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Red Dragon FAQ

1. What are the opening times for your order hotline?

Our order hotline is open Monday to Friday 8am until 5:30pm, Saturday 9am until 12pm (excluding holiday periods and bank holidays).

2. How can I place an order on your website?
When viewing a product on our website, there is an ‘Add To Cart’ button to click, enter the quantity in the box you’d like to order. This product will then be placed in your ‘Cart’ and when you are finished choosing other items, click on Checkout which will show you your complete purchase and the appropriate postage to pay.

3. What special offers do you have?
Our offers do change periodically so please keep checking our website for the latest offers. We currently offer free shipping to UK Mainland. Small items to the value of £50 and over. 

4. Do you personalise darts/shafts/flights?
Yes, we do personalise several items. Please our Custom Flight Designer & Personalised Shafts for more information.

5. What methods of payment do you have?

We use a secure payment site which allows for all Debit & Credit Cards, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. If you would prefer not to enter your card details over the internet you can call our order hotline on 01656 652121 and place the order, or you can write your order on paper and send it into us with a cheque or postal order. We prefer not to receive cash just in case it goes missing.

6. What if I am not satisfied with my order?

If you are not satisfied with your order you have the right to cancel. To do this please call us on 01656 652121. You do not have to give us a reason but a brief explanation would be helpful to us to improve our service we offer to you. To arrange a return Click Here.

7. Can I exchange my darts?

Yes, you can exchange your darts providing they are in a re-sale condition and it’s within the 14 days of purchase. The return of your item(s) must be paid at your own expense and we would suggest sending through a recorded service as we cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items on transit. Please remember to include your name and address with your returned items. Personalised items (darts, shafts, cases and flights) cannot be returned for refund or exchange. This does not affect your statutory rights. To arrange a return Click Here.

8. Do you re-point darts?

Yes we do re-point darts. Please note that your darts can only be re-pointed if they are originally purchased from ourselves. The cost of this service depends on the points you select. 

9. What are Match Weighted Darts?

We have selected ranges where the dart sets are matched to within 0.1 gram for ultimate performance. The set of darts are all within 0.1 gram of each other and 0.2 grams of their nominal weight. We work to such tight tolerances as you should get the best set of darts that you can, and its demonstrates our commitment to best practice in darts manufacture.

10. I have been told an item I ordered is Out of Stock?

With so many darting products available, it is unfortunate but occasionally we temporarily run out of stock. If an item is out of stock, we will contact you to see if you would like to wait for the order or if you would like to exchange.

11. I have missing items from my order, what should I do next?

We are very sorry if we have mistakenly missed some items from your order. If this is the case, please call our order hotline on 01656 652121 or alternatively contact us on WhatsApp Click Here.

14. I have been sent an item I did not order?

We are sorry that you have been sent an incorrect item. Please contact us on 01656 652121 and we will help you or alternatively contact us on WhatsApp Click Here.

15. Can you tell me if your darts come with flights and shafts?

Our darts come with flights and shafts.

16. Can I buy Barrels Only?

Unfortunately due to low demands we no longer supply barrels only (as of January 2013).

17. Do you part exchange darts?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer part exchange. 

18. I am having problems when ordering online?

Please call our order hotline on 01656 652121 or email us at alternatively contact us on WhatsApp Click Here.

19. As I live outside of the UK, can I see my order value in my own currency rather than in pounds sterling?

Unfortunately, this is not possible as it is not Red Dragon who decide on the amount paid in your own currency. The amount is decided by your card issuer and/or bank.

20. How do I order a brochure?
To order brochures please visit our home page and at the top of the page there is an option to order a brochure. Your brochure will then be sent out within 24 hours excluding weekends, holidays and bank holidays. If you are an overseas customer you will have to pay postage which depends on where you live. You can also order a brochure on 01656 652121. You will also receive a brochure with each new order placed.

21. How can I get updated with new products?

Our latest products are updated on our website so please check regularly. If you register with us we can email you as new product becomes available. We also send brochures and flyers from time to time; please let us know if you do not want this service by emailing with ‘Unsubscribe’ in the heading.

22. Can I purchase through Red Dragon as a wholesale or trade customer?

Red Dragon Darts ( is a mail order company only. However, if you are interested in purchasing Red Dragon Wholesale please email us at and we will assist you.

23. I have a suggestion/comment about your products/service etc?

We welcome any feedback and comments and would be happy to hear from you. Please use the ‘What Bugs You’ option at the bottom right of our web page.

24. Where can I buy a Manchester Log End Dartboard – in short we don’t really know.

The South Manchester Darts League traditionally play with a log-end dart boards. However, the board was threatened with extinction after the main manufacturers Perrigo of Droylsden decided to end production. Now boards will be produced by a new father and son team in Denton.

The log-end boards have been going for about 70 years, they are made out of wood, usually Elm, and are died black, with the wires hammered into the board.

There is no treble and the numbering is different to other national or London boards. Boards have to be kept soaked in water when they are not being used otherwise the timber will dry up and crack. And has a playing area of no more than ten inches across.

The new manufacturers, father and son, David and Chris Mealey, have been making the boards on a smaller scale for some time but have now decided to produce them full-time in Denton.

It takes two hours to make just one board and they have already made a sufficient number to supply outlets and local leagues. They will now be the main supplier in Manchester for around 200 leagues, which have an estimated 10,000 log-end players.

Chris, 32, who has given up his job to work on the boards full time, said: “I enjoy making the boards, I started off doing it as a hobby but the market has now opened up. It is great to see the boards when they are finished they look really good. We will now be supplying pubs and clubs in Manchester.”

After extensive research we cannot find the dealer but this place has an active role in the Manchester Log End leagues and apparently Chris calls in here very regularly to replace the boards.

Lightbrowne Liberal Club 0161-205-1342 18 Kenyon L, Manchester, England, M40 9JQ – They are passing a message on for him to call us.

25. When are the slim and lantern flights coming to the online flight designer?

When we first launched the online flight designer we were going to add designs as the demand grew for that shape. Sadly, there have not been enough requests and sales for us to invest in the tooling to make these new flights available. We will review this position as time goes by but for the foreseeable future we will be offering Standard flights only.

26. Do you Offer PayPal?

Yes we do – just carry on to checkout as normal and it will come up as an option for you to select.

27. How can I improve my dart throwing accuracy?

There are many practice games and regimes which can improve the accuracy of your scoring.

Here are a couple of examples:

Game 1 – Pinpoint Accuracy. You start shooting for the “single” area of each black number. Add one point for a hit and subtract one point for a miss. Once you reach eight points, move onto the doubles, and then to the trebles.

Game 2 – Bob Anderson 29’s. This game can majorly improve your accuracy on the doubles. You begin with 29 points and your first three darts are thrown at Double 1.

Every double 1 scored is added to your score, should you miss double 1 the value of that double is subtracted from the 29 points, i.e. you score 2 double ones, score is added to the 29 making 33, you miss with all three darts at double one, the value of the double (2) is deducted from the 29 points = 27. This is then repeated on every double on the board, including the bullseye. Should you miss doubles and run out of points i.e. you’re on double 6 but only have 11 points and you miss double 6 hence not having enough points to continue (11- 12 leaves -1), the game is over.

There are many practice games around which can improve your scoring accuracy, personally I’d recommend you have many of these games in mind so your practice doesn’t stagnate.

28. Why do my darts fly too high?

With regards to your darts hitting above the scoring circle, that suggests you are putting too much weight behind the dart. Possibly the darts you are using are too heavy for you?

There are no rules or guidelines I can offer you on how to find the right dart, every dart player is different and ultimately it depends on you finding a dart that you feel comfortable with. Grip, barrel shape and weight are all important factors when determining what’s likely to work for you.

The most popular dart barrel shape we sell is a parallel dart, ringed darts are more popular than knurled models; and the most popular weight is 24g.

29. How do I clean my Element 6 Darts?

In our experience in serving professional players we have found that our players using Diamond grip technology change their darts far less that those using PVD coatings.

These players tend to change their darts for appearance rather that than a loss of grip.

Diamond is the hardest, most wear resistant material known to man and can only be worn away by diamond itself.

The clashes caused by the close grouping of darts is proof that you are playing at a high enough level to justify using Element 6 Darts.

On occasions the personal sets used by our professionals have to be cleaned up to enhance to grip. The diamond grip can get clogged with oil and skin residue from your fingers and can be cleaned by rubbing a soft pencil rubber vigorously over the dart.

This can be done either by hand or by putting the dart in a drill and pressing a rubber on the grip.

30. What happens when I order an items on Pre-sale?

Your order will be dispatched once it is complete.  This means your order will remain in our warehouse until the pre-sale item arrives.  Once it arrives we will dispatch your complete order.  We cannot dispatch part orders.