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Article: The Iceman versus SightRight

The Iceman versus SightRight

The latest World Champion Iceman Gerwyn Price goes head to head in his toughest technical battle yet against the World's undisputed accuracy coach and SightRight founder – Stephen Feeney.

Set up line and analysis

Gezzy, a right handed player stands to the right of centre in his set up, with perfectly aligned High Planar Sighting to his target. Even without detailed testing, Gezzy’s ‘Sighting Line’ (i.e. where both eyes see a straight line of aim accurately) looks almost perfect.

His stance, right foot & hip position allows his right shoulder and throwing arm to align perfectly to his target. Gezzy draws his dart back on a central sighting line matching his “High” and “Low” Planar vision.

The Iceman’s head angle at address is perfectly level with both eyes square to the line of aim. This means there is no need to “actively” move his eyes in his eye sockets to ‘look’ along the line of aim to the target, he sees the flight of the dart perfectly all the way to the dartboard, which enables him to trust his set up and execution.

9 / 10

Backswing and release

On his backswing, the image above shows how Gezzy pulls the dart back perfectly straight in between both eyes. Look at the position of his throwing hand and dart at the end of his backswing.

During play, Gezzy does not need any head twist to make way for the dart - again the dart is never moving away from his Sighting Line.

At no point during Gezzy’s backswing does his throwing hand and dart arc off the line of aim he sets up to. With no deviation in his throw on the backswing coupled with exceptional hand-eye co-ordination it’s no surprise Gezzy smashes in treble twenties and tops for fun.


Release moment of truth

With no adjustment in the ‘arc’ on his backswing, Gezzy delivers his darts witha purposeful direct motion, bang on his sighting line with a relaxed, powerful release. His ‘right of centre’ set up to the board makes for a slightly ‘uneven weighted’ throw to both sides of the board, (giving Gezzy some long and short weighted throws) that can effect even higher consistency. Gezzy’s darts ‘angle of attack’ are a fraction to the right of perfectly straight but beautifully flighted landing flight up, minimising blockages for higher scoring and Doubles.


The Experts recommendations and comments

The Iceman Scores a whopping 90% against the 3 key accuracy disciplines, and Stephen added “What Gerwyn has achieved in the game in such a short space of time is simply breath taking and highlights what raw talent can achieve coupled with amazing accuracy principles making him a deserved and very hard to beat World Champion and World No.1”.

NOTE: It is very important to note that whilst this is an analysis exercise to help dart players understand the crucial nature of perfect sighting and alignment, every player has their own individual Sighting Line.

Without a full assessment to establish a player’s perfect sighting line and technical alignment etc, no player should just simply make technical changes to copy the player referenced above.

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