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Article: Michael's Key Success Factors To Help Your Game

Michael's Key Success Factors To Help Your Game

1. The Perfect set up

Whilst Michael has developed a close to perfect set-up through years of hardwork and technical understanding, you can rapidly achieve this perfect position by simply using the Winmau SightRight to achieve your perfect line of aim.

2. Obey your natural rhythm

Great Rhythm is something Michael has always had from a young age, and has been extremely careful never to mess with it. His throw starts with a beautifully smooth take away that builds in speed, make sure your throw goes through all the gears not missing out.

3. Start smooth forwards

Michael has perfected the transition forwards where his shoulder is so stable he can really accelerate with no tension in the arm. Make sure you feel as little lateral shoulder movement as possible in your throw.

4. Hold the finish

Michael’s trademark sublime finish is the result of perfect balance and power. That can't happen without a lot of good things happening in your throw first, so work on feeling exactly where the finish is relation to what your aiming at, helping you get a much straighter throw.

5. Find your weakest link

Michael identified the key to major success was staying in the game and not letting his mind wander to the winning double. When you are halfway through a game or practice session, make sure you think like a champion and maintain your throw focus. You can spot this when your darts deviate or drop low in the board.

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