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Article: SightRight is amazing says Irish hot rising star Ryan Maher

SightRight is amazing says Irish hot rising star Ryan Maher


When I first looked at the SightRight I had a great feeling about it because it looked professional and it was very straight forward.

The instructions could not have been clearer, with top quality pictures that are very easy to read, it was as if they spoke to you.

After letting my arm warm up, I immediately saw a huge improvement in my darts.

If I went for a double and wired the double it did not block the bed as my darts went in dead straight and still gave me the whole bed to shoot at.

When it came to treble twenties I left my self on two 9 dart finishes in the first day, and has not stopped hitting 180^s since feeling like they are straight down the line.

My scoring improved on day 1 and I’m sure can only get better as when I’ve been doing my average I have not dropped below 90 in my 3 dart average.

In order for me to take this into events I will just visualise exactly where I stand in relation to the dartboard in my practice area, and line up and shoot as I normally would using the SightRight.

It feels like I have being using SightRight forever as I can see darts going into the board before I even throw them, it’s out of this world.

I’d recommend it to any players just starting or anyone who really wants to improve because it’s almost unfair how much it helped my game.


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