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MARK FROST and Brett Claydon were the winners in the PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour double-header in Coventry on Sunday, on a day which also saw a spectacular nine-darter hit by Matt Dicken.

Stoke ace Frost saw off Jamie Robinson in the first final of the day, while Claydon defeated Aden Kirk in the second after youngster Dicken had thrown nine perfect darts in a first round tie.

In the day^s first event, Frost secured his first PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour title as he confidently beat Robinson 5-2 in the final at the Ricoh Arena.

Frost^s day began with a 5-2 win against in-form Canadian Shaun Narain, who had enjoyed a successful weekend himself after qualifying for the year^s final two European Tour events on Friday.

A pair of 5-2 and 5-1 victories against Curtis Bagley and Ron Meulenkamp followed for Frost, before he saw off Reece Robinson, who won Saturday^s second PDC Unicorn Youth Tour event, in the quarter-finals.

Frost then edged a tight encounter against two-time PDC major quarter-finalist Mark Hylton in the semis to win 5-4 and set up a final match-up against jamie Robinson, who won the first Challenge Tour event of the year in Wigan.

However, Frost would make light work of his opponent as he raced into a 4-1 lead in the final before eventually taking the game 5-2 and securing the £2,000 winner^s cheque.

The second event of the afternoon got off to a flying start as 21-year-old Dicken threw a fantastic nine-darter in the third leg of his first round clash with Frankie Ansell, who went on to win the game 5-2.

Claydon^s journey to his first PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour title began with a tight 5-4 victory against Dave Weston.

A 5-3 success against 2014 UK Open qualifier Nick Fullwell followed before Claydon saw off Curtis Bagley by the same score in the quarter-finals to set up a semi-final showdown with the day^s earlier finalist, Jamie Robinson.

Robinson missed a succession of doubles to seal the game at 4-3. and Claydon made him rue the missed opportunities as he took the next two legs to win 5-4 and move through to the final alongside Kirk, a star of March^s UK Open.

With the final tied at 4-4, Claydon found his form at just the right time as he hit a 12-dart leg and checked out 102 to seal his maiden PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour crown and end a fantastic weekend of action in spectacular fashion.

Kirk^s run to the final was his best on the PDC circuit, as he battled past Darren Weaver, Ron Meulenkamp, Event 11 winner Frost, Kevin Thomas and Andrew Howarth on the day.

The PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour will return to action with a double-header in Coventry on September 28 before the year^s final two events take place in Wigan on November 2.

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour
Event 11
Ricoh Arena, Coventry, Sunday July 6
First Round
Darren Weaver 5-1 Jon Jukes
Ryan Harrington 5-1 Kevin Bambrick
Prakash Jiwa 5-2 Sion Thomas
Kurt Parry 5-1 Dave Place
Mike Nott 5-2 Geoff Heath
Sam Hill 5-4 Robert Parker
Jamie Landon 5-3 Aden Kirk
John Scott 5-0 Ben Gaiter
Ben Songhurst 5-4 Roy Lowe
John Brammeld 5-0 Tony Richardson
Nicholas Bloor Bye
Michael Beal 5-2 Shaun Griffiths
Richie Howson Bye
Nigel Birch 5-2 Andrew Howarth
Gaz Cousins Bye
Mark Hylton 5-1 Hermie Van Orsouw
Andy Pearson 5-0 Darren Burksfield
Reece Robinson 5-3 Matt Clark
Mark Jones 5-2 Lee Moffat
Frankie Ansell 5-2 James Bevan
Steve Douglas 5-2 Sean Ryan
Jay Foreman 5-0 Michael Blake
Michael Burgoine 5-2 Simon Cassidy
Kevin Thomas 5-1 Ryan Palmer
Richard Ludlow 5-1 Krit Middleton
Ron Meulenkamp 5-2 Peter Evison
Steve Evans Bye
Karl Merchant 5-3 Stuart Holden
Luke Woodhouse Bye
Curtis Bagley 5-1 Richie Winpenny
Mark Frost Bye
Shaun Narain 5-1 Mark Forman
Mark Lawrence 5-1 Steven Cupitt
Dimitri Van den Bergh 5-4 John Goldie
Colin Fowler 5-4 Paul Carter
Jaron Esteve 5-4 Danny Pinhorne
Matthew Dennant 5-2 Jack Hill
Dave Honey 5-3 Brandon Walsh
Scott Mackenzie 5-3 Barrie Bates
Mark Stephenson 5-2 Terry Roach
Paul Redfern 5-1 Ian Lever
Stephen Gallimore 5-2 Craig Mansell
Ian McFarlane Bye
Matthew Edgar 5-3 Joe Lacey
Paul Harsant Bye
Dan Read 5-3 Tim Martin
Dirk Van Duijvenbode Bye
Jason Wilson 5-1 Dave Weston
John Crossley 5-0 Steve Perkins
Nathan Derry 5-0 Darren Williams
Paul Rowley 5-3 Danny Summers
Alan Tabern 5-0 Jordan Johnston
Robert Turner 5-0 Stuart Stubbs
Steven Lippett 5-2 Oliver Stell
Doug Thompson 5-2 Mike Norton
Alex Roy 5-0 Matthew Dicken
Curtis Hammond 5-0 Adam Smith-Neale
Nick Fullwell 5-2 Kevin Lane
Jack Tweddell Bye
Max Hopp 5-2 Brett Claydon
Jamie Robinson Bye
Vince Tipple 5-1 Lee Holden
Paul Palmer Bye
Trevor Burkhill 5-0 Darren Mawer

Second Round
Darren Weaver 5-0 Ryan Harrington
Kurt Parry 5-4 Prakash Jiwa
Mike Nott 5-3 Sam Hill
Jamie Landon 5-0 John Scott
Ben Songhurst 5-3 John Brammeld
Michael Beal 5-3 Nicholas Bloor
Richie Howson 5-2 Nigel Birch
Mark Hylton 5-2 Gaz Cousins
Reece Robinson 5-4 Andy Pearson
Mark Jones 5-4 Frankie Ansell
Steve Douglas 5-4 Jay Foreman
Kevin Thomas 5-2 Michael Burgoine
Ron Meulenkamp 5-2 Richard Ludlow
Karl Merchant 5-3 Steve Evans
Curtis Bagley 5-3 Luke Woodhouse
Mark Frost 5-2 Shaun Narain
Dimitri Van den Bergh 5-4 Mark Lawrence
Colin Fowler 5-4 Jaron Esteve
Dave Honey 5-4 Matthew Dennant
Scott Mackenzie 5-1 Mark Stephenson
Stephen Gallimore 5-3 Paul Redfern
Matthew Edgar 5-1 Ian McFarlane
Paul Harsant 5-1 Dan Read
Dirk Van Duijvenbode 5-1 Jason Wilson
Nathan Derry 5-2 John Crossley
Paul Rowley 5-4 Alan Tabern
Robert Turner 5-2 Steven Lippett
Alex Roy 5-2 Doug Thompson
Nick Fullwell 5-3 Curtis Hammond
Max Hopp 5-1 Jack Tweddell
Jamie Robinson 5-0 Vince Tipple
Trevor Burkhill 5-0 Paul Palmer
Losers: £50

Third Round
Kurt Parry 5-3 Darren Weaver
Mike Nott 5-3 Jamie Landon
Ben Songhurst 5-3 Michael Beal
Mark Hylton 5-3 Richie Howson
Reece Robinson 5-3 Mark Jones
Steve Douglas 5-2 Kevin Thomas
Ron Meulenkamp 5-2 Karl Merchant
Mark Frost 5-2 Curtis Bagley
Dimitri Van den Bergh 5-0 Colin Fowler
Scott Mackenzie 5-0 Dave Honey
Matthew Edgar 5-0 Stephen Gallimore
Dirk Van Duijvenbode 5-4 Paul Harsant
Paul Rowley 5-3 Nathan Derry
Alex Roy 5-4 Robert Turner
Max Hopp 5-2 Nick Fullwell
Jamie Robinson 5-2 Tervor Burkhill
Losers: £100

Fourth Round
Mike Nott 5-1 Kurt Parry
Mark Hylton 5-3 Ben Songhurst
Reece Robinson 5-4 Steve Douglas
Mark Frost 5-1 Ron Meulenkamp
Scott Mackenzie 5-3 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Matthew Edgar 5-4 Dirk Van Duijvenbode
Alex Roy 5-4 Paul Rowley
Jamie Robinson 5-3 Max Hopp
Losers: £200

Mark Hylton 5-0 Mike Nott
Mark Frost 5-3 Reece Robinson
Matt Edgar 5-3 Scott Mackenzie
Jamie Robinson 5-3 Alex Roy
Losers: £300

Mark Frost 5-4 Mark Hylton
Jamie Robinson 5-4 Matt Edgar
Losers: £500

Mark Frost 5-2 Jamie Robinson
Winner: £2,000
Runner-up: £1,000

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour
Event 12
Ricoh Arena, Coventry, Sunday July 6
First Round
Scott Mackenzie 5-4 Dave Honey
Frankie Ansell 5-2 Matthew Dicken
Joe Lacey 5-1 Jamie Landon
Jason Wilson 5-2 Mark Forman
Shaun Narain 5-4 John Goldie
Dave Place 5-4 Vince Tipple
Jack Tweddell 5-1 Michael Blake
Matthew Edgar 5-3 Kevin Lane
Robert Parker 5-3 John Scott
Richie Howson 5-2 Brandon Walsh
Doug Thompson Bye
Jamie Robinson 5-2 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Richie Winpenny Bye
Lee Holden 5-2 Krit Middleton
Steven Lippett Bye
Stuart Holden 5-1 Dan Read
Ben Gaiter 5-1 Nigel Birch
Trevor Burkhill 5-0 Paul Palmer
Sion Thomas 5-2 Stuart Stubbs
Luke Woodhouse 5-0 Hermie Van Orsouw
Barrie Bates 5-3 Dirk Van Duijvenbode
Gaz Cousins 5-3 Mike Nott
Jay Foreman 5-3 Paul Harsant
Colin Fowler 5-1 Oliver Stell
Curtis Bagley 5-4 Adam Smith-Neale
James Bevan 5-3 Nathan Derry
Steven Cupitt Bye
Danny Pinhorne 5-3 Paul Redfern
Brett Claydon Bye
Dave Weston 5-1 Mark Stephenson
Geoff Heath Bye
Nick Fullwell 5-2 Kurt Parry
Paul Rowley 5-1 Jaron Esteve
Simon Cassidy 5-1 Roy Lowe
Andrew Howarth 5-1 Darren Burksfield
Richard Ludlow 5-3 Stephen Gallimore
Max Hopp 5-1 Ian Mcfarlane
Paul Carter 5-1 Danny Summers
Michael Beal 5-1 Craig Mansell
Karl Merchant 5-4 Reece Robinson
Terry Roach 5-3 Robert Turner
Matthew Dennant 5-2 Peter Evison
Steve Perkins Bye
Nicholas Bloor 5-0 Jordon Johnston
Jack Hill Bye
Darren Mawer 5-1 Tony Richardson
Lee Moffat Bye
Curtis Hammond 5-2 Andy Pearson
Jon Jukes 5-1 Kevin Bambrick
Matt Clark 5-4 Mark Hylton
Shaun Griffiths 5-3 Tim Martin
Kevin Thomas 5-2 Mike Norton
Alex Roy 5-4 Mark Lawrence
Mark Jones 5-4 Ben Songhurst
John Crossley 5-1 Ian Lever
John Brammeld 5-2 Darren Williams
Ryan Palmer Bye
Prakash Jiwa 5-2 Steve Evans
Michael Burgoine Bye
Mark Frost 5-2 Steve Douglas
Ron Meulenkamp Bye
Ryan Harrington 5-4 Sam Hill
Aden Kirk Bye
Darren Weaver 5-3 Alan Tabern

Second Round
Scott Mackenzie 5- 0 Frankie Ansell
Jason Wilson 5-4 Joe Lacey
Dave Place 5-2 Shaun Narain
Matthew Edgar 5-1 Jack Tweddell
Robert Parker 5-2 Richie Howson
Jamie Robinson 5-4 Doug Thompson
Richie Winpenny 5-2 Lee Holden
Steven Lippett 5-2 Stuart Holden
Ben Gaiter 5-4 Trevor Burkhill
Luke Woodhouse 5-3 Sion Thomas
Barrie Bates 5-1 Gaz Cousins
Jay Foreman 5-4 Colin Fowler
Curtis Bagley 5-4 James Bevan
Danny Pinhorne 5-1 Steven Cupitt
Brett Claydon 5-4 Dave Weston
Nick Fullwell 5-2 Geoff Heath
Paul Rowley 5-1 Simon Cassidy
Andrew Howarth 5-3 Richard Ludlow
Max Hopp 5-4 Paul Carter
Michael Beal 5-4 Karl Merchant
Terry Roach 5-4 Matthew Dennant
Nicholas Bloor 5-3 Steve Perkins
Jack Hill 5-3 Darren Mawer
Curtis Hammond 5-0 Lee Moffat
Jon Jukes 5-1 Matt Clark
Kevin Thomas 5-3 Shaun Griffiths
Alex Roy 5-3 Mark Jones
John Crossley 5-3 John Brammeld
Prakash Jiwa 5-4 Ryan Palmer
Mark Frost 5-2 Michael Burgoine
Ron Meulenkamp 5-0 Ryan Harrington
Aden Kirk 5-4 Darren Weaver
Losers: £50

Third Round
Jason Wilson 5-3 Scott Mackenzie
Matthew Edgar 5-4 Dave Place
Jamie Robinson 5-2 Robert Parker
Steven Lippett 5-3 Richie Winpenny
Luke Woodhouse 5-1 Ben Gaiter
Jay Foreman 5-4 Barrie Bates
Curtis Bagley 5-4 Danny Pinhorne
Brett Claydon 5-3 Nick Fullwell
Andrew Howarth 5-3 Paul Rowley
Michael Beal 5-4 Max Hopp
Tony Roach 5-2 Nicholas Bloor
Curtis Hammond 5-1 Jack Hill
Kevin Thomas 5-3 Jon Jukes
Alex Roy 5-2 John Crossley
Mark Frost 5-0 Prakash Jiwa
Aden Kirk 5-4 Ron Meulenkamp
Losers: £100

Fourth Round
Jason Wilson 5-0 Matthew Edgar
Jamie Robinson 5-0 Steven Lippett
Jay Foreman 5-4 Luke Woodhouse
Brett Claydon 5-3 Curtis Bagley
Andrew Howarth 5-4 Michael Beal
Curtis Hammond 5-4 Tony Roach
Kevin Thomas 5-1 Alex Roy
Aden Kirk 5-3 Mark Frost
Losers: £200

Jamie Robinson 5-4 Jason Wilson
Brett Claydon 5-1 Jay Foreman
Andrew Howarth 5-2 Curtis Hammond
Aden Kirk 5-3 Kevin Thomas
Losers: £300

Brett Claydon 5-4 Jamie Robinson
Aden Kirk 5-4 Andrew Howarth
Losers: £500

Brett Claydon 5-4 Aden Kirk
Winner: £2,000
Runner-Up: £1,000

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