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Article: The PDC Darts World Championship Effect

The PDC Darts World Championship Effect

The huge £1.2m prize fund on offer at the PDC World Championships skews the 2-year rolling PDC rankings, in so far that it’s not a proper guide of who the real form players are. Whilst it helps keep best known players in the top 16, when we look at the final 2-year rankings its harsh for example that Paul Nicholson lost his full tour card, in view of his 2018 results on the European Tour. Possible amendments to the current system? Our data experts have taken a closer look at what might be a better system to keep form players on tour.
  1. Top 64 on a 2-year system
  2. Top 32 on a 1-year system (Excludes players who only played the worlds)
  3. New tour cards 1-year only
This would alleviate the issue of allocating the massive prize money in the worlds against players who’ve had pretty good seasons, just missed qualifying or lose in the preliminary round and still lose their cards. Top 16 - Two-Year Ranking (Excluding last 2 World Championship prize money)
      1. Michael van Gerwen 1018500.00 (1)
      2. Peter Wright 644000.00 (3)
      3. Daryl Gurney 495750.00 (5)
      4. Gary Anderson 440000.00 (4)
      5. Gerwyn Price 362750.00 (7)
      6. Rob Cross 350750.00 (2)
      7. Mensur Suljovic 347750.00 (8)
      8. Simon Whitlock 317250.00 (9)
      9. James Wade 295000.00 (10)
      10. Michael Smith 287000.00 (6)
      11. Ian White 248250.00 (11)
      12. Dave Chisnall 218750.00 (12)
      13. Joe Cullen 216000.00 (15)
      14. Johnny Clayton 206750.00 (16)
      15. Darren Webster 199750.00 (13)
      16. Adrian Lewis 196750.00 (14)
    1. Paul Nicholson 45750.00 (65)

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