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Winmau Yorkshire Dartboard

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Yorkshire - Regional Dartboard
The Yorkshire Dartboard is a forerunner of the now standard, London dartboard or as others may call it the ‘Clock’ dartboard, however, this dartboard has no treble bed or outer bullseye. The bullseye still scores 50 and is smaller than a standard bullseye on a standard dartboard.
By the late 1920s the trebles ‘standard dartboard’ was introduced and remains the most popular dartboard in the world today. However, the ‘standard’ dartboard was not an overnight success in the UK. Initially, it had to compete with other existing target boards played across the United Kingdom. These have come to be known as ‘regional dartboards’ and were usually named after their region of origin of the where the dartboard was first made. For example, the Yorkshire Doubles board, Kent Doubles, the London Fives and the Manchester Log-end Board. The Yorkshire board with has a ‘standard’ numbering system without trebles, The Manchester ‘Log-end’, The London 'East End' (Narrow Fives) and Ipswich (Wide Fives) Dartboards have a different numbering system. All these boards are still available and still played on in the UK (c 2018). However, they still remain regional and are played on less than the standard dartboard.
Yorkshire Dartboard Set-up and Rules:
The height and throwing distances for the Yorkshire dartboard differs than that of a standard dartboard. The Yorkshire dartboard is hung so that the centre is 5ft 6ins (1.676m) from ground level, the throwing line or 'oche' is 7ft 2ins (2.184m) from the dartboard face at ground level. The diagonal distance from the centre of the bull to the throwing line at floor level is 9ft (2.743m).
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