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DEAN REYNOLDS and Reece Robinson both picked up £1000 winner^s cheques on Saturday as the pair were victorious in the PDC Unicorn Youth Tour double-header in Coventry.

It was a first PDC Unicorn Youth Tour title for Reynolds and a second for Robinson, three years after his maiden win in 2011 when the development circuit was introduced.

In the first event of two held at the Ricoh Arena on Saturday, Welshman Reynolds ended his wait for a first Youth Tour title as he defeated two-time World Championship qualifier Max Hopp 4-2 in the final.

Cardiff-born Reynolds - who also qualified for March^s Coral UK Open - began his run to a maiden title with a 4-2 victory over 2013 World Youth Championship quarter-finalist Dean Finn and a comprehensive 4-0 win against another Irishman, Liam Gallagher.

Reynolds then saw off strong opposition again in the last 16 as he edged a tight encounter 4-3 against Sam Hewson, who won the fifth 2014 Youth Tour event in Wigan earlier in the year.

A 4-1 win over Jack Tweddell and a 4-3 victory against James Thompson followed for Reynolds, setting up a final showdown with German teenager Hopp.

Hopp had enjoyed an impressive run to the last two himself, defeating PDC Unicorn World Youth Champion Keegan Brown and Youth Tour Event Six winner George Killington en route to his place in the final.

However, it was Reynolds who managed to hold his nerve in the final as he built up a 3-0 lead and then survived a brief comeback from Hopp to take the game 4-2 and secure the title.

In the second event of the afternoon, Hull-born Robinson won 4-2 in his final against Belgian Dimitri Van den Bergh, who moves to the top of the PDC Unicorn Youth Tour Order of Merit despite the defeat.

After receiving a first-round bye, Robinson squeezed past Daniel Lidgett 4-3 in round two before easily defeating James Young 4-0 in the third round.

Back-to-back 4-3 victories against Ryan de Vreede and Nick Kenny respectively then set up a semi-final clash against two-time PDC Unicorn Youth Tour winner Adam Hunt.

An impressive 4-1 win over Hunt sent Robinson through to the final alongside Van den Bergh, who had beaten the day^s earlier winner Reynolds and World Youth Champion Brown on his way to the last two.

However, it would be Robinson who managed to secure victory as he recovered from losing two consecutive legs to the Belgian before taking the game 4-2.

The PDC Development Tour weekend in Coventry continues on Sunday, when a double-header of PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour events will be held at the Ricoh Arena.

The PDC Unicorn Youth Tour will return following a summer break with a double-header in Coventry on September 27 and the year^s final two events at the Robin Park Tennis Centre in Wigan on November 1.

The events are open to players aged from 16-21, with entry available through the PDC Online Entry System, with new players needing to register their details at before entering, while existing players can enter as normal through

PDC Unicorn Youth Tour
Event 11
Ricoh Arena, Coventry, Saturday July 5
First Round
Kieran Bridgwater 4-0 Mason Mayes
Josh Payne 4-0 Nicholas Day
Rhys Hayden 4-0 Kacey Jones
Cameron Hinchcliffe 4-0 William Penniall
Mike Zuydwijk 4-0 Nathan Cross
Adam Hunt 4-0 James Smith
Nick Kenny Bye
Aden Kirk 4-1 Charlie Symons
Harry Ward Bye
George Killington 4-2 Adam Smith-Neale
Ross Twell Bye
James Wilkinson 4-2 Nicholas Hastings
James Harris Bye
Justin Evans 4-3 Brandonn Monk
Jordan Patterson Bye
Callum Loose 4-2 Krit Middleton
Keegan Brown 4-0 Kurtis Atkins
Tommy Lishman 4-0 Tommy Wilson
Joe Twinn 4-1 Daniel Lidgett
Max Hopp 4-2 Brandon Walsh
Charlie Burns 4-3 Shaun Lovett
Joshua Richardson 4-0 Andrew Clark
Conor Mayes Bye
Curtis Turner 4-1 Dan Read
George Gardner Bye
Sean Johnson 4-3 Ryan Bloomfield
Sam van der Reijden Bye
Tony Field 4-1 Jack Petcher
Dirk van Duijvenbode Bye
Lee Whitworth 4-3 Sam Hill
Dan Wilson Bye
Casey Gallagher 4-1 Ben Cheesman
Dan Green 4-0 Luke Wathen
Jack Faragher 4-0 Bradley Halls
Jack Tweddell 4-3 Sion Thomas
Adam Bailey 4-3 Connor Roach
Liam Johnson Bye
Sean Ryan 4-0 John Bryan
Connor Scutt Bye
Ben Songhurst 4-3 Cain Unwin
Ryan de Vreede Bye
Jeffrey de Zwaan 4-0 James Muckian
Liam Cooper Bye
Sam Hewson 4-1 Ryan Delaney
Liam Gallagher Bye
Jack Bevan 4-2 Ryan Hoggarth
Dean Reynolds Bye
Dean Finn 4-1 Ryan Sullivan
Lee Budgen 4-3 Craig Simpson
Danny Roberts 4-1 Bradley Coltman
Dimitri Van der Bergh 4-1 Ryan Jones
Steve Lennon 4-0 Ted Evetts
Reece Robinson Bye
Jake Jones 4-0 Robyn Byrne
Kurt Parry Bye
Ryan Newton 4-1 Chris Gower
Joe Young Bye
James Thompson 4-3 Callum Goffin
Lewis Venes Bye
James Young 4-2 Jack Holmes
Leighton Jones Bye
Matthew Dicken 4-1 Christopher Holt
Aaron Holdstock Bye
James Hubbard 4-2 Arron Fairweather

Second Round
Josh Payne 4-3 Kieran Bridgwater
Rhys Hayden 4-3 Cameron Hinchcliffe
Mike Zuydwijk 4-0 Adam Hunt
Nick Kenny 4-3 Aden Kirk
George Killington 4-1 Harry Ward
Ross Twell 4-1 James Wilkinson
Justin Evans 4-0 James Harris
Callum Loose 4-1 Jordan Patterson
Keegan Brown 4-3 Tommy Lishman
Max Hopp 4-1 Joe Twinn
Charlie Burns 4-3 Joshua Richardson
Curtis Turner 4-3 Conor Mayes
George Gardner 4-3 Sean Johnson
Tony Field 4-2 Sam van der Reijden
Lee Whitworth 4-2 Dirk van Duijvenbode
Dan Wilson 4-1 Casey Gallagher
Dan Green 4-1 Jack Faragher
Jack Tweddell 4-1 Adam Bailey
Sean Ryan 4-1 Liam Johnson
Ben Songhurst 4-1 Connor Scott
Jeffrey de Zwaan 4-1 Ryan de Vreede
Sam Hewson 4-0 Liam Cooper
Liam Gallagher 4-0 Jack Bevan
Dean Reynolds 4-2 Dean Finn
Lee Budgen 4-2 Danny Roberts
Dmitri Van den Bergh 4-3 Steve Lennon
Reece Robinson 4-1 Jake Jones
Ryan Newton 4-2 Kurt Parry
James Thompson 4-0 Joe Young
James Young 4-3 Lewis Venes
Matthew Dicken 4-3 Leighton Jones
James Hubbard 4-0 Aaron Holdstock
Losers: £25

Third Round
Josh Payne 4-1 Rhys Hayden
Mike Zuydwijk 4-2 Nick Kenny
George Killington 4-2 Ross Twell
Callum Loose 4-1 Justin Evans
Max Hopp 4-3 Keegan Brown
Charlie Burns 4-3 Curtis Turner
Tony Field 4-1 George Gardner
Lee Whitworth 4-3 Dan Wilson
Jack Tweddell 4-2 Dan Green
Sean Ryan 4-3 Ben Songhurst
Sam Hewson 4-1 Jeffrey de Zwaan
Dean Reynolds 4-0 Liam Gallagher
Dimitri Van den Bergh 4--1 Lee Budgen
Reece Robinson 4-1 Ryan Newton
James Thompson 4-1 James Young
James Hubbard 4-0 Matthew Dicken
Losers: £50

Fourth Round
Mike Zuydwijk 4-2 Josh Payne
George Killington 4-2 Callum Loose
Max Hopp 4-1 Charlie Burns
Lee Whitworth 4-2 Tony Field
Jack Tweddell 4-2 Sean Ryan
Dean Reynolds 4-3 Sam Hewson
Dmitri Van den Bergh 4-1 Reece Robinson
James Thompson 4-1 James Hubbard
Losers: £100

George Killington 4-2 Mike Zuydwijk
Max Hopp 4-1 Lee Whitworth
Dean Reynolds 4-1 Jack Tweddell
James Thompson 4-1 Dmitri Van den Bergh
Losers: £150

Max Hopp 4-2 George Killington
Dean Reynolds 4-3 James Thompson
Losers: £250

Dean Reynolds 4-2 Max Hopp
Winner: £1,000
Runner-Up: £500

PDC Unicorn Youth Tour
Event 12
Ricoh Arena, Coventry, Saturday July 5
First Round
John Bryan 4-1 Mason Mayes
Ted Evetts 4-1 Ryan Newton
Justin Evans 4-3 Connor Scutt
Adam Smith-Neale 4-0 Bradley Coltman
Arron Fairweather 4-1 Callum Goffin
Adam Bailey 4-1 Callum Loose
Aaron Holdstock Bye
Dean Reynolds 4-2 Casey Gallagher
Liam Johnson Bye
Shaun Lovett 4-3 Brandonn Monk
Charlie Burns Bye
Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-2 James Wilkinson
Lee Whitworth Bye
Sion Thomas 4-1 Lewis Venes
Tommy Lishman Bye
Dan Read 4-1 Jack Faragher
Liam Cooper 4-1 Joshua Richardson
Craig Simpson 4-0 Nicholas Hastings
Cain Unwin 4-3 Krit Middleton
Sean Johnson 4-3 Tony Field
Max Hopp 4-0 Andrew Clark
James Thompson 4-0 Ryan Delaney
Jake Jones Bye
Harry Ward 4-0 Jack Petcher
Sam Hewson Bye
Sean Ryan 4-1 James Smith
Danny Roberts Bye
Kacey Jones 4-2 Rhys Hayden
Keegan Brown Bye
Sam Hill 4-3 Liam Gallagher
Jeffrey De Zwaan Bye
George Gardner 4-3 Sam Van der Reijden
Kurt Parry 4-3 Jordan Patterson
Josh Payne 4-2 Brandon Walsh
Mike Zuydwijk 4-3 Ross Twell
Steve Lennon 4-0 Ryan Sullivan
Charlie Symons Bye
Aden Kirk 4-1 Lee Budgen
George Killington Bye
Adam Hunt 4-0 Tommy Wilson
Joe Twinn Bye
Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-3 James Hubbard
William Penniall Bye
Ryan Jones 4-3 Christopher Holt
Connor Roach Bye
Shaun Narain 4-0 Chris Gower
Jack Tweddell Bye
Nicholas Day 4-3 Ryan Bloomfield
Jack Holmes 4-3 Ryan Hoggarth
Dan Wilson 4-0 Luke Wathen
Cameron Hinchcliffe 4-1 Robyn Byrne
Nick Kenny 4-2 Curtis Turner
Kieran Bridgwater Bye
Matthew Dicken 4-0 Conor Mayes
Luke Allen Bye
Ben Cheeseman 4-3 Kurtis Atkins
Ben Songhurst Bye
Leighton Jones 4-0 Nathan Cross
Dan Green Bye
Ryan De Vreede 4-0 Dean Finn
Bradley Halls Bye
James Young 4-0 Jack Bevan
Reece Robinson Bye
Daniel Lidgett 4-3 Joe Young

Second Round
Ted Evetts 4-0 John Bryan
Adam Smith-Neale 4-1 Justin Evans
Arron Fairweather 4-0 Adam Bailey
Dean Reynolds 4-1 Aaron Holdstock
Shaun Lovett 4-1 Liam Johnson
Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-1 Charlie Burns
Sion Thomas 4-2 Lee Whitworth
Tommy Lishman 4-1 Dan Read
Liam Cooper 4-3 Craig Simpson
Sean Johnson 4-2 Cain Unwin
James Thompson 4-1 Max Hopp
Harry Ward 4-1 Jake Jones
Sam Hewson 4-2 Sean Ryan
Kacey Jones 4-2 Danny Roberts
Keegan Brown 4-2 Sam Hill
Jeffrey de Zwaan 4-2 George Gardner
Josh Payne 4-2 Kurt Parry
Mike Zuydwijk 4-0 Steve Lennon
Aden Kirk 4-0 Charlie Symons
Adam Hunt 4-3 George Killington
Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-0 Joe Twinn
Ryan Jones 4-1 William Penniall
Shaun Narain 4-0 Connor Roach
Nicholas Day 4-2 Jack Tweddell
Jack Holmes 4-2 Dan Wilson
Nick Kenny 4-1 Cameron Hinchcliffe
Kieran Bridgwater 4-3 Matthew Dicken
Luke Allen 4-1 Ben Cheesman
Ben Songhurst 4-1 Leighton Jones
Ryan de Vreede 4-2 Dan Green
James Young 4-2 Bradley Halls
Reece Robinson 4-3 Daniel Lidgett
Losers: £25

Third Round
Adam Smith-Neale 4-0 Ted Evetts
Dean Reynolds 4-0 Arron Fairweather
Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-1 Shaun Lovett
Sion Thomas 4-1 Tommy Lishman
Liam Cooper 4-0 Sean Johnson
James Thompson 4-3 Harry Ward
Sam Hewson 4-0 Kacey Jones
Keegan Brown 4-1 Jeffrey de Zwaan
Mike Zuydwijk 4-2 Josh Payne
Adam Hunt 4-0 Aden Kirk
Dirk Van Duijvenbode 4-3 Ryan Jones
Shaun Narain 4-1 Nicholas Day
Nick Kenny 4-1 Jack Holmes
Kieran Bridgwater 4-2 Luke Allen
Ryan de Vreede 4-3 Ben Songhurst
Reece Robinson 4-0 James Young
Losers: £50

Fourth Round
Dean Reynolds 4--2 Adam Smith-Neale
Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-1 Sion Thomas
Liam Cooper 4-2 James Thompson
Keegan Brown 4-2 Sam Hewson
Adam Hunt 4-3 Mike Zuydwijk
Shaun Narain 4-2 Dirk Van Duijvenbode
Nick Kenny 4-3 Kieran Bridgwater
Reece Robinson 4-3 Ryan de Vreede
Losers: £100

Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-0 Dean Reynolds
Keegan Brown 4-0 Liam Cooper
Adam Hunt 4-3 Shaun Narain
Reece Robinson 4-3 Nick Kenny
Losers: £150

Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-3 Keegan Brown
Reece Robinson 4-1 Adam Hunt
Losers: £250

Reece Robinson 4-2 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Winner: £1,000
Runner-up: £500

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