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Article: Advanced Dynamics - Reflex

Advanced Dynamics - Reflex

The Reflex range is a barrel focused on providing the perfect blend of grip and feel in a classic torpedo profile. We take a deeper look into the design and throwing dynamics of this beautiful dart, to give you an insight into how they perform on the oche. Darts Profile: Dimensions 24g 26g 28g Barrel Length: 40.6 mm Barrel Length: 40.6 mm Barrel Length: 43.2 mm Barrel Width: 8.0 mm Barrel Width: 8.3 mm Barrel Width: 8.3 mm Grip Square Groves Reflex, Darts, Red Dragon Darts New to the 2019 collection, the Reflex is an iconic contender for the most beautiful darts of the year. The sleek design not only offers stunning aesthetics but a powerful, well-balanced performance dart. The range is available in 24g, 26g, and 28g models to suit an array of preferred weights. The Reflex are a 90% tungsten torpedo shaped barrel, offering a bullet-like feel when throwing at the board. This is achieved by offering a slightly thicker but shorter barrel, which still allows plenty of room to pack the treble beds. The barrel’s specification features elegant red trident points, which completes the stylish look. These aren’t just for show however, as the aluminium collar greatly reduces dart-on-dart deflections to aid snug grouping on the board. Grip Dynamics The Reflex’s grip pattern has a strong focus on the primary bank of ring grip. This is centrally located to offer an effective level 3 grip for players who focus their index fingers on the middle of the barrel, with the thumb sat deeper on the barrel delivering perfectly middle-balanced performance. With two small peripheral ring grip features at the rear of the barrel with a primary function to serve as repetitive reference points for your grip – no matter how quickly you throw. Throw Dynamics
  • Trajectory/Flight
Designed from classic criteria the reflex darts give a smooth, natural curve in flight with a focus to leave the flights sat up in the dartboard, however these darts could be under-stacked with a change in flight and shaft.
  • Effort/Power
Shorter barrels and torpedo profile allow the weight point to be concentrated in a smaller area, encouraging a smooth high release action with less effort.
  • Aim/Fluidity
With simple hand-to-hand design through twin rear ring grips, Reflex allows ease of aim at any pace of throw. Reflex connects players who seek both style and pure rhythm from this classic modern design. Advanced Recommendations Reflex can operate with ease across all 3 shaft lengths (Short, Intermediate, Medium), our advanced professional testing favoured the shortest shaft length, but this was dependent on length and height of throw. Contents: Flights: 1x Hardcore Extra Thick Standard Shaft: 1x Nitrotech polycarbonate medium Points: Silver effect Trident red points Wallet/Case: Red Dragon Tri-fold Pro Wallet You can view the full Reflex range here. Send us your Feedback We want to hear all about your experience with our Reflex range - send us in your comments and photos via Facebook (@RedDragonDartsUK), Twitter (@reddragondarts) and Instagram (@reddragondarts)

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