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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

The Red Lion, Shirley Birmingham played hosts to a 24 hours Dart-A-Thon in a bid to raise awareness and funds for the charity Lupus UK and due to the enormous success of the night already plans are being made for a second event. Throughout the 24 hour period three teams of six players attempted to score as many points as they could, the task completed by all three teams. Hopes were that the event would raise somewhere in the region of £1,000 but the indications are that the amount will top £3,000 thanks to the generosity and work of the eighteen players and everyone else who helped swell the funds. [caption id="attachment_22679" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Red Lion, Shirley Lupus UK Players, Alan Towe, Red Dragon Darts Red Lion, Shirley Lupus UK Players[/caption]
The Crown at Olton staged a charity night in which a Sue Kingdon Select took on an Andy Hutchings Select in a bid to raise funds for a charity of Dave Duncan’s choice, Dave himself very seriously ill. The outcome of the night was a 10-4 win for Andy Hutchings team, the one doubles tie between Duane Green and Richard Hills against Terry Blakemore and Dave Heighway went 1-0 to Green and Mills but at the end of the evening the only result that mattered was that of the terrific amount of £1,000 raised from the event. [caption id="attachment_22676" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Alan Towe, Red Dragon Darts, Andy Hitchings Select, Andy Hutchings Select[/caption] [caption id="attachment_22677" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Alan Towe, Red Dragon Darts, Sue Kingdon Select, Sue Kingdon Select[/caption] [caption id="attachment_22678" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Alan Towe, Red Dragon Darts, Andy Hitchings, Dave Duncan, Tony Steele Andy Hutchings, Dave Duncan and Tony Steele[/caption] Full Results:Sue Kingdon Select names first:- Neil Parsonage (3x100) 1 John Sidwell (100) 0, Brian Anderton (100) 0 Jack Sidwell (121,140) 1, Tom Anderton (100) 0 Paul Nunn (3x100) 1, Ricky Lawrence 0 Aron Nixon (2x100) 1, Alan Mayell (120) 0 Bob Nixon (3x100) 1, Jason Jennings 0 Simon Kennedy 1, Glen James (100) 0 Brian Allen (125) 1, Martin Heaven (100,129) 1 Andy Hutchings (125,100) 0, Matt Cooper (115) 0 Steve Dyer (140) 1, Simon Edwards (140,125) 1 Reece Duncan (100) 0, Alex Edwards (100) 0 Tony Steele (140,131) 1, Peter Kingdon (100) 0 Jake Liggins (121,100) 1, Maurice Bown (2x100,112f) 1 B.Liggins 0, Steve Whatmore (140) 0 Luke Coles (125,100) 1, Doubles Game:- Duane Green & Richard Mills 1 Terry Blakemore & Dave Heighway 0.
With a 4-0 win over Lee Harris followed by a 2-2 draw with Chris John Paul Higgins picked up six of a possible eight points in the latest round of fixtures in the Shirley Red Lion Premier League to keep him in pole position with 82 points, five more than second placed Lee Harris who has also played one game more than Higgins. Mark Gwalchmai played three games and was held to 2-2 draws in each of them by Chris Devlin, Dave Heighway and Andy Thomas and although currently third in the table with 76 points he has two games in hand on Higgins, two games that could net him a possible eight points that would see him take over the number one position from Higgins. The highest finish of the week went to Paul Higgins whose 107 game shot against Lee Harris earned him the week’s £5 prize. Full Results:Week 14:- Lee Holtham 2 Chris Devlin 2, Chris Thomas 2 Mick Gorst 2, Ken Hopton 0 Jack Sidwell 4, Tony Daly 4 Luke Coles 0, Lee Harris 0 Paul Higgins (107f) 4, Dave Heighway 3 Chris Thomas 1, Mikey Harris 4 Mark Cater 0, Chris John 3 Lee Holtham 1, Antony Daly 1 Brian Lawton (120b) 3, Adam Stuart 2 Mick Bown (120b) 2, Chris Thomas snr 3 Mick Gorst 1, Mark Gwalchmai (112) 2 Chris Devlin (112b) 2, Chris Thomas 3 Tim Lowe 1, Jack Sidwell 2 Brian Lawton 2, Mikey Harris 3 Luke Coles 1, Pete Silver 3 Andy Hoy 1, Mick Bown 1 Mick Gorst 3, Steve Heeks 2 Chris Devlin (104f) 2, Andy Thomas 2 Chris Thomas snr 2, Lee Holtham (120b) 0 Adam Stuart 4, Mark Gwalchmai 2 Dave Heighway 2, Tim Lowe 0 Ken Hopton 4, Mark Cater (106f) 1 Lee Harris 3, Tony Daly 3 Nick Walker 1, Paul Higgins 2 Chris John 2, Luke Coles 1 Chris Devlin 3, Mick Gorst 2 Lee Holtham 2, Brian Lawton 0 Tony Daly 4, Mark Gwalchmai 2 Andy Thomas 2, Nick Walker 0 Andy Hoy 4, Lee Harris 2 Antony Daly 2, Chris Devlin (105f) 3 Brian Lawton 1, Mick Gorst 3 Lee Harris 1, Chris Thomas 1 Pete Silver (116b) 3.
Week six of the Sutton and District Summer League produced a top class encounter in division one between third in the table Bishop Vesey and leaders Golden Hind, a game that contained over 78 scores of 80+. The result was a somewhat comfortable 7-2 to Golden Hind to keep them in pole position two points ahead of The Boat who were also 7-2 winners at home to St Thomas’s Club. In the second division Erdington Club took their unbeaten run to four games with a 6-3 home win against Drakes Drum to maintain their two points lead over both The Boot who won 8-1 at Erdington Arrows and Red Lion who beat Pint Pot Flights 5-4, Red Lion having played five games. The Fox continue to lead division three their 5-4 win at Oscott Social making it five straight wins and keeps them two points ahead of second placed Old Oscott WMC who won their tie at The Duke 7-2. Full Results:Week 6:Division One:- The Boat 7 St Thomas’s Club 2, Old Oscott Arrows 5 Plough and Arrows 4, Bishop Vesey 2 (N.Smallwood 160b, S Holmes 116f, A.Norton 100b) Golden Hind 7 (K.Lumby 108f, B.Linnecor 180, A.Kimberley 180,100b, D.Pickering 120b,106b,121f), Division Two:- Erdington Arrows 1 The Boot 8, Erdington Club 6 Drakes Drum 3, Red Lion 5 Pint Pot Flights (R.Mercer 144b) 4, Division Three:- The Duke 2 Old Oscott WMC 7, Oscott Social 4 The Fox 5, Rosey Mac’s 6 Lad in the Lane 3.
No change at the top of the Kings Norton League as the top five teams all recorded wins in week 21. Leaders Hillyfields ‘B’ took their unbeaten run to 19 games with a 7-0 win against Rubery Social, while second placed West Heath lost no ground as they also won 7-0 at Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club but do remain four points off the top. There was a rare win for next to bottom of the table Coldstream chalking up only their second success in 20 games when they won 4-3 against Toby Jug Flights. Full Results:Week 21:- Cotteridge Social 5 (P.Taylor 2x100, B.Faulkner 121,125, A.Faulkner 2x100, J.O'Neill 3x100, Matt Ivory 3x100,110, S.Hale 138) Weoley Hill 2 (M.Lloyd 100,125,140, P.Wallace 121, J.Simpson 2x100, L.Allen 100, A.Meredith 120), The Coppice 1 (J.Chapman 100, R.Mooney 100, D.Hill 5x100, C.Heath 100, A.Deeley 140,134) Stirchley United 6 (T.Jeffs 100,121, M.Welsh 2x100,140, T.Cullen 100,137, K.Mason 3x100, D.Collins 100,125,135, B.Thomas 100,137, T.Bathurst 100), Grant Arms 3 (G.Purnell 100, J.Bennet 3x100,140, S.Seery 4x100, P.Smith 100,121,140, M.Davies 140, V.Walton 100, M.Kearney 109) Hillyfields ‘A’ 4 (K.Drain 2x100, M.Poolton 100,140, A.Harvey 4x100, L.Fox 100, A.Vaughan 2x100, Joe Fox 100, John Fox 100, M.Varley 100,120), Hillyfields ‘B’ 7 (E.Simpson 4x100, D.Bourne 3x100, K.Bedder 3x100,138,2x140,180,13 darts game, V.Gould 100,3x140, J.Hykin 4x100,123,140, P.Blades 100) Rubery Social 0 (B.Heath 2x100, S.Jacques 140, R.Packer 100, P.Medlicott 100), Coldstream 4 (D.Hopkins 100, D.Parish 100,121,139, M.Ferriday 100, B.Andrews 100,140) Toby Jug Flights 3 (R.Higgins 2x100, D.Kent 100), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 0 (S.Carr 100, M.Musto 2x100,121, M.Bloomer 100,125, S.Brown 100,115, S.Corbett 121) West Heath 7 (P.Hughes 3x100, W.Marshall 100,120, A.Sutton 3x100,121, T.Shipley 100,140, W.Webb 2x140,113, M.Fletcher 2x100).
A huge 41-7 win against Keep It In The Family has given What’s The Point a total of 345 points at the top of the Winmau Centre Monday Night League and a lead of 36 points over second placed Just The Tip who did even better than the leaders when they handed out a massive 43-5 defeat to Make Mine A Double. The Untouchables are third in the table and are on the same 309 points as Just The Tip after their 36-12 win over Oche Dokie, the two teams some 41 points ahead of fourth placed Utter Nutters. Full Results:Week 10:- Just The Tip 43 Make Mine A Double 5, Utter Nutters 36 Full Monty 12, Oche Dokie 12 The Untouchables 36, Keep It In The Family 7 What’s The Point 41.
The Stourbridge and District Monday Night League have been engaged in their doubles knockout and winning through to the last sixteen S.Mills & M.Rollinson, S.Bloomer & B.Fitzgerald, C.Fox & C.Williams, D.Edwards & K.Forrest, J.Jackson jnr & J.Jackson snr, I.Langford & N.Langford, D.Safe & K.Safe, R.Tipper & A.Turley, D.Moreton & N.Donaldson, C.Whitter & S.Garland, M.Homer & M.Glaze, F.Jones & C.Hipkiss, M.Bayliss & I.Mathers, T.Purslow & N.Thompson, R.Bowen & J.Gaskin, G.Jackson & M.Watson.
Just three fixtures played in the Camp Hill League which saw leaders Cotterills Lane Club win 5-2 at Tyseley WMC to make it eleven wins in as many games and retain their two points lead over second in the table Hay Mills Social Club Lions who won by the same 5-2 margin against Emerald Club. In the other game played New Inn lost their home tie with Devil’s Club 4-3. Full Results:Week 11:- Station Wagon 2 Cotterills Lane Club 5, New Inn 3 Devil’s Club 4, Hay Mills Social Club Lions 5 Emerald Club 2.
After completing 41 of the scheduled 42 fixtures the title in the Winmau Thursday Night Champions League is going down to the wire as Mick Baker, champion for the past two seasons and Sam Guest are tied on 226 points and have exactly the same average. On paper Baker has the easier of the two games as his remaining game is against ninth in the table Chris Fox while Guest will take on Chris Williams who is currently fourth but could mathematically take third place as he has two games in hand on Louis Burley who is currently third but has completed his programme and with 221 points is ten ahead of Williams, however Williams has the opportunity of adding a maximum of 14 points with his games in hand. So the questions remaining are can Baker make a hat trick of wins and can Williams steal third place? Full Results:Week 24:- Louis Burley 4 Chris Manoila 3, Liam Baker 5 Rob Harris 2, Craig Capewell 6 Lisa Maiden 1, Charlie Burley 2 Shane Watters 5, Rob Harris 3 Rob Montana 4, Chris Fox 2 Martin East 5, Adam Quinton 6 Mark Bayliss 1, Devinder Singh 4 Craig Capewell 3, Shane Watters 1 Paul Boddison 6, Rob Harris 3 Mick Baker 4, Chris Williams 5 Adam Quinton 2, Chris Manoila 7 Charlie Burley 0, Sam Aitkens 0 Chris Fox 7, Rob Montana 0 Devinder Singh 7, Paul Boddison 3 Chris Williams 4, Mark Bayliss 2 Mick Baker 5, Liam Baker 0 Sam Aitkens 7, Adam Quinton 5 Martin East 2, Louis Burley 5 Chris Williams 2.
With Gulp Tribe’s fixture against Emerald Club cancelled in the Small Heath League leaders East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association took the opportunity to open up a two points lead over them as they recorded a somewhat close 5-4 win at Wagon and Horses. Third in the table Foaming Tankard were the week’s biggest winners as they thrashed their visitors Cob’s Bar 9-0. Full Results:Week 11:- Foaming Tankard 9 Cob’s Bar 0, Wagon and Horses 4 (Graham Daly 121, Derek Rivitt 100, Ashley Pearson 100, Julian May 100, Alan Cheshire 100) East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 5 (Colin Wyatt 140,120b,100b, Tommy White 140,2x100, Terry Webster 140,105, Les Robinson 121, Paul Webster 100).
With just a couple of fixtures remaining in the West Midlands Men’s Super League every point is vital for the top two teams as they battle it out for the title. Prior to week 32 both Landywood ‘A’ and Crown ‘A’ were level on 167 points but the latest games saw Landywood ‘A’ win their home tie against next to bottom White Swan 5-0 and Crown ‘A’ win at home against Chillington 4-1 to leave them one point behind Landywood ‘A’ who now go one point clear with 168 points. Full Results:Match 32:- Rowley B ar and Grill 1 Bridgtown Social 4, Landywood ‘A’ 5 White Swan 0, Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ 3 Duke of York 2, Ten Arches 2 Crown ‘B’ 3, Pensnett Welfare Club 2 Olde Queens Head 3, Crown ‘A’ 4 Chillington 1, The Pheasant 3 Allens Sports Bar ‘B’ 2, Staffordshire Knot 3 Landywood ‘B’ 2, Cabin had a bye.
The date for the Bilston and District League’s AGM is Tuesday 27th June starting at Allens Sports Bar, Newhall Street, Tipton, all teams old and new are cordially invite to attend. Anyone requiring any further information should contact Lee Cox on Facebook or alternatively through the leagues web site The new season is scheduled to get underway with cup fixtures on Tuesday 11th July.
The Brierley Hill Monday Night League played their singles knockout down to the last sixteen and winning through were R.Powers, P.Tonks, B.Carrr (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club), I.Golding, B.Neale, W.Humphries (Bulls Head), S.Phipps, N.Catwright, S.Russell (Delph Bell), M.Slater, N.Tolley (Dudley Sports ‘B’), L.Davies, N.Smith (Lamp Tavern), H.Wakefield (Brickmakers Arms), S.Baker (Portway), J.Glazzard (Roebuck).
As a result of Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club winning 6-3 at the Delph Bell and second placed Riddins Tavern losing 5-4 at home to Fairfield, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s have opened up a nine points lead at the top of the Netherton Thursday Night League and took the undefeated run to eight games. Third placed Delph Bell are on the same 15 points as Riddins and have a game in hand. Full Results:Week 9:- Riddins Tavern 4 Fairfield 5, Bulls Head 2 White Horse 7, The Crown 6 Hill and Cakemore 3, The Bell 3 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6, Townsend Social Club had a bye.
Although Ivy Bush won 5-4 against fifth in the Rowley Monday Night League table Whiteheath Tavern they actually dropped one place to fourth as Cradley Liberal Club beat Three Diamonds 9-0 to go ahead of Ivy Bush on average in third place. Top team The Bell won 8-1 against Three Diamonds ‘A’ and second placed Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ won by the same 8-1 at Roost. Full Results:Week 18:- The Bell 8 Three Diamonds ‘X’ 1, Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 6 Cottage 3, Three Diamonds 0 Cradley Liberal Club 9, Fairfield 4 Tividale FC (J.Tart 8 darts game, P.O’Brian 160b) 5, Haden Cross 5 Yeltz Bar 4, Windmills End 8 Loyal Lodge 1, Roost 1 Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ (Carl Penzer 160b,9 darts game) 8, Ivy Bush 5 Whiteheath Tavern 4.
Cup week in the Pip Club League and in the Belgrave Cup Queens Head took the division one title with a final win over Winning Post while the division two title went to Globe (Wilnecote) with Royal Oak runners up. The division one Shadow Cup went to Belgrave Club after beating Sports Bar ‘180’ and in the division two final Old Liberal won against Progressive Club. Full Results:Belgrave Cup:Division One:Final:- Queens Head beat Winning Post, Division Two:Final:- Globe (Wilnecote) beat Royal Oak, Shadow Cup:Division One:Final:- Belgrave Club beat Sports Bar ‘180’, Division Two:Final:- Old Liberal beat Progressive Club.
Both of the top two teams in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League, Dewdrop and Island Inn in turn won 4-3 against The Vine and Horseley Tavern giving both teams 28 points with only average keeping Dewdrop top. Full Results:Match 16:- Hayes Social 2 New Talbot 5, The Vine 3 Dewdrop (Lee Fletcher 8 darts game) 4, Waggon and Horses 6 Old Court House 1, Old Hop Pole 5 Ivy Bush 2, Merry-Go-Round 4 Wonder 3, Horseley Tavern 3 Island Inn 4.
The latest Royal, Albrighton knockout was won by Dan Astbury and for the second consecutive time Pat Pace was runner up. As winner Astbury collected £190 and Pace £90. The Plate knockout was won by Kevin Bambrick who defeated Will Roberts in the final, Bambrick receiving £27 and Roberts £14. Full Results:Losing Quarter Finalists:- Richard Hosey, Dave Bayton, Dave Honey, Mark Smith, Losing Semi Finalists:- Simon Mountford, Jake Auburn, Runner Up:- Pat Pace, Winner:- Dan Astbury, Plate Knockout:Runner Up:- Will Roberts, Winner:- Kevin Bambrick.
Richard Reed took the only 5-0 win in the Yeltz Bar Tuesday Night 501 Singles League in week 14 to put him level on 60 points with Tommy Johnson at the top of the table, Johnson winning his game against Steve Carey 4-1. Third placed Loz Slater lost 3-2 to fourth in the table Neil Steventon to leave Steventon just one point short of his opponent. Full Results:Week 14:- Tony Duncan 3 Doug Richmond 2, Trevor Collier 1 Richard Hill 4, Neil Steventon (122f) 3 Loz Slater 2, Richard Reed 5 Alister Duncan 0, Richard Duncan 4 Mark Adams 1, Adam Hill 4 Richard Barrett 1, Tommy Johnson 4 Steve Carey 1, Richard Swinden 1 Vince Bayliss 4.
The Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League staged their divisional league cups and winning through in division one were Wednesfield Conservative Club, The Bull, Riley’s ‘C’ and Riley’s ‘B’, the winners from division two were Shed, Wednesfield Legion, Dog and Partridge and Woodfield Social Club. Full Results:Knockout Cup:Division One:- Pavilion lost to Wednesfield Conservative Club, Jack’s Bar lost to The Bull, Riley’s ‘C’ beat Sunbeam, Victoria lost to Riley’s ‘B’, Division Two:- Pendulum lost to The Shed, Wednesfield Legion beat Bird in Hand. Dog and Partridge beat Red Lion, Woodfield Social Club beat Roebuck.
It was Knockout Cup semi finals in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League and making the final were Whitmore Reans WMC and Dog and Partridge who in turn accounted for Cleveland Arms and Riley’s. In the Sub Cup semi’s Brewood British Legion beat Village Inn and Bull won against Swan Compton. Full Results:Knockout Cup:Semi Finals:- Whitmore Reans WMC beat Cleveland Arms, Dog and Partridge beat Riley’s, Sub Cup:Semi Finals:- Brewood British Legion beat Village Inn, The Bull beat Swan Compton.
Winners of this week’s Doubles League in the Wednesbury and Darlaston Wednesday Night League were the Horse and Jockey pairing of Alex Howells and Stephanie Kennedy. Full Results:Doubles League:Losing Semi Finalists:- Danny Fellows & Jay Powers (English Oak), Gary Bailey & Tony Dent (Churchills ‘A’), Runners Up:- Caven Timmins & Spike (The Nutan), Winners:- Alex Howells & Stephanie Kennedy (Horse and Jockey).
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