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Article: Snakebite Darts Make Brexit Look Easy

Snakebite Darts Make Brexit Look Easy

The Brexit deal pales into insignificance when considering the question “Which set from a choice of 8 will Snakebite use going in the 2018/19 World Championships”!? Since the 23rd of October, Peter has been fine-tuning and digging deeper than ever before to find his perfect set of Red Dragon Darts, and finish the job of his long-term ambition to be the Champion of the World. Peter’s awesome run to the 2014 World Championship Final using Snakebite-3 26 gram, a torpedo shaped barrel, has always left Peter with a sense of unfinished business, which has led to many more unseen prototypes in a similar shape. Peter Wright, Snakebite 3, Darts, Red Dragon Darts, Brexit Peter’s latest version, the Torpedo Vyper Proto-416, finished in Scorpion Red was to be the next perfect dart and in Peter’s own words “Unbelievable, as I hit a 180 with my first throw!”. However, Proto-416 was not to last three days as the 20-gram Euro 11 Elements were firmly back in Peter’s hands as he took on the 2018 European Championship Finals. Peter Wright, Vyper, Proto-416, Red Dragon Darts The Euro 11 Elements 20 gram, with which Peter has won more titles than any other dart in his armoury, are his long-term faithful darts to whom Peter always returns to. However, Peter’s European Championship Finals did not see him hit the heady heights and averages that he demands and so by the 6th of November the Parallel Vyper 20g Proto-417 was born. Vyper, Peter Wright, Proto-417, Red Dragon Darts Peter was determined to use these never before machined darts to win the Grand Slam Title – but he struggled to find his top game and Proto-417’s came back for some rapid fine-tuning whilst Peter moved on to a new set, the Black 20.5g mid-shark grip Proto-418 on the 19th of November. Proto-418, fitted with standard 32mm points, had rave reviews from Snakebite who described them as “Almost the most perfect darts I’ve thrown”, but the clue was in the ‘almost!’ Black, Shark, Proto-418, Peter Wright, Red Dragon Darts Proto-418’s outing in the Player’s Championships Finals did not meet with Wright’s perfectionist standards on the World’s big stage, so he switched to the PL15 Blue setup with which he reached a World Series final in Japan in 2016, but they swiftly seeded way for the now upgraded parallel Vyper proto-419 finished in Aztec purple on the 26th of November. Peter Wright, PL15, Darts, Red Dragon Darts Peter said; “This Vyper grip will definitely be part of my full range going forward as it offers a grip feel like nothing I’ve ever used before, but still needs for me to put them through even more testing and possible modification.” As night moved to day on 28th November Peter awoke with his usual unfailing ambition and energy, and commitment to knowing his perfect darts was staring him in the face, the Euro 11 Element 24g darts were suddenly the ones. Euro 11 Element, Peter Wright, Darts, Red Dragon Darts By the 3rd December the Vyper proto-419 had become Vyper proto-420 creating the buzz Sankebite was looking for to assault the World Championship title, but with his no stone unturned approach there was still something nagging in Snakebite’s complex yet unnervingly strong psyche that the Euro 11 Element 24g drilled out to 22g could offer him even more than the Vyper proto-420’s. Peter Wright, Vyper, Red Dragon Darts And again, as night turned to day on the 11th of December Peter awoke yet again energised and ready to conquer the World with his 24g Snakebite Black Strike darts. Peter Wright, Black Strike, Red Dragon Darts, Peter Wright Peter faces Toni Alcinas or Craig Ross on 16th December Live on Sky Sports Darts, and following his journey of darts discovery we’ve listed the odds that the head of R & D at Red Dragon, Lee Huxtable, feels will be shortlist of darts Snakebite will use. Lee Huxtable, Head of R & D, said “Working with Peter is challenging to say the least, there are times where we make modifications and by the time, they are ready to go Peter has already moved on, and he’s on to another prototype. Whilst this seems chaos to those outside, we fully understand Peter’s quest for the perfect darts and ultimately he brings excellence akin to formula 1 prototyping out in our engineering!” Lee’s Snakebite Dart Odds: 1 – Euro 11 Element 20g Evens 2 - Black Strike 24g 3-1 3 - Black proto-418 3-1 4 - Vyper proto-420 4-1 5 – Euro 11 Element 22g 5-1 6 – Euro 11 Element 24g 6-1 7 – Vyper proto-417 20g 12-1 8 – PL15 Blue 22g 50-1

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