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Article: Red Dragon - The Choice of Champions

Red Dragon - The Choice of Champions

Throughout Red Dragon’s 46 years history of manufacturing premium darts equipment, we’ve worked closely with a vast array of the World’s leading darts professionals and experts in constantly developing industry leading darts and products.

Our priority when working with our sponsored professionals is to ensure that they have the perfect equipment and set-up to allow them to excel on the oche. All our professionals are custom fit and we work intricately with them on each minute detail of their darts, providing them with the confidence to perform and get the most out of their throw.

Over the last 12 months we’ve been delighted to see that 8 out of the 11 PDC TV Majors are currently held by Red Dragon players – a testament to their hard work both on and off the oche.

Each player has a unique journey and evolution throughout their career, which can often be expressed through their darts. We take a look through their darting journeys and story behind finding their major-winning darts.

Gerwyn Price

Gerwyn Price 2021 PDC World Champion

World Champion 2021 | World Grand Prix 2020 Winner | World Series Finals 2020 Winner | World Cup of Darts 2020

Gerwyn Price completed arguably the most rapid rise in PDC history when he claimed the 2021 World Championship, from earning his tour card in 2014 to World No.1 just seven years later.

The Iceman’s game is built on a core of passion, determination and hard work as a player who thrives on the pressure and competition at the oche.

After his World Championship triumph in January, Gezzy discussed his journey to the top of the rankings and what has driven the Iceman through his monumental rise.

The Welshman’s darts barrel has been a constant throughout his journey to the pinnacle of darts, focusing on his front heavy grip, utilising the ever-reliable razor edge grip technology.

Gezzy said “I’ve been pretty consistent with my darts, I settled on the front razor edge grip pretty quick when working with Lee and the production team.

“We tweaked the rear end a bit with the wave grooves, I don’t grip that section of the dart and most people I speak to think they’re more of a visual addition, but they are key in achieving the exact balance on the dart for my release and making them sit in the board exactly how I want them.”

Price has tinkered slightly with this winning formula, looking to squeeze an extra few percent out of his game and launched the Iceman Thunder Special Edition.

Based on his Iceman Originals, the Thunder SE features sleek matte black coating and gold effect stripes, providing Gezzy an improved visual when the dart is sitting in the board.

You can explore the full Gerwyn “Iceman” Price range here.

Gerwyn Price Thunder Special Edition

Peter Wright

Peter Wright World Matchplay Champion 2021

European Championship 2020 Winner | World Matchplay 2021 Winner

We could write a whole book on the darting journey of Peter Wright, the master tinkerer is World famous for his frequent equipment changes in his quest for perfection.

Snakebite has developed a close working relationship with Production Director Lee Huxtable during his decade-long partnership with Red Dragon. During this time hundreds of prototypes have been produced for Peter with the goal of helping improve his game, but this also has been a driving factor in Red Dragon’s development, pushing the boundaries of darts manufacturing to provide leading products to the market.

This partnership culminated in Peter realising his ultimate darting dream when he was crowned PDC World Champion in 2020. Shortly after his triumph we sat down with Snakebite to discuss his full journey to his perfect darts (at the time!) – the Peter Wright World Champion 2020 Edition:

Even after this success, Peter was still looking for improvements and to adjust his darts based on even external factors, such as, the conditions at the venue and adapting to how his body naturally has changed throughout the year and at that point of his career.

Despite the tinkering, there has been one near constant in Peter’s armoury – the Euro 11 Elements. Peter’s love affair with the diamond fusion grip has been well documented, as the Scotsman experiments with different barrels and grip types – he often returns to the Euro 11 Elements as the origins of his first major TV title success.

“The element grip is amazing, no matter what the conditions I have confidence in the feel and consistency that the Euro 11s give me” said Peter “My wife Jo is always telling me to stick with them when I look to be veering down a new line of thought, and maybe she’s right, especially after how well they flew for me at the Matchplay

“The Winter Gardens is notorious for it’s hot conditions and the grip didn’t waver a bit throughout the tournament.

“I’d been playing with a few different gold coloured darts in my practice room during the spring and asked if Lee could make some sets of the Euro 11’s in gold and well, the rest is history!”

Wright has always said that any of his new sets need to be tested in tour conditions to be fully tried and tested, the latest Euro 11 Element Gold’s didn’t disappoint as Peter claimed the Players Championship 20 title before embarking to the Matchplay.

Since their launch last month, the titanium nitride coated beauties have been in red-hot demand and we’re hoping will deliver Peter much more major success in the rest of 2021 and beyond.

You can explore the full Peter “Snakebite” Wright range here.

Peter Wright Euro 11 Element Gold PC20

Jonny Clayton

Jonny Clayton PDC Premier League Champion 2021

Premier League 2021 Winner | Masters 2021 Winner | World Cup of Darts 2020 Winner

Before his appearance on the PDC global tour, Jonny Clayton was a renowned name on the WDF circuit as an established Welsh international and a well-loved player, by both his opposition and team-mates.

Jonny’s “c’est la vie” approach to the game is refreshing to see on the oche, and is arguably one of the factors that keeps him focused on just the next three darts, believing in his ability and if he plays how he knows he can – then he can win.

After making the jump in 2015 and claiming his PDC tour card on the first attempt, Jonny has gone from strength-to-strength and climbed the PDC rankings. In the last 12 months “The Ferret” has excelled and enjoyed TV major success – lifting the Masters trophy and then the Premier League title in 2021.

In a peculiar twist of fate, Jonny was a late entrant to the Premier League after winning the Masters and replacing World Cup team-mate Gerwyn Price, who unfortunately was forced to withdraw from the tournament. Labelled as an outsider from the outset, in-form Jonny defied the odds and lifted the title in front of an emphatic returning crowd.

When Jonny originally teamed up with Red Dragon, he was playing with a dart from the longstanding Amberjack range and was looking for some tweaks to help take him to the next level.

“I started playing darts for my local rugby league as just something to do after work and rugby games. I played around with a few different types of barrels and settled on the Amberjacks.

“Fast forward to when I signed with Red Dragon, Lee was great in tweaking a custom barrel to suit me and get that extra 10/15% out of my game that I knew I needed if I really wanted to compete.

“I love the tapered front which helps me pack the trebles and added some rings on that nose where I place my fingers, we also slightly adjusted the main barrel grip and the colours on the barrel to give me my ideal dart really.

“I’ve not looked back since and these have obviously flown great for me. I’ve been working on a few extra things with Lee like the Special Editions to try some grip types to help me under pressure, but the barrel profile for me is perfect and flies so sweet through the air”.

Jonny’s latest darts commemorate his iconic Premier League win, featuring the latest milled grip technology to enhance his tour tested profile and are combined with a sleek black coating with metallic red rings.

You can explore the full Jonny Clayton range here.

Jonny Clayton Premier League Special Edition

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