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Article: Hearn Backs Walk-on Girls - If TV Bosses Give Green Light

Hearn Backs Walk-on Girls - If TV Bosses Give Green Light

Darts chief Barry Hearn has admitted that if TV bosses give the green light to walk-on girls they will return to the sport. Professional Darts Corporation Chairman Hearn revealed in a Talksport interview that he would bring back the glamour if TV chiefs changed their stance. He said: “I’m totally sick of it. The point we are trying to take on board here is that number one we are living in changing times and it is causing changes to sport and it’s probably going to get worse rather than better. “I have no personal problems whatsoever with walk-on girls at darts. They’ve been there since the beginning, the girls are great, they get paid, it’s a job for them, and I haven’t got a problem. “But I’ve got one big problem, the age we live in. I’ve got BBC, ITV and Sky saying to me this is not part of their editorial policy anymore. “They don’t want to show the walk-on girls on television. If you can tell me what I can do about it, I’ll do it. “Only people that can give us an answer as to why are the heads of sport at ITV, BBC and Sky. They are my friends and we do a lot of business with them, they pump a huge amount of money into our sport. “I have no choice what goes on television. That is the responsibility of the TV companies. Now if those companies come back to me and say actually we don’t have a problem, the walk-on girls are back. “But they are not saying that so tell me what I am supposed to do? Don’t write to me, write to the heads of sport at BBC, ITV and Sky. “Because I have no problem whatsoever, nor does the whole of darts with the walk-on girls. “I can give you a thousand reasons. The girls that lead the horses on at Cheltenham Festival, they walk by the side of a horse with a banner on with the sponsor of the event. Boxing ring card girls are not quite the same because they never appear on television. “So tell me the answer and I’ll do it. I just don’t know what to do.” By Phil Lanning (@lannomedia)

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