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About Us



Red Dragon Darts was founded in 1975 by two highly skilled and pioneering automotive engineers when they fell in love with the game whilst working as senior product engineers.

Soon the very talented engineers had researched every facet of the tungsten market, and decided to set up a tungsten darts operation like no other on the planet.

Fast forward four decades and Red Dragon boasts its own purpose built darts facility, delivering unseen levels in tungsten darts machining and production still driven by the original passions.

Red Dragon’s pioneering founders identified a major opportunity in mail order, sending shock waves through the global darts industry.

44 years later and Red Dragon Darts still embody this pioneering belief, carrying on the founder’s passion and commitment to manufacturing excellence and retailing.

Unlike nearly every other darts company, Red Dragon’s passion for design and production by controlling every tiny detail of the darts we sell makes us unique in the darts world today.

Red Dragon delivers direct to over 100 countries and since founding has made millions of sets of darts.

Red Dragon – Darts That Deliver