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Article: Winmau Finnish Open won by Paul Jennings

Winmau Finnish Open won by Paul Jennings

Paul Jennings from England won the Winmau Finnish Open from a strong field of over 200 entries at the Sokos Hotel Vantaa, with Anna Forsmark of Sweden taking the ladies title.

The finals were screened live by a Web Stream and coverage ranged from over 10 countries including the UK, USA, France, Germany, Russia, Holland and Belgium.

The full results can be seen below.


Men (229 entries):
1. Paul Jennings, England
2. Sami Sanssi, Päkki Darts
3.-4. Clive Barden, England ; Petri Korte, Samuli Blues
5.-8. Asko Niskala, Willy´s DC; Markku Kinnunen, Haku-Tikka; Markus Jokikokko, Haku-Tikka; Jari Nieminen, Päkki Darts
9.-16. Ulf Ceder, Samuli Blues; Razma Madars; Latvia; Teuvo Haverinen, Willy´s DC; Hannu Kauppinen, Samuli Blues; Wesley Harms, Netherlands; Paul Carter, England; Vesa Nuutinen, Willy´s DC ; Janne Kiiski, Päkki Darts
semifinals: Jennings - Barden 5 - 1 ; Sanssi - Korte 5 - 0
Final: Jennings - Sanssi 5 - 2 (21,14,22,16,18-16,19)


Womens Championship
1. Anna Forsmark, Sweden 
2. Maud Jansson, Sweden
3.-4. Maret Liiri, MPD ; Kirsi Viinikainen, Sörkan Tikka
5.-8. Kaisu Rekinen, DC Kontula; Lumi Silvan, Sörkan Tikka; Sari Nikula, Perämeri DC; Tarja Salminen, Willy´s DC
Final: Forsmark - Jansson 4 - 3 (29,21,27,21-18,26,31)


Youth Championship
1. Aaron Knox, Tillikka DC
2. Juuso Raittila, Keski-Suomi Darts
3.-4. Tuomas Tikka, Willy´s DC ; Kristian Kautiainen, Samuli Blues
Final: 3-2


Men 301 double in double out (122):
1. Wesley Harms, Netherlands
2. Dave Place, England
3.-4. Alan Norris, England ; Jari Nieminen, Päkki Darts
Final: 3-2 (6,12,12-13,10)


Women 301 double in double out:
1. Tarja Salminen, Willy´s DC
2. Anna Forsmark, Sweden
3.-4. Elina Alponen, Casablanca ; Paula Santapakka, Willy´s DC
Final: 3 -0 (18,18,15)


Men´s Pairs (69 entries)
1. Clive Barden - Steve Douglas, England
2. Wesley Harms - Marko Englund, Netherlands/Kukon-Tikka
3.-4. Ulf Ceder-Jaakko Kiiski, Samuli Blues/Päkki Darts ; Jari Nieminen-Kalevi Markkanen, Päkki Darts
Final: Barden/Douglas - Harms/Englund 3-1 (18,15,22-20)


Women´s Pairs (22 entries)
1. Maud Jansson-Lumi Silvan, Sweden/Sörkan Tikka
2. Tarja Salminen-Kirsi Viinikainen, Willy´s DC/Sörkan Tikka
3.-4. Anna Forsmark-Maria Lindström, Sweden/Päkki Darts ; Svetlana Zavodnikova-Anastasia Shtareva, Russia
Final: Jansson/Silvan-Salminen/Viinikainen 3-0 (21,29,15)


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