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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

This coming weekend West Midlands will be looking to make it three wins in a row when they play away to Sussex in this their third fixture of the new season in division two of the BDO Inter County Championships.
Riding high at the top of the promotion table with 49 points and with confidence at a peak West Midlands should by all accounts make it a hat trick of wins as their hosts are currently lying next to bottom of the table with 23 points.
Selected to play are Men’s ‘A’:- Keith Allman, Michael Baker, Shaun Carroll, Mark Craddock, Matthew Dicken, Nick Fullwell, Ian Jones, Chris Mason, John Platt, Mark Rollinson, Avtar Singh, Doug Thompson, Men’s ‘B’:- Danny Coyle, Sam Guest, Sam Hamilton, Karl Hinks, Ash Kyhatt, John Morris, Neil Pointon, Paul Price, Jack Routledge, Robert Smith, Matthew Tedstone, Gary Watts, Reserves:- Scott Baker, Richard Platt, Lewis Venes, Glen Cullen, Wayne Harrison, Karl Hughes, Simon Meredith, John Mycock, Mark Watkiss, Women’s ‘A:- Kim Fellows, Lisa Astbury, Sarah Roberts, Debbie Loon, Kath Jenkins, Gemma Barrett, Women’s ‘B’:- Wendy Waine, Jacqueline Maiden, Shellbie Simmons, Sophie Singh, Heather Wright, Kirsty Shaughnessy, Reserves:- Claire Hobbs, Samantha Maiden, Roxanne Nicholls, Elizabeth Arnold, Nicci McLaughlin.
The Sheldon and District Winter League have been engaged in the preliminary round of their League Cup and winning through in the premier division were The Pirates, Mackadown Social and Crown at Shard End, the division one winners were Highwood KB’s, George V and Sheldon Marlborough Flight.
The division two games produced the only maximum of the round supplied by Crown Arrows man S.Moran in his team’s 5-4 win over Highwood Exiles and joining them in the next round will be Greville Arms and Meadway Sports and Social.
Full Results:League Cup:Preliminary Round:Premier Division:- Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 3 (D.Tudor 140, D.Nixon 2x100,121, P.Connolly 140, A.Barnfield 100, M.Barber 100) The Pirates 6 (S.Hughes 125, A.Cooksey 106b, J.Buttle 104, M.Naylor 100, K.Buttle 128P.Moran 125), Castle Vale Residents 2 (G.Taylor 140, D.Phillips 123, A.Barber 100, R.Franks 117) Mackadown Social 7 (B.Allen 140, D.Young 2x100, L.Barberan 2x100, G.James 128b,100, L.Reece 100, M.Noonan 2x100), Crown at Olton 4 (A.Hutchings 121, M.Wall 100,140, T.Randell 100, B.Nixon 138, J.Sidwell 135,140, I.Spencer 100, J.Jennings 140,100) Crown at Shard End 5 (A.Mayell 100, K.Deeley 3x100,125, N.Parsonage 112,140, T.Whitehouse 100, P.Shipley 160,155, M.Cooper 100,128, J.Prince 140), Division One:- Highwood KB’s 7 (N.Wykes 2x100,121, W.Cooper 100, G.Pagett 120,100, N.Byrne 100, A.Hunt 134, M.Gorman 100) Marston Green Tavern 2 (T.Knowles 2x100, D.Bond 125, T.Frost 140,120, P.Lawrence 140, R.Fisher 140), George V 6 (J.Hinson 100, S.Palmer 100, C.Horsley 135, A.Savage 100,140, M.Osbourne 100) Holy Souls 3 (C.Stokes 140, D.Heighway 100, R.McConnell 100b,100, J.Duffy 112, J.Lucas 100,125), Sheldon Marlborough Flights 5 (B.Steptoe 121, D.Howlett 100, J.Vaughan 140,100f) Solihull Moors 4 (S.Hicks 135, R.Palmer 100,155f, I.Evans 101b, G.Evans 100, N.Warner 100), Division Two:- Greville Arms 6 (M.Stansfield 100, P.Thorley 140, K.Hull 100,140) Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 3 (J.Brannigan 104b,100), Highwood Exiles 4 (J.Phipps 100, R.Harrison jnr 100, R.Harrison snr 103, C.Harrison 120, P.Harvey 114b) Crown Arrows 5 (K.White 140, S.Moran 180), Highwood Arrows 4 (P.Roscoe 100, T.Arrowsmith 100, J.King 100) Meadway Sports and Social 5 (M.McArthur 100, D.Vanes 101, M.Shellis 140, A.Byrad 135).
The South Birmingham League have got their winter season underway and with a bright start in group one were Erdington Members Club and Mackadown Social  both winning 7-2 against respective opponents The Raven and Coleshill Social. Not far behind were Family Tree with a 6-3 win at Punchbowl.
In group two Dog and Kingfisher in turn accounted for Toby Jug and C’s with a 6-3 scoreline, while The Bell won 5-4 away to The Gate.
Full Results:Week 1:Division One:- Mackadown Social 7 (G.James 2x100, N.Parsonage 2x100,134, A.Kavanagh 125, M.Heaven 121,140, D.Young 105b, A.Savage 100) Coleshill Social 2 (G.Jones 2x100,112b, P.Bryant 112b,137, P.Williams 100, S.Sweetman 126), Punchbowl 3 T.Morris 118b, M.Morgan 125, B.Evans 100) Family Tree 6 (S.Hughes 127,140,100, G.Green 110b,100,140, A.Cooksey 125,100b, T.Booth 132), Erdington Members Club 7 (M.Birch 121, J.Frost 140,127, M.Cooper 100,127f, W.Naylor 2x100, C.Winters 100) The Raven 2 (J.Evans 140, J.Green 122, D.Mortiboys 100), Division Two:- The Gate 4 (M.Watts 108b,108,2x124, T.Barrs 100, K.Russell 100b) The Bell 5 T.Anderton 100, C.Horsley 2x100, B.Anderton 2x100,114, N.Walker 100), The Kingfisher 6 (R.Sharples 138, S.Boden 100, D.Green 100, R.Mills 2x100) The C^s 3 (J.Carter 131, D.Whitehouse 125 140, M.Phillips 125), The Dog 6 (P.Thompson 100, J.Ansell 100, S.O^Brien 100, P.Richards 137,125, M.Clayton 121,145f, M.Wheat 100) Toby Jug 3 (I.Beattie 160b,116,100, S.Hunt 100, T.Adams 140,100,116b).
The start of the Forest of Arden Winter League has seen the summer league division one champions Olton Crown get off to a great start with a 7-2 win against Greville Arrows, Journeys End matched Olton beating Crown Arrows by the same 7-2 margin. Sheldon Marlborough Arrows won their home tie with Riley’s Red Arrows 6-3.
Due to late results there is only one result from division two which saw Chelmsley Town beat Greville Arms 7-2.
Full Results:Week 1:Division One:- Journeys End 7 (S.Edwards 114,119,131, M.Tilley 100, L.Barberan 2x140,160b, A.Kavangh 121,100,120b, J.Jennings 2x100,120b) Crown Arrows 2 (J.Gaskin 100, R.Vann 135, M.Bown 121, C.Vann 2x100, R.Derbyshire 112b, D.White 140, K.White 100), Olton Crown 7 (A.Hutchings 101, J.Norris 121,100, J.Sidwell 2x100,100b, A.Daley 2x100, D.Duncan 126, R.Duncan 140) Greville Arrows 2 (M.Mitchell 120b, C.Roberts 3x100, K.Duggan 2x100, D.Duggan 140, A.Hawkins 116), Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 6 (M.Murin 116, S.Whatmore 100, D.Howlett 2x100,112b, D.Humphries 100,102) Riley’s Red Arrows 3, Division Two:- Greville Arms 2 (C.Horsley 103b,100, D.Hudson 125, B.Anderton 125,100, K.Hull 100) Chelmsley Town 7 (R.Parsons 105b,2x100, N.Lumley 100, J.MacDonald 100).
The first league fixtures for the Four Oaks and District League have been played and in division one newly promoted Golden Hind beat Old Oscott Arrows 6-3 aided by some top class darts from T.Kelly who had a break of 156, scores of 140, 135 and100 plus a 115 checkout, another promoted team Plough and Arrows won 6-3 at Red Lion.
There were 7-2 wins for last season’s top two teams The Beehive and Boldmere St Mike’s (formerley Sutton Sports) who in turn had 7-2 wins over Boldmere Sports and Social and Old Oscott WMC.
In division two Golden Hind Arrows made short work of their visitors The Boot taking the first five games then the match 6-3. The Fox and The Lions both had 8-1 victories against The Park and Boldmere Tap with J.Collins (The Lions) hitting this week’s only 180. Bishop Vesey took the last five games, to secure a 7-2 win against Erdington Arrows.
Full Results:Match 1:Division One:- Old Oscott Arrows 3 (A.Lea 2x100m M.Page 100m D.Page 112b,2x100m E.Atkins 121,3x100, M.Compton 2x100,136) Golden Hind 6 (C.Turnbull 120b, D.Munge 100, D.Pickering 101,100, T.Kelly 156b,140,135,100,115f, D.Keatley 140,2x100, G.Kimberley 103b,100,135), Boldmere St Mikes 7 (A.Kimberley 100,140, M.Ashton 3x100,140, J.Kavanagh 100,117, C.Perry 100b,100,105, S.Paling 100,156f,9 darts game, R.Hawker 120b,2x100, M.Wild 134) Old Oscott WMC 2 (G.Cornbill 2x100, D.Parsons 105,100, P.Burgess 100, C.Hawkley 100,2x140), The Beehive 7 (M.Partridge 101b,2x100,137, J.Prince 100,117,140, W.Mynard 160b,100,8 darts game, K.Deeley 108b, R.Parry 100, S.Bettson 140, K.Reynolds 100, C.O’Neil 121) Boldmere Sports and Social 2 (J.Frost 100b,101b,4x100,135, D.Savage 101b,100, R.Paine 2x100), Red Lion 3 (M.Wilde 100, D.Bayliss 2x100, T.Vickers 120b, D.Vickers 122f,100,122,140, D.G.Bond 100b,140, B.Hughes 112b, M. Gaughan 125) Plough and Arrows 6 (N.Robbins 100b,135,137, M.O’Driscoll 105b,2x100, P.Robbins 125,115f, I.Taylor 100), Division Two:- Golden Hind Arrows 6 (J.Mahon 100,120, J.Clarke 134b, J.Verschoyle 140, S.Spink 101b,120b,2x100,115f, A.Day 100) The Boot 3 (M.Kemble 120, G.Gaughan 140,3x100, M.Brogan 108b), Bishop Vesey 7 (C.Sammons 100, S.Holmes 100, M.Archer 100,140, A.France 112b,100, D.Sammons 107b, D.Holmes 101b) Erdington Arrows 2 (J.West 129, J.Cox 140, M.Phillips 3x100, P.Cronin 120), Boldmere Tap 1 (A.Small 2x100, C.Hagans 121,100, D.Quirk 100, P.Bromley 100,139, D.Byrne 108b, C.Brown 100) The Lions 8 (W.Taylor 105b,100,100b, I.Matthews 149b,100,121, K.Brown 100,113,125, J.Collins 140,180, R.Barritt 100), The Park 1 (A.Hay 120, M.Byrne 130, J.Illidge 100) The Fox 8 (D.Perry 112b,126,138,125, D.Robinson 125, A.Jarvie 105,100, M.Willetts 140, R.Stanton 120b,3x100,110).
The Pip Club League played their Shadow League semi finals and in the division one games Wigginton Arms lost to Tamworth Motor Spares while Birchmoor Club beat Two Gates Club.
In the division two semi’s there were wins for Royal Oak and Gate (Amington) who in turn defeated Globe Inn ‘B’ and Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth).
Full Results:Shadow League:Semi Finals:Division One:- Wigginton Arms lost to Tamworth Motor Spares, Birchwood Club beat  Two gates Club, Division Two:- Royal Oak beat Globe Inn ‘B’, Gate (Amington) beat Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth).
East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association took their unbeaten run in the Small Heath League to eleven games when they won 7-2 away to bottom of the table Emerald Flights.
Second placed Mitre with 18 points are four behind EBAHA with a game in hand as they had a bye this week, their nearest rivals Gulp Tribe lost ground and are now two points behind Mitre and have played one game more after a 6-3 home defeat by Wagon and Horses.
Full Results:- Moseley All Service 2 Emerald Club 7, Cob’s Bar 8 Clock Inn 1, Gulp Tribe 3 Wagon and Horses 6, Emerald Flights 2 East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 7.
The Cradley Tuesday Night League have completed their domestic fixtures and although there is still one outstanding result from the game between Brickmakers Arms and Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ the outcome of that game will not affect the table at all. So with 27 wins from 32 games Crown ‘A’ completed their season with a 6-3 win at White Horse to win the title by two points from Brickmakers and even if Brickmakers won 9-0 against Netherton it would see them level on points with Crown ‘A’ but still way behind on average.
Most wins went to Jason Lowe (Crown ‘A’) who won 28 of the 31 he played. Five was the most 180’s achieved by both J.Sharratt (Crown’B’) and D.Redding (Gate Hangs Well). There were five players with a 160 break B.Cartwright (White Horse), D.Stock, G.Male (Crown, Simms Lane), P.Hackett (Chop House) and R.Smith (Crown ‘A’) who also had the least darts of 12. The highest finish of 160 went to L.Jones (The Vine).
Full Results:- Crown ‘B’ 6 Wheatsheaf 3, Hawne Lane Tavern 3 Members Club ‘B’ 6, Crown (Simms Lane) 7 Roost ‘B’ 2, Chop House 6 The Vine 3, Gate Hangs Well 5 Plough and Harrow 4, Roost ‘A’ 7 Netherton Sports and Social 2, Members Club ‘A’ 4 Bulls Head 5, White Horse 3 Crown ‘A’ 6.
Round one of the 9 A-Side Cup was on the agenda for the Aston League the biggest win of 7-2 recorded by three teams Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s Club, Sportsmans Rest and Mitre who in turn defeated Old Oscott WMC, Red Lion and Erdington Club. Aston Flights also won through to the next round with a 5-4 win over Safe Harbour.
Full Results:9 A-Side Cup:Round One:- Old Oscott WMC 2 (M.Page 140,113f, D.Page 140, P.Burgess 114, D.Parsons 100) Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s Club 7 (A.Mountford 100,145, J.Morris jnr 171, A.Kimberley 100,120b, B.Stephens 122b, B.Lysaght 140,100, C.Turnbull jnr 100,160b, P.Cummins 100, C.Turnbull snr 100), Safe Harbour 4 (J.Wickett 125, P.Donovan 102, T.Carroll 108, T.Denneny 100, D.Pickering 120b,100, G.Oldfield 180) Aston Flights 5 (G.Lynch 100, M.Andrews 100, J.Lynch 100,105b, R.Nelson 100, P.Andrews 100), Red Lion 2 (D.Vickers 100, D.Bond 100, A.Cartwright 120, S.Andrews 100, M.Corfield 115b,130) Sportsman^s Rest 7 (N.Dunn 2x100, J.Frost 120b, P.Koyce 100,120b, D.Keatley 100, J.Dunn 100,120, A.Whitehouse,100, B.Cadby 100), Erdington Club 2 (D.Jarvis jnr 100, D.Shannon 130b,105,100,10 darts gane, D.Murray 100,100, M.Westmorland 124, S.Davey 100) Mitre 7.
Week six in the Shirley Red Lion Premier League and leading the way on 41 points from 15 games is Paul Higgins whose latest games saw him beat bottom of the table Stuart Dixon 3-0 and by the same margin account for middle of the table Chris John. Second in the table Simon Edwards fell behind Higgins as he lost both of his games first against third placed Pete Silver and then against Chris Devlin 3-2 to leave him with one less point than Higgins but having played one game more. Pete Silver’s win together with a further 3-1 win over Alex Hesketh gives him a total of 39 points one less than Edwards but like Edwards he has played 16 games as opposed to the 15 played by Higgins.
Fourth placed Steve Sidwell is three points behind leader Higgins but has only played 14 games and a win would see him join Higgins at the top of the table.
Full Results:Week 6:- Simon Edwards 3 Andy Hoy 1, Alex Edwards 3 Chris Devlin 0, Tom Bent 3 Alex Edwards 0, Andy Hoy 2 Chris John 3, Julian Harris 1 Brian Lawton 3, Mark Cater 0 Chris Devlin 3, Alex Edwards 0 Pete Silver 3, Mick Bown 3 Chris John 1, Simon Edwards 3 Brian Lawton 2 (108f), Brian Lawton 3 Andy Hoy 2, Tom Bent 0 Ken Hopton 3, Ken Hopton 3 Alex Edwards 0, Mark Cater 1 Pete Silver 3 (117f), Jack Sidwell 1 Tom Bent 3 (180,13 darts leg), Jack Sidwell 1 Pete Silver 3 (180), Mick Bown 2 Tom Bent 3 (114f), Week 7:- Pete Silver 0 (180) Tom Bent 3, Steve Heeks 0 Brian Lawton 3, Ken Hopton 3 Alex Hesketh 0, Jack Sidwell 0 Paul Higgins 3, Chris John 0 Mick Gorst 3, Stuart Dixon 0 Mick Bown 3 (15 darts leg), Paul Higgins 3 Simon Edwards 0, Mick Gorst 3 Stuart Dixon 0, Simon Edwards 3 Alex Hesketh 0, Steve Heeks 0 Steve Sidwell 3, Tom Bent 3 (180) Steve Heeks 0, Mick Bown 3 Alex Hesketh 1, Simon Edwards 0 Tom Bent 3, Ken Hopton 3 Noreen Harris 0, Steve Sidwell 3 Jack Sidwell 0, Julian Harris 0 Steve Sidwell 3 (100f), Noreen Harris 3 Stuart Dixon 1, Noreen Harris 0 Brian Lawton 3, Noreen Harris 3 Alex Edwards 1, Chris John 3 Alex Edwards 0, Week 8:- Chris John 2 Brian Lawton 3, Steve Heeks 1 Mark Gwalchmai 3, Steve Sidwell 3 (116f,13 darts leg) Mick Bown 0, Jack Sidwell 1 Ken Hopton 3, Stuart Dixon 0 Paul Higgins 3, Simon Edwards 2 Pete Silver 3, Chris Devlin 3 Alex Hesketh 0, Tom Bent 1 Mark Gwalchmai 3, Steve Heeks 3 Alex Edwards 1, Brian Lawton 3 Stuart Dixon 0, Paul Higgins 3 Chris John 0, Chris Devlin 3 (180) Simon Edwards 2, Pete Silver 3 Alex Hesketh 1, Alex Edwards 0 Jack Sidwell 3, Mick Bown 0 Pete Silver 3, Tom Bent 3 Stuart Dixon 0, Steve Sidwell 3 Brian Lawton 1.
There was an upset this week for The Untouchables the reigning champions in the Winmau Centre Monday Night League at the Wolverhampton Sports Arena when they lost 25-23 to What’s The Point. Untouchables previously unbeaten in four lost for the first time and drop to third in the table on 161 points four fewer than current leaders What Are Thooose? who won their latest tie with Barney Army 34-14. Misfits are second with the same 165 points as the leaders, they won 36-12 against Mad House. What’s The Point are on 152 points and are two adrift of fourth placed Bull’s Hitters.
Full Results:Week 5:- Misfits 36 (Jason Hough 4x180, Neil Salter 180, Matt Hallett 180, Sam Guest 170f,13 darts game) Mad House 12 (Adam Cullum 180, Simon Ward 126f, Reece Cook 13 darts game), Keep It In The Family 25 (Julie Aston 180) Here For The Beer 23, Double Trouble 5 (Cliff Sandell 180) Bull’s Hitters 43 (Alex Simmons 180), What Are Thooose 34 Barney Army 14 (John Porter 180), What’s The Point 25 (Bob Lockley 180) The Untouchables 23 (Dan Edmunds 2x180, Andy Busby 180, Aaron Fellows 180).  
The Winmau Centre in the Wolverhampton Sports Arena, Racecourse Road, WV6 0QU have entered a team in the West Midlands Men’s Super League and are on the lookout for players to join their team, anyone interested should contact the arena on 01902-420827.
The Halesowen Monday Night Ladies League have played their Mixed Doubles competition down to the semi finals, no matter what the outcome it will be a battle of the horses as White Horse supply two of the teams and Black Horse the other two.
Lining up for the semi finals will be D.Doonan / G.Perry and V.Meese / R.Leyton (White Horse), L.Hall / S.Russell and L.Cartwright / A.Hurley (Black Horse).
Riley’s Snooker Bar, Hobs Moat Road, Solihull, B92 8JN will be staging a knockout on Sunday the 29th November with a guaranteed pay out for the top prize of £110, £75 for the runner up plus £25 to the losing semi finalists and all for just a £5 entry fee.
Games will consist of the best of 7 legs of 501 and players should be registered by no later than 1.30pm on the day with a 2.00pm start.
Anyone requiring any further details should contact the club on 0121-742-6068.  
Just week three in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League and only four of the twenty two teams are undefeated. Ashwood and Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) are locked together at the top of the table level on both points and average, Ashwood’s latest win being 8-1 against Bird ‘B’ (Stourbridge) while Bird ‘A’ had a 6-3 success against Kingswinford Conservative Club.
Ten Arches ‘A’ are third they were also 5-3 winners in their game at Bird (Wordsley) and fourth placed Britannia had a close 5-4 verdict at home to Brickmakers Arms.
Full Results:Week 3:-Britannia 5 Brickmakers Arms 4, Ashwood 8 Bird ‘B’ (Stourbridge) 1, Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) 6 Kingswinford Conservative Club 3, Crestwood 8 The Swan 1, Shrubbery Cottage 4 High Acres 5, Quarry Bank Conservative Club 4 Church Tavern 5, Bird (Wordsley) 3 Ten Arches ‘A’ 6, Stourbridge RBL 6 The Fox Inn (Lye) 3, Plough 6 Queens 3, Ten Arches ‘B’ 9 (J.Wrench 152b,8 darts game) Garibaldi 0, New Inns 5 The Cat Inn (Wordsley) 4.
Highwood consolidated their top place in the Shirley and District Monday Night League with an 8-1 win away to Baldwin, while second in the table Crown Jewels lost the number one spot when they went down 5-4 at Sharmans Cross who are fourth in the table and some eight points adrift of their opponents. Crown Jewels are now level on the same 24 points as Highwood but trail on average.
Shirley Red Lion are in third place, they also were 5-4 losers in their away game with Shirley Legionnaires putting them on 18 points, six fewer than the leading duo.
Four players found the three treble twenties this week Darren Wright, Andy Foulkes (Highwood), Paul Nunn (Crown Jewels) and Dave Hesketh (Shirley Red Lion).
Full Results:Week 13:- Blue Bell 1 Highwood 8, Legionnaires 4 Baldwin Bears 5, Solihull Sports Club 4 (Craig Clarke 180) Red Lion 5, Cider House 7 Strawberry Fields 2, Sharmans Cross 8 Shirley Spartac 1, Baldwin 2 Crown Jewells 7 (Andy Hutchings 180), Week 12:- Highwood 9 (Darren Wright 180, Paul Griffiths 180) Blue Bell 0, Baldwin Bears 3 Legionnaires 6, Red Lion 3 Solihull Sports Club 6 Wayne Clarke 180, Gary Cleverely 180) Strawberry Fields 3 Cider House 6, Shirley Spartac 1 Sharmans Cross 8, Crown Jewells 7 (Paul Nunn 180) Baldwin 2, Week 13:- Baldwin 1 Highwood 8 (Darren Wright 180, Andy Foulkes 180), Sharmans Cross 5 Crown Jewells 4 (Paul Nunn 180), Cider House 6 Shirley Spartac 3, Solihull Sports Club 7 Strawberry Fields 2, Blue Bell 4 Baldwin Bears 5, Legionnaires 5 Red Lion 4 (Dave Hesketh 180).
High Acres, third in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League reduced the arrears to eight points on leaders Dudley Sports ‘C’ when they beat them Dudley’s own board 6-3. It may well be too late for High Acres to even dream of the title or even the runners up spot as second in the table Bridge ‘B’ are six points ahead of them with a game in hand but it has given Bridge ‘B’ a fighting chance to win the league as now they are only two points behind the leaders and with both teams still having six games to play anything can happen.   
Full Results:Week 37:- Dudley Sports ‘C’ 3 High Acres 6, Roebuck 6 Tenth Lock 3, Griffin 6 Black Horse 3, Dog and Lamppost ‘A’ 5 Portway 4, Queens Head (Wordsley) 3 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 6, Old Star 1 Bridge ‘B’ 8, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 5 Bulls Head (Netherton) 4, Brickmakers Arms 3 Dog and Lamppost ‘B’ 6, Blue Brick 5 Liberal Club 4, Swan 3 Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 6.
There were wins for the top two teams in the Kings Norton League this week, leaders Court Oak taking their undefeated run to thirteen games with a 5-2 win away to Kings Norton RBL and second placed Hillyfields who are eight points adrift of Court Oak won by a close 4-3 at home against Bulls Head and have a game in hand. As a result of their loss Kings Norton RBL fall two points behind Hillyfields but still hold on to third place on average from Stirchley United and Rubery RBL all three teams are on 16 points.
Full Results:- Kings Heath 4 (D.Parish 125, J.Thompson 140, S.Morris 140 125, R.Morris 2x100, 125,140,2x135, P.Walton 107, S.Traynor 100, C.Upton 118) Dingle Social 3 (M.Ferriday 120, S.Ager 100, S.Nolan 100,138, M.Deeley 125, K.Manger 2x100,125,140), Cotteridge 6 (P.Taylor 2x140,125, T.Young 3x100, C.Harman 100, J.O^Neill 100,125,140, Matt Ivory 140, S.Hale 114) Toby Jug Flights 1 (A.Danks 100, D.Hodges 140), Kings Norton RBL 2 (J.Calt 100, B.Bonas 100, T.Roberts 2x140,125, N.Porter 3x100, M.Ellis 100, L.Brotherton 100,126,140, B.Morgan 3x100) Court Oak 5 (E.Simpson 3x100,120,123,140, S.Passetti 100, K.Bedder 3x100,140, V.Gould 5x100,121,140,101f, J.Hykin 100,122, G.Dews 2x100, R.Mann 100), Hillyfields 4 (K.Drain 2x100,125, S.Poolton 100, P.Yardley 2x100,180,125,14 darts game, M.Poolton 2x100,139, A.Harvey 135,140, L.Fox 3x100) Bulls Head 3 (S.Seery 4x100,129,140, G.Purnell 100, K.Maxim 3x100,123,140, D.Campbell 126, P.Smith 3x100, S.Campbell 100,125, J.Davies 100, Donna Campbell 125,129), Coppice 6 (A.Chidley 4x100,138,140, M.Jones 140, D.Hill 100, C.Heath 4x100, M.Harper 118, A.Coyle 105) Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 1 (C.Davenport 100, S.Carr 2x100, D.Whitecombe 100, K.Gater 2x100,120, S.Brown 156, Peter Corbett 100,101).
Hillyfields ‘A’ lost their 100% win record in the Harborne League when in week two they lost 6-3 at Court Oak, Court Oak one of four remaining teams not to have lost. Abbey lead the way on average adding a 7-2 win at Smethwick Labour Club to their tally while second placed Avenue Flights had a similar result in their game at Weoley Castle WMC, Court Oak are third then Amber Tavern Pirates who won their home tie with Bartley Green FC 5-4 are fourth.
Full Results:- Weoley Castle WMC 2 Avenue Flights 7, Smethwick Labour 2 Abbey 7, Court Oak 6 (James Hykin 180, Richard Hosey 14 darts game) Hillyfields ‘A’ 3 (J.Good 145f), Amber Tavern 5 Bartley Green FC 4.
After nine games in the Netherton Thursday Night League just one point of average separates the top two teams, an 8-1 win by Rose and Crown over The Crown puts them top, White Swan who won 6-3 at White Horse are second. Bulls Head are third, they suffered their first defeat of the campaign a 6-3 reversal at home to fourth in the table Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club, however Bulls Head do have a game in hand on the two teams above them and a win would put all three teams level on 24 points.
Full Results:- The Crown 1 Rose and Crown 8, Fairfield 4 The Widders 5, Bulls Head 3 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6, The Bell 5 Pensnett Liberal 4, White Horse 3 White Swan 6.
Otter and Vixen were the only losers in the top seven teams in division one of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League, all six teams above them winning so there is no change with Wednesfield FC still leading with 48 points and ECC second two points behind them.
Whitmore Reans WMC hold on to their two points lead in division two after winning 6-1 at Pendulum, Roebuck handed out a 7-0 whitewash to their visitors Wednesfield Legion ‘C’ and take over in second place from Pheasant who had a bye. Both Roebuck and Pheasant have a game in hand on Whitmore but both of them trail massively on average and a win for Roebuck despite taking them level on points with Whitmore would still leave them in second place.
Full Results:Division One:- Ashmore Inn 5 Riley’s ‘D’ 2, Bradmore ‘B’ 2 Corpus 5, Penn Bowling 3 Bradmore ‘A’ 4, Riley’s ‘C’ 5 Dog and Partridge 2, Victoria 6 Otter and Vixen 1, Village Inn 5 Railway 2, Wednesfield Conservative Club 1 ECC 6, Wednesfield FC 7 Chillington Club 0, Wednesfield Legion ‘A’ 4 Cabin 3, Division Two:- Boat ‘B’ 5 Bird in Hand 2, Moreton 3 Old Stags Head 4, Pendulum 1 Whitmore Reans WMC 6, Riley’s ‘A@ 6 Red Lion 1, Roebuck 7 Wednesfield Legion ‘C’ 0, Three Crowns 2 Bull 5, Ukrainian Club 5 Emerald 2, Wednesfield Legion ‘B’ 2 Woodfield Social 5.
There were two factors leading to Riley’s ‘A’ extending their lead at the top of the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League to six points, their own 5-2 win over Woodfield Social and their nearest rivals Otter and Vixen losing by the same scoreline at Claregate. The win, and with only one fixture remaining means Riley’s ‘A’ have won the title and Otter and Vixen despite the defeat will finish runners up as third placed Riley’s ‘B’ are a further four points adrift.
Full Results:- Bull 3 Whitmore Reans WMC 4, Claregate 5 Otter and Vixen 2, Jones Road 4 Dog and Partridge 3, Moreton 5 Brewood British Legion 2, Riley’s ‘A’ 5 Woodfield Social 2, Village Inn 1 Riley’s ‘B’ 6.
It’s as you were at the top of the Black Country Premier League with the top five teams all winning, Blackheath Beechers remain two points ahead of Britannia Bulldogs at the top with third placed Woodside Poachers a further two points adrift, one point behind Poachers on 15 points is Brickmaker Big Dogs just ahead of Springfield Rifles and Black Country Belters who are both on 14 points.
Full Results:- Wynall Warriors 4 Springfield Rifles 9, Batham Bandits 4 Blackheath Beechers 9, Mighty Mitre 5 Old Hill Royals 10, Railway Buffers 10 Hounds of Wynall 2, Hasbury Hunters 5 Woodside Poachers 10, Britannia Bulldogs 11 Storming Stags 3, Black Country Belters 11 Hollybush Darters 4, Vintage Gamers 4 Brickmaker Big Dogs 10, Rearranged Fixtire:Vintage Gamer Trophy:Round One Second Leg:- Batham Bandits 2 Blackheath Beechers 11 (Blackheath Beechers won 4-21).

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Darts News - Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Derbyshire v Gwent

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