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Buying Darts

How to Buy Darts that suit you

Understanding the way you throw darts is clearly very important before you decide which shape of darts that you need to buy.

Darts all fly through the air on what is called the parabolic curve, which is a scientific name for the arc of the curve. 

It is buying the right darts that help you replicate this curve time and time again. Once you’re comfortable with your arc of throw and the entry angle of your darts, you can consider which darts to buy.

However, according to every professional that has ever been custom fitted at Red Dragon’s Fit Centre™ the single most important aspect of getting the right darts is having a perfectly comfortable grip that is repeated time and time again.

This repetition in the transfer of the dart from your holding hand to your playing hand is best summed up by Mervyn King who said “I’ve spent my whole darts career looking for a set of darts that has the absolute perfect transfer from my left hand to my right hand. It is this transfer that sets the perfect grip and so the darts must be shaped in a way that you get the exact same position on the darts every time”.

Mervyn’s comments can help you to buy the right darts as you must get the same grip over and over to leave you focused on the target and nothing else.

We acknowledge this factor in buying darts is harder with darts bought on the internet. However, when you look to buy darts you can run through the following mental checklist to help you make the right choice:

1) Where do I need grip on my the darts? Front – Middle – Back
2) What weight do I play with?

Take note of where you hold your current darts and when you look at the new darts try to imagine holding the darts that you are looking to buy, to see if they “feel” right in your mind’s eye.

Talking with most dart players they do have an intrinsic feel for the darts they’d like to buy. Failing that get your mates to buy some darts first and try theirs out!!

In today’s fast moving dart’s world there are literally thousands of different styles of darts to buy and we, as Direct Manufacturers, understand the problems in adding new ranges and weights.

However, if there was such a thing as a perfect dart, we would make it and save a huge amount of production and development work.

The only place a perfect dart exists is in your mind as one man’s dream dart is another man’s nightmare set, and let’s be fair it would be very boring as the dart’s discussion is such an interesting one. So when you buy darts try to put a bit of imagination and thought into your style and we’re confident you’ll find a perfect set at Red Dragon.

Red Dragon Match Weighed Technology

In 2010 we’ve further developed selected ranges of our darts to meet the demands of the Worlds Top Professionals.

When it comes to buying darts online our Match Weighed Darts gives you more confidence in what you’re buying as they’ve been proven to give far better grouping, and therefore higher scoring.

The Red Dragon series of Match Weighed darts are accurate to within 0.1 of a gram, so you can be sure that every throw is as precise as the last.

Unlike the majority of darts companies Red Dragon enjoys complete control over its raw material and darts production that enables an unrivalled methodology for Match Weighed selection.

The Red Dragon process takes place in four phases:

  • Raw material selection
  • Billet evaluation
  • Tooling tolerance
  • Post-manufacture barrel weighing.

The raw material phase involves setting precise tolerances, defining requirements with constant batch material tests resulting in the worlds finest pre-sintered Tungsten Powder.

The billet evaluation phase involves rating billet performance, weighing them against tight tolerances before selection for use in actual dart manufacture to deliver consistently excellent machined darts, when individually weighed are matched within 0.1 gram of the set they are sold in.

Red Dragon – No.1 in the world for Mail Order Darts

Red Dragon Darts are manufactured to + or – 0.2 grams of the nominal weight and within 0.1 grams of each other. For example if you buy a set of 24 gram match weighed red dragon darts they will weight between 23.8 grams and 24.2 grams, but the individual darts within the set will be within 0.1 grams of each other.

So if the darts you buy are 23.9 grams the other darts will only range from 23.8 or 24.0 grams.

This precise matching is why we know when you buy darts ours are the best in the world, so when you buying your darts look for the match weighed logo on the range.