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Blade Dual Core Green Zone Dartboard

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The Mission: Create a pathway for youngsters to play darts the world over

Easy to use handicap system
Enables players of all ages, or ability to play
Developed exclusively with the Junior Darts Corporation (JDC)
Made from class-leading Blade Dual Core technology
The most fun inclusive dartboard in the world

Nobody could have forseen where one man's goal to help his son play fun darts with his friends would be right now.  Steve Brown's ambition and relentless drive to bring a clear pathway for youngsters to play the world over is nothing short of superhuman.
Dual Core Technology
Lower compression at the outer core reduces surface resistance and increases point penetration for fewer lost darts and higher scores
Higher compression at the inner core increases resistance below the surface, absorbing excess kinetic energy for improved durability
Pure sisal outer core with uncompromised playing surface for perfect vision and easier alignment
Patent No. 2507762
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Blade Dual Core Green Zone Dartboard
Blade Dual Core Green Zone Dartboard Sale price£64.95