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Article: Warwickshire Kick-off Premier Division Campaign

Warwickshire Kick-off Premier Division Campaign

Warwickshire kicked off their premier division fixture card in the BDO Inter County Championships with a tough home tie against reigning champions Yorkshire. Saturday was not a good day for the ladies ‘B’ team who finished on the wrong side of a 5-1 result with Nina Bolt (16.97) the sole winner. The men’s ‘B’ team stormed into a 6-3 lead with wins from Graham Hall, Carl Green, Ian McFarlane, Luke Kennedy, Matt Edgar and James Hykin but unfortunately lost the last three games to finish all square at six each. Taking the match award was Matt Edgar who had a tremendous 30.74 average in his 4-3 win over Jim Gordon with winning legs of 17,17,13 and 15 darts. Sunday’s games saw the ladies romp to an unassailable 4-1 lead. After losing the opening game Melanie Jones leveled and was followed by an inspirational captain Sue Gulliver who beat Beau Greaves 3-1 and took the match award with a superb 26.90 average. Further wins from Donna Pinch and Natalie Gilbert confirmed the win, the final score 4-2. [caption id="attachment_26098" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Sue Gulliver, Neil Pritchard, BICC, A-Team, Red Dragon Darts, Alan Towe Neil Pritchard and Sue Gulliver ('A' team award winner)[/caption] The men’s ‘A’ were level at 3-3 at the break thanks to wins from Prakash Jiwa, newcomer Kevin Painter and Nigel Heydon. They then found themselves trailing 6-3 and within an ace of losing, however Jamie Hughes began what turned out to be a fantastic fight back with a 4-2 win over Chris Gill, then with a further 4-0 success from Tom Aldridge over Brian Halls the result hinged on the final encounter between another Warwickshire newcomer this season Kyle Anderson and his opponent Brian Dawson. Anderson won the first leg and although he lost the second went on to win 4-1 and take the match award with the best average of the fixture 31.73, as he chalked up winning legs of 14,12,18 and 19 darts. [caption id="attachment_26097" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Kyle Anderson, Neil Pritchard, A-Team, Award, Red Dragon Darts, BICC Neil Pritchard and Kyle Anderson ('A' team award winner)[/caption] The overall result was 19-17 to Yorkshire but it could easily have gone in Warwickshire’s favour if it hadn’t been for a few missed doubles. Full Results:Division:Warwickshire v Yorkshire (17-19):(Warwickshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Prakash Jiwa 4 Garry Thompson 2, Mark Westgarth 0 Glen Durrant 4, Kevin Painter 4 Keith Plant 0, Kevin Dowling 1 Mark McGeeney 4, Nigel Heydon 4 Tony Hull 3, Simon Power 2 Martin Atkins 4, Antony West 3 John Walton 4, Steve Hine 2 Peter Jacques 4, Anthony Allen 3 David Copley 4, Jamie Hughes 4 Chris Gill 2, Tom Aldridge 4 Brian Hallis 0, Kyle Anderson 4 Brian Dawson 1, Men’s ‘B’:- Richard Foster 3 Craig Gwynne 4, Graham Hall 4 Graham Elvidge 3, Carl Green 4 James Barton 1, Charlie Symons 3 Graham Harrison 4, Ian McFarlane 4 Justin Hobson 1, Luke Kennedy 4 Michael Ridge 3, Matt Edgar 4 Jim Gordon 3, Tom Ryan 1 Trevor Burkhill 4, James Hykin 4 Derek Lumley 2, Mark Strong 0 Ady Newsholme 4, Peter Hughes 0 Tony Darlow 4, Ian Shaw 3 Darren Layden 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Caroline Pike 0 Giffy Khaosoi 3, Melanie Jones 3 Ann Chilton 2, Sue Gulliver 3 Beau Greaves 1, Donna Pinch 3 Louise Stockings 1, Natalie Gilbert 3 Rachel Brooks 2, Chloe McKevitt 0 Lorraine Winstanley 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Marian Conway 0 Rachel Bolt-Sheard 3, Wendy Adams 2 Lyn Horne 3, Angela Jones 2 Linda Moorhouse 3, Lisa Deslandes 0 Paula Burgess 3, Nina Bolt 3 Ann Waslin 1, Helen Rigg 2 Marie Groves 3.
After winning promotion last season West Midlands began the new campaign in the premier division of the BDO Inter County Championships with an away fixture against Devon. Heather Wright gave the ladies ‘B’ the ideal start when she beat Cat Callard 3-1 and earn herself the match award for her 21.66 average. However from one up West Midlands next and only other winner came in the penultimate encounter when Shannon Hall beat Sarah Brown 3-1, the final score 4-2 to Devon. Like the ladies ‘B’ the men’s ‘B’ won the opening game when Robert Smith beat Gary Phillips 4-3 after trailing 2-0 and 3-1. Despite winning the first West Midlands were only able to win a further four games supplied by Paul Price, Sam Guest, man of the match Paul Wells (29.06) and anchor man Michael Baker to go down 7-5. Gemma Barrett gave the ladies ‘A’ side the best possible start with her 3-1 win over Lisa Hughes and although the home team won the second through Maria O’Brien, Sarah Roberts began the new season where she left off by winning the match award for her 3-0 win over Michelle Andrews with a 23.86 average. Sophie Singh made it 3-1 with a 3-2 success against Hayley Brant but the home team took the last two games to put the result at 4-2 to West Midlands. The men’s ‘A’ team were in top form racing into an 8-3 lead with wins from Nick Fullwell, Glen McGrandle, Dean Mills, Jonathan Platt, Daniel Nicholls, Scott Baker, Liam Kelly and Ash Khayat. Liam Kelly was their top player with a superb 31.85 average, the best premier average of the weekend. Kelly beat Thom Humphrey 4-1 after losing the first leg. He then recorded winning legs of 13,15,15 and 17 darts. The result was an 8-4 win for West Midlands and the overall score 18-18, not a bad start to life in the premier division. Full Results:Premier Division:Devon v West Midlands (18-18):(Devon names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Paul Miford 3 Nick Fullwell 4, Glyn Wells 4 Gavin Baker 3, Davic Witt 2 Glen McGrandle 4, Ben Chamberlain 4 Mark Craddock 2, Mike Pearce 2 Dean Mills 4, Mark Vellacott 2Jonathan Platt 4, Phil Stewart 1 Daniel Nicholls 4, Mark Shears 4 Ian Jones 2, Shaun Dring 1 Scott baker 4, Thom Humphrey 1 Liam Kelly 4, Mark Turner 3 Ash Khayat 4, Matthew Dickinson 4 Shaun Carroll 1, Men’s ‘B’:- Gary Phillips 3 Robert Smith 4, Darren Collis 4 Chris Williams 1, Neil White 4 Mark Rollinson 0, Ross Godfrey 2 Paul Price 4, Martin Horn 4 Danny Coyle 2, Andrew Denning 3 Sam Guest 4, Phil Goodwin 4 Matthew Dicken 3, Jason Pinkerton 1 Paul Wells 4, Daniel Belsten 4 Mark Hampton 2, Mark Sheard 4 Jamie Rollinson 1, Lee Alderman 4 Neil Pointon 2, David Matthews 3 Mickael Baker 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Lisa Hughes 1 Gemma Barrett 3, Maria O’Brien 3 Debbie Loon 0, Michelle Andrews 0 Sarah Roberts 3, Hayley Brant 2 Sophie Singh 3, Merryl Dennis 3 Kath Jenkins 0, Anna Johnson 3 Lisa Badger 2, Women’s ‘B’:- Cat Callard 1 Heather Wright 3, Karen Matthews 3 Shellbie Simmons 2, Jodie Hawton 3 Claire Hobbs 1, Kelly Gabriel 3 Lizzy Arnold 2, Sarah Brown 1 Shannon Hall 3, Tracy Ware 3 Jacqueline Maiden 2.
The Sheldon Social Dukes In House League have completed all fifteen of their scheduled fixtures and claiming the league’s inaugural title was Sean O’Donnell who won 12 of his 15 games rounding off his campaign with a 2-1 win over Perry Pudge followed by a 3-0 success against Chris Cotter. Phil Ashford went into his final fixture level on points with Paul Sunner but a 2-1 win saw him share the runners up spot with Paul Curry who wound down the season with a 3-0 win over Gary Groves and Sunner finish fourth one point behind Ashford and Curry. Ashford actually won one game more than O’Donnell but being as the points system is run on the number of winning legs Ashford finished with 32 three short of O’Donnell. Full Results:Week 15:- Perry Pudge 1 Sean O’Donnell (140) 2, Chris Cotter 1 Perry Pudge (100b,140b) 2, Mark O’Donnell (140) 2 Mick Hicks (125) 1, Tony Hicks 0 Rob Hicks 3, Dave Field 2 Steve Groves 1, Perry Pudge (100,111) 3 Adam Plows (140) 0, Paul Curry 3 Gary Groves (120) 0, Lee Molyneux (100) 1 Simon Banks 2, Phil Ashford (2x120b) 2 Paul Sunner (112b,100) 1, Sean O’Donnell (2x135) 3 Chris Cotter (100) 0.
The South Birmingham League played off two of their cup finals and in the Rose Bowl, group three champions Erdington Members Club surprisingly beat group one champions The Raven 8-1 while in the final of the Edna Meek Memorial Cup The Bell accounted for C’s Flights with a 6-3 result. [caption id="attachment_26100" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Edna Meek Memorial Cup, South Birmingham League, Red Dragon Darts South Birmingham League - Edna Meek Memorial Cup Winners The Bell[/caption] [caption id="attachment_26102" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Edna Meek Memorial Cup, South Birmingham League, Red Dragon Darts South Birmingham League - Rose Bowl Winners Erdington Members Club[/caption] Full Results:Rose Bowl:Final:- The Raven 1 (M.Bown 2x140,113f, J.Whitehouse 114,140, A.Whitehouse 3x100, D.Mortiboys 100, T.Whitehouse 125, L.O'Donnell 140) Erdington Members Club 8 (L.Barberan 140,125,102,134,100,10 darts game, M.Birch 2x100,125, C.Millward snr 140, M.Anwar 100,136f, M.McFall 3x100,140,120,160f,12 darts game, B.Cadby 123, J.Liggins 2x137, B.Liggins 100), Edna Meek Memorial Cup:Final:- C's Flights 3 (C.Meigh 100, L.Walker 100, S.Beale 125) The Bell 6 (N.Warner 2x100,180,120,140,10 darts game, T.Anderton 100, N.Walker 2x125,100, B.Walker 140, B.Anderton 114,133).
Fancy sponsorship by Winmau for the next twelve months plus a share of top prize money paid out to the last place in the league table? Then sign up for the latest Winmau Centre Thursday Night Champions League at the Wolverhampton Indoor Community Sports Arena, Racecourse Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 0QU. There is still time to enter the league but the closing date is tomorrow night (28th September). So to ensure your entry give the centre a ring on 01902-420827 otherwise you will miss out on this fantastic opportunity to further your darts with a top class sponsorship deal from a top class darts company Winmau. The current league is up to week three and leading the field after an unbeaten six games is Tony Randell with a total of 31 points one more than second placed Jordan Ward. Full Results:Week 2:- Chris Fox 3 Chris Manoila 4, Rob Montana 1 Ashok Sehdev 6, Sam Aitkens 3 Robert Pierce 4, Andy Vellender 5 John Mycock 2, Tony Randell 5 Chris Williams 2, Jordan Ward 3 Devinder Singh 4, Rob Montana 1 Devinder Singh 6, John Mycock 2 Tony Randell 5, Chris Fox 2 Andy Vellender 5, Chris Manoila 5 Ashok Sehdev 2, Sam Aitkens 2 Chris Williams 5, Jordan Ward 5 Robert Pierce 2, Week 3:- Adam Quinton 0 Mick Baker 7, Andy Vellender 7 Liam Baker 0, Chris Fox 2 Tony Randell 5, Chris Manoila 3 Sam Aitkens 4, Chris Williams 6 Devinder Singh 1, Rob Montana 1 Jordan Ward 6, Mick Baker 6 Chris Williams 1, Liam Baker 0 Jordan Ward 7, Devinder Singh 2 Sam Aitkens 5, Adam Quinton 2 Chris Manoila 5, Tony Randel 4 Andy Vellender 3, Rob Montana 1 Chris Fox 6.
The Sutton and District Summer League have played two cup finals in which The Boat lifted the title for the Prestridge Shield with a final win over Drakes Drum and The Boot took the Roy Bird Trophy title with a close 5-4 win over Red Lion in the final. Full Results:Prestridge Shield:Final:- The Boat beat the Drakes Drum, Roy Bird Trophy:Final:- The Boot 5 Red Lion 4.
It was all change in the Shirley Red Lion Premier League in week ten as Tom Bent took over pole position after 3-1 wins against Phil Thomas and Chris Thomas to take his points tally to 62. However so fierce is the competition this season that former leader Steve Sidwell despite having the same 62 points loses his number one spot by virtue of the fact that he has won 14 games to Bent’s 15. Mark Gwalchmai with 4-0 wins over Nick Walker and Lee Holtham plus a 2-2 draw with Chris Thomas has moved up into third place on 59 points with a game in hand on the two players above him. The weekly £5 prize for the highest finish went to Steve Heeks with a spectacular 157 game shot in a 4-0 win over Mark Cater. Full Results:Week 10:- Luke Coles 3 Mark Cater 1, Chris Thomas snr 1 Chris Thomas 3, Nick Walker 0 Brian Lawton 4, Mike Forsyth 4 Lee Holtham 0, George Drennan 0 Lee Harris (100f) 4, Steve Heeks 2 Dave Heighway 2, Phil Thomas (14 darts game) 3 Andy Thomas 1, Noreen Harris 0 Mikey Harris 4, Karl Wilson 0 Mark Henderson 4, Nick Walker 0 Mark Gwalchmai (18 darts game) 4, Phil Thomas (180) 1 Tom Bent (180) 3, Mike Forsyth 2 Jordan Ottley 2, Luke Coles 1 George Drennan 3, Lee Harris (180, 14 darts game) 4 Brian Lawton 0, Mark Cater 0 Steve Heeks (157f) 4, Lee Holtham 0 Mark Gwalchmai (180) 4, Tom Bent 3 Chris Thomas 1, Mikey Harris 0 Mark Henderson 4, Noreen Harris 3 Karl Wilson 1, Chris Thomas snr 3 Nick Walker 1, Andy Thomas 1 Dave Heighway 3, Jordan Ottley (106f) 3 Mikey Harris 1, Mike Forsyth 1 Luke Coles 3, Noreen Harris 2 Brian Lawton 2, Chris Thomas 2 Mark Gwalchmai (17 darts game) 2, Karl Wilson 0 Lee Harris 4, Phil Thomas 1 Mark Cater 3, Luke Coles 3 Noreen Harris 1, Mike Forsyth 1 Chris Thomas 3.
No less than three of the top five teams in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League lost in week 26. Leaders Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club kept their two points lead intact with a 9-0 win over Blue Brick while second placed Delph Bell won 7-2 away to Dudley Sports ‘B’ who with 32 points are fifth in the table. Third placed Bulls Head (Netherton) lost for the second successive week as they went down 5-4 at home to Portway who are four places and eight points below them and making up the trio of defeats is fourth in the table Mount Pleasant who lost 5-4 away to Brickmakers Arms who are ninth. Full Results:Week 26:- New Talbot 3 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 6, Bulls Head (Netherton) 4 Portway 5, Brickmakers Arms 5 Mount Pleasant 4, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 2 Delph Bell 7, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 9 Blue Brick 0, King William 3 Roebuck 6, Limes Club 2 Pensnett Liberal Club 7, Lamp Tavern 2 The Swan 7.
Just one result from the Forest of Arden Summer League which saw leaders Journeys End win 7-2 away to Greville Arrows to put them two points ahead of second placed local rivals Journeys End Flights who now have two games in hand. Full Results:Week 12:- Greville Arrows 2 (C.Burns 100, M.Mitchell 100, R.Jelley 140, C.Okey 125,100,123, K.Duggan 114,100, D.Duggan 4x100,140,180) Journeys End 7 (P.Kingdon 135,100, D.Wilson 2x100,140,114,123, G.Clinton 140, S.Whatmore 100,120, L.Barberan 2x140,100,121,119, J.Jennings 5x100,180), Mini League:- Highwood KB 21 legs (N.Wykes 140,125,105,2x100,121, W.Cooper 2x100, N.Byrne 140,100,131, A.Cooke 3x100,117,140, M.Gorman 121,140, A.Gorman 125,140) Highwood Arms 6 legs (D.Hudson 180, N.Walker 2x100,135, B.Walker 125, K.Hull 3x100).
Misfits have moved up from third to top of the Winmau Centre Monday Night League following their huge 44-4 win over Make Mine A Double. The win takes Misfits points to 116 four more than The Untouchables who drop into second place after a 28-20 win against Just The Tip whose 96 points leaves them in fourth place eleven points adrift of third in the table What’s The Point who had the biggest win of the week 45-3 against bottom team Unleashed Warrior. Full Results:Week 3:- The Untouchables 28 Just The Tip 20, What’s The Point 45 Unleashed Warrior 3, Full Monty 24 Keep It In The Family 24, Make Mine A Double 4 Misfits 44.
The Pip Club League have got their new season underway and the early pacesetters are The Office and Pip Club who in turn had 8-1 wins over Sports Bar ‘180’ and Mercian. Not far behind the leading duo come Belgrave Club and Winning Post who beat respective opponents Globe (Wilnecote) and Kettlebrook Club 7-2. Full Results:Week 1:- Queens Head (Sam Whittaker 2x180,14 and 15 darts games Mick Smith 180) 4 Birchmoor Club 5, Belgrave Club 7 Globe (Wilnecote, John Higgins 129f) 2, Pip Club 8 Mercian 1, Old Liberal 5 Red Lion 4, Wigginton Arms 4 Progressive Club 5, Kettlebrook Club 2 Winning Post (Simon Caswell 180, Phil Turner 102f) 7, Sports Bar ‘180’ 1 The Office 8.
Fifth in the table The Bridge (Kingswinford) were the only losers in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League’s top six teams in week 27 as they lost their home game to leaders Ten Arches ‘A’ 6-3. Second placed Ten Arches ‘B’ handed out a 9-0 whitewash to their hosts Kingswinford Conservative Club to keep within four points of their local rivals. Gate ‘B’ had a close 5-4 home win against Queens to put them on the same 44 points as Ten Arches ‘B’ but trail by massively on average. Full Results:Match 27:- The Swan 1 Gate ‘A’ 8, Gate ‘B’ 5 Queens 4, Hare and Hounds ‘A’ 2 Stourbrdige RBL 7, Brickmakers Arms 5 Hare and Hounds ‘B’ 4, The Bridge (Kingswinford) 3 Ten Arches ‘A’ 6, Kingswinford Conservative Club 0 Ten Arches ‘B’ 9, Church Tavern 9 Starving Rascal 0, Old Cat (Wordsley) 6 Crestwood 3, Bird (Wordsley) 8 Garibaldi 1, Bird (Stourbridge) 6 Kingswinford Snooker Club 3, Quarry Bank Conservative Club 4 Fox Inn (Lye) 5.
Two rearranged fixtures were played in the Netherton Thursday Night League which saw 5-4 wins for The Crown and White Horse against respective opponents The Bell and Fairfield. There is now just one more outstanding fixture to be played which is between league champions Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club and White Horse. Full Results:Rearranged Fixtures:- The Bell 4 The Crown 5, Fairfield 4 White Horse 5.
The Brierley Hill Friday Night League had the first round of their League Cup on the agenda with results going pretty much as expected. Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ and Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ had 7-0 wins in turn against Dudley Sports and Fox Inn ‘A’ (Lye) while there were 4-3 wins for both Miners (Wollescote) and Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ at the expense of Britannia and Delph Bell. Full Results:League Cup:Round One:- Britannia 3 Miners (Wollescote) 4, Dudley Sports 0 Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 7, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 4 Delph Bell 3, Fox Inn ‘A’ (Lye) 0 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 7, Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’, Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’, Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ and Fox Inn ‘B’ (Lye) all had a bye.
Dewdrop, leaders of the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League suffered something of a setback in the latest round of fixtures as they lost 5-2 to fourth in the table The Vine. Despite the defeat Dewdrop hold on to the top spot with 48 points six more than second placed Waggon and Horses who handed their hosts Old Court House a 7-0 whitewash. Full Results:Week 27:- New Talbot 5 Hayes Social 2, Dewdrop 2 The Vine 5, Old Court House 0 Waggon and Horses 7, Ivy Bush 4 Old Hop Pole 3, Wonder 3 Merry-Go-Round 4, Island Inn 4 Horseley Tavern 3,
After the opening eight games in the new season of the Bilston and District league three teams are on 14 points at the top of the 301 league. A 6-1 win over their ‘B’ team sees Allen’s Sports Bar ‘A’ top the table on average from Tilted Barrel who had a 5-2 win against Triangle Snooker Club. Third placed 44 Club lost 5-2 at Bilston Conservative Club and although they have 14 points they have played nine games. In the 501 league Tilted Barrel are top with a one leg of average advantage over second in the table Allen’s Sports Bar ‘A’, both teams have 16 points. Full Results:Week 9:301 Division:- Allens Sports Bar ‘B’ 1 Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ 6, Bilston Conservative Club 5 44 Club 2, Red Lion 2 Darlaston Conservative Club 5, Rocket Pool 5 Angel Inn 2, Kings Arms 3 Bilston Conservative Club ‘A’ 4, The Nutan 6 White Hart 1, Tilted Barrel 5 Triangle Snooker Club 2, 501 Division:- Allens Sports Bar ‘B’ 1 Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ 2, Bilston Conservative Club 2 44 Club 1, Red Lion 2 Darlaston Conservative Club 1, Rocket Pool 1 Angel Inn 2, Kings Arms 3 Bilston Conservative Club ‘A’ 0, The Nutan 3 White Hart 0, Tilted Barrel 3 Triangle Snooker Club 0.
In a rearranged fixture Tommy Johnson suffered his first defeat in 26 games in division one of the Yeltz Bar Tuesday Night 501 Singles League when he lost 4-1 to fourth in the table Neil Steventon. Johnson remains top of the table with 109 points seven to the good on second placed Richard Reed. In division two Mark Bayliss took his undefeated run to nine games with a 5-0 in over John Griffiths to put him eleven points clear of second placed Anthony Williams. Full Results:Week 26:Division One:- Richard Ree 0 Tommy Johnson 5, Tony Duncan 0 Adam Hill 5, Mark Adams 0 Neil Steventon 5, Alister Duncan 5 Richard Swinden 0, Loz Slater 5 Vince Bayliss 0, Richard Barrett 0 Richard Hill 5, Rearranged Fixtures:- Tony Duncan 4 Richard Duncan 1, Alister Duncan 2 Vince Bayliss 3, Neil Steventon 4 Tommy Johnson 1, Week 10:Division Two:- Ash Portman 4 Pete Harrold 1, Jason Tromans 3 John Simpson 2, Jack Hill 0 Anthony Williams 5, John Griffiths 0 Mark Bayliss 5.
The leaders of the four divisions of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League remain the same after completing match 24. In the division one singles league Riley’s ‘C’ hold on to pole after winning 5-2 against their ‘A’ team, and although Dog and Partridge surprisingly lost 4-3 at Yale Club they hold on to the top spot in division two. Riley’s ‘B’ lost 2-1 at Pavilion in division one of the doubles league and are now joined on the same points and average by Wednesfield Conservative Club who won 2-1 against Jack’s Bar. Wednesfield Legion kept their six points lead intact at the top of division two with a 2-1 win over Pendulum. Full Results:Match 24:Singles League:Division One:- Pavilion 1 Riley’s ‘B’ 6, Riley’s ‘A’ 2 Riley’s ‘C’ 5, Victoria 6 Bull 1, Village Inn 1 Sunbeam 6, Wednesfield Conservative Club 6 Jack’s Bar 1, Division Two:- Bird in Hand 2 Royal 5, Riley’s ‘D’ 5 Woodfield Social 2, Roebuck 7 Red Lion 0, Ukrainian Club 4 Shed 3, Wednesfield Legion 5 Pendulum 2, Yale Club 4 Dog and Partridge 3, Doubles League:Division One:- Pavilion 2 Riley’s ‘B’ 1, Riley’s ‘A’ 1 Riley’s ‘C’ 2, Victoria 1 Bull 2, Village Inn 0 Sunbeam 3, Wednesfield Conservative Club 2 Jack’s Bar 1, Division Two:- Bird in Hand 0 Royal 3, Riley’s ‘D’ 2 Woodfield Social 1, Roebuck 3 Red Lion 0, Ukrainian Club 2 Shed 1, Wednesfield Legion 2 Pendulum 1, Yale Club 0 Dog and Partridge 3.
ECC ‘A’ had a key 4-3 win in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League when they played away to third in the table Cleveland Arms to put them on 48 points, four more than their nearest rivals Whitmore Reans WMC who were 7-0 winners at Brewood British Legion. Full Results:Week 28:- Brewood British Legion 0 Whitmore Reans WMC 7, Bull 4 Jones Road 3, Cleveland Amrs 3 ECC ‘A’ 4, Dog and Partridge 6 Riley’s 1, ECC ‘B’ 4 Village Inn 3, Moreton 4 Swan Compton 3.
Week 21 of the Wednesbury and Darlaston Wednesday Night League saw wins for the top half teams against the bottom half. The top two teams The Nutan and Black Horse both won 7-2 against respective teams Horse and Jockey and Staffordshire Knot ‘B’, Nutan holding on to their six points lead. Full Results:Week 21:- Churchills ‘B’ 4 English Oak 5, The Nutan 7 Horse & Jockey 2, Staffordshire Knot ‘B’ 2 Black Horse 7, Staffordshire Knot ‘A’ 5 Churchills ‘A’ 4.
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