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Article: Trina Gulliver Exclusive Interview

Trina Gulliver Exclusive Interview

Trina Gulliver Exclusive Interview:

What is it about competitive darts that you enjoy so much?

Everything really. The atmosphere, the people and I have a very competitive streak in me as do all my family.

What gives you the biggest adrenaline rush at a darts event?

The stage I guess. Always get goose bumps. And players punching the air if they have hit a good score or an out shot. That just makes me play better.

When have you felt most pressure during a darts match? Do you thrive on this pressure and how do you cope with it?

I think I thrive on the pressure. All my World Championships have been immense pressure, however, I do tend to

cope with things better than others at times.

What separates good dart players from great ones?

The ability to cope under pressure. I’ve always said that to be a great player or champion, you must also be a good and graceful loser.

For the top players practice is the key and the work ethic, what is your routine?

All depends what part of my game needs attention, whether that be doubles, scoring or out shots.

How often do you play for fun with your friends and do they ever beat you?

I don’t often play for fun with friends but obviously do a lot of exhibitions which are fun nights, performing trick shots etc. It’s completely different to tournament play so occasionally I’m beaten then!!

Who inspired you to become a darts professional, and ultimately, a World Champion? It’s always been a family interest as Mum and Dad were in the pub trade when I was little. Mum always taught me to be the best I can. My opportunity to turn professional came when I worked with Kevin Painter on The Beauties and the Beast Road shows. His manager Mel Simpson provided me with enough work for me to do it full time.

How do you motivate yourself for the game you are about to play?

It’s hard at times. Your opponent can motivate you without them even knowing it, e.g. Their attitude or sometimes even arrogance can motivate me.

How important is the equipment you play on (the dartboards) and with (your darts) to your success during a match?

Like any sport, the playing equipment has to be right to enable you to perform to the best of your ability. That’s why I always use Winmau dartboards and they also produce Trina Gulliver darts for me. They are the best manufacturers of darts products in my opinion.

Do you have any advice for the young players on how to secure sponsorship agreements? Always be aware that you are promoting a company or brand and that you should always be professional at all times. That goes a long way.

Continue to push yourself forward to companies. You will get a lot of NO THANK YOU^S. Don’t give up.

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