Luke Humphries

Luke Humphries
Luke Humphries

Luke Humphries

NicknameCool Hand
Dart StyleSpecialist
Throwing StyleRight handed
Best Ever MatchPremier League vs Gary Anderson
Ranking TitlePDC World Youth Championship
Walk on MusicDNCE - Cake by the Ocean

Luke Humphries continues to push as one of the PDC’s hottest young talents, in a very short space of time, he secured numerous development tour wins and a PDC World Youth Champion as well as gaining his full Tour Card.

Cool Hand has reached back to back World Championship Quarter Finals, earning him a spot as a Premier League Challenger, becoming the first Challenger to win a game after defeating Gary Anderson 7-5.

Luke favours the Torpedo styled mid-balanced darts that he has been using for over 3 years now.

Luke said “I had a really old set of darts for so many years, that I knew were not quite giving me the extra performance I needed. When getting fitted for these new darts I had such a clear picture of the shape and grip that I wanted and these are exactly that. I throw my darts with good acceleration and I like to feel that they are perfectly balanced on my thumb for the right launch, and these darts let me do that”.