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Article: Jacques Stops Wilkinson Treble to Regain Barnsley Open

Jacques Stops Wilkinson Treble to Regain Barnsley Open

Pete Jacques became the 4th Barnsley Open Champion and his 2nd time as title holder of the Projectdarts tournament held at the Ward Green club in South Yorkshire. He beat Carl Wilkinson who was going for his 3rd on the trot previously winning in 2015 and 2016. [caption id="attachment_24904" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Pete Jacques, Antonio Cruz, Carl Wilkinson, Project Darts, Barnsley Open, Red Dragon Darts Pete Jacques, Ref. Antonio Cruz and Carl Wilkinson[/caption] YEAR WINNER R/UP 2014 PETER JACQUES CHRIS COOPER 2015 CARL WILKINSON DENNIS TIMMIS 2016 CARL WILKINSON MATT PADGETT 2017 PETER JACQUES CARL WILKINSON The opening round threw up some good contests and none better than Owen Cubitt and James Thomas as both men brought their A game with Owen shading it 4-2. Another youngster, Tom Gurran showed how much he has improved with a fine win over Jimmy Chojnowski with the same scoreline 4-2. 1st Round MATTY SHAW 3-4 GED BAILEY GREG BEARD 4-0 ADY LINDLY IAN CROOKS 1-4 GREG MARTIN DAZ JOHNSON 4-0 ALY HOBLIN DANNY RAFFERTY 1-4 CHRIS MARKHAM OWEN CUBITT 4-2 JAMES THOMAS STEVE RUMBLE 4-1 STEVE SHADWICK BOB PINDER 4-1 WAYNE MARSHALL JIMMY CHOJNOWSKI 4-2 TOM GURRAN [caption id="attachment_24905" align="aligncenter" width="470"]Daz Johnson, Barnsley Open, Projectdarts, Red Dragon Darts Daz Johnson - 4 x 180s[/caption] 2nd Round The 2nd round Rab Mckenzie was 3-1 up over former PDP world champion Pete Jacques, rattling in 2 x 21 dart legs but Pete, also a PDC pro tour finalist, clawed back with 16/17/14 legs and 3 x 180s to win 4-3 in a epic match. Darren Johnson hit four maximums in his win over Chris Markham. Owen Cubitt missed 2 darts at the double before going down to the inaugural SDM winner Steve Rumble. Bob Pinder hit 3 x 180s in his victory over Tom Gurran. Dave Molyneaux won 4-2 over Antonio Cruz besides Antonio hitting a 116 out. Tony Molyneaux edged out Steve Meek 4-3 with both men recording maximums. ANTONIO CRUZ 2-4 DAVE MOLYNEAUX TONY HIRST 1-4 CARL WALKER LESTER BOWERS 4-0 MARK HELLIWELL JOHN BOWLER 0-4 CARL WILKINSON LEE CUSHWORTH 1-4 ANDY JONES KEV HEMES 4-1 SIE SIMMONS LEE BAILEY 4-0 ANNE LOFTHOUSE TONY MOLYNEAUX 4-3 STEVE MEEK CHRIS BURD 1-4 MARK GURRAN RAB MCKENZIE 3-4 PETER JACQUES MARTIN ROGERS 1-4 STEVE MARFLEET LLOYD MARSHALL 4-1 GED BAILEY GREG BEARD 4-3 GREG MARTIN DAZ JOHNSON 4-0 CHRIS MARKHAM OWEN CUBITT 3-4 STEVE RUMBLE BOB PINDER 4-3 TOM GURRAN 3rd Round Pete Jacques hit another three maximums to beat Mark Gurran 4-0 and posted a 13 dart leg also. Lloyd Marshall was met with a in-form Steve Marfleet. After Lloyd going 3-1 up, Steve then hit 2 x 13 & a 14 dart leg to win 4-3. Steve Rumble and Bob Pinder had the game of the round as Bob led 3-2 before Steve came through 4-3 with Bob hitting two maximums, Steve also hit 2 x 180s and had 12 & 15 dart legs. Carl Wilkinson with legs of 20, 21, 17 and 18 won 4-0 over Lester Bowers. DAVE MOLYNEAUX 4-1 CARL WALKER LESTER BOWERS 0-4 CARL WILKINSON ANDY JONES 2-4 KEV HAMES LEE BAILEY 1-4 TONY MOLYNEAUX MARK GURRAN 0-4 PETER JACQUES STEVE MARFLEET 4-3 LLOYD MARSHALL GREG BEARD 0-4 DAZ JOHNSON STEVE RUMBLE 4-3 BOB PINDER 4th Round Steve Marfleet gave another good account of himself but went down 4-2 to Pete Jacques' 2 x 180s 18, 18, 16 and 13 dart legs. Steve Rumble finished well and took a very strong 4-0 win over Daz Johnson. Dave Molyneaux missed the chance for an all brother affair in the last 4 as he let a 3-1 lead slip, going down 4-3 to Carl Wilkinson and it was Tony Molyneaux who won the last semi spot beating Kev Hames 4-0. STEVE MARFLEET 1-4 PETE JACQUES STEVE RUMBLE 4-0 DAZ JOHNSON DAVE MOLYNEAUX 3-4 CARL WILKINSON TONY MOLYNEAUX 4-0 KEV HAMES Semi Finals Tony Molyneaux gave everything but the clinical finishing from Carl Wilkinson was enough to see Barnsley's no 1 go into the final. He would play Pete Jacques as Pete would fight off a spirited effort from Steve Rumble who had played very well all day but just falling short at the very end going down 5-3. STEVE RUMBLE 3-5 PETER JACQUES CARL WILKINSON 5-3 TONY MOLYNEAUX Final Carl Wilkinson had played well all day and continued that in the final with legs of 12, 16 and18 but going down 6-3 as Pete hit four maximums and legs of 14, 18, 18, 17, 18 and 17 to take the Barnsley open the tournament he held back in 2014. CARL WILKINSON 3-6 PETER JACQUES

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