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Article: Alan Towe - A West Midlands Round up

Alan Towe - A West Midlands Round up

Warwickshire finished 2021 in style in the UKDA National League’s Elite Premier Division by making it five wins in as many games when they beat rivals London 20-16 playing at home at Hen Lane Social Club, Coventry.

There were mixed fortunes for the ladies as the ‘B’ side lost 4-2 but the ‘A’ won 5-1. With just Marian Conway and Melanie Jones winning for the ‘B’ it was the former who picked up the match award for her 18.02 average. For the ‘A’ team Tammy Montgomery was their lady of the match beating Joanne Deamer 3-0 in 17, 22 and 23 darts giving her a superb average of 24.24.

It was a similar story for the men but in reverse as the ‘B’ side won 8-4 with Carl Green taking the match award with a 26.59 average and the ‘A’ losing 7-5 with Jamie Hughes their top player with a tremendous 31.31 average.

The win consolidates Warwickshire second place in the divisional table, however they did lose ground on leaders Lancashire as they extended their lead from four to seven points.

Full Results:Warwickshire 20 London 16:Men’s ‘A’ 5-7:- Steve Hine 4 Ben West 3, Gareth Braham 0 Lewis McGurn 4, Prakash Jiwa 2 Lee Cocks 4, Jamie Hughes 4 Graham Rackstraw 0, Ian McFarlane 2 Daniel Day 4, Noel Grant 3 Nigel Fisher 4, Ian Shaw 1 Matt Wood 4, Jack Wareing 4 Nick Cocks 1, Kevin Dowling 4 Ben Cheeseman 0, Mark Strong 2 Christopher Holt 4, Steve Giddings 2 Steven Beasley 4, Jamie Atkins 4 Will Blackwell 0, Men’s ‘B’ 8-4:- Wayne Mynard 4 Michael Barnard 1, Carl Green 4 Alex Harris 2, Martin Tonks 0 John Hind 4, Dave Hill 4 Matt Winzar 1, Mark Tomlinson 4 Matt Edes 3, Darren Swords 2 Scott Artiss 4, Will Naylor 4 Gregg De Ruyter 0, Tom Martin 4 Danny Faulkner 3, Dave Honey 1 Wayne Brown 4, Matty Washbrooke 4 John Loeber 0, Mark Carter 1 Dean Coughlan 4, Karl Reynolds 4 Danny Brown 1, Women’s ‘A’ 5-1:- Sue Gulliver 3 Tammy Mackenzie 0, Donna Pinch 3 Debra Watling 1, Chloe McKivett 3 Mandy Solomons 1, Natalie Gilbert 3 Steph Stutley 0, Tammy Montgomery 3 Joanne Deamer 0, Angela Jones 2 Juliane Birchill 3, Women’s ‘B’ 2-4:- Denise Keyte 0 Carly Townsend 3, Lucy Keyte 1 Joanne Deamer 3, Caroline Pike 2 Dee Belcher 3, Nina Bolt 1 Tammy Mackenzie 3, Marian Conway 3 Nicola Watling 1, Melanie Jones 3 Nikki Patten 1.

In the AON Championship Division of the National League it was another dismal trip for the West Midlands as they returned from Oxfordshire on the wrong side of a 29-16 scoreline making it one win, one draw and three defeats in their opening five games.

The ladies ‘B’ were 5-0 down before they chalked up their one and only stripe as Shelbie Simmons beat Julie Laverack 3-1 to earn herself the match award for her 19.42 average. The ladies ‘A finished all square at three each with Gemma Barrett (21.47) the top player.

Both men’s teams had a 7-5 result unfortunately for the ‘B’ team it was a defeat but for the ‘A’ a win. Taking the respective ‘A’ and ‘B’ match awards were Shaun Carroll (29.36) and Richard Platt (29.75).

Full Results:Oxfordshire 20 West Midlands 16:Men’s ‘A’ 5-7:- Sean Holley 4 Scott Hall 0, Kevin Lowe 1 Gavin Baker 4, Mark Burns 3 Kevin Bambrick 4, Simon Key 1 Shaun Carroll 4, Jon Jukes 1 Darren Williams 4, Lee Russell 4 Ash Khayat 3, Terry Wood 1 John Morris 4, Brandon Richardson 4 Alex Simmons 3, Robert Adnams 0 Ian Jones 4, Stephen Wright 4 Michael Baker 3, Shane Turner 3 Glen McGrandle 4, Tom Baughan 4 Mark Craddock 3, Men’s ‘B’ 7-5:- Luke Stallwood 2 Colin Wood 4, Ade Larner 2 Gareth Watts 4, Mark Laverack 0 Jon Platt 4, Daniel Smith 4 Daniel Coyle 0, Richard Meadows 1 Richard Platt 4, Andrew Charlett 4 Ian Stanton 3, Dan Kirton 4 Anthony Powell 2, Preben Krabben 4 Neil Pointon 1, Andrew Quinn 4 Adam Teasdale 3, Lennon Cradock 3 Adam Johnson 4, Stephen Pearce 4 Paul Price 2, Michael Kearns 4 Mike Hampson 3, Women’s ‘A’ 3-3:- Nicola Curzon 3 Sarah Maybury 1, Sonia McBlain 2 Kat McLean 3, Kim Ledbury 1 Jacqueline Maiden 3, Denise Pape 0 Gemma. Barrett 3, Karen Williams 3 Katherine Jenkins 2, Sue Burns 3 Claire Hobbs 1, Women’s ‘B’ 5-1:- Irene Richardson 3 Kelly Doleman 1, Kim Ledbury 3 Jacqueline Simmons 1, Emily Baldwin 3 Debbie Davies 0, Babs Manning 3 Sarah Maybury 0, Jaine Telling 3 Katherine Jenkins 1, Julie Laverack 1 Shelbie Simmons 3.

Game five in the Darts for Windows Division Three of the National League saw leaders Black Country drop their first points of the campaign as they were held to an 18-18 draw by fellow county newcomers Salopian. Both ladies games finished with a 4-2 result, Black Country winning the ‘B’ match and Salopian the ‘A’. Lacey Hughes (18.11) was Black Country ‘B’ player of the match while Chez Allcock (22.43) had the same accolade for the ‘A’ team as they lost 4-2.

The two men’s matches ended at 6-6 with Black Country ‘A’ and ‘B’ award winners being Reece Colley (32.85) and Rich Bowen (29.47).

Despite being held to a draw Black Country remain in pole position with a ten points lead over second in the table Northumberland.

Full Results:Black 18 Salopian 18:Men’s ‘A’ 6-6:- Mark Maiden 1 Robert Paine 4, Reece Colley 4 John Roberts 0, James Hykin 0 Scott Dockerty 4, Trevor Brennon 4 James Mansell 0, Ben Hollowood 1 Jon Mansell 4, Owen Maiden 4 Scott Towers 0, Gaz Johnson 0 Daniel Astbury 4, Martin Price 2 James Carter 4, Stephen Jones 1 Ash Hilditch 4, Dan Nicholls 4 Joe Higgins 3, Scott Baker 4 Andy Mullinder 0, Rob Smith 4 Eddie Price 1, Men’s ‘B’ 6-6:- Lewis Law 1 Sacha Rothwell 3, Dan Haden 3 Paul Ashworth 2, Chris Hickman 2 Paul Rowley 3, Ali Hickinbottom 3 Andy Kynnaston 1, Chris Glover 1 Steve O’Callaghan 3, Mark Rollinson 2 Dan James 3, Shane Sheridan 0 Andy Gilbert 3, Tom Bissell 2 Kacey Jones 3, Liam Kelly 3 Ben Morgan 1, Jamie Rollinson 3 Matt Simpson 0, Rich Bowen 3 Glyn Thomas 0, Neil Steventon 3 Matt Elsey 1, Women’s ‘A’ 2-4:- Grace Angell 0 Allison Gallacher 3, Doreen Hunt 0 Evonne Taylor 3, Tammy Chance 0 Steph Clarke 3, Chez Allcock 3 Sue Lane 0, Lynne Reynolds 3 Lisa Wills 2, Steph Koyna 1 Sarah Roberts 3, Women’s ‘B’ 4-2:- Shannon Hall 0 Tammy Walmsley 3, Stella Sims 3 Cheryl Owen 2, Lacey Hughes 3 Helen Walmsley 0, Angie Carroll 2 Julie Griffiths 3, Sarah Tromans 3 Lyn Middleton 1, Heather Wright 3 Cally Jones 2.

Boldmere St Mikes continued their quest for the division one title in the Four Oaks and District League with 7-2 home win over Pint Pot Flights who drop to the bottom of the division. Boldmere meanwhile now have a four points lead over second in the table Erdington Arrows who lost 5-4 playing away to Golden Hind Lions who as a result have moved two places off the foot of the table.

In division two Bishop Vesey lost ground in their promotion chase as they went down 5-4 at fourth in the table Bills Arrows and are now two points behind new leaders Heartlands who had a convincing 8-1 win playing away against Rosey Mac’s.

Walmley CSC Fights turned around a 4-1 deficit into a 5-4 victory playing at home against Oscott Social Club.

K.Neale (Highcroft Social) and D.Bond (Bills Arrows) both recorded a 180 this week, while I.Matthews hit his second for Red Lion.

Full Results:Game 8:Division One:- Highcroft Social 5 (K.Shorthouse 2x100, L.Shorthouse 156, S.Shorthouse 100,103f, K.Neale 128b,180, S.Pritchett 140) Golden Hind 4 (W.Naylor 100,121,140,129f,9 darts game, A.Kimberley 120,134, F.Naylor 100, T.O’Kereke 100), Golden Hind Lions 5 (J.Clarke 156b,116b,2x100,9 darts game, A.Lilley 100,140, M.Pearce 113,100, D.Haynes 120b, M.Deathridge 3x100) Erdington Arrows 4 (K.Smith 134,2x100,146b,102, T.Colley 100,140, C.Hill 120b,140,3x100, C.Winters 125,2x140,100), Boldmere St Mikes 7 (C.Millward snr 140, M.Wild 2x140, B.Linnecor 112b, M.Ashton 112b,2x100,140,133, C.Millward jnr 112b, R.Johnson 100b, B.Liggins 100, D.Jarvis jnr 100, J.Liggins 112b,100) Pint Pot Flights 2 (N.Robbins 100b,2x100, N.Bruton 121, L.Lemathy 100, P.Smith 123,3x100), Old Oscott Arrows 3 (P.Locke 3x100,140, M. Maher 3x100, B.Hoare 100, A.Lea 100) Red Lion 6 (I.Matthews 149b,100,180, L.Vickers 123, D.Vickers 100,134, B.Lysaght 120b,3x100,140, D.Lowe 100, M.Corfield 2x100,122, J.Collins 121), Walmley CSC Flights 5 (W.Cadby 140, G.Gaughan 100,140, A.Cooksey 121,124,140, S.Wilson 3x100) Oscott Social Club 4 (D.Shannon 100b,140, T.Whyley 2x125,100, A.Whitehouse 140,3x100, G.Bushell 3x100), Division Two:- Bills Arrows 5 (R.McLaughlin 100b,100, G.Averill 3x100, M.Cooper 100, D.Bond 180,4x100) Bishop Vesey 4 (D.Quirk 2x100,140, T.Rubery 102b, D.Walton 112,118,3x100), Sutton Sharks 3 (J.McKeever 100, C.Gardener 140,119,4x100) St Thomas Arrows 6 (G.Lynch 2x100, J.Lynch 100, R.Nelson 106b,2x100,125,100f), Erdington Flyers 3 (H.Sadler 112b,107, D.Thompson 120,102,100, T.Botterill 100) Plough and Arrows 6 (S.Alexander 112b,115, N.Gilbert 125, S.Johnson 116, D.Hughes 100, A.Humphriss 3x100,105f, R.Davies 100), Rosey Mac’s 1 (J.Cox snr 100, N.Bradley 100, A.Poole 135, J.Stokes 100) Heartlands 8 (S.Cain 160b,100b,121, I.Jones 100b,2x100,108, Jim Frost 2x100,121, John Frost 101b,100, G.McCormack 120b), Deers Leap 5 (T.Ross 100, James Sabin 100, S.Kelly 100) Charley’s Flights 4 (R.Vann 100, J.Morahan 100, A.Barber 114, R.Barritt 100, T.Hines 121, J.Burdett 140).

Week five results in the Sheldon and District Winter League had very little effect on the premier division table in fact the only change was that Langley Arrows after winning 6-3 at Hornet now have to share pole position with Sheldon Marlborough Arrows who won 7-2 against Highwood Gerry’s Boys to put them level on points and average with Langley.

In division one Kingshurst Labour Club suffered their first defeat of the season when they lost 5-4 at Hollywood Social and as a result also lose the number one spot being replaced by Sheldon Dukes who kept their unbeaten run going with a 5-4 home win over Yardley Ex Colts. At the other end of the division Irish Centre recorded their first win in five beating Meadway Sports and Social 5-4 to move off the foot of the table and be replaced by their opponents.

It was a first defeat in five for Journeys End in division two as they went down 5-4 at home to Willclare Sports and Social. Journeys drop from top to third behind Willclare and new leaders Langley Flights who had a 5-4 win over Lyndon Old Boys. All of the top three teams are on eight points with only average separating them, however Willclare are the only team in the division that remain undefeated and have a game in hand on their two rivals.

Full Results:Week 5:Premier Division:- Dunky’s Boys 9 (Darren Wilson 180) Hobs Meadow 0, Hornet 3 (Rob Wilson 10 darts game) Langley Arrows 6, Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 7 (Paul Wallace 10 darts game) Highwood Gerry’s Boys 2, Mackadown Social 4 Iron Horse Flights 5, Division One:- Irish Centre 5 Meadway Sports and Social 4, Maggies 2 Shirley Misfits 7, Hollywood Social 5 (Will Griffiths 116f) Kingshurst Labour Club 4, Sheldon Dukes 5 (Lee Molyneux 11 darts game) Yardley Ex Colts 4, Division two:- Raven 5 Sheldon Marlborough Ridge 4, Small Heath Gardeners 5 Hampton and Solihull CC 4, Journeys End 4 Willclare Sports and Social 5, Langley Flights 5 Lyndon Old Boys 4.

A huge 8-1 win over Cider House sees Dunky’s Boys hang on to pole position in the Shirley and District League’s division one table with a two points advantage over their nearest rivals Tippetts Bar who had a rather close 5-4 verdict away to next to bottom of the division Wharf. Lodge are placed third on the same 16 points as Tippetts after their 5-4 success over bottom team Saracens Misfits.

In division two Wythall Legion’s 7-2 win against Legion Royals gives them a two points lead over a trio of teams Highwood, Vikings and Solihull Municipal. Highwood actually lost at home 6-3 to Vikings while Solihull won their home tie with Saracens Slingers 7-2.

Full Results:Game 10:Division One:- Saracens Swords 0 Bears 9 (walkover), Saracens Misfits 4 (J.Barrows 17 darts game) Lodge 5 (N.Parsonage 16 darts game), Wharf 4 Tippets Bar 5, Dunky’s Boys 8 (A.Hutchings 180, J.Jennings 120f) Cider House 1 (J.McCardle 180, D.Palmer 180, L.Sahota 116f), Division Two:- Solihull Municipal 7 Saracens Slingers 2, HSCC 5 (R.Allcott 180,101b) Sharmans Cross 4, Legion Royals 2 Wythall Legion 7, Highwood 3 Vikings 6.

In a Memorial Cup dedicated to members of the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League who passed away this year, league leaders Vine beat Miners Arms.

The Netherton Thursday Night League played their singles knockout down to the last eight at eight separate venues and making the quarter finals are Bobby Carr, Darren Brown, Phil Tonks (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club), Simon Booton (Fairfield), Mark Archer (Old Hill Cricket Club), Mark Bayliss, Matt Hadley (Townsend Social Club), Richard Lento (Bulls Head).

Full Results:Singles Knockout:Last Eight:- Bobby Carr, Darren Brown, Phil Tonks (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club), Simon Booton (Fairfield), Mark Archer (Old Hill Cricket Club), Mark Bayliss, Matt Hadley (Townsend Social Club), Richard Lento (Bulls Head).

White Horse and Britannia are tied on 16 points at the top of the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League. However the 6-1 win over Seven Stars by White Horse was their eighth game of the season while Britannia’s 4-3 success against Bell ‘B’ was their tenth fixture, leaving White Horse with two games in hand.

After the top two come three teams all on 12 points, four short of the leading duo and all having played nine games. Ten Arches are placed third, their 4-3 win at Bell ‘A’ giving them a slender one leg advantage over fourth in the table Gate Hangs Well whose 6-1 win at Crestwood leaves them a further one leg of average adrift.

Full Results:Game 10:- Bell ‘A’ 3 Ten Arches 4, Crestwood 1 Gate Hangs Well 6, Britannia 4 Bell ‘B’ 3, Church Tavern 5 Bird in Hand 2, White Horse 6 Seven Stars 1, Fox Inn (Lye) 4 Rose and Crown 3, Hare and Hounds ‘A’ and Woodman had a bye.

The Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League staged the finals of their John Walters Knockout Trophy and taking the title with a final 7-2 result over Chainyard was the Griffin.

Yeltz Bar ‘A’ suffered a severe setback to their title hopes in the Black Country Super League when they not only lost 4-1 to their nearest rivals Railway Tavern but also surrendered their pole position to their victors who now have a three points lead over them.

Despite their heavy defeat and the fact that third in the table Allens Bar ‘C’ won 4-1 at High Acres ‘B’, Yeltz Bar ‘A’ still have a five points cushion over Allens ‘C’.

Full Results:Game 16:- Yeltz Bar ‘B’ 3 Allens Bar ‘B’ 2 (M.Greenwood 4 T.Walker 2, J.Ward 2 C.Hickman 4, T.Brennan 4 L.Shaw 2, K.Harrison 4 P.Harrison 3, M.Moore 2 T.Baker 4), High Acres ‘B’ 1 Allens Bar ‘C’ 4 (A.Hickinbottom 0 O.Maiden 4, L.Law 4 J.Blakemore 3, R.Harris 0 S.Jones 4, B.Watts 0 J.Hughes 4, K.Harris 1 M.Maiden 4), Railway Tavern 4 Yeltz Bar ‘A’ 1 (T.Bissell 2 R.Smith 4, R.Colley 4 D.Nicholls 1, M.Rollinson 4 I.Townsend 2, L.Kelly 4 S.Gillam 2, J.Rollinson 4 J.Lowe 3), White Swan 2 High Acres ‘A’ 3 (L.Bowen 0 R.Bowen 4, J.Hykin 3 G.Moreton 4, S.Sheridan 4 M.Harper 1, R.Duncan 0 J.Barrowman 4, N.Steventon 4 C.Cartwright 2), Horse and Jockey 2 Old Hill Cricket Club 3 (M.Price 4 P.Hadley 0, J.Gennard 2 S.Hill 4, I.Shaughnessey 0 D.Haden 4, A.Howells 4 C.Hall 1, B.Hollowood 1 D.Homer 4), Allens Bar ‘A’ 5 Rowley Bar and Grill 0 (walkover).

The Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League sees three teams at the top of the table, Bird in Hand ‘E’, Bell ‘A’ and Foxx Inn (Lye) all on 12 points. Bird in Hand ‘E’ beat Ten Arches ‘A 4-3 to put them top on average with second placed Bell ‘A’ winning 5-2 at Raven and having a game in hand on their two rivals. Third placed Fox Inn (Lye) were the league’s biggest winners this week as they handed out a 6-1 defeat to their hosts bell ‘B’ who after completing eight games are still seeking their first win of the season.

Full Results:Game 8:- Bird in Hand ‘E’ 4 Ten Arches ‘A’ 3, Bell ‘B’ 1 Fox Inn (Lye) 6, White Horse 7 Ashwood 0, Raven 2 (T.Stockton 160b) Bell ‘A’ 5, Ten Arches ‘B’ 3 Bird in Hand ‘A’ 4.

There were big wins for the top two teams in the Camp Hill League in game number fourteen as leaders Aston Inn Nomads handed out a 7-0 whitewash to their visiting team, bottom of the league Sedgemere Devils and second in the table Sheldon Marlborough Flights won 6-1 at Moseley Arms.

Full Results:Game 14:- Aston Inn Nomads 7 Sedgemere Devils 0, Roost Rebels 5 New Inn Lions 2, Meadway Social 4 Tyseley WMC 3, Moseley Arms 1 Sheldon Marlborough Flights 6, Tyseley Newbies had a bye.

News of a couple of knockouts over the Christmas period, first at Gilbert’s Bar, 54 Field Street, WV13 2NY on 27th December there will be £200 on offer for the winner (based on 32 entries) for an £8 entry fee (includes Plate Knockout). Doors will open at 11.30am with a 1.00pm deadline and 1.30pm start.

For more information contact Reece on either 07762-961737 or 01902-603939.

Secondly on the 28th December at the Ashwood Inn, Sandringham Place, Stourbridge, DY8 5HP will host a doubles knockout and for a £10 entry fee, all monies in will be paid out together with money added by the pub. Last entries will be accepted to 12.30pm with a 1.00pm start.

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