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Article: Robert ^The Thorn^ Thornton - Review by Dart Collectors Den

Robert ^The Thorn^ Thornton - Review by Dart Collectors Den

Weight - 24 grams
Tungsten % - 95%

Courtesy of

Price - £25.90


What You Get:

1 set of Robert Thornton 24g Barrels
Flights - 2 Sets - 1 set The Thorn standard and 1 set popular design
Shafts - 2 Sets - 1 set aluminium medium blue Red Dragon laser engraved 
plus 1 set of popular design
Wallet/Case - 1 XS wallet

Technical Info:

Barrel Weight - 24 grams
Tungsten (%) - 95% Tungsten alloy
Thread - 2BA
Weight Distribution - Centre
Barrel Profile - Parallel
Front Profile - Round
Point Type - Silver effect high tensile knurled
Grip Type - Square grooves, Fine knurl
Grip Level - 4 (1 = Smooth, 5 = Aggressive)
Grip Zone - Full length
Dart Finish - Surface Finish Polished
Groove Colours - Blue, White, Natural tungsten
Dart Graphics - Laser Etched Thornton logo



The darts come with the standard accessories which Red Dragon provide most their darts with. All made to the highest standard as always. The darts themselves are rated a level 4 for grip. I wouldn^t agree and think its more a level 3 as they certainly are not as grippy as they look and its not an aggressive grip at all. They look nice darts although not spectacular compared to other darts from Red Dragon. On holding the dart, they feel nice and comfortable without any slip due to the knurled grip.

It took me about 5 minutes of throwing to get used to these. They are slimmer than I thought they would be and this allowed my darts to group very close together. It only took 15 minutes to hit a 180 with these. They were flying amazing for my style of throw. Hitting good solid and consistent darts. Rarely pulled any shots into the 1 or the 5. They have a good balance which is in the centre of the barrel.

Overall the grip was good but not aggressive, they look ok, the build quality is second to none as always and they went were I wanted them to! A very good set of darts at an excellent price. £25.90 for a pro players signature darts is a real bargain. If you want these darts buy them here…/Robert-The-Thorn-Thornton…/

These darts suited me personally more than any other darts I have reviewed and should work for you also, no matter what level of skill you have!!!


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