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Article: Peter Wright is Dreaming of more Oche Major Glory

Peter Wright is Dreaming of more Oche Major Glory

Peter Wright is dreaming of more oche major glory thanks to a revolutionary new mattress and pillows. Snakebite, despite only one defeat, has made a patchy start to the Unibet Premier League. But the multi-coloured mohican ace believes his bid for Premier and defending his UK Open title later this week could be boosted by a new bed. Wright, 47, said: “I’ve been struggling out of bed for a while now, waking up stiff and aching all over, I’ve felt like an old man. “I don’t think it helps that I mainly spend my life on the road and in different hotels. The standard of hotel beds are terrible to be honest, really hard or even too spongey. “Some of the pillows in Holland are huge but your head doesn’t even sit on them properly. I remember that Phil Taylor used to take his pillow away with him. “It sounds daft but it is really important for a darts player to sleep comfortably. Any slight twinge or ache to the back, neck or arm can hugely affect the way you play. “However it’s been solved by a firm called Rem-Fit who gave me a special orthopaedic mattress to try and I now feel like a new man. The funny thing is that the mattress is exactly 180 centimetres wide, honestly it’s true. “I’m even being given hi-tech new pillows that are anti-snoring. Apparently the pillow vibrates when you start to snore and makes your head move so you stop making a noise. “Now we’ve just got to figure out how to get the mattress and pillows abroad when I’m playing in different countries!” In truth, Wright has been a shadow of the player before being hit by a gallstone scare in early December last year. He suffered an early exit in the World Championships and only shown glimpses of his class since. But he’s shown real form over the past fortnight with an epic win and draw against Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson. As he prepares to defend his first major UK Open title from a year ago on Friday, he reckons his weight loss has made a big difference. He added: “I’ve lost a lot of weight, but when it’s off your arms, that affects how you throw. Even the slightest change can alter your throw by millimetres, but that’s all it takes. “But I’m getting used to it and my set-up. I threw quicker last week and it was better, I probably let Gary off the hook at 6-3 in front but that’s the way it goes sometimes. “It was very emotional the last time I was on the Minehead stage in the UK Open, it was important to me to win my first major. “A lot of other players have done exhibitions at the weekend. I decided to rest and help out in the new house. I want to be rested and re-charged to retain the UK Open.” By Phil Lanning (@lannomedia)

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