhibition for a sponsor.

Then it^s to Cardiff on May 26 for the Premier League Darts playoffs. Wish me luck!

Story from: Barney^s Blog


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