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Article: Birmingham Mail - A West Midland Round-up by Alan Towe - 28.06.23

Birmingham Mail - A West Midland Round-up by Alan Towe - 28.06.23

Langley Hall Social Club, Langley Hall Road, Olton, Solihull, B92 7HE was the setting for the Langley Hall Darts Open 2023 which as ever was well supported and attracted internationals, county, super league and many other players from around the country. In the last eight games Luke Woodhouse had a close 4-3 win over Richard Hosey as did Sam Bissell in his game against West Midlands man Ian Jones. Kieron Bridgewater had a slightly easier win in his 4-2 success over Andy Hyland while Ian McKenzie had the biggest win beating Wayne Hobday 4-0. The semi-finals were extended from the best of five to the best of seven legs with Bridgewater this time taken to a decider by McKenzie and having a narrow 5-4 victory while Woodhouse had the more comfortable 5-3 win over Bissell.

Once again the format was extended in the final with the two players battling it out over the best of eleven legs. All eleven legs were played before Luke Woodhouse got the all-important sixth stripe on the board to beat Kieron Bridgewater 6-5 and collect the winners £800 with runner-up Bridgewater receiving £400. Losing semi-finalists Sam Bissell and Ian McKenzie each collected £200 and there was £50 for the losing quarter-finalists Richard Hosey, Ian Jones, Wayne Hobday and Andy Hyland.

Full Results:Last Sixteen:- Richard Hosey 3 Adam Smith-Neale 2, Luke Woodhouse 3 Scott Mitton 0, Sam Bissell 3 Nick Fullwell 2, Ian Jones 3 George Connelly 2, Wayne Hobday 3 Neil Parsonage 0, Ian McKenzie 3 Glen McGrandle 0, Kieron Bridgewater 3 Kevin Painter 1, Andy Hyland 3 Andy Hutchings 0, Quarter-Finals:- Richard Hosey 3 Luke Woodhouse 4, Sam Bissell 4 Ian Jones 3, Wayne Hobday 0 Ian Mckenzie 4, Kieron Bridgewater 4 Andy Hyland 2, Semi-Finals:- Luke Woodhouse 5 Sam Bissell 3, Ian McKenzie 4 Kieron Bridgewater 5, Final:- Luke Woodhouse 6 Kieron Bridgewater 5.


A 5-2 home win over Cock Inn takes Copper Fox to ten consecutive wins in the Kings Norton League and maintains their position at the top of the table. Second placed Northfield had a narrow 4-3 win at Bourneville and remain four points adrift of the leaders, Bourneville holding on to sixth place with twelve points. Bournebrook, despite winning 5-2 against Kings Norton Flights lose their joint third place and drop to fourth behind Rubery Social Club whose 6-1 win over Grant Arms gives them a slender one leg of average lead over Bourneville with both teams on fourteen points. Thurlestone had a very surprising 4-3 defeat playing away against bottom of the table Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club, this being the Ex Serviceman’s first win in ten while their opponents remain fifth in the table on the same twelve points as Bourneville.

Full Results:Game 10:- Copper Fox 5 (E.Simpson 100,121,3x140,13 darts game, D.Marsh 2x100, G.Dews 100,125,140, T.Hamilton 100,3x140, D.McConomy 4x100,125, R.Mann 2x100,121) Cock Inn 2 (A.Hopkins 100,118, L.Fox 2x100,135, A.Vaughan 3x100, Joe Fox 100,123, S.Cartwright 100,117,140, D.Gibbs 138), Rubery Social Club 6 (J.Grainger 2x100,140, J.Higgins 3x100,2x140, A.Faulkner 2x100,140, R.Higgins 100, K.Manger 3x100,2x140, M.Cormell 2x100, J.O'Neill 2x100, P.Medlicott 125) Grant Arms 1 (S.Hale 100, A.Dewsbury 100,140, P.Taylor 112,135, N.Smith 100, M.Davies 100,119, P.Smith 116,122), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 4 (M.Bandy 140, L.Pearce 100, S.Brown 100x2, 140, C.Davenport 100, D.Whitecombe 101, S.Corbett 100) Thurlestone 3 (D.Newton 100, N.Watts 3x100,121, T.Garfield 100,130,2x140,13 darts game, R.Waldron 2x100,140, B.Andrews 2x100,140, J.Downer 100,132, S.Deeley 2x100,140), Bournebrook 5 (M.Welsh 110,121, T.Cullen 2x100, T.Jeffs 100,123, K.Mason 123,140, C.Smith 2x100,140) Kings Norton Flights 2 (P.Lilley 133, M.Hanley 140, R.Fisher 125, L.Rooney 100, G.Williamson 100), Bourneville 3 (M.James 3x100, G.Carver 100, G.Bailes 125, A.Hughes 111, J.Guy 100,140, D.Murray 126, M.Ferriday 100) Northfield 4 (R.Hitchmough 2x100, L.Allen 100, A.Busby 120,138, M.Lloyd 4x100,123, S.Busby 2x100,128f, J.Taylor 100, M.Hopkins 100), Coppice 2 (B.Heath 100,122,140, A.Chidley 2x100,125, S.Jacques 123, R.Packer 3x100) Longbridge 5 (C.Evans 100,138, J.Woodward 100, K.Malone 100, N.Harris 121).


It was cup week in the Four Oaks and District League, the semi-finals of the Ken Rust Cup in which division two runners-up Oscott Social Club took on first division opponents Heartlands and won 6-3. St Thomas Arrows, also from division two, once again squared up to division one opponents in the shape of Charley’s Flights and on this occasion it was the division one side who came out on top with a 5-3 result.

Full Results:Ken Rust Cup:Semi-Finals:- Oscott Social Club 6 (Robert Graham 101, Gary Bushell 121, Tom Purcell 100,137, Simon Shorthouse 108b, Pete Graham 125) Heartlands 3 (George Drennan 100, Matthew Cain 100, Ryan Cain 133, Jordan Rogers 126,133, John Frosr 120, Gerry McCormack 100b,2x100< St Thomas Arrows 3 (R.Nelson 106b, Garry Stait 123) Charley’s Flights 5 (Kevin Hewings 121, Rob Vann 100,140, Chris Hough 104, Ray Franks 100,104).


A maximum score from Robbie Earl helped his team Raven Arrows to a 5-3 win over Yardley Ex Colts in group one of the Sheldon and District Summer League and keep them top of the group with a perfect four points from their opening two games. The Dingle’s Richard Palmer also found the three treble twenties but his team were held to a 4-4 draw at home by Langley Arrows and drop one place in the table to third with Highwood replacing them in second place after winning their first game of the season against Willclare Sports and Social 5-3. Shirley Misfits also had a 5-3 win at Hornet to replace their hosts at the top of group two with three points, Sheldon Dukes with a 180 from Anthony Dews are second after they handed out an 8-0 whitewash to their visitors Maggies.

Langley Flights players were in top form as Julian Harris hit two maximums and Darren Tudor one in their 6-2 home win over Bell Inn to put them top of group three with four points after their two opening wins of the season. Close behind Langley is Trident Spears their 4-4 home draw with Sheldon Marlborough Ridge leaving them just one point short of the leaders.

A convincing 7-1 win at Sheldon Marlborough Flights has seen Banbury Club take over in pole position in group four from Raven who were held to a 4-4 draw at Moseley Rugby Club leaving them two legs of average short of the leaders, both teams are on three points.

Full Results:Week 2:Group One:- The Dingle 4 (Richard Palmer 180) Langley Arrows 4, Raven Arrows 5 (Robbie Earl 180), Yardley Ex Colts 3, Highwood 5 Willclare Sports and Social 3, Group Two:- Sheldon Dukes 8 (Anthony Dews 180) Maggies 0, Hornet 3 (Gill Lynch 111f) Shirley Misfits 5, Brian’s Flights had a bye, Group Three:- Trident Spears 4 Sheldon Marlborough Ridge 4, Langley Flights 6 (Julian Harris 2x180, Darren Tudor 180) The Bell Inn 2, Lyndon Old Boys 2 Kingshurst Labour Club 6 (Stephen Shepherd 137f,10 darts game), Group Four:- Moseley Rugby Club 4 The Raven 4 (Jacqui Evans 180), Sheldon Marlborough Flights 1 The Banbury Club 7, Hampton and Solihull Cricket Club 4 Smithswood Social Club 4 (Tom Franklin 180).


After the opening seven games of the season, Longbridge United continue to top the singles and pre-match doubles tables in the South West Birmingham Clubs League. After adding their latest 5-2 win at Quarry Club to their account they have a total of fourteen points in the singles division and a two points advantage over their nearest rivals West Heath CEM who won by the same 5-2 scoreline in their home tie with Bournbrook. After the top two there are a quartet of teams Avenue Social, Bournbrook, Stirchley United and Perfection all on eight points, six off the top. In the fixture between Stirchley United and Avenue Social, which the former won 4-3, Stirchley’s A.Cullen with scores of 125,2x100,140 beat his counterpart A.Harvey 2-1 with Harvey recording a 140 break, scores of 125 and 100 plus a seven darts game, while in the tie between West Heath CEM and Bournbrook T.Taylor (West Heath CEM) had breaks of 101 and 160 and his team mate K.Webb breaks of 120 and 100 and for Bournbrook J.Warman hit a 180 plus 100.

Longbridge have amassed a total of 100 points at the top of the pre-match doubles division, a lead of seventeen over second placed West Heath CEM.

Full Results:Game 7:- Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 2 (P.Lilley 100, K.Underhill 114, M.Fisher 105, M.Hanley 112, R.Fisher 112b) Stirchley Flights 5 (A.Reynolds 100, R.Butcher 100, A.Pearce 134, C.Davenport 112b,100), Northfield Town 4 (P.Jevons 120b, A.Chidley 100, M.Mooney 116b, J.Cutler 100) Northfield Conservative Club 3 (T.Cahill 100, P.Cahill 100), Perfection 6 (G.Webb 100, L.Rooney 135,100, N.Loat 112, L.Little 100, D.Smith 140) Moseley All Services 1 (S.Brown 107f), Quarry Club 2 (K.Vaughan 140, L.Fox 100, N.Hurst 100, Joe Fox 109, A.Vaughan 100,140) Longbridge United 5 (C.Eacock 121, C.Steadman 100, T.Shipley 140, T.Garfield 109b,100, M.Lloyd 125), Stirchley United 4 (K.White 100, M.Bathurst 121, M.Welsh 100b,140, A.Cullen 125,2x100,140) Avenue Social 3 (M.Davies 100, J.Grainger 100, K.Jukes 2x100, A.Harvey 140b,125,100,7 darts game), West Heath CEM 5 (T.Taylor 101b,160f, K.Webb 120b,100b, G.Bailes 100) Bournbrook 2 (L.Arnold 100, T.Mills 100, R.Chambers 121, J.Warman 180,100, D.Smith 128b, C.Smith 100).


With Cross (Oldswinford) having a bye in week twenty-nine of the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League it gave the chasing teams the opportunity to reduce the arrears on the leaders and the nearest chasing five did exactly that. Second placed Old Liberal Club won 5-2 at Fox Inn (Lye) to put them within two points of Cross while third placed Ten Arches 6-1 home win over Seven Stars still leaves them eight points short of the top team. Cottage, Netherton Conservative Club and Princess are all on forty points and in turn won 7-0 against Old Cat Inn, 5-2 at Crestwood and 5-2 at Gate Hangs Well, leaving them all fourteen points off the top of the table.

Full Results:Game 29:- Crestwood 2 Netherton Conservative Club 5, Church Tavern 4 Glasscutters 3, Britannia 1 Mount Pleasant 6, Fox Inn (Lye) 2 Old Liberal Club 5, Rose and Crown ‘A’ 7 Rose and Crown ‘B’ 0, Ten Arches 6 Seven Stars 1, Cottage 7 Old Cat Inn 0, Gate Hangs Well 2 Princess 5, Bird in Hand 5 Raven 2, Cross (Oldswinford) had a bye.


The Rowley Monday Night League had cup quarter-finals on their fixture card, first the Bill Bishop Cup in which league leaders Bell won 5-1 at Windmills End, second in the league Gate Hangs Well had a 6-3 win at Romsley Cricket Club and third placed White Swan, with a 180 from Mathew Tedstone won 5-2 at home against Hill and Cakemore Ex Serviceman’s Club. Making up the last four are Plough and Harrow who won 6-3 at Whiteheath Tavern.

In the last four games of the Challenge Cup Rowley Labour Club handed their hosts Spring Meadow a 9-0 whitewash, while Tividale FC won 7-2 at home against Huntingtree, there was a 5-2 success for Wonder over Waterall but despite a maximum from Loyal Lodge man S.Hadley his team lost 6-3 at Rowley Bar and Grill.

Full Results:Bill Bishop Cup:Quarter-Finals:- White Swan 5 (Mathew Tedstone 180) Hill and Cakemore Ex Servicemen’s Club 2, Romsley Cricket Club 3 Gate Hangs Well 6, Whiteheath Tavern 3 Plough and Harrow 6, Windmills End 1 Bell 5, Challenge Cup:Quarter-Finals:- Tividale FC 7 Huntingtree 2, Spring Meadow 0 Rowley Labour Club 9, Wonder 5 Waterfall 2, Rowley Bar and Grill 6 Loyal Lodge 3 (S.Hadley 180).


Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ move ever closer to retaining their Netherton Thursday Night League title, their latest 6-3 home win over Hill and Cakemore Ex Serviceman’s Club taking their points to forty-two from twenty-five games while second placed Bulls Head, despite winning 8-1 at Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘B’ and being only two points behind the leaders have played twenty-seven games and have only one remaining fixture. Third placed Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ have played the same amount of fixtures as the leaders, their latest 6-3 win at Townsend Social Club leaving them four points off the top of the table.

Full Results:Game 27:- Townsend Social Club 3 Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’ 6, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 6 Hill and Cakemore 3, Spring Meadow 5 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 4, Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘B’ 1 Bulls Head 8.


Previously undefeated in their opening six games in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League Shovel have lost their last two fixtures, 4-3 to Stourbridge FC and 6-1 to league leaders Old Liberal Club ‘A’ and as a result have dropped from second to fifth in the league, now four points short of Old Liberal Club ‘A’ who are the only unbeaten team in the league and have a two points lead over second placed Bird in Hand ‘E’ who won 7-0 at home against Netherton Conservative Club. Third and fourth placed Hollybush and Stourbridge FC are on the same fourteen points as Bird in Hand ‘E’ their latest fixtures seeing them in turn win 5-2 at home against Dudley Sports and 4-3 at home against Old Liberal Club ‘B’. It was a good week for Fox Inn (Lye), their 6-1 home win over Garibaldi being their first win of their seven games season so far.

Full Results:Game 7:- Dudley Sports 2 Old Liberal Club ‘A’ 5, Netherton Conservative Club 3 Black Horse 4, Shovel 3 Stourbridge FC 4, Ashwood 5 Kings Head 2, Brickmakers Arms 2 Union 5, Wheatsheaf 4 Fox Inn (Lye) 3, Garibaldi 1 Hollybush 6, Old Liberal Club ‘B’ 1 Bird in Hand ‘E’ 6, Game 8:- Hollybush. 5 Dudley Sports 2, Union 5 Kings Head 2, Black Horse 0 Ashwood 7, Brickmakers Arms 4 Wheatsheaf 3, Stourbridge FC 4 Old Liberal Club ‘B’ 3, Old Liberal Club ‘A’ 6 Shovel 1, Fox Inn (Lye) 6 Garibaldi 1, Bird in Hand ‘E’ 7 Netherton Conservative Club 0.


A 5-2 win over Chris Williams followed by a 4-3 success against Dave Simpson has kept John Green in pole position in the Ashwood Premier League. Green has 212 points from 38 games and a lead of nine over second placed Nick Fullwell who has only played 34 games the latest of which saw him beat Martyn Harper 4-3 and Paul Pollard 6-1. Josh Pickett began the night well with a 7-0 win over Paul Pollard but he then lost 4-3 to Chris Williams to lose his second place and drop to third with 202 points from 37 games.

Full Results:Week 20:- Kevin Harris 5 Mitch Pickett 2, Sam Aitkens 4 Jake Robinson 3, Gavin Smith 4 Martyn Harper 3,Chris Manoila 5 Rob Pierce 2, Jayden Harper 4 Chris Fox 3, Shane Passey 5 Jon Underhill 2, Josh Pickett 7 Paul Pollard 0, Matt Davies 5 Dave Simpson 2, Cayden Smith 4 Alan Bate 3, Nick Fullwell 4 Martyn Harper 3, Chris Williams 6 Jon Underhill 1, Andy Vellender 7 Tony Bennett 0, Jayden Harper 6 Carl Hipkiss 1, John Green 5 Chris Williams 2, Rob Pierce 4 Chris Fox 3, Kevin Harris 6 Tony Bennett 1, Jake Robinson 4 Jayden Harper 3, Alan Bate 5 Craig Lowin 2, Shane Passey 4 Chris Manoila 3, Martyn Harper 6 Jon Underhill 1, Sam Aitkens 5 Andy Vellender 2, Chris Williams 4 Josh Pickett 3, Nick Fullwell 6 Paul Pollard 1, Cayden Smith 4 Carl Hipkiss 3, John Green 4 Dave Simpson 3, Gaven Smith 7 Craig Lowin 0, Matt Davies 4 Mitch Pickett 3, Martyn Harper 6 Jake Robinson 1, Matt Davies 4 Chris Fox 3, Alan Bate 4 Andy Vellender 3, Sam Aitkens 6 Jon Underhill 1, Jayden Harper 6 Tony Bennett 1, Matt Davies 4 Kevin Harris 3, Rob Pierce 6 Tony Bennett 1.


No Change in the top five places in the Black Country Men’s Super League after teams have completed game number five. Allen’s Bar ‘C’ actually lost for the first time in five games going down 3-2 at Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ who move up one place to sixth with 14 points, seven fewer than their high riding opponents at the top of the table. Whiteheath Tavern won 3-2 at home against Soccer Zone to leave them just one point short of the leaders but one to the good on third placed Railway Tavern who beat Townsend Social Club 3-2.

Full Results:Game 5:- Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 3 Allen’s Bar ‘C’ 2, Allen’s Bar ‘A’ 3 Halesowen Cricket Club 2, Gilbert’s bar ‘A’ 4 White Swan 1, Old Bulls Head 3 Allen’s Bar ‘B’ 2, Railway Tavern 3 Townsend Social Club 2, Quarry Bank Liberal Club 4 Coseley Tavern 1, Townsend ‘A’ 4 Horse and Jockey 1, The Ashwood 4 The Vine, Blackheath 1, Whiteheath Tavern 3 Soccer Zone 2.


A 4-1 home win over Bridgtown Social has given Dog and Partridge a nine points lead at the top of the West Midlands Men’s Super League. With 87 points Kings Head ‘A’ are second in the league after they won by the same 4-1 margin at home against Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’.

Full Results:Week 19:- Kings Head ‘A’ 4 Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 1, Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 5 Gilbert’s Bar ‘C’ 0, ECC 3 Kings Head ‘B’ 2, Staffordshire Knot 4 Gilbert’s Bar ‘D’ 1, Dog and Partridge 4 Bridgtown Social 1.


No change in the top four placing’s in division one of the Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night Singles League, Scott Baker continuing to lead the field with 132 points from 17 games and having a lead of 15 over second placed Ben Johnson who has a game in hand on Baker.

In division two Tony Singh moved up from fourth to top the table, his 5-3 win over Jason Lloyd and 7-1 success against Malcolm Pugh taking his points to 115, two more than second and third placed Clark Cook and Jason Hough who have both played the same 16 games as Singh.

In division three Alan Melling suffered his first defeat in 16 games when he lost 5-3 to Artur Lubkowski. Nevertheless Melling remains in pole position with 134 point’s, second placed Michele Pritchard is on the same number of points but has played four games more than Melling.

Full Results:Game 17:- Martin Price 4 John Simms 4, Scott Baker 7 Wayne Willis 1, Ben Johnson 4 Steve Lynch 4, Jamie Webb 6 Reece Cook Lucas 2, Simon Pritchard 1 Ben Johnson 7, Jon Blakemore 5 Wayne Willis 3, Martin Angell 2 Jamie Webb 6, Martin Price 4 Rushpal Bhogal 4, Reece Cook Lucas 6 Simon Pritchard 2, Martin Price 2 Ben Johnson 6, Jason Lloyd 3 Tony Singh 5, Max Law 2 Colin Wood 6, Baljinder Gill 4 Ben Smith 4, Jon Williams 1 Jason Hough 7, Allan Davies 4 Nathan Jones 4, Neville Quinton 2 Clark Cook 6, Jason Lloyd 6 Keith Hollowood 2, Tony Singh 7 Malcolm Pugh 1, Max Law 5 Ben Smith 3, Joe Bartolo 7 Jacqui Simmons 1, Jamie Aplin 5 Alex Bryant 3, Artur Lubkowski 5 Alan Melling 3, Sara Emma Jones 1 Andy Poole 7, Robert Harris 7 Warren Bower 1, Michele Pritchard 8 Helen Sims 0.


A 5-2 home defeat by ECC ‘A’ has knocked Woodfield off the top of the singles league in the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League, to be replaced by Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ who had a similar 5-2 win at Dog and Partridge. ECC ‘A’ are third on the same 16 points as Woodfield.

ECC ‘A’ continue to lead the doubles league, their 3-0 win over Woodfield keeping intact their two points lead over second placed Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ who had the same 3-0 result over Dog and Partridge.

Full Results:Game 9:Singles Division:- Corpus Christi ‘B’ 1 Ring of Bells 6, Dog and Partridge 2 Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 5, ECC ‘B’ 2 Wednesfield Legion 5, Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 3 Railway 4, Three Crowns 2 Corpus Christi ‘A’ 5 Woodfield 2 ECC ‘A’ 5, Doubles Division:- Corpus Christi ‘B’ 0 Ring of Bells 3, Dog and Partridge 0 Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 3, ECC ‘B’ 1 Wednesfield Legion 2, Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 1 Railway 2, Three Crowns 0 Corpus Christi ‘A’ 3 Woodfield 0 ECC ‘A’ 3.


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