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Article: John Goldie goes from pub player to major UK Open bid

John Goldie goes from pub player to major UK Open bid

JOHN GOLDIE has gone from a pub player to major UK Open bid in just weeks but doesn’t know whether to model himself on a wrestler or Eric Cantona. In a whirlwind month, the Alloa ace burst into the PDC with a last gasp tour card at Q school on the last day in January before making the UK Open later this week. He’s also hit a first competitive nine-darter but now faces a dilemma on what his new nickname will be for the oche big time. Goldie, 33, revealed: “My manager Matt Ward has given me the nickname Goldust which I like. It’s apparently the same as a famous wrestler. “I was originally thinking along the lines of something Manchester United. My heroes were Ryan Giggs and Eric Cantona. “I like Goldust. But I’m not sure if I’ll have to wear a gold spandex shirt. I’d prefer to celebrate wins or 180s by sticking my collar up like King Eric! “Maybe I could make sure I beat my rivals by giving them a body slam or arm lock during the match if it’s not going my way. “Seriously though, it’s been an incredible few weeks. To get through Q school on the last day and then make the UK Open is a dream come true. “I missed out narrowly on getting through Q School five years but Matt sponsored me this year and I made it thankfully. “It’s been a tough start to life in the PDC. I’ve had some good moments including the nine-darter. I’d hit five in the house but they don’t count, to actually do one in competition was a great feeling.” Goldie’s full-time job is making drilling equipment for oil rigs but now his focus is on mining for glory at the Coral UK Open on Friday, dubbed the FA Cup of darts. He will face Paul Hogan, who dumped Gary Anderson and Adrian Lewis a year ago, or Darren Brown in the second round. He added: “There’s no easy matches. Everyone is capable of winning which Paul did last year by beating Gary and Adrian. “I’m not a bad loser. My logic is that if you are not good enough to win the match, you don’t deserve to. “The checkouts are the biggest difference in the PDC. I played Simon Whitlock recently and I was scoring OK but just missed a few chances, he hit everything to finish and that was it, game over. “But I’ll get used to it and keep learning. It’s only been a month and I’ve had some decent results so it’s going OK.” By Phil Lanning (@lannomedia)

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