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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

This coming weekend county darts teams throughout the country will  kick off their new season in the BDO Inter County Championships and as it has been for the last six seasons Warwickshire will open up with a premier division game against reigning champions Yorkshire. Last season’s 20-16 defeat was the best result Warwickshire have had in the six previous games and so with home advantage at the Bishopsgate Club, Foleshill Road, Coventry the local team will be looking to chalk up their first win over their visitors in seven games.
Selected to play in the opening game are Men’s ‘A’:- Bob Nixon, Dean Stewart, Richard Foster, Jamie Atkins, Jamie Hughes, Mark Carter, Mark Strong, Mark Westgarth, Noel Grant, Rob Hawker, Tom Aldridge, William Naylor, Men’s ‘B’:- Antony Allen, Carl Green, Ted Evetts, Matt Edgar, Prakash Jiwa, Paul Deslandes, Simon Power, Steve Ward, Tom McGlone, Luke Kennedy, Ian Shaw, Luis Barberan, Reserves:- Dan Green, Jimmy Hill, Tom Martin, Chris Gallagher, Mark Archer, Women’s ‘A’:- Denise Keyte, Wendy Adams, Donna Pinch, Kat Spanswick, Natalie Gilbert, Women’s ‘B’:- Lisa Whitmore, Lucy Keyte, Marian Conway, Kerry Bambridge, Kirsty Haw, Nina Bolt, Reserves:- Sue Sandher.
A final reminder to everyone there will be a pre match fund raising half hour prior to Warwickshire’s game when Kaya Holdsworth, daughter of Warwickshire county player Edwina Holdsworth will be having a complete head shave.
As Kaya has previously stated she is doing this because in January her mother was diagnosed with liver and bowel cancer and also some of her family members have also been affected by cancer and she wants to give something back to the nurses who have and still are doing a fantastic job with people being affected by cancer.
Furthermore Kaya is also looking into donating her ponytail to make wigs for people with cancer.
Anyone wishing to support this very courageous twenty years old young lady and wish to donate to a wonderful and worthy cause please follow the link  alternatively just turn up to the game and donate to Kaya’s cause and at the same time support both her and Warwickshire.
In division two of the BDO Inter County Championships West Midlands begin their fixture list with an away game against local rivals Staffordshire who are newly relegated from division one so it will be no easy task for the away side who last season struggled in the first half of their fixtures winning just one of their first six games. Nevertheless it’s a new season and anything can and usually does happen.
No teams has been provided for the men only a listing of squad members who are Keith Allman, Michael Baker, Scott Baker, Jamie Barrowman, Shaun Carroll, Mark Craddock, Danny Coyle, Glen Cullen, Matthew Dicken, Nick Fullwell, Sam Guest, Ian Jones, Ash Kyhatt, Chris Mason, Jonathan Platt, Richard Platt, Mark Rollinson, Avtar Singh, Rob Smith, Matthew Tedstone, Rob Thompson, Lewis Venes, Mark Watkiss, Gary Watts.
For the ladies the teams are ‘A’ Team:- Sarah Roberts, Lisa Astbury, Kim Fellows, Heather Wright, Debbie Loon, Shelbie Simmons, ‘B’ Team:- Jacqueline Maiden, Samantha Maiden, Wendy Waine, Claire Hobbs, Sophie Singh, Kirsty Shaughnessy, Reserves:- Lizzy Arnold, Roxy Nicholls, Nicci McLaughlin, Gemma Barrett, Kath Jenkins.
The Red Lion at Shirley have got their fourth premier league season underway and newcomers Noreen Harris and Stuart Dixon both made their debuts in the league Noreen notching a 3-0 win over Alex Hesketh whilst Stuart had a tough start with two 3-0 defeats by Mark Gwalchmai and Pete Silver.
Mark Gwalchmai followed up his win over Dixon with a 3-1 success against Brian Lawton to make him the early pacesetter with a perfect six points. Reigning champion Steve Sidwell trails Gwalchmai slightly on average after he bagged a couple of 3-1 wins over Paul Higgins and Alex Hesketh.
Full Results: eek 1:- Noreen Harris 3 Alex Hesketh 0, Mark Cater 0 Julian Harris 3, Steve Sidwell 3 Paul Higgins 1, Mark Gwalchmai 3 Stuart Dixon 0, Pete Silver 2 Chris John 3, Julian Harris 1 Steve Heeks 3, Alex Hesketh 1 Steve Sidwell 3, Brian Lawton 1 Mark Gwalchmai 3, Stuart Dixon 0 Pete Silver 3, Mick Gorst 3 Steve Heeks 1, Andy Hoy 2 Mick Bown 3.
With just one week of fixtures remaining in the Sheldon and District Summer League four of the divisional titles have been decided, The Digby have won division one, Mackadown Social division two, Iron Horse division four and Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights division six. In the remaining two divisions Solihull Moors and Holy Souls are disputing the division three title both teams having 14 points Moors who currently lead the table on average having a final away game against Sheldon Marlborough Flights who are bottom of the table and Holy Souls will play away to Sheldon Dukes.
The division five battle is between Shirley RBL Misfits and Sheldon Marlborough Arrows, Misfits have completed their programme and have amassed a total of 12 points while Arrows are just one point behind and have a final away game against next to bottom of the table Greville Arms.
In this week’s games there were first wins for The Pirates and The Raven in division two, Pirates winning 7-1 at Marston Green Tavern and Raven having a 5-3 success as hosts to George V. In division four it was a first win in seven for Highwood Exiles ‘A’ winning 6-2 at Sheldon Social to lift them off the foot of the table and be replaced by Ridgemere Social Flights.
Full Results:Week 9:Division One:- Highwood 4 (L.Hodges 2x100,140, M.Cooper 140,114,100, C.King 100,128,140, A.Foulkes 3x100,121,123, D.Buckler 100) Castle Vale Stadium 4 (J.Burdett 4x100,140, J Frost 125,3x100, W.Cadby 100,140,105,131, G.Taylor 100,140, B.Charlton 140), Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 2 (L.Nixon 2x100,180, R.Nixon 140,100,109, A.Barnfield 100, D.Tudor 2x100,140, P.Connolly 100,121,A.Nixon 115,100, S.Bromley 3x100,121) The Digby 6 (W.Mynard 2x100,125, K.Deeley 6x100,140, M.Partridge 140,3x100,135,126,180, N.Clarke 100,121, K.Reynolds 110,105), Division Two:- Marston Green Tavern 1 (M.Bennett 100, B.Tranter 100) The Pirates 7 (M.Turner 100, W.Naylor 134,140,100, G.Green 2x100,140, D.Whitehouse 100,140, N.Jackson 140), The Raven 5 (L.Barberan2x100,121,140, J.Whitehouse 100, S.Whatmore 5x100,125,139, S.Kingdon 2x100, T.Whitehouse 132) George V 3 (L.Nash 100, C.Horsley 3x100,140, J.Savage 139,140, P.Horsley 127), Division Three:- Solihull Moors 7 (M.Hicks 135,2x100, J.Palmer 100, N.Warner 3x100,140, R.Glendall 100, I.Evans 2x100,125, J.Smythe 100, S.Hicks 100) Sheldon Dukes 1 (M.Hicks 140, R.Hicks 2x100, M.O’Donnell 121,140,130f, S.O’Donnell 140,100,125, A.Plows 140, P.Sunner 100,137,100,121, M.Riley 121,140, G.Groves 121), Crown Arrows 2 (R.Vann 180,121,100, K.White 100, D.White 100,120,180, R.Derbyshire 125) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 6 (D.Howlett 4x100,105f,140, A.Eden snr 125, D.Humphries 120,140, J.Vaughan 100, M.Murrin 125), Highwood KB’s 3 (T.Hobbis 3x100, N.Wykes 4x100,140, W.Cooper 100,140, T.Walton 118,100, A.Boyle 100) Holy Souls 5 (D.Heighway 140,101,2x100, T.Evans 3x100,140, M.O’Sullivan 2x100, C.Stokes 128,2x140,135,100), Division Four:- Willclare Sports and Social 5 (F.Dixon 2x100, M.Wilcock 121,D.Reid 4x100,121, M.Holt 3x100,140) Ridgemere Social 3 (C.Smith 3x100, S.Jones 100, C.Matthews 100, P.Fielding 110f, D.Davies 100,140, A.Phipps 100), Sheldon Social 2 (J.Toney 120,140,     S.Westley 2x100,140, M.Tilley 2x140,125,100,118, L.Allwood 139, D.Sudbury 2x100) Highwood Exiles ‘A’ 6 (M.Mitchell 3x100, S.Payne 100, M.Mitchell 105, D.Carey 100,134), Division Five:- Shirley RBL Misfits 7 (B.Farrow 2x100, D.Rutter 100, C.De Silva 2x100, F.Cotsford 100, J.Boyle 100,135, K.Bygrave 140,158f, J.O’Sullivan 140,121) Greville Arms 1 (J.Cocchi 116,125, P.Thorley 100, A.Hawkins 133,114), Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 7 (J.Humphries 2x100, A.Wale 133,124,100,140, P.Brown 100, B.Steptoe 2x100,121,140) Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 1 (S.Miller 113,119), Division Siz:- Ridgemere Rejects 2 (T.Coombes 121, L.Carter 2x100,105, Y.Walker 128, J.Matthews 108) Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 6 (S.Wasley 140,105, S.Spence 140,133, M.Mulryan 100, D.Jelley 2x100,101), Highwood Exiles ‘B’ 4 (R.Harrison 100, D.Cooper 140, A.Thurman 100) Meadway Sports and Social 4 (D.Delaney 100), Late Result:Week 8:Division Three:- Holy Souls 5 (C.Stokes 140,2x100,110,180, D.Heighway 6x100,125, T.Evans 2x100, R.McConnell 180, J.Lucas 180,100, J.Duffy 2x100) Solihull Moors 3 (N.Warner 140,123,2x100, R.Glendall 140f, M.Hicks 4x100, R.Palmer 100, J.Smyth 100,140).
Court Oak made it seven straight wins in the Kings Norton League when they won 6-1 against Weoley Hill to keep them two points ahead of both Kings Norton RBL and Stirchley United both teams winning 4-3 in turn against Cotteridge and Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club to keep their 100% win record intact, they have now played six games as opposed to the seven by Court Oak.
The Bull suffered a somewhat surprising 5-2 home defeat at the hands of the Rubery RBL team and as a result drop from fourth to fifth in the table and now trail the leaders by six points with a game in hand.
Full Results:- Kings Norton RBL 4 (J.Calt 100, M.Richardson 2x100,140, A.Rickard 100, B.Bonas 134, N.Porter 5x100,17 darts game, M.Ellis 2x100,140, D.Davenport 100,168, J.Good 100) Cotteridge 3 (J.O^Neill 2x100,2x140,17 darts game, C.Harman 100, J.Isham 100, S.Hale 125, L.Betteridge 119, S.Brookes 2x100), Bull 2 (S.Seery 5x100, G.Purnell 100, C.Seery 2x100,134, K.Maxim 125, V.Walton 121, J.Davies 135,121,180) Rubery RBL 5 (S.Jacques 140, M.Bennet 3x100, I.Medlicott 100, J.Ford 2x100,121,140, C.Guest 2x100, R.Packer 116), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 3 (C.Davenport 125, M.Bloomer 135, P.Corbett 2x100) Stirchley United 4 (M.Welsh 100,2x140,121, S.Riddick 100, T.Jeffs 100,120, P.Gossage 2x100, K.Mason 2x140,100, C.Ryan 140, C.Price 3x100, M.Welsh 180, T.Jeffs 109f), Coppice 4 (A.Ward 100, B.Tanner 3x100, C.Heath 100, M.Mooney 121, G.Twist 100,140, R.Mooney 100,120, S.Bryan 121, A.Coyle 2x100) Kings Heath 3 (D.Parish 100, S.Traynor 2x100, S.Morris 140,123, P.Walton 100,100f, R.Morris 100,140, J.Thompson 100), Dingle Social 1 (B.Andrews 121, K.Manger 2x100,118, M.Deeley 132, P.McCormack 121) Hillyfields 6 (K.Drain 100, P.Yardley 2x100,119,118, A.Harvey 100,2x140, M.Poolton 5x100, L.Fox 100, A.Vaughan 5x100,140, K.Vaughan 2x100,2x125, P.Vaughan 100), Court Oak 6 (E.Simpson 2x100, K.Bedder 100, C.Burke 100,125, V.Gould 4x100, J.Hykin 2x100,136,180, G.Dews 2x100,120) Weoley Hill 1 (A.Meredith 100, P.Cole 100, L.Chadwick 100, J.Cole 121).
Mackadown Social took their points tally to 23 from 12 games when they won 6-2 at The Gate in group one of the South Birmingham League, second in the table Punchbowl won by the same scoreline at home to Banbury Flights and are now two points behind their victors and have played one game more.
In group two the top two teams Erdington Members Club and second placed St John’s Flights played each other on the former’s board, the outcome was a 4-4 draw to leave Erdington still top of the table with 19 points from 10 games and St John’s on 14 points from 9 games.
Full Results:Group One:- St John’s 6 ( N.Hogan 140,100, M.Walker 100,103f, P.Shipley 2x100, T.Evans 100, D.Clinton 3x100) The Trident 2 (M.Naylor 3x100,140, A.Cooksey 2x100,125, C.Walton 100, S.Hipkiss 125), The Gate 2 (T.Barrs 2x100,2x125, N.Groves 2x100,125,115,118f, K.Russell 2x100,140) Mackadown Social 6 (A.Caddick 2x100,180, N.Parsonage 121,2x100,140,123, D.Young 2x100,125, A.Savage 3x100,140, J.Savage 120), Punchbowl 6 (B.Evans 2x100,2x140, A.Richards 2x100,140, M.Morgan 125, J.Buttle 140, K.Richards 100, B.Evans 140) Banbury Flights 2 (W.Cooper 100, K.O^Connor 2x100,120, M.Farqueson 2x100, J.Moss 100), Group Two:- Erdington Members Club 4 (C.Winters 5x100, W.Naylor 4x100,140,124f, J.Frost 100,125, B.Cadby 100,177,140, M.Birch 2x100, R.Liggins 100,134,140,135) St John’s Flights 4 (A.Aston 140, L.Barberan 140,3x100, B.Harris 125,140,100, L.O^Donnell 4x100, S.Whatmore 2x100,122), Kingfisher 4 (R.Sharples 140,100, R.Mills 140, S.Boden 2x100, G.Shergold 2x100) Smithswood Social 4 (L.Hughes 3x100, M.Winstanley 100, N.Wilson 100,121, M.Bailey 100,2x140), Coleshill Social 5 (C.Cooke 140,100,123, S.Sweetman 140,121, B.Jones 2x100,140, P.Bryant 100) The Dog 3 (J.Ansell 2x100,121, M.Clayton 2x100,125, Z.Flavell 4x100).
For the second week running all the results in the Forest of Arden Summer League have been 5-2, leaders of division one Journeys End won their home tie with third in the table Highwood ‘C’ and second placed Riley’s Red Arrows won away against Greville Arrows.
In division two Sheldon Marlborough Flights beat Shard End Crown Flights to leave them just two points adrift of leaders Crown Arrows and level on the number of games played.
Full Results:Division One:- Greville Arrows 2 (D.Duggan 2x100, M.Stainsfield 100) Riley’s Red Arrows 5 (L.Hodges 100,2x100b, N.Warner 2x100), Journeys End 5 (S.Edwards 120,133,100f,100, L.Barberan 120b, S.Whatmore 100b,140, J.Jennings 100b, D.Duncan 112b) Highwood ‘C’ 2 (P.Roscoe 2x100, G.Parkes 123, T.Arrowsmith 100,100b, T.Comerford 100,120b, J.King 100), Highwood KB 2 (N.Hexley 100, N.Wykes 127, W.Cooper 3x100,100b, N.Byrne 100,140) Iron Horse 5 (J.Evans 112b,125,120,100f, T.Rainsfors 100, D.Kilbey 135f,100, R.Earl 2x100b, J.Green 100) Division Two:- Sheldon Marlborough Flights 5 (K.Sailsbury 114, B.Steptoe 100, N.Rughani 120b) Shard End Crown Flights 2 (P.Carter 100b), Highwood Exiles 2 (R.Harrison 100, S.Payne 100, R.Harrison snr 140,125) Ivy Leaf 5 (T.Clinton 125, B.Jelley 100).
It may appear from the league table that Kevin Harris with a further 6-1 win over Andy Whale and a 5-2 success against Kenny West giving him a total of 181 points in the Winmau Centre Thursday Night Champions League is running away with the top prize of £300 pounds as he is currently 26 points ahead of second placed Rob Harris, but that isn’t necessarily so as third placed Mick O’Neill who with 154 points is 27 behind Harris, has five games in hand and with a possible seven points from each game he could take his total to 189 and also Kevin Lane who is fifth in the table with 139 points has nine games in hand and he could reach a total of 202 when he catches up, so the title is far from being decided at this stage but games are fast running out and at the end of the day it will be points that count.
Full Results:Week 18:- Kenny West 1 Kevin Lane 6, Andy Whale 4 Kristian Wharton 3, Tam Singh 1 Mick O’Neill 6, Kevin Harris 6 Andy Whale 1, Kevin Harris 5 Kenny West 2, Kevin Lane 6 Rob Harris 1, Rob Harris 7 Kristen Bircher 0, Kristian Wharton 7 Lee Craig 0, Kristian Wharton 7 Matt Barnfather 0, Euan McGovern 0 Mick O’Neill 7, Matt Barnfather 0 Mick O’Neill 7, Euan McGovern 0 Andy Whale 7, Tam Singh 7 Lee Craig 0, Tam Singh 7 Kristen Bircher 0.
Although he didn’t play in the latest round of fixtures Tony Carroll still heads the table in the Safe Harbour Double Top League with 28 points from 16 games. Second in the table James Clarke registered a 2-1 win over John Green but then faltered and lost by the same margin to his nearest rival Dave Pickering, Clarke now having 26 points from 17 games and Pickering 24 from 16.
Full Results:- Jack Mahon 2 (100b) Jim Wickett 1 (132b), Gez Oldfield 2 (100,121) Ron Clarke 1), Jack Mahon 3 (2x100,125) Dave Pickering 0, James Clarke 2 John Green 1 (100,105f, 113b),  Jack Mahon 1 (100) Ron Clarke 2 (120), Paul Morris 2 (100) Terry Denneny 1), Dave Pickering 2 (100,100b) James Clarke 1 (140,100), Jack Mahon 1 (101b) Karen Clarke 2, Terry Denneny 2 (118) Jack Mahon 1.
Little change at the top of the Black Country Premier League as the top five teams all recorded wins, leaders Springfield Rifles had a big 12-3 win over Batham Bandits and second placed Blackheath Beechers won by a much closer 9-7 away to Wynall Warriors to make it five wins in the opening five games for both teams the only two undefeated teams in the league.
The league are on the lookout for a sponsor or alternatively someone to advertise on their web site, anyone interested should contact Scott Roberts on his e-mail
Full Results:- Wynall Warriors 7 (D.Haden 180, L.Davies 18 darts game) Blackheath Beechers 9 (J.Lowe 100f, L.Eaves 16 darts game), Storming Stags 0 Brickmakers Big Dogs 12, Black Country Belters 10 (A.Turley 180, T.Stockton 180, G.Jackson 180,114f,17 darts game) Hasbury Hunters 4, Hollybush Darters 0 Woodside Poachers 12, Springfield Rifles 12 Batham Bandits 3, Britannia Bulldogs 12 (A.Edgar 16 darts game, J.Mathers 110f) Vintage Gamers 0, Mighty Mitre 2 Railway Buffers 12, Old Hill Royals 12 Hounds of Wynall 1.
Rose and Crown and White Swan are the top two teams in the Netherton Thursday Night League and the latest round of fixtures paired them together on the latter’s board. The result was a close 5-4 win for Rose and Crown to open up a two points lead over their hosts.
White Horse chalked up their first win in four games a 5-4 victory over bottom of the table The Crown.
Full Results:- Pensnett Liberal 3 The Widders 6, The Bell 4 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 5, White Swan 4 Rose and Crown 5, White Horse 5 The Crown 4.
Bridge ‘B’ second in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League table opened up a four points gap between themselves and third placed Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) when they beat them on their own board 6-3, in addition to the four points advantage they also have a game in hand on Rose and Crown.
Top of the table Dudley Sports ‘C’ kept their two points lead with an impressive 8-1 home win over Dog and Lamppost ‘A’ to make it 25 wins from 28 games.
There was also joy for two of the lower placed teams, next to bottom Old Star having a 5-4 home win over Roebuck who are ten places above them and have double their 14 points and third from bottom Griffin were also 5-4 winners playing away to Queens Head (Wordsley) who are five places above them in the table.
Full Results:Week 30:- Dudley Sports ‘C’ 8 Dog and Lamppost ‘A’ 1, Queens Head (Wordsley) 4 Griffin 5, Old Star 5 Roebuck 4, Bridge ‘A’ 3 High Acres 6, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 6 Tenth Lock 3, Brickmakers Arms 2 Black Horse 7, Blue Brick 4 Portway 5, Swan 6 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 3, Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 3 Bridge ‘B’ 6, Dog and Lamppost ‘B’ 2 Bulls Head (Netherton) 7.
The Brierley Hill Friday Night League played off their doubles knockout and taking the title with a final win over A.Turley and C.Hart from the Brickmakers Arms were D.Bull and A.Wakeman representing Miners (Wollescote).
Losing semi finalists were A.Smith and R.Pitt (Pensnett Welfare Club) and D.Marshall and M.Rowley (Pensnett Liberal Club).
It’s close at the top of the Halesowen Monday Night Ladies League with both Spring Meadow and White Horse (formerly Park Lane Tavern) both on 28 points. In the latest round of fixtures Spring Meadow won 4-3 at home to Townsend whose C.Stanley had a 124 checkout and White Horse had a 5-2 win away to The Widders, however Spring Meadow have played one game more than White Horse.
Full Results:- Haden Cross 5 Hare and Hounds 2, Spring Meadow 4 Townsend 3 (C.Stanley 124f), The Widders 2 White Horse (Quarry Bank) 5, Captains Cup:- Haden Cross beat Hare and Hounds, Spring Meadow beat Townsend, The Widders beat White Horse (Quarry Bank).
The Small Heath League played the first round of their League Cup and winning through were Cob’s Bar, East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association and Emerald Club who in turn defeated Moseley All Service, Clock Inn and Emerald Flights.
Full Results:League Cup:Round One:- Moseley All Service lost to Cob’s Bar, Clock Inn lost to East Birmingham Allotment Holders Associatio, Emerald Club beat Emerald Flights
Wins for the top three teams in the Cradley Tuesday Night League this week  leaders Crown ‘A’ beating their hosts Crown (Simms Lane) 6-3 to stay two points ahead of Brickmakers Arms who won 7-2 at home against Roost ‘A’, third in the table White Horse who are a further two points behind were 6-3 winners at Chop House.
Full Results:- Roost ‘B’ 2 Plough and Harrow 7, Wheatsheaf 6 Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ 3, Hawne Lane Tavern 3 Bulls Head 6, Brickmakers Arms 7 Roost ‘A’ 2, Chop House 3 White Horse 6, Crown (Simms Lane) 3 Crown ‘A’ 6.
The Challenge Cup was on the fixture card for the Pip Club League and in division one Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) leaders of the division beat second in the table Prince of Wales, the division two match saw leaders J W Belgrave account for Pip Club and in the division two Belgrave Shadow Cup Old Liberal won against Progressive Club and Sports Bar ‘180’ defeated Globe Inn ‘B’.
Full Results:Challenge Cup:Division One:- Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) won against Prince of Wales, Division Two:- J W Belgrave won against Pip Club, Belgrave Shadow Cup:Division Two:- Old Liberal won against Progressive Club, Sports Bar ‘180’ won against Globe Inn ‘B’.
Week eleven in the Crown at Olton Double Top League and the man at the top of the table Bob Nixon added another two fine 3-0 wins against Simon Edwards and Paul Stephens to take his total points to 68 from 25 games, second in the table Tony Randell had mixed fortunes as he lost 2-1 to Jason Jennings then 3-0 to third placed John Sidwell before recovering to win the next two games against Simon Edwards and Karl Attwood 3-0 to put him on 66 points from 27 games. John Sidwell made it two 3-0 wins when he beat Terry Constable to take him to within four points of Tony Randell and he also has two games in hand on Randell.
After beating Tony Randell Jason Jennings added further notable scalp to his list when he won 2-1 against another former table topper John Buckingham, Jennings moving up one place in the table to sixth.
Full Results:Week 11:- Dave Hutchings 2 Jack Sidwell 1, Andy Hutchings 3 Ian Spencer 0, Dave Duncan 0 Tony Steele 3, Darren Wright 1 Dave Hutchings 2, Dave Hutchings 0 Tony Steele 3, Tony Randell 1 Jason Jennings 2, John Buckingham 1 Anthony Daley jnr 2, Tony Randell 0 John Sidwell 3, Alex Edwards 1 Karl Attwood 2, Dave Hutchings 0 Paul Stephens 3, Alex Edwards 2 Steve Harding 1, Andy Hutchings 3 Phil Henderson 0, Terry Constable 1 Paul Stephens 2, Simon Edwards 0 Bob Nixon 3, Paul Nunn 0 Anthony Daley jnr 3, Anthony Daley 1 Phil Henderson 2, Tony Randell 3 Simon Edwards 0, Tony Randell 3 Karl Attwood 0, Dave Duncan 0 Ian Spencer 3, Paul Nunn 2 Anthony Daley 1, Jason Jennings 2 John Buckingham 1, John Sidwell 3 Terry Constable 0, Paul Stephens 0 Bob Nixon 3, Anthony Daley 2 Dave Hutchings 1, Steve Harding 2 Tony Steele 1.
Village Inn lost a vital game in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League when they finished on the wrong side of a 4-3 result at Claregate, the win putting Claregate on the same 30 points as Village Inn in fourth place but trailing on average. Top side Riley’s ‘A’ did their title aspirations no harm whatsoever as they handed out a 7-0 whitewash to their hosts Dog and Partridge to maintain their four points lead over rivals Otter and Vixen who won 6-1 against The Bull. Third placed Riley’s ‘B’ were also 6-1 winners at Brewood British Legion but they are four points off second place.
Full Results:Week 25:- Brewood British Legion 1 Riley’s ‘B’ 6, Claregate 4 Village Inn 3, Dog and Partridge 0 Riley’s ‘A’ 7, Otter and Vixen 6 Bull 1, Whitmore Reans WMC 3 Woodfield Social 4.
Tamworth League:Singles Knockout:Preliminary Round:- Wayne Hewins beat Steve Taft, Billy Burdett beat Mark Tomlinson, Martin Edwards beat Dave Jones, Darren Massey beat Ron Hunt, Paul Richards beat Martin Young, Mark Martin beat Simon Caswell, Paul Webb beat Pete Taft, Shane Morris beat Nigel Groves, Phil Sweet beat Paul Thompson, Phil Daulman beat Lee Kirkham, Nathaniel Bailey beat Rob Taft, Jonathon Bagley beat Sarah Ingram, Round One:- Wayne Hewins beat Billly Burdett, Martin Edwards beat Darren Massey, Mark Martin beat Paul Richards, Paul Webb beat Shane Morris, Phil Daulman beat Phil Sweet, Nathaniel Bailey beat Jonathon Bagley, Wayne Grant beat Adam Williams, Ian Turner beat Rob Markley, Quarter Finals:- Martin Edwards beat Wayne Hewins, Mark Martin beat Paul Webb, Phil Daulman beat Nathaniel Bailey, Wayne Grant beat Ian Turner, Semi Finals:- Mark Martin beat Martin Edwards, Phil Daulman beat Wayne Grant, Final:- Mark Martin beat Phil Daulman.

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