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Article: DartsNutz Darts Review – Red Dragon Sumo Darts

DartsNutz Darts Review – Red Dragon Sumo Darts

This is a nice looking dart and quite a good one to throw for a front gripper.  I think like I said above that it may have suited me more if the black ring section was may be another 4-5 mm closer to the nose but on the whole it was nicely balanced with a front grip and threw quite well. It may feel a little strange at first having that thicker section there but you get used to the feel after a few throws and it also makes it easy to locate your grip when taking the darts out your hand.  Sometimes I got a little bit of fishtailing but I think on the whole they flew nice and steady through the air and I quite liked the shape of the flight but occasionally I seemed to drop them a little lower than expected.

I was very surprised that when I tried the rear-ish grip that they seemed to fly rather well too, so it is possible they could work very well for a naturally rear (ish) gripper is you like a slightly front weighted dart.  Also if you grip just past the black ring grip section the barrel kind of steps down a little which gives you something to push against from a rear-ish grip.

Overall the darts are nicely made and there is not a lot can go wrong with the grip design as its a tried and tested thin cut double ring on the thick section, so works well 

Its a dart that may feel a little strange at first but after you play with it a few times it you soon get a feel for it and it rewards you well, definitely worth a go for front grippers but may suit some rear grippers too.


Looks: 8 (Nice looking barrel)
Grip: 7 (on a 1 to 10 Scale, 10 been severe grip)
Weight match: 9 (2 were exact and third very close)
Quality: 8 (good quality)
Value: 8 (fine)
Suitability for me: 8 (got better and better the more I have thrown them)

Best Feature: Nicely weighted especially for front gripper

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