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Article: A West Midlands Round up - By Alan Towe

A West Midlands Round up - By Alan Towe

After a long, long patient wait the West Midlands Men’s Super League is back up and running and after the opening fixtures it’s Gilbert’s Bar who lead the way with their ‘B’ side topping the table with six points following their convincing 4-1 victory over Red Lion. The 3-2 win over Chuckery sees Gilbert’s ‘A’ joint second with Kings Head and Staffordshire Knot ‘A’ who in turn won 3-2 against Victoria and ECC. However, Gilbert’s ‘A’ had to come from 2-0 down after Craig Jones and Dave Lukas had given the visitors the lead. Phil Clarke and Neil Wild leveled the score at 2-2 with Simon Pritchard giving the hosts the win with his 4-1 success over Liam Boulton.

Full Results:Week 1:- ECC 2 Staffordshire Knot ‘A’ 3 (Martin East 4 Justin Evans 1, Mark Daniels 1 Eddie Price 4, Luke Griffiths 1 Matthew Dicken 4, Mike Hampson 2 Scott Hall 4, Adam Teasdale 4 Martin Angell 1), Kings Head 3 Victoria 2 (Shaun Carroll 4 Danny Coyle 0, Gaz Watts 4 Ian Stanton 3, Steve Hickman 0 Doug Thompson 4, Richard Platt 4 Glen Cullen 0, Chris Stanley 4 Neil Pointon 1), Gilbert’s Bar ‘A’ 3 Chuckery 2 (Reece Cook 1 Craig Jones 4, Jamie Webb 1 Dave Lukas 4, Phil Clarke 4 Mark Watkiss 2, Neil Wild 4 Clarke Cook 0, Simon Pritchard 4 Liam Boulton 1), Red Lion 1 Gilbert’s Bar ‘B’ 4 (Billy Robbins 1 Rob Thompson 4, Tom Farmington 0 Ben Johnson 4, David Robbins 4 John Blakemore 1, Luke Wildman 3 Chris Hill 4, Martin Price 3 Steve Lynch 4).

After only two fixtures Roost Rebels have been ousted from their number one spot in the Camp Hill League after suffering a massive 7-0 defeat away to Sheldon Marlborough who with four points take over in pole position with Rebels dropping to sixth place in the table.

Moseley Arms suffered a 5-2 defeat away to Aston Inn Nomads but remain second, now sharing the position with Tyseley Newbies and Tyseley WMC, Newbies, after their 5-2 win over their local rivals Tyseley WMC lost 4-3 at New Inn while the WMC got their season started as they beat Peaky Blinder 6-1.

Meadway Social, like Aston Inn Nomads, played their first fixture of the campaign and began well by handing their opponents Sedgemere Devils a 7-0 whitewash.

Full Results:Week 2:- New Inn 4 Tyseley Newbies 3, Nomads 5 Moseley 2, Meadway 7 Sedgemere Devils 0, Tyseley WMC 6 Peaky Blinder 1, Sheldon Marlborough 7 Roost Rebels 0.

Week two in the Black Country Men’s Super League and leaders Allens Bar ‘C’ made it two straight 5-0 wins when they beat Three Diamonds to put them on 14 points from the opening two games. Second in the table Yeltz Bar ‘A’ were also 5-0 winners in their home game against Old Hill CC, leaving them just one point short of the leaders.

A close 3-2 win at Allens Bar ‘B’ was enough to give High Acres ‘A’ the points and take their tally to 12, giving them third place and a one point lead over fourth in the table Railway Tavern who added a 4-1 win over White Swan to last week’s 3-2 success over High Acres ‘B’.

Full Results:Week 2:- Allens Bar ‘B’ 2 High Acres ‘A’ 3 (C.Hickman 4 M.Flatman 2, S.Bastable 3 C.Cartwright 4, L.Shaw 1 J.Barrowman 4, P.Harrison 0 R.Bowen 4, T.Baker 4 G.Moreton 3), Yeltz Bar ‘A’ 5 Old Hill CC 0 (D.Nicholls 4 S.Hill 2, P.Wells 4 D.Haden 3, S.Gillam 4 P.Hadley 1, R.Smith 4 M.Bayliss 3, J.Lowe 4 T.Johnson 0), Allens Bar ‘C’ 5 Three Diamonds 0 (C.Wood 4 M.Crumpton 1, M.Coleman 4 B.Tolley 1, J.Blakemore 4 C.Eaves 3, O.Maiden 4 P.O’Brien 0, S.Jones 4 D.Yeomans 2), Allens Bar ‘A’ 4 Yeltz Bar ‘B’ 1 (S.Hall 0 K.Harrison 4, G.Johnston 4 M.Greenwood 0, J.Evans 4 T.Brennan 3, J.Simms 4 D.Arnold 1, S.Price 4 M.Moore 1), High Acres ‘B’ 3 Horse and Jockey 2 (K.Harris 3 A.Howells 4, L.Law 4 S.Hartopp 1, A.Edgar 4 J.Gennard 0, B.Watts 2 B.Hollowood 4, J.Moore 4 K.Ellwell 0), Railway Tavern 4 White Swan 1 (M.Rollinson 1 D.Hill 4, L.Kelly 4 S.Sheridan 2, J.Rollinson 4 N.Steventon 2, T.Bissell 4 J.Hykin 0, R.Colley 4 M.Tedstone 3).

The first leg of the first round of their League Cup was the opener of the new season in the Netherton Thursday Night League with three of the four results ending with a close 5-4 scoreline. Taking their slight advantage into the second leg were Townsend Social Club, Fairfield and Netherton Conservative Club who in turn accounted for Bulls Head, Netherton Sports and Social and Old Hill Cricket Club.

The biggest winners on the night were Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club who in their away game at Spring Meadow Social Club came away with a 6-3 lead.

Full Results:League Cup:Round One (First Leg):- Townsend Social Club 5 Bulls Head 4, Fairfield 5 Netherton Sports and Social 4, Netherton Conservative Club 5 Old Hill Cricket Club 4, Spring Meadow Social Club 3 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6.

Dewdrop and the Vine opened their accounts in the new season of the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League with 7-0 wins in turn over Tamebridge and Albion to go joint top of the table. Horseley Tavern and Waggon and Horses both had close 4-3 wins over their respective opponents Hayes Social and Miners Arms.

Full Results:Week 1:- Horseley Tavern 4 Hayes Social 3, Vine 7 Albion 0, Miners Arms 3 Waggon and Horses 4, Tamebridge 0 Dewdrop 7.

In week eighteen Martin Price, leader of the Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night League added an impressive 7-1 win over Arthur Lubkowski to his tally to put him on 133 points from 17 games and give him a lead of five points over second in the table Simon Mountford who won his fixture with Luke Wildman 5-3. Alex Howells is third and like the two players above him has played 17 games he is only one point behind Mountford.

Fourth and fifth placed Steve Jones and Ben Johnson both have a game in hand on the top three players and are in turn just seven and eight points adrift of the leader Price.

Full Results:Week 18:Board 1:- Eddie Gripton 0 Shane Price 8, Sophie Fawcett 1 Neil Wild 7, Paul Vaughan 2 Kris Jones 6, Ben Johnson 3 Steve Lynch 5, Board 2:- Paul Vaughan 3 Joe Bartolo 5, Jan Zeman 0 Steve Jones 8, Arthur Lubkowski 1 Martin Price 7, Simon Pritchard 4 Jon Blakemore 4, Board 3:- Reece Cook-Lucas 4 Arthur Lubkowski 4, Alex Howells 6 Shaun Hartopp 2, Neil Wild 6 Ant Dent 2, Board 4:- Simon Mountford 5 Luke Wildman 3, Jamie Webb 8 Sarah Parker 0, Tom Hollowood 6 Jamie Aplin 2.

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