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Article: Unlocking the Secret of the Dart Throw?

Unlocking the Secret of the Dart Throw?

The Darts Performance Centre was formed a year ago to offer coaching, psychology and goal setting advice to dart players via the web. More recently we have added a video analysis service reporting to dart player the details of where their throw may be going awry!

We have now viewed lots of different styles and techniques, worked and analysed grassroots players and answered many questions and queries on a variety of darting topics. We have of course also studied the top players throw too – but what does “Wolfie” or “The Silverback” do that’s different in throwing technique to the captain of The Dog and Duck pub team?

With the help of The England Darts Organisation and the players taking place in the forthcoming England Masters in Blackpool starting on 15 July it is our aim to try to find out. The Darts Performance Centre will be setting up a video analysis oche at the event in the Norbreck Hotel in Blackpool.

If you would like to be part of this study come and find us at The Norbeck Hotel and don’t forget to bring your darts! We wish to film as many players as possible throwing their darts. You will also have the opportunity to see yourself on the monitor after your throw and we would be happy to email your clip (free of charge) after the event. We will discuss the all the options with you before you throw.

We are also going to invite some of the top players currently on the darts circuit to take part in the study. Once we have collected all the data we need we will investigate the similarities and more crucially the difference between what is involved in the throw of one of the top players compared to other players of a different standard.

Maybe we won’t be able to see a difference, perhaps 90% of darts is what goes on in the head of the player and this is the difference between the best and the rest?  Well this may be a way of unlocking the secret of the dart throw and if you would like to be part of it please pay us a visit in Blackpool.

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