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Article: The Lancaster Extend Super League Undefeated Run

The Lancaster Extend Super League Undefeated Run

Tom Bent remains in pole position in the Shirley Red Lion Premier League after what turned out to be a tough game against a former league leader Steve Sidwell who held him to a 2-2 draw. However despite dropping points Bent remains in pole position with 70 points from his 23 games after he added a 4-0 win over Paul Higgins and finished all square at two each with Mark Gwalchmai. Gwalchmai has moved up into joint second place with Steve Sidwell both players having played one game fewer than Bent and are just two points behind him. In his other games Mark Gwalchmai won 3-1 against George Drennan and beat Brian Lawton 4-0 while Sidwell with a 180 won 4-0 against Mark Cater. Paul Higgins is now six points off the top in fourth place and a further five points adrift is fifth placed Mark Henderson Best leg of week eleven was a 17 darts leg by Jordan Ottley but Paul Higgins is still in line for the £10 prize with the best leg so far which is 13 darts. 180’s were hit by Phil Thomas, Mick Bown and Steve Sidwell with Steve leading the race for the most maximums with 7. There were three ton plus finishes 102 from Jordan Ottley and 122 by George Drennan but the weekly £5 prize went to Ken Hopton with a top 126 check out. Full Results:Week 11:- Phil Thomas (180) 2 Mike Forsyth 2, Lee Harris 4 Tim Lowe 0, George Drennan 1 Mark Gwalchmai 3, Chris Thomas 3 Antony Daly 1, Mark Henderson 3 Brian Lawton 1, Steve Sidwell 2 Tom Bent 2, Mick Bown 2 Ken Hopton (126f,18 darts game) 2, Mikey Harris 3 Tim Lowe 1, Mark Cater 3 Chris Thomas snr 1, Jordan Ottley (102f) 1 Paul Higgins 3, Tony Daly 3 Mike Forsyth 1, Chris Thomas 0 George Drennan 4, Tim Lowe 1 Luke Coles 3, Lee Holtham 0 Antony Daly 4, Chris Thomas 1 Phil Thomas 3, Chris Thomas snr 1 Mick Bown (180) 3, Paul Higgins 0 Tom Bent 4, Jordan Ottley (17 darts game) 2 Brian Lawton 2, Ken Hopton 1 Antony Daly 3, Mark Gwalchmai 2 Tom Bent 2, Paul Higgins 3 Mark Henderson 1, Mike Forsyth 2 Mikey Harris 2, Lee Harris 1 Tony Daly 3, Luke Coles 3 Lee Holtham 1, Ken Hopton 2 George Drennan (122f) 2, Mark Cater 0 Steve Sidwell (180) 4, Tony Daly 3 Lee Holtham 1, Mark Cater 0 Mick Bown 4, Mark Gwalchmai 4 Brian Lawton 0, Antony Daly 0 Lee Harris 4.
The South Birmingham league played off their Mixed and Youth Doubles Knockout which saw Sue Kingdon and Simon Edwards lift the title with a final 3-1 win over Sue’s two sons Mitchell and Peter Kingdon, Mitchell aged 12 and Peter 15. [caption id="attachment_26168" align="aligncenter" width="640"]South Birmingham League, Mixed Doubles, Youth Doubles, Red Dragon Darts, Alan Towe South Birmingham League Mixed and Youth Doubles Knockout - Runners Up Mitchell and Peter Kingdon with organiser Sue Kingdon and Trevor Edwards (Treasurer)[/caption] The last four games saw Sue and Simon beat Luis Barberan and Diane Hudson 3-0 and by the same margin Mitchell and Peter defeated Courtney Burns and Nick Walker [caption id="attachment_26169" align="aligncenter" width="640"]South Birmingham League, Mixed Doubles, Youth Doubles, Red Dragon Darts, Alan Towe South Birmingham League Mixed and Youth Doubles Knockout - Winners Sue Kingdon and Simon Edwards with Treasurer Trevor Edwards[/caption] Full Results:The Mixed and Youth Doubles Knockout:Semi Finals:- Luis Barberan & Diane Hudson 0 Sue Kingdon & Simon Edwards 3, Peter Kingdon & Mitchell Kingdon 3 Courtney Burns & Nick Walker 0, Final:- Mitchell Kingdon & Pete Kingdon 1 Sue Kingdon & Simon Edwards 3.
The Small Heath league had the final of their League Cup on the agenda and with a 6-3 result over Heartlands Club East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association added the title to their already won league title. The league will be holding their AGM at the Emerald Club, Green Lane, Small Heath, B9 5DH at 12.30pm on Sunday October 15th, anyone requiring any further information should contact either chairman Derik Rivitt on 07790-742954 or Clive Austin on 07743-862039. Full Results:League Cup:Final:- Heartlands Club 3 (I.Jones 110b, M.Cain 112b,106b,117,100,180, Jim Frost 100,105b,102b, John Frost 100,140, S.Cain 140,120) East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 6 (C.Wyatt 120,160b, N.Davis 140,180, J.Webster 113b, T.White 120b,100,135, T.Webster 140).
The Lancaster took their undefeated run in the West Midlands Men’s Super League to seven games when they won 3-2 away to Bridgtown Social to put them on 43 points six more than second in the table Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ who suffered their second defeat in seven when they lost 4-1 playing away to reigning champions Landywood ‘A’. As a result of their win Landywood ‘A’ are now third on 36 points, seven short of Lancaster and just one behind their opponents. Woodside make up the top four, they had a 3-2 home win over Wilson Hall ‘B’ to leave them 14 points off the top. At the other end of the table Three Diamonds remain the only team in the sixteen strong league not to have won a game, their latest 4-1 home defeat at the hands of the Allens Sports Bar ‘C’ team leaving them four points adrift of the nearest team above them Wilson Hall ‘B’. Full Results:Match 7:- Bridgtown Social 2 Lancaster 3 (R.Platt 4 A.Khyatt 0, P.Wyse 1 W.Jones 4, J.Routledge 1 M.Dicken 4, D.Coyle 4 J.Platt 1, M.Craddock 2 G.Baker 4), Three Diamonds 1 Allens Sports Bar ‘C’ 4 (P.Yeomans 0 W.Willis 4, D.Yeomans 0 J.Mycock 4, R.Hardman 0 M.Baker 4, T.Brennan 2 L.Marson 4, J.Jefferson 4-0 walkover), Landywood ‘A’ 4 Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ 1 (G.McGrandle 4 S.Baker 1, D.Chattoe 4 A.Edgar 3, J.Hughes 4 D.Nicholls 3, D.Mills 3 N.Fullwell 4, M.Dennant 4 R.Hosey 2), Wilson Hall ‘A’ 2 Staffordshire Knot 3 (I.Townsend 3 I.Hebberts 4, J.Lowe 4 W.Hodson 1, D.Haden 1 J.Singh 4, D.Redding 2 M.Watkiss 4, P.Wells 4 M.Dyke 0), Gilberts Bar 2 Landywood ‘B’ 3 (C.Hill 4 S.Gillam 3, G.Rollinson 1 A.Hateley 4, J.Evans 2 J.Auburn 4, A.Quinton 4 S.Hickman 1, M.Green 1 D.Webb 4), Allens Sports Bar ‘B’ 2 Cabin3 (S.Jones 4 J.Webb 3, C.Hickman 4 J.Simms 0, S.Bastable 0 I.Stanton 4, T.Baker 3 P.Price 4, M.Coleman 2 S.Price 4), Allens Sports Bar ‘D’ 2 Olde Queens Head 3 (C.Williams 2 R.Smith 4, S.Tyler 1 M.Tedstone 4, D.Oakes 3 C.Hall 4, A.Jacques 4 M.Greenwood 0, T.Edwards 4 L.Jones 1), Woodside Inn 3 Wilson Hall ‘B’ 2 (M.Moore 4 S.Hill 2, R.Pierce 1 C.Newton 4, M.Rollinson 1 M.Rutter 4, L.Kelly 4 M.Roberts 2, J.Rollinson 4 A.Galeb 0).
The Brierley Hill Monday Night League had the first round of their League Cup on the fixture card which saw the majority of games go to form with just one exception and that was the 6-3 win by Blue Brick who are thirteenth in the table and beat Dudley Sports ‘B’ who are fifth. Other teams to win through to the next round were Roebuck, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club, The Swan, Pensnett Liberal Club, Mount Pleasant and Delph Bell. The tie between New Talbot and Limes Club is still to be played. Full Results:League Cup:Round One:- Dudley Sports ‘A’ 2 Roebuck 7, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 9 King William 0, The Swan 5 Portway 4, Lamp Tavern 3 Pensnett Liberal Club 6, Brickmakers Arms 2 Mount Pleasant 7, Bulls Head (Netherton) 4 Delph Bell 5, Blue Brick 6 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 4.
With a 42-6 win over Full Monty Misfits have doubled their lead at the top of the Winmau Centre Monday Night League to eight points as their nearest rivals The Untouchables won 38-10 against Keep It In The Family. Third in the table and reigning champions What’s The Point beat Make Mine A Double 27-11 and are now some fourteen points adrift of the leaders. Bottom team Unleashed Warrior made it four defeats in as many games when they lost 42-6 to Just The Tip and after only four games now trail the rest of the field by 22 points. Full Results:Week 4:- Unleashed Warrior 6 Just The Tip 42, Keep It In The Family 10 The Untouchables 38, Misfits 42 Full Monty 6, What’s The Point 27 Make Mine A Double 11.
Biggest win of the week went to fourth placed Brickmakers Arms who handed out a 9-0 whitewash to their visitors Crestwood putting them on 40 points, ten off the top. Full Results:Match 28:- Gate ‘A’ 1 Gate ‘B’ 8, Quarry Bank Conservative Club 5 Hare and Hounds ‘A’ 4, Queens 7 Hare and Hounds ‘B’ 2, Stourbridge RBL 1 Ten Arches ‘A’ 8, Brickmakers Arms 9 Crestwood 0, Ten Arches ‘B’ 7 The Bridge (Kingswinford) 2, Old Cat (Wordsley) 1 Church Tavern 8, Bird (Wordsley) 7 Kingswinford Conservative Club 2, Bird (Stourbridge) 5 Garibaldi 4, Fox Inn (Lye) 5 The Swan 4.
A 9-0 win over Dolphin has seen Birchmoor Club move up into pole position in the Main division of the Pip Club League in week two with a four points. Three other teams are on four points Winning Post, Old Liberal and Progressive Club but trail Birchmoor on average. Winning Post lead the division one table, a 5-4 success against Sports Bar ‘180’ giving them a four points with The Office who have only played one game so far, second. Old Liberal top division two their latest fixture saw them beat bottom team Mercian 5-4. Pip Club are second on two points after playing just one game. Full Results:Week 2:- Queens Head (Sam Whittaker 180) 6 Belgrave Club (Nigel Groves 180) 3, Birchmoor Club 9 Dolphin 0, Winning Post 5 Sports Bar ‘180’ 4, Progressive Club 5 Kettlebrook Club 4, Red Lion 6 Wigginton Arms 3, Mercian 4 Old Liberal 5, Globe (Wilnecote, Ricky Martin 180) 6 Pip Club 3.
Newcomer to the Winmau Centre Thursday Night League Tony Randell is certainly setting a hot pace as in week four he took his unbeaten run to seven games. Randell began the night with a 5-2 win against Jordan Ward and then beat Devinder Singh 7-0 to put him on 38 points and a four point’s lead over second placed Andy Vellender, another newcomer this season. Vellender kicked off his night with a 6-1 win over Gemma Barrett and followed that with what was a massive 4-3 success against Mick Baker who has won the league title for the last three seasons. Baker has only played three games so far and with 16 points is 22 behind Randell, however his four games in hand hold a possible 28 points. Full Results:Week 4:- Tony Randell 5 Jordan Ward 2, Andy Vellender 6 Gemma Barrett 1, Chris Fox 1 Mick Baker 6, Rob Montana 4 Liam Baker 3, Rob Harris 1 Devinder Singh 6, Jordan Ward 4 Sam Aitkens 3, Devinder Singh 0 Tony Randell 7, Mick Baker 3 Andy Vellender 4, Liam Baker 1 Chris Fox 6, Rob Harris 4 Rob Montana 3, Gemma Barrett 3 Sam Aitkens 4.
The second leg of round one of their League Cup was the order of the day for the Brierley Hill Friday Night League and Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ after handing out a 7-0 defeat in the first leg to Dudley Sports followed up with another 7-0 win for an overall 14-0 victory. Brickmakers ‘B’ defeated Fox Inn ‘A’ (Lye) 12-2 and Brickmakers ‘A’ side won 11-3 against Delph Bell. Also making their way into the next round were Miners (Wollescote) who took out Britannia with a close overall 8-6 win. Making up the quarter finals will be Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’, Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’, Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ and Fox Inn ‘B’ (Lye) who all had a bye. Full Results:League Cup:Round One:second Leg Round one results in brackets):- Miners (Wollescote) 4 (4) Britannia 3 (3), Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 7 (7) Dudley Sports 0 (0), Delph Bell 0 (3) Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 7 (4), Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 5 (7) Fox Inn ‘A’ (Lye) 2 (0).
Six of the starting sixteen teams in the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League remain undefeated with Gornal Labour Club after an 8-1 win in week two against White Lion leading the field on average. Old Bulls Head won 7-2 away to Coseley Tavern to leave them just one leg of average short of the leaders and a further one leg adrift is Netherton Cricket Club after a 6-3 win at fellows Club. Fourth placed Ashwood are a further one leg behind they won 6-3 at Gornal British Legion. Fifth place is tied with Britannia and Hilly House both on the same four points and average, both of them winning 5-4 in turn against Red Cow and Five Ways. Full Results:Week 1:- Hilly House 5 Parkes Hall 4, Netherton Cricket Club 6 Coseley Tavern 3, Jolly Crispin 6 Fellows Club 3, Gornal Labour Club 6 Five Ways 3, White Lion 4 Ashwood 5, Red Cow 4 Gornal British Legion 5, Old Bulls Head 6 Club Dudley 3, Week 2:- Parkes Hall 6 Jolly Crispin 3, Gornal Labour Club 8 White Lion 1, Five Ways 4 Hilly House 5, Coseley Tavern 2 Old Bulls Head 7, Club Dudley 7 Pensnett Liberal Club 2, Fellows Club 3 Netherton Cricket Club 6, Britannia 5 Red Cow 4, Gornal British Legion 3 Ashwood 6.
Whiteheath Tavern dropped one place to sixth in the Rowley Monday Night League when they lost 7-2 away to league leaders The Bell who had their lead increased to six points after second in the table Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ surprisingly lost 5-4 away to Cottage who are some 20 points and seven places below them. Phil O’Brien was in fine form for Tividale FC as he recorded a maximum break of 170 and checked out in nine darts as his team won 8-1 against Yeltz Bar, Brian Windmill was not far behind team mate O’Brien as he broke with 160 and also had a nine darts game. There were 180’s for David Arnold (Cradley Liberal Club) and Tommy Johnson (Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’). Full Results:Week 26:- Tividale FC (Phil O’Brien 170b,9 darts game, Brian Windmill 160b,9 darts game) 8 Yeltz Bar 1, Cradley Liberal Club (David Arnold 180) 9 Loyal Lodge 0, Cottage 5 Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ (Tommy Johnson 180) 4, The Bell 7 Whiteheath Tavern 2, Roost 3 Spring Meadow 6, Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 9 Windmills End 0, Three Diamonds (R.Hardman 152b) 4 Haden Cross 5, Ivy Bush 5 Fairfield 4.
The Cradley Tuesday Night League staged their singles knockout at Netherton Sports and Social Club and in the semi finals Joe Sharratt beat Greg Billingham 2-0 and Carl Davies won 2-1 against Jess Archer. The final saw Sharratt retain his title for a second term when he won 2-0 against Davies. Full Results:Singles Knockout:Semi Finals:- Joe Sharratt 20 Greg Billingham 0, Carl Davies 2 Jess Archer 1, Final:- Joe Sharratt 2 Carl Davies 0.
It was the 3 A-Side knockout finals in the Netherton Thursday Night League the final turning out to be an all Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club affair. Wrapping up the title with a 3-1 result was the triumphant trio of Phil Tonks, Darren Brown and Matt Kendall who beat team mates Robert Carr, Rob Powers and Jeff Batham. In the last four games Tonks, Brown and Kendall beat Kevin Barnfield, Brian Neale and Simon Purcell (RiddinsTavern) 2-1 and with a 2-0 result Carr, Powers and Batham took out Joe Sharratt, Richard Humphries and Andrew Dubberley again from Riddins Tavern. Full Results:3 A-Side Knockout:Semi Finals:- Joe Sharratt, Richard Humphries and Andrew Dubberley (Riddins Tavern) 0 Bobby Carr, Rob Powers and Jeff Batham (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club) 2, Kevin Barnfield, Brian Neale and Simon Purcell (Riddins Tavern) 1 Phil Tonks, Darren Brown and Matt Kendall (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club) 2, Final:- Bobby Carr, Rob Powers and Jeff Batham 1 Phil Tonks, Darren Brown and Matt Kendall 3.
The Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League played off the final of their Black Country Windscreen Trophy which saw league leaders Dewdrop with wins from P.Blades and W.Griffiths open up a 2-0 lead over second in the table Waggon and Horses, however Waggon and Horses came galloping back to lead 3-2 with wins from H.Hewitt, C.Bowen and C.Williams. After a hard fought game Tony Kennedy won against John Mason to see Dewdrop draw level at three each but a final deciding win from Chris Dabbs gave Waggon and Horse the 4-3 verdict. Full Results:Black Country Windscreen Trophy:Final:- Waggon and Horses 4 Dewdrop 3.
Qualifying for the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League’s 3 A-Side semi finals were, in division one Lee Cook, Joe Cook, Dave Cook (Riley’s ‘B’), Allan Davies, Jamie Daly, Richard Bradshaw (Sunbeam), Ben Wright, Pete Burford, J.J.Rowley (Wednesfield Conservative Club), and Danny Turner, Craig Hampton, John O’Kane (Jack’s Bar). The division two teams to play off in the last four are Tom Fletcher, James Fletcher, Richard Fletcher (Roebuck), Brian Clarke, Aidan Clarke, Ade Waite (Woodfield Social), Richard Mattox, John Newell, Sarah Maybury (Dog and Partridge) and Simon Ward, Steve Hillman, Dan Bridgwood (Wednesfield Legion).
The Nutan have had their lead at the top of the Wednesbury and Darlaston Wednesday Night League extended to six points following their own 6-3 win over English Oak and the 5-4 defeat of second place Black Horse by Churchills ‘A’. Full Results:Match 22:- Churchills ‘A’ 5 Black Horse 4, Staffordshire Knot ‘B’ 1 Horse and Jockey 8, The Nutan 6 English Oak 3, Staffordshire Knot ‘A’ 7 Churchills ‘B’ 2.
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