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Article: A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

After losses in their first three fixtures in the premier division of the BDO Inter County Championships West Midlands finished the year on a high as they finally got a win in their fourth encounter which was a home tie against bottom of the division Essex. Saturday’s games saw the hosts open up an 11-7 lead as the ladies ‘B’ won 4-2 with Jacqueline Maiden taking the match award for her 4-2 win over Tracey Newman and a 17.98 average while the men’s ‘B’ had a 7-5 victory with Paul Wells their top player with a 25.79 average. The ladies ‘A’ fell to their third 5-1 defeat in four games with Gemma Barrett the only winner and taking the lady of the match award for her 14.87 average. The men’s ‘A’ made it two consecutive 7-5 wins, Shaun Carroll’s 4-2 win over John Costigan and 29.58 average earning him the team’s match award. The overall 19-17 win sees the West Midlands move up one place in the table, three places off the foot of the table with 66 points and a lead of ten points over the team just below them Cheshire but they kick off the New Year with a tough away game against reigning champions and current leaders Yorkshire. Full Results:Division Three:Derbyshire v Montgomery and Radnor (19-17):Derbyshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Paul Williams 0 Jim Williams 4, Richard Hanson 2 Mitchell Butler 4, Tim Daniels 0 Scott Dockerty 4, Andrew Houghton 4 Neil Astley 0, Robert Hawker 1 Adam Wardell 4, Michael Ryall 4 Mark Jones 0, Lee Stanley 2 John Williams-Jones 4, Ian Allcock 4 Craig Davies 1, Connor Hodgkinson 4 Steven Ritchie 1, Ian Clarke 1 Mark Bellerby 4, Robert Needham 4 Jon Mansell 2, Steven Soar 3 Andy Baugh 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Sean Lambert 3 David Boyle 0, Henry Coates 1 David Williams 3, Darren Webster 3 Steve Rowlands 2, Benjamin Holmes 3 Jamie Kynaston 1, Andrew Gillott 3 Mark Bellerby 2, Timothy Rippon 3 Robin Shingler 2, Peter Burgoyne 3 Gareth Holt 1, David Fritchley 3 Roger Williams 0, Lee Arkwright 1 Ben Bevan 3, Gary Fenn 3 Ben Amos 2, Keith Cooper 1 Mark Jones 3, Scott McCabe 2 Steve Price 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Louise Rawson 3 Jan Ashton 1, Carol Western 1 Eluned Wright 3, Sammie Marshall 3 Racheal Williams 2, Jackie Sweet 1 Katie Bellerby 3, Rebecca Hoyland 1 Evonne Taylor 3, Sara-Jane Harrison 0 Louise George 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Dee Fenn 1 Sarah Louise Williams 3, Dawn Buckley 3 Jane Jones 0, Jennifer McCormick 1 Sandra Jacks 3, Terri Bellamy 3 Kelly Butler 2, Katrina McAleney 3 Sally Urwin 0, Rachel Ayres 3 Louise Davies 0.
After completing week five fixtures in the Shirley Premier League there is a three-way tie at the top of the table between Mark Henderson, Gary Cleverley and Thomas Bent, who all have 28 points from ten games. Henderson beat Dave Barrows 3-1 before drawing with Trevor Carter, while Cleverley beat Sam Hicks 3-1 and Lee Lattimer 4-0. Bent was playing catch up and had 2-2 draws with Steve Sidwell and John O’Sullivan before beating Mick Bown 3-1. After the leading trio come two players Phil Thomas and Ken Hopton who are both just one point behind the top three players with John Smyth and Sam Hicks a further one point adrift. Special mention this week goes to Lee Lattimer who recorded his first victory of the season as he beat Dave Heighway 3-1, a player who is twenty places above him and has 21 points more than him, no mean feat Lee. This week’s fiver for the highest finish which was 129, went to John O’Sullivan in his 2-2 draw with Thomas Bent Best leg of the night and of the season so far was a 13 darts game from Mark Henderson in his win over Dave Barrows. Full Results:Week 5:- Steve Sidwell 2 Thomas Bent (100f) 2, Steve Harper 3 Lee Lattimer 1, Dave Barrows 1 Mark Henderson (13 darts game) 3, Mick Bown 4 John O’Sullivan 0, Ken Hopton 2 Antony Daly (180) 2, Dave Heighway 4 Colin Geens 0, Phil Thomas (123f) 3 Pete Silver 1, Sam Hicks 1 Gary Cleverley (104f,18 darts game) 3, Jack Barrows 0 Jordan Ottley 4, Mark Gwalchmai 3 Paul Harper 1, Kevin Graver 0 Sean Talbot 4, Trevor Carter 4 Derek Harper 0, John Smyth 2 Jordan Ottley 2, Paul Harper (180) 2 Ken Hopton 2, John O’Sullivan (129f) 2 Thomas Bent 2, Jack Barrows 1 Mick Bown 3, Lee Lattimer 0 Gary Cleverley (180) 4, Antony Daly 2 Sam Hicks 2, Pete Silver (180) 3 Sean Talbot 1, John Smyth 4 Dave Heighway 0, Mark Henderson 2 Trevor Carter 2, Steve Sidwell (17 darts game) 2 Phil Thomas 2, Derek Harper 2 Dave Barrows 2, Kevin Graver 2 Colin Geens 2, Steve Harper 3 Mark Gwalchmai 1, Dave Heighway 1 Lee Lattimer 3, Steve Sidwell 0 Trevor Carter 4, Mick Bown 1 Thomas Bent (15 darts game,120f) 3, Jordan Ottley 1 Pete Silver 3.
3-0 wins over Chris Cooke and Richard Meigh takes Bob Nixon’s unbeaten run in the C’s Club Double Top Wednesday Night League to 18 games and with second in the table Jake Webster not playing this week he now has an eight points lead over him, however Nixon has now played one game more than Webster. Newcomer Simon Edwards continues to climb the table his 2-1 wins over Jay Pitts and Wayne Cooper plus a 3-0 success over Dan White, in which he checked out on 148, have seen him move up from twenty first to eleventh in the table on 28 points from ten games. Edwards is now 23 points short of leader Nixon but with eight games in hand he could amass a possible 24 points. Full Results:Week 9:- Jamie Carter 1 Gavin Davidson 2, Richard Meigh 0 Frank Dixon 3, Connor Marshall 1 Chris Meigh 2, Bob Nixon 3 Chris Cooke 0, Mitchell Mann 3 Louise Beale 0, Jay Meigh 1 Neil McCrave 2, Jay Pitts 1 Simon Edwards 2, Charlie Kingdon 1 Gordon Clinton 2, Gary Groves 1 Dan White (180) 2, Luke Beale 1 Richard Hopkins 2, Ryan Beale 0 Richard Mills 3, Steve Beale 0 Mick Noonan 3, Dave Field 1 Keith Geary 2, Lee Walker 0 Phil Ashford 3, Sean Healy 2 Pete Kingdon 1, Steve Groves 1 Wayne Cooper 2, Jay Pitts 2 Jamie Carter 1, Ryan Beale 2 Louise Beale 1, Simon Edwards (148f) 3 Dan White 0, Neil McCrave 0 Frank Dixon 3, Mitchell Mann 3 Luke Beale 0, Steve Beale 3 Charlie Kingdon 0, Dave Field 1 Sean Healy 2, Wayne Cooper 3 Richard Hopkins 0, Gavin Davidson 1 Jay Meigh 2, Chris Cooke 3 Connor Marshall 0, Chris Meigh 2 Keith Geary 1, Richard Hopkins 0 Gordon Clinton (180) 3, Pete Kingdon 1 Richard Mills 2, Mick Noonan 3 Steve Groves 0, Dave Field 1 Gary Groves 2, Bob Nixon (180) 3 Richard Meigh 0, Lee Walker 1 Gary Groves 2, Simon Edwards 2 Wayne Cooper 1, Steve Groves 0 Dan White 3.
The Boat is now the only unbeaten team in division one of the Four Oaks and District Winter League after handing out a first defeat of 7-2 to Old Oscott Arrows. They head the table with ten points two more than their second placed opponents. Boldmere St Mikes returned to winning ways after last week’s defeat, taking over third place following their 8-1 win at the Golden Hind who drop one place to fourth on the same six points as Boldmere. It’s very tight at the top of the second division after both of the top two teams, St Thomas’s Social Club and Erdington Arrows lost 5-4 in turn to The Fox and Bishop Vesey, The Fox going level on eight points with the two top teams. Oscott Sports continue to dominate the third division, an 8-1 win over Lad In The Lane keeping them two points clear of Rosey Mac’s who at 3-2 down took the final three games to win 5-4 against St Thomas Arrows. Full Results:Game 6:Division One:- The Boat 7 (M.Partridge 104b,120b, S.Harvey 2x100, J.Prince 152b,105,180, N.Clarke 100, K.Deeley 5x100, K.Reynolds 142, M.Archer 135,118f) Old Oscott Arrows 2 (M.Page 100,140, A.Lea 140,3x100, E.Atkins 140, J.Higgins 100, D.Page 3x100), Golden Hind 1 (T.O’Kereke 102b,2x100, G.Kimberley 125, T.Vickers 100, W.Naylor 112b,134,2x100, S.Pritchett 120b) Boldmere St Mikes 8 (M.Wild 4x100, M.Ashton 120b,100,101, A.Kimberley 100b,121, J.Liggins 140, S.Edwards 180,2x100, B.Liggins 112b,134,100, C.Perry 160b,100), Red Lion 2 (M.Gaughan 116b,100f, B.Hughes 4x100, D.G.Bond 100b,2x100, M.Wilde 100, S.Bird 121,105,125) Pint Pot Flights 7 (M.O’Driscoll 100b, R.Mercer 137, M.Bruin 2x100, B.Godfray 2x100,140, J.Moon 100, N.Robbins 2x100), Division Two:- Erdington Arrows 4 (K.Smith 100, T.Colley 160b,100, M.Kane 120b,100b,140,2x100, R.Bazeley 104b, D.Rawlings 120,100, C.Hill 120b) Bishop Vesey 5 (A.France 112b,100,135, N.Sammons 137,122f, V.Kaloudis 100b,180, S.Abbott 108,134, N.Smallwood 106,140,154f, C.Sammons 135,100), Boldmere Tap 5 (A.Gough 112b,100, N.Garbett 140,138, A.Humphriss 2x100, R.Davies 100, J.O’Connor 103f, P.Bromley 112b,100) The Oscott Social 4 (R.Barritt 100, G.Bushell 100,140, J.Morris snr 2x100, D.Shannon 105b,122, P.Graham 2x100,112,121), St Thomas’s Social Club 4 (I.Matthews 3x140,3x100, M.Corfield 100b,140,156f,100,145,9 darts game, D.Watkins 100, J.Collins 108b) The Fox 5 (D.Perry 116,100, W.Cadby 120b,140, M.Willetts 100, A.Cooksey 2x100,180,134,2x15 darts games, S.Wilson 100, R.Stanton 140,100), Division Three:- Oscott Sports 8 (J.Tolley 102b,2x100, A.Cole 121,100, C.Hawkley 100, N.Hawkley 100,140, M.Bowles 100) Lad in the Lane 1 (G.Averill 119,100, M.Clarke 101b), The Towers 3 (J.Lowe 103, D.Stride 100, S.Bell 100,108) Sutton Sports and Social Club 6 (G.Hinett 100, L.Allen 118f), Rosey Mac’s 5 (F.Harris 101, J.Cox snr 138,148, D.Jarvis snr 100b,131, R.Lloyd 100) St Thomas’s Arrows 4 (M.Andrews 100, G.Lynch 100), The Boot, Drakes Drum and The Digby all had byes.
Just one first division game in the South Birmingham League which saw leaders Coleshill Social extend their lead at the top to four points with a 6-3 win at Punchbowl. Second placed C’s Top Guns, like Coleshill are unbeaten but they have only played one game so far. Division two leaders The Dog had a 6-3 win over C’s Flight to take their points to six from four games. Second in the division Toby Jug also won 6-3 away to C’s Arrows and with two games in hand on The Dog are the only team in the division with a 100% record. Full Results:Week 4:Division One:- Punchbowl 3 (J.Buttle 100) Coleshill Social 6 (S.Sweetman 100, P.Bryant 104, S.Jones 100, B.Jones 100), Division Two:- The Dog 6 (G.Taylor 122, P.Thompson 107, J.Boylen 100, J.Kane 106) C's Flights 3 (J.Meigh 100, R.Meigh 121,115, R.Beale 115), C's Arrows 3 (G.Davidson 140,116) Toby Jug 6 (T.Adams 137, B.Blair 100, P.Round 104b, L.O'Connor 121, M.Blair 100), The Trident 5 (R.McDonough 125, L.Vann 2x100,112b) C's Hot Shots 4 (D.White 100, W.Cooper 100, K.White 140), Division One:Mini League:- C's Top Guns 21 legs (J.Webster 156b, S.Kingdon 112b, 139,100,9 darts game, S.Edwards 2x100, 120, 116b, R.Mills 3x100, D.Clinton 100,180,9 darts game, M.Mann 2x100) Banbury Arrows 6 legs (B.Evans 100, T.Fulford 100, A.Cooksey 2x100,140).
Shirley and District Monday Night League leaders The Highwood continued their quest for the title with a 9-0 win at Legion Royals while their nearest rivals The Wharf won 6-3 at Saracens Misfits to keep within two points, but they have played one game more than the top team. Third in the table Red Lion are two points behind Wharf with a game in hand after being awarded a 9-0 win over Blue Bell who were unable to field a team. Full Results:Week 20:- Blue Bell 0 Red Lion 9, Legion Royals 0 Highwood (Dan Rycroft 180) 9, Saracens Misfits 3 The Wharf 6, The Lodge (Neil Parsonage 180) 7 Shirley Spartac 2, Cider House (Matt McCallion 180) 7 Plume of Feathers 2, Legion Flights 8 Saracens Jesters 1, Sharmans Cross 4 Legionnaires (Roger Williams 180, Dave Preece 114f) 5, The Bears had a bye.
The Small Heath League were involved in their Consolation Cup which saw Cob’s Bar win 6-3 away to Wagon and Horses. There was just one rearranged league fixture in which second in the table Heartlands Club won 7-2 at Emerald Club who are next to bottom of the league. Full Results:Consolation Cup:- Wagon and Horses 3 (C.Murphy 100,120b, A.Cheshire 2x100, A.Pearson 2x100, D.Rivitt 100) Cob’s Bar 6 (A.Lattimer 112b, R.Pikey 100), Rearranged Fixture:- Emerald Club 2 (A.Fisher 100,125) Heartlands Club 7 (Jim Frost 100,105b,120b, G.McCormack 2x100, John Frost 100, S.Cain 113).
Avenue Social have played thirteen and won all thirteen in the Kings Norton League the latest of which was a 7-0 success against Grant Arms in a very high scoring affair for Avenue as they recorded no fewer than 33 scores of a ton or more including a maximum from E.Simpson compared to Grant’s 10. Second placed Rubery lost ground as they suffered a 5-2 defeat away to Coppice who are fifth in the table four points behind their opponents. Next to bottom of the table Kings Heath chalked up a rare win, only their second in 13 games as they beat middle of the table Weoley Hill 5-2. Full Results:Game 14:- Northfield 2 (N.Harris 121,140, J.Burns 100, P.Cahill 140, J.Hodgetts 140, C.Nelson 5x100,140, T.Cahill 100,121) Thurlestone 5 (J.Downer 100,140, D.Peace 100, N.Watts 100, A.Deeley 3x100,140, B.Andrews 100, P.Andrews 2x133, M.Deeley 121), Kings Heath 5 (D.Parish 100, A.Homer 2x100,140, J.Tulloch 105) Weoley Hill 2 (L.Allen 2x100, G.Webb 121, J.Taylor 100, H.Taylor 100, N.Procter 100, C.Bates 119), Coppice 5 (G.Twist 135, A.Ward 105, K.Manger 100, M.Jones 100,121, C.Heath 100,140, M.Mooney 2x100, A.Chidley 2x100) Rubery RBL 2 (J.Grainger 100, B.Heath 2x100,2x140, I.Medlicott 100,3x140, J.O'Neill 100, R.Higgins 125, R.Packer 2x100,125,140, J.Higgins 2x100,137, P.Medlicott 100), Dingle 3 (A.Bailles 2x100, B.Crumpton 2x100,140, L.Perkins 100, D.Hopkins 3x100, D.Bailles 126) E57 4 (D.Logan 100,140, N.Porter 3x100,140, T.Roberts 3x100,133,180, A.Mutch 121, J.Calt 100,140, M.Ellis 125, D.Price 100,136), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 3 (M.Bandy 100, T.Shaw 140, C.Davenport 4x100, M.Bloomer 100,111,125, K.Gater 4x100, D.Whitecombe 2x100, P.Corbett 100) Cock Inn 4 (K.McManus 125, L.Caven 100,125, L.Fox 100,121,140, Joe Fox 140, K.Vaughan 2x100), Harborne 5 (S.Sheridan 2x100,140, M.Harding 100,125, A.Hopkins 100, M.Poolton 100, P.Hopkins 100, D.Hopkins 4x100,,140,148f,16 darts game) Bournbrook 2 (T.Bathurst 132, R.Orton 100,125, P.Gossage 100, D.Collins 100,180), Avenue Social 7 (E.Simpson 3x100,100f,123,140,180, C.Whitehouse 121,123,2x140, K.Bedder 114, V.Gould 3x100,2x140,135, G.Dews 4x100, T.Hamilton 2x100,2x140, A.Hykin 3x100,120,140, J.Hykin 2x100) Grant Arms 0 (P.Norris 3x100,123, P.Taylor 125, P.Smith 125,140, V.Walton 140, M.Davies 100,125).
A final 6-3 win over Delph Bell in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League has confirmed Dudley Ex Serviceman's Club ‘A’ as champions with 60 points, four more than runners up Bulls Head (Netherton) who rounded off their campaign with a 7-2 victory at Dudley Sports ‘B’. Limes Club moved off the foot of the table in the very last game of the season as they won 6-3 away to King William who win the wooden spoon as they dropped to the bottom spot. Full Results:Game 34:- Brickmakers Arms 5 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 4, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 2 Bulls Head (Netherton) 7, Swan 5 Rose and Crown 4, Fox and Grapes 4 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 5, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 6 Delph Bell 3, Bull and Bladder 5 Lamp Tavern 4, Pensnett Liberal Club 4 Mount Pleasant 5, King William 3 Limes Club 6, Portway 4 Roebuck 4.
With just one outstanding fixture to be played in the Camp Hill League 25 preliminary round losers in the singles knockout qualified for the consolation singles knockout at the Emerald Club. Of the 25 only 18 turned out to contest the title The final two players were Paul Evans (Sedgemere Devil’s Club) and Ashley Pearson (Wagon and Horses) who went on to win the title with Evans runner up. The league will be holding their AGM at the Wagon & Horses, Adderley St, Digbeth, B9 4ED on Sunday 16th December at 11.00am, anyone interested in entering a team in the league for the new season or requiring any further information should contact Mark Standley on 07733-397704 or e-mail him at
The Stourbridge and District Monday Night League are five games into the second half of their season and leaders Brickmakers Arms made it a perfect 26 wins with a 9-0 victory away to Garibaldi. Although Brickmakers have won all of their games they only have a slender two points advantage over second in the table Ten Arches ‘A’ whose latest result was also 9-0 away to Hare and Hounds ‘B’. Full Results:Game 26:- Hare and Hounds ‘B’ 0 Ten Arches ‘A’ 9, Britannia 7 Fox Inn (Lye) 2, Old Cat (Wordsley) 3 Hop House 6, Church Tavern 4 Bird (Stourbridge) 5, Crestwood 5 Stourbridge RBL 4, Kingswinford Conservative Club ‘B’ 2 Kingswinford Conservative Club ‘A’ 7, Garibaldi 0 Brickmakers Arms 9, Bird (Wordlsey) 5 Glasscutters 4, British Oak 8 Hare and Hounds ‘A’ 1, Gate Hangs Well 7 Swan 2, Ten Arches ‘B’ 5 Ashwood 4.
The Netherton Thursday Night League played off the final of their Andy Bastable Shadow Cup and the 5-2 result and title went to Townsend Social Club with Riddins Tavern runners up. Full Results:Andy Bastable Shadow Cup:Final:- Townsend Social Club 5 Riddins Tavern 2.
The doubles knockout was on the fixture card for the Silver End Sunday Morning League and taking the title with a final win over R.Tipper & A.Whyte (Brickmakers Arms ‘A’) were M.Rowley & R.Colley (Woodside). Losing in the last four games were J.Pickett & C.Pickett (Netherton Cricket Club), H.Wakefield & D.Cooper (Brickmakers Arms ‘B’). Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Losing Semi-Finalists:- J.Pickett & C.Pickett (Netherton Cricket Club), H.Wakefield & D.Cooper (Brickmakers Arms ‘B’), Runners Up:- R.Tipper & A.Whyte (Brickmakers Arms ‘A’), Winners:- M.Rowley & R.Colley (Woodside).
The Pip Club League staged the quarter finals of their divisional cups and in division one Belgrave Club, Queens Head, Glascote Club and Belgrave Sports and Social Clun made their way into the semi-finals with respective wins over Old Liberal House, Dolphin Wanderers, Sports Bar ‘180’ and Birchmoor Club. Winners in division two were Pip Club, Wigginton Arms, Dolphin and Gate (Amington) who won at the expense of Bulls Head, Globe (Wilnecote), Progressive Club and Kettlebrook Club. Full Results:Division One:- Old Liberal House lost to Belgrave Club, Dolphin Wanderers lost to Queens Head (Sam Whittaker 180, Mick Smith 180), Sports Bar ‘180’ Emily Jones 120b) lost to Glascote Club, Birchmoor Club (Mark Young 115b) lost to Belgrave Sports and Social Club (Wayne Hewins 116b, Phil Daulman 120f), Division Two:- Pip Club (Mark Hollyoak 120b, Rich Holloway 103f) beat Bulls Head (Zac Stringer 2x123,100), Wigginton Arms (Rosie O’Connor 100) beat Globe (Wilnecote, Ade Hughes 110b), Dolphin beat Progressive Club (Duncan Campbell 101b), Gate (Amington) beat Kettlebrook Club.
Doubles finals were the order of the day for the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League and in a very close all Vine final Scott Norman and Martin Steventon beat reigning champions Duffy Bowen and Graham Parker 3-2. Losing semi-finalists were S.Cliff and K.Follows plus Mark Watkiss and Craig Jones.
It was the first leg of the league cup semi-finals for the Brierley Hill Friday Night League and taking a big 6-1 lead into the second leg over Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ will be Ashwood while the second game was a much closer 4-3 win for Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ against Brickmakers Arms ‘A’. Full Results:League Cup:Semi-Finals (First Leg):- Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 3 Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 4, Ashwood 6 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 1.
The Henley and District Winter League are up to week two of their league fixtures and the early pacesetters are last season’s runners up Studley Conservative Club who made it two wins when they beat Village Inn 8-1 to stay ahead of reigning champions Studley Cricket Club on average after they won 7-2 against Wythall RBL. Dorridge are also on maximum points four from their opening two games the second of which saw them beat Wootton Bears 5-4 to put them third in the table on average. Full Results:Week 2:- Wythall Legion 3 Studley Cricket Club 6, Beausale 2 Studley Conservative Club 7, Village Inn 3 Dorridge 6, Wootton Bears 4 Wythall RBL 5, Week 3:- Studley Cricket Club 7 Wythall RBL 2, Dorridge 5 Wootton Bears 4, Studley Conservative Club 8 Village Inn 1, Wythall Legion 5 Beausale 4.
With one more fixture to the halfway stage of the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League just two points separate the top three teams. Gornal Labour Club are in pole position following their 6-3 win away to Five Ways giving them a total of 22 points. Old Bulls Head and Coseley Tavern are second and third respectively, both two points off the top after Old Bulls Head added a 7-2 win at Hilly House and Coseley beat Red Cow 5-4. Full Results:Game 12:- Chainyard 4 Meadow Lark 5, Hilly House 2 Old Bulls Head 7, White Lion 5 New Inn 4, Gornal British Legion 6 Netherton Cricket Club 3, Coseley Tavern 5 Red Cow 4, Pensnett Liberal Club 8 Jolly Crispin 1, Five Ways 3 Gornal Labour Club 6.
The Rowley Monday Night League have completed their league fixtures and the new champions despite a final 7-2 defeat to George is The Bell. Bell finished two points to the good on runners up George who had held pole position for the majority of the season. Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ just pipped Cradley Sports and Social Club to third place on average, both teams finishing the season on 52 points, four short of The Bell. Full Results:Week 29:- Roost (Simon Edmonds 180) 3 Whiteheath Tavern 6, Bell 9 Loyal Lodge 0, Ivy Bush 5 George 4, Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 1 Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 8, Hare and Hounds 4 Tividale FC 5, Lodgers 8 Three Diamonds 1, Cradley Sports and Social Club 5 Windmills End 4, Bulls Head 5 Cottage (Andy Powell 9 darts game) 4, Week 30:- Bulls Head 4 Cradley Sports and Social Club 5, Windmills End 4 Lodgers (Phil O’Brien 180) 5, Three Diamonds 4 Hare and Hounds 5, Tividale FC 4 Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 5, Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ (Ian Stokes 180) 8 Ivy Bush 1, George 7 Bell 2, Loyal Lodge 4 Roost 5, Whiteheath Tavern (Roger Cockbill 180) 3 Cottage 6.
Ashwood ‘A’ took their undefeated run in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League to nineteen games when they won 6-1 at Brickmakers Arms ‘A’. The win keeps the leaders four points ahead of The Swan whose 5-2 home win over Bell ‘B’ was their eighteenth game, having played one fewer than Ashwood ‘A’. Ashwood ‘B’ are third, week 20 saw them record the week’s biggest win 7-0 against Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ to give them 32 points, six adrift of their ‘A’ side with a game in hand. Full Results:Game 20:- Ten Arches ‘A@ 6 Holly Bush ‘A’ 1, Bell ‘A’ 5 Gigmill 2, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 1 Ashwood ‘A’ 6, High Acres 2 Wilson Hall 5, Glasscutters 6 Holly Bush ‘B’ 1, Fox Inn (Lye) 4 Netherton Cricket Club 3, Ashwood ‘B’ (Robert Pierce 170b) 7 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 0, King Arthur 2 Ten Arches ‘B’ 5, Swan 5 Bell ‘B’ 2.
Congratulations to Riley’s 'C' team Paul Bromley, Jimmy Handley and Joe Cook on winning the division one 3 A-Side knockout in the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League, they beat Sunbeam trio Allan Davies, Jamie Daly and Richard Bradshaw in the final.
There were 4-1 wins for the top four teams in the West Midlands Men’s Super League as leaders Allen’s Sports Bar ‘A’ won at Horse and Jockey, second placed Yeltz Bar played away and beat Allen’s Sports Bar ‘D’ to leave them 15 points behind the leaders, third in the table Woodside beat Gilberts Bar and fourth placed Landywood won against Allen’s Sports Bar ‘B’. 4-1 was also the scoreline for fifth in the table Cradley Liberal Club but the result went to their hosts The Crown. Full Results:Week 17:- Woodside Inn 4 Gilberts Bar 1 (M.Moore 4 S.Parkes 0, M.Rollinson 4 M.Angell 3, J.Rollinson 2 J.Evans 4, R.Colley 4 M.Turley 1, L.Kelly 4 G.Rollinson 2), Allen’s Sports Bar ‘D’ 1 Yeltz Bar 4 (D.Thorpe 2 J.Lowe 4, L.Marson 3 I.Townsend 4, O.Maiden 2 D.Redding 4, J.Mycock 0 P.Wells 4, D.Stewart 4 S.Gillam 0), Allen’s Sports Bar ‘B’ 1 Landywood 4 (D.Forster 1 M.Dennant 4, R.Fathers 4 R.Macdougall 0, S.Tyler 0 G.Watts 4, T.Baker 0 S.Carroll 4, C.Hickman 3 J.Hughes 4), The Crown 4 Cradley Liberal Club 1 (S.Hill 4 C.Penzer 3, K.Harrison 4 K.Bambrick 0, C.Newton 2 K.Harris 4, M.Greenwood 4 I.Hartland 1, G.Johnston 4 R.Tipper 2), Cabin 4 Bridgtown Social 1 (S.Price 4 N.Pointon 2, I.Hebberts 4 S.Hickman 3, A.Aldridge 2 M.Craddock 4, S.Hall 4 L.Hodgkiss 2, J.Simms 4 D.Coyle 0), The Victoria 5 Hill and Cakemore 0 (A.Hateley 4 P.O'Brien 1, B.Hollowood 4 J.Bunn 0, P.Smith 4 M.Jones 0, J.Blakemore 4 M.Collins 3, L.Venes 4 R.Lenton 0), King Arthur 3 Allen’s Sports Bar ‘C’ 2 (P.Warren 0 M.Coleman 4, C.Whitehouse 4 W.Willis 1, A.Richardson 0 T.Edwards 4, T.Brennan 4 S.Jones 3, L.Morton 4 P.Harrison 1), Horse and Jockey 1 Allen’s Sports Bar ‘A’ 4 (D.Owen 4 I.Mathers 1, M.Price 3 A.Edgar 4, A.Howells 1 D.Nicholls 4, N.Robbins 0 N.Fullwell 4, I.Shaughnessey 0 S.Baker 4), Colebatch’s 1 Staffordshire Knot 4 (S.Clarke 1 D.Mills 4, L.Baker 4 C.Wood 1, M.Franks 1 A.Singh 4, G.Walsh 1 M.Dyke 4, C.Cook 1 M.Watkiss 4).
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