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Article: The Dog on Tour in Scotland

The Dog on Tour in Scotland

After failing to score ranking points at the Dutch open, the same happened at the Scottish Open.

Although Scottish I  lost to Wesley Harmst 3-2 I still had no points for my efforts.

My game had started to show signs to a return to something near where i was in the few weeks before being diagnosed Diabetic.

The following day in Scotland I lost in the Open pairs final with my regular partner of couple seasons ago Ex England international and mate Roy Brown.

The trip to the Isle of Man Open was in my head was that i needed to leave with ranking points in the bag.

Singles are on the Saturday and played in the Villa Marina in Douglas. I was drawn in group 32 and bottom half of the group.

I mentioned both these things as in the Isle of Man Open this year the 1st name on the match sheet threw 1st.

No bull up or no toss of coin till last deciding leg. I understand that it was done to save time in group stages and why, but with where I was drawn meant no matter how far I preceded(even the final) I would not have the darts in the 1st leg all day at any time. 

As always sometimes happens when you travel a fair distance you draw someone from not too far up the road.

I got Sam Allen from West of England which is southwest like Dorset. Sam with the darts took the 1st leg which woke me up a little, I went on to take my next with the darts, Sam missing dart at a double 1st in leg 3 allowed me to steal it.

I held my darts to win 3-1 but closer match than score suggests.

A Couple of matches later I’d won the group so was sat on 14 points in last 32 a happy lad. 

I was moved from downstairs room up to the main hall where I played my last 32 match and again lost 1st leg but won next 3 to make last 16. I met Jeffery De Graff at this stage. I’d played Jeffery before and lost 4-3. He was no surprise to me he held his throw on the 1st leg.

I held my 2nd with a 14 dart leg.

Jeffery did a 16 darter to go 2-1.

Bossing the 4th leg sat on 88 Jeffery scored a 177 from 209 to leave 32.

I missed double 7 last dart having thrown 20,and hit 54 to leave 14. 

My day had ended but Jeffery made it to the Sunday semi finals and finals, going on to take his maiden circuit title.

So with 16 points and a smile I left the venue on Saturday.

On Sunday I played pairs with young Dorset lad Carl Beattie.

We started nervously but finishing tidily and continued to do so as the day went on.

We found ourselves in the semi finals against John Boy Walton and Martin Atkins.

With the lads having double trouble we stole the 1st leghitting tops.

The second leg we started with a 100 and then niether pair hit a treble till i hit 152 shot to win the match.

Another pairs final against Tony Oshea and Dutch youngster Jimmy Hendriks.

We were soundly beaten 2-0 by a 34av. Returned home with those 16 points and a pairs final pleased as feel now my blood sugar levels getting better by the day im heading in right direction with those and my darys.

It’s on to Mariflex Open in Rotterdam Next.

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