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Article: Jamie Hughes Ready to Rock!

Jamie Hughes Ready to Rock!

Jamie Hughes is adamant that his poker face approach will help him finally land glory on the world stage.

The Tipton tungster has been flirting with a major victory since joining the PDC just over two years ago.

Hughes, 34, won the Czech Darts Open in June 2019 and produced his best TV display by reaching the quarter-finals of the Ladbrokes UK Open back in early March.

His most recent performance was a narrow 12-10 defeat to Mensur Suljovic at the Betfred World Matchplay last month.

However Yozza believes that his deadpan stage persona will eventually help him hit the big time. He revealed: “I’ve been playing the game long enough to know that you just have to crack on and think about the next one. It’s always trying to take on the positives.

“All I can do is improve my game and hopefully these close games will turn into wins for me.

“I’ve always been patient. If it doesn’t happen for a year, I’m confident that given time it will happen eventually.

“I’m still relatively young and got another 10 years at the top level. I’ve just got to keep plugging away and putting in the best possible performances. It will turn for me.

“That has served me well through the years. I think of key moments when you need more composure or sometimes you rush darts. It’s all learning and trying to become an all-round better player.

“I try and relax as much as possible. That’s when you focus and keep your concentration whether for preparation or in a match situation.

“Being laid-back mentally is important to me. You are in control of yourself and your emotions. Over the years I have been a bit over emotional and I’ve paid the price for it.

“I’ve won a leg then had an atrocious leg because I broke my focus and concentration.”

The double Lakeside World Championship semi-finalist admits he is looking forward to getting back into action at the Autumn Series in Hildesheim from September 12-16.

But Hughes knows how vital a big run in a TV event would help push him up the rankings from his current No.34 placing.

He added: “Only time will tell how these longer breaks will affect the players. It wasn’t too bad for the Summer Series but the Autumn Series will be a longer time away.

“I’m not really a massive practice person. I’ve always relied on being in competition. But I’ll probably put a fair few hours in the week before Hildesheim. It’s a bit hard to practice for something in a month’s time. I’ve been ticking over but I’ll probably ramp it up.

“I’m keeping myself busy now decorating at home. I’ve moved the house around a bit for a practice area. Normally I would have gone to a friend’s pub to practice.

“But I’ve put a board up and changed the house a bit. Now I’m doing some painting to keep myself amused.

“Everything is up in the air at the moment. In the past you would target a tournament. Now you’ve just got to take any opportunity as it comes. When they come I’ll be ready for them.

“Something I’ve looked at this year is that I want to be winning games and having decent runs in tournaments on TV.

“Last year I did really well on the Euro tour but in others I lost in first rounds. That’s something I did want to put right this year.”

By Phil Lanning (@lannomedia)

Pictures by Taylor Lanning (@taylanningpix)

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