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Article: Sheffield Franchise League - 16th Feb 17

Sheffield Franchise League - 16th Feb 17

Railwaymen go 2nd after taming the Wolves Sheffield Darts Franchise League: Leadmill Premier Division Sponsored by: The Leadmill Red Dragon Darts Projectdarts Winmau Blade 4 In Association with: Sheffield Star 16th February 2017 Black Eagles 4-2 Sausages Owen Cubitt 3-1 Marc Ellis John Walton 3-0 Ben Dolman Tom Briggs 0-3 Jimmy Haslam Trevor Burkhill 3-0 Matt Pryor Steve Briggs 2-3 Steve Ewington Pete Daffin 3-0 Pete Bell Cumberland Sausages   We start with the champions elect the Woodbourne Black Eagles defending their 100% record against the Sausages who started the night in fifth but was looking to put pressure on the top four. [caption id="attachment_18009" align="alignleft" width="215"]Owen Cubitt, Sheffied Franchise League Owen Cubitt[/caption] (Match 1) Owen Cubitt 3-1 Marc Ellis The night kicked off with Owen "Ice" Cubitt taking on Mark Ellis, in the opening leg Cubitt stormed in front against the darts leaving himself a two dart finish after nine just wiring an 11 darter which he finished in 16 to take the lead in an explosive start for the youngster. Ellis managed to reply with an equaliser to break straight back but "Ice" showed his maturity beyond his years by winning the contest with 20 and 21 dart legs to finish and put the Black Eagles in front.       (Match 2) John Walton 3-0 Ben Dolman On the back of Owen's solid performance in the first game it was the turn of former World Champion John Walton in the second match taking on Ben Dolman. Walton started with a steady 18 dart leg to take the lead and after breaking Dolman in the second leg they were only ever going to be one winner as John boy won the match in style taking out a 15 dart leg to put the leaders two up. Woodbourne Black Eagles   (Match 3) Tom Briggs 0-3 Jimmy Haslam Aonther youngster stepped onto the oche in the third game for the Black Eagles in Tom Briggs facing a tough contest against Jimmy Haslam who was looking to pull the Sausages back into the tie. Haslam didn't disappoint as he started with a hold of throw finishing in 20 darts to take the opening leg. On the Briggs throw Haslam managed to sneak ahead in the scoring which led him to the double which he took out in three darts to finish in 21 to double the advantage and threw for the match he held his nerve to finish Briggs off and put Sausages back into the game. (Match 4) Trevor Burkhill 3-0 Matt Pryor With Haslam giving the Sausages hope of a comeback it was the turn of Matt Pryor looking to level against "Turbo" Trevor Burkhill. Things didn't get off to a good start for Pryor though as Burkhill took the opener. Pryor had the darts in the second leg to bring him back level but Burkhill turned on the turbo which saw him take out back to back 17 darters to give himself a 3-0 win and it put the Black Eagles 3-1 up with two to play. Sheffield Franchise League, Sponsors (Match 5) Steve Briggs 2-3 Steve Ewington Steve Briggs was looking to finish off the match in game five as he played Steve Ewington and he couldn't have got off to a better start taking the first leg against the throw in 21 darts, Ewington replied with a break of his own to level up but Briggs once again found his range in the third leg as he hit a max on his way to a third consecutive break to go in front and throw for the match looking a cert for victory but Ewington threw some solid darts to bring himself back level and force a last leg shootout with the way the game had gone with both players not holding after four legs it was Ewington to throw in the final leg and he finally started well hitting high scores which put him in he driving seat which set him up to win the match in 21 darts and keep the Sausages in the tie going into the final game. [caption id="attachment_18012" align="alignleft" width="203"]Pete Bell, Red Dragon, Sheffield Franchise League Pete Bell[/caption] (Match 6) Pete Daffin 3-0 Pete Bell In the final match of the night saw the turn of the landlord Pete Bell hoping to rescue draw for the Sausages but standing in his way was "Super Daff's" Pete Daffin and Daffin kicked off with an hold of throw to go 1-0 up. Bell knew he had to hold in the next leg to stand any chance of winning but Daffin kicked in with an 18 darter to break throw and he put the icing on the cake in the third leg winning the match hitting a maximum followed by a ton checkout finishing in 21 darts to secure the win for the leaders who make it 18 out of 18 in the league.       Railwaymen 5-1 Wolves Martin Scott 3-0 John Edwards Mark Gurran 3-0 Pat Finney Tom Gurran 3-1 Simon Sawford Pete Bramley 3-1 Sue Edwards Gav Pilling 3-0 Antonio Cruz Jordan Payne 1-3 Tom Sawford Over at the Station Andy Bradbury and his the Railwaymen who sit in third but was hoping to leap-frog the Panthers into second entertain the Wolves who started third bottom but sit just two points behind the Academicals who were the team directly above them at the start of play. Woodbourne Wolves, Sheffield Franchise League (Match 1) Martin Scott 3-0 John Edwards In the opening game of the night saw Martin Scott kick off with a 180 on his first visit to the oche against Wolves captain John Edwards which set the tone for the game as he broke the throw in the opener in what followed was two very consistent leg of darts from Scott, winning the second in 19 darts and finishing the Wolves captain off hitting a 20 darter to win the match in three to open the scoring for the Railwaymen. (Match 2) Mark Gurran 3-0 Pat Finney Up next was Wolves Pat Finney looking to equalise taking on Mark Gurran. It was not a good start for Finney as Gurran put pressure on his opponent early doors and took the opening leg with a hold of throw. Finney looked to level on his throw but Gurran pounced on every poor throw his opponent made which saw him break in the second leg and their was no way back for Finney as Gurran wrapped up the win in straight legs to make it 2-0 to the home side. [caption id="attachment_18015" align="alignleft" width="136"]Andy Bradbury, Sheffield Franchise League Andy Bradbury[/caption] (Match 3) Tom Gurran 3-1 Simon Sawford It was the turn of the younger Gurran in the third game as he faced Simon Sawford looking to keep the pressure on the Wolves, The game started with both players starting steady holding throw after two legs. Tom Gurran then fired in a 20 darter to break Sawford in the third and Gurran then went on the secure The within in four to make it three out of three for the Railwaymen at the halfway stage. (Match 4) Pete Bramley 3-1 Sue Edwards With the Railwaymen steaming along nicely "Perfect" Pete Bramley was next on against "Sue, Sue, Sue" Edwards. The first leg saw Edwards put the shocks on Bramley by breaking his throw to take the lead but it didn't last long as Bramley turned up the heat and broke straight back to level in 20 darts and then he held by hitting a 19 darter to over-turn the defecit and with Edwards throwing to stay in the game Bramley finished it off taking out the winning double to give the home side the win with still two to play. The Railwaymen, Sheffield Franchise League (Match 5) Gav Pilling 3-0 Antonio Cruz In game five with the match done and dusted Antonio Cruz was looking to make the score more respectable for the Woodbourne Wolves as he took on Gav Pilling but things didn't get off the a good start as Pilling broke in the opener and held to make it 2-0. Cruz was hoping for a way back in the tie but Pilling finished him off in the third leg to make it five out of five and the whitewash was was wall and truly on. [caption id="attachment_18017" align="alignleft" width="250"]Tom Sawford, Sheffield Franchise League Tom Sawford[/caption] (Match 6) Jordan Payne 1-3 Tom Sawford In the final game in what promised to be the game of the night two youngsters with bright futures in the sport did battle in the shape of Jordan Payne and Tom "Shooter" Sawford tussled in what started with Payne holding throw to take the opener. "Shooter" hit back with a 15 to level then he followed by breaking the Payne throw to go 2-1 up and throw for the match. Payne himself threw some quality darts but it just wasn't enough as Sawford won the match on throw finishing in 16 darts in a brilliant display of darts to grab a consolation for the Wolves in a 5-1 defeat overall and it saw the Railwaymen leapfrog the Panthers into second place in the table.     Vulcans 0-6 Aces Steve Whyers 0-3 Andy Umney Robert Milne 0-3 Matt Needham Michael Dobson 0-3 Neil Bradley Steve Voyse 1-3 Ian Speed Joelle Taylor 0-3 Trevor Tye Jim Smith 1-3 Mick Smith At Frecheville the struggling Vulcans who have slid down the table in recent weeks face an Aces team who have won four out of their last five and were looking to consolidate fourth place in the league. (Match 1) Steve Whyers 0-3 Andy Umney We start the night with Vulcans' Steve Whyers facing Andy Umney in a game which in form Umney hold his throw in the opening leg and never really looked back as he broke in the second leg to give him the cushion and in the third leg Umney finished off Whyers with some good throwing to get the Aces off the mark. (Match 2) Robert Milne 0-3 Matt Needham In the second match on Matt Needham was looking to add to the Aces tally against Robert Milne and Needham couldn't have got off to a better start breaking Milne in the opener. Needham kept up the pressure by taking the second leg to double the lead and he confidently rounded off the game which included a maximum and a ton finish in his 3-0 win to double the Aces advantage. (Match 3) Michael Donson 0-3 Neil Bradley Michael Donson was looking to peg the game back for the Vulcans in game three but he seemed no match for Neil Bradley as Bradley held throw in the opener and broke in the second leg to never really give Donson a shot as Bradley sealed the win in the third to make it 3-0. Newbold Aces, Sheffield Franchise League (Match 4) Steve Voyse 1-3 Ian Speed Game four with the Vulcans struggling for legs. Ian Speed was looking to wrap up the match early doors against Steve Voyse but it was Voyse who took the first leg to get the Vulcans off the mark but Speed soon found his stride managing to break throw after levelling to throw for the game which he took out the winning double against Voyse to have victory secured with two to play. Frecheville Vulcans, Sheffield Franchise League (Match 5) Joelle Taylor 0-3 Trevor Tye With victory secured for the away side it was the turn of Joelle Taylor for the Vulcans playing Trev Tye who was on form from the start after holding the darts in the opener, Tye turned it on by hitting a 17 darter against throw as well as a 112 three dart checkout along the way to a comfortable 3-0 win to make it five on the spin for the Aces. [caption id="attachment_18020" align="alignleft" width="135"]Mick Smith, Sheffield Franchise League Mick Smith[/caption] (Match 6) Jim Smith 1-3 Mick Smith The final match of the evening saw some good finishing by Aces Mick Smith against his namesake Jim. Mick kicked off with a break in the first firing in a 15 darter which set him on his way. After following that with another 15 in the second leg to go two up it looked all over as Jim grabbed a leg back in the third to give him a bit of hope it was Mick who sealed the night off finishing with a 21 dart leg to secure the win and make it a clean sweep for the Aces.     Wizards 4-2 Academicals Lee Slack 3-0 James Goodhall Martin Pell 3-0 Jamie Barrington Matt Hayes 0-3 Matt Eardley Matt Simmons 0-3 Tim Close Wayne Fletcher 3-2 Tom Hogg Simon Simmons 3-0 Greg Batting   We finish the week off at the Wilton where the bottom team Wizards are looking to make in-roads host an Academicals side who sit just two points above the bottom three hoping for their first win of the season. [caption id="attachment_18022" align="alignleft" width="155"]Lee Slack, Sheffield Franchise League Lee Slack[/caption] (Match 1) Lee Slack 3-0 James Goodhall We start with the home side captain Lee Slack playing James Goodhall and Slack didn't waste any time breaking the throw in the very first leg of the night, Slack was in confident mood which showed in his darts as he punished Goodhall at every opportunity as to which he won 3-0 to put the Wizards one up.       (Match 2) Martin Pell 3-0 Jamie Barrington Jamie Barrington was second for the Academicals who needed a pick me up after the first match but Martin Pell had other ideas as he held throw in the first leg to put him in the lead. Barrington was searching for a quick response but couldn't find his range as Pell broke in leg two which made Pell had the darts in the third leg to finish Barrington off and he did taking out the winning double to make it 2-0 for the home side. University Arms Academical, Sheffield Franchise League (Match 3) Matt Hayes 0-3 Matt Eardley In what seemed like Wizards were in cruise control after the first two games the Academicals were looking for someone to respond and they got that in the shape of Matt Eardley as he faced Matt Hayes. Eardley kicked off with a hold of throw which set him on his way and after taking the second leg too Hayes just couldn't match Eardley and Eardley finished him off in the third to pull a game back for the Academicals at the halfway point in the game. [caption id="attachment_17985" align="alignleft" width="151"]Project Darts, Tim Close Tim Close[/caption] (Match 4) Matt Simmons 0-3 Tim Close Academicals were on the comeback trail and next up was Tim looking for an equaliser against Matt Simmons and he couldn't have got off to a better start taking the first leg with a break of throw. Tim then countered on that by holding in the second leg to put Simmons under huge pressure to respond but he couldn't and Tim secured his win after three legs to put the Academicals level with two to play.     (Match 5) Wayne Fletcher 3-2 Tom Hogg In the fifth game with it all still to play for Wayne Fletcher for the home side faced Tom Hogg in a thriller in terms of action with the game going all the way. It started with Hogg laying down a marker with a 17 darter on throw as to which Fletcher replied to level up. Then in the third leg a break of throw from Fletcher put him in the box seat and threw for the match but once again Hogg hit back to level at 2-2 which set up a decider with the match in the balance, Hogg threw first and set off well with Fletcher keeping pace it was all to play for but Hogg then threw a couple of low darts to which Fletcher pounced on and took the victory in five to make it 3-2 to the Wizards and a chance of victory in the final match. Wilton Wizards, Sheffield Franchise League (Match 6) Simon Simmons 3-0 Greg Batting The sixth and final game of he evening with the match in the balance it was Batting looking to save a draw for the Academicals against Sie Simmons. Simmons drew first blood holding his throw to go one up, Greg managed a maximum in the following leg in an attempt to hit back but it was Simmons who broke his throw to go 2-0 up and looked a cert for victory and so it proved as he took out the winning double in three to give the Wizards a huge 4-2 victory in the battle at the bottom in a result which made them leap off the foot of the table above the Warriors with a point difference between them. Report by Pat Finney (Projectdarts Reporter/Media) Sheffield Franchise League, Results

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