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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

A final 7-1 home win over Pavillions gave Crown at Olton the premier division title in the Sheldon and District Winter League as the win took their points tally to 32 four more than runners up Mackadown Social who ended their programme with a 6-2 home win over The Pirates. The division one title was close with Iron Horse Flights and Crown-Forget-Me-Not both finishing with 26 points, Iron Horse winning their last game and the division on average when they won 6-2 at Holy Souls while Crown won 5-3 at home against George ‘V’. The final game in division two produced a title decider between Shirley RBL Misfits and Lyndon Old Boys. Prior to the fixture there was just one point between the two teams, Shirley on 26 and Lyndon 25. The result was a hard fought 4-4 draw to give Shirley RBL Misfits the title. Shadow league winners were Pavillions (premier), Sheldon Dukes (division one) and Small Heath Amateur Gardeners (division two). Full Results:Week 18:Premier Division:- Crown at Olton 7 (J.Sidwell 100,101b, M.Wall 125, T.Radnell 160b, A.Hutchings 105b,2x100,116f, P.Nunn 123, J.Jennings 120b,100f, P.Yardley 140,102) Pavillions 1 (B.Evans 2x100, R.Richards 125,105b, M.Morgan 100b, M.Turner 105b), Highwood KB’s 2 (N.Wykes 127, T.Hobbs 180) Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 6 (D.Nixon 180, M.Cooper 130, P.Connolly 152b, R.Nixon 120, L.Nixon 139, M.Barber 121, P.Nixon 160b,120b,131), Castle Vale Residents Association 3 (J.Frost 100, J.Burdett 112b, G.Taylor 110, A.Barber 113, B.Cadby 100) The Harvester 5 (M.Hicks 3x100, I.Evans 113, N.Warner 126,100,100f), Saltley Amateur Gardeners 2 (J.Phipps 112b) The Lyndon 6 (D.Wright 102b, R.Lucas 121, J.Buckingham 121,100, T.Constable 111,140, P.Collins 100, P.Henderson 100), Mackadown Social 6 The Pirates 2, Division One:- Yardley Ex Colts 2 (P.Welch 110b, R.Collins 2x100, J.King 100,130, J.Darby 140,100b) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 6 (P.Jones 100, D.Humphries 125,116,10 darts game, D.Howlett 100, P.Brown 100), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 5 (D.Sudbury 122, N.Davis 100,138f, B.Skinner 121) Crown Arrows 3 (R.Vann 100, J.Morrisey 104,2x100b), Sheldon Dukes 5 (C.Cotter 109b, P.Sunner 120, G.Groves 3x100, A.Plows 108b) Willclare Sports and Social 3 (M.Tilley 140, Matt Holt 140,100, Mick Holt 111f, B.Dixon 117, P.Wilcock 100, F.Dixon 100, J.Allen 100), Holy Souls 2 (M.O’Sullivan 100, C.Sharman 3x100, J.Duffy 100, K.Chamberlain 100) Iron Horse 6 (A.Mayell 120b, M.Bown 154b, R.Earl 100,140, J.Green 140, T.Whitehouse 121, D.Mortiboys 120b, 100,102), Crown-Forget-Me-Not 5 (L.Barnsley 100, I.Scattergood 117b, S.Gardiner 100, C.Kettlewell snr 100,105, A.Smith 100, T.Colley 100,125,120b) George ‘V’ 3 (J.Hinson 140, Stu Palmer 100, Scott Palmer 2x100, C.Horsley 140, A.Dews 100), Division Two:- Ridgemere Social Flights 5 (L,Carter 100m C,Smith 100, D.Jones 100, P.Fielding 2x100, D.Lees 100b) Meadway Sports and Social 3 (M.Shellis 100,135, D.Delaney 100), Lyndon Old Boys 4 (G.Wilson 140, D.Sheridan 2x100) Shirley RBL Misfits 4 (L.Clutterbuck 156,116b, J.Boyle 100, D.Rutter 134, J.O’Sullivan 100,101), Highwood Exiles 5 (A.Thurman 100, M.Mitchell 100, P.Harvey 113, C.Harrison 101, D.Carey 100,122,105b) Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 3 (S.Harper 100b, A.Hegney 126), Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 5 (N.Ricketts 100, L.Allwood 100) Maggies 3 (D.Tudor 100, N.Hall 140, P.Molloy 100).
It was cup week in the South Birmingham League, first the Secretaries Cup in which Neil Parsonage, with a close 2-1 verdict over John Whitehouse added yet another title to his already enormous list. Both semi final games finished 2-0 Parsonage beating Dan Cooper while Whitehouse took out Richard Liggins. The Captains Cup title went to Simon Edwards who had a close 2-1 result in the final against Nigel Groves. Edwards won his last four game against Scott Hipkiss 2-0, Groves had a closer 2-1 result against Dave Mortiboys. Emily Jones took the crown in the Ladies Singles Knockout, a 2-1 scoreline against Cindy Ray in the semis followed by a similar result in the final against Diane Hudson, Hudson beat Maggie Groves 2-0 in the semi finals. [caption id="attachment_21808" align="aligncenter" width="640"]South Birmingham League, Captains Cup Winner, Simon Edwards, Sue Kingdon South Birmingham League - Captains Cup Winner Simon Edwards with Sue Kingdon (Organiser)[/caption] [caption id="attachment_21809" align="aligncenter" width="640"]South Birmingham League, Secretaries Cup Winner, Neil Parsonage, Sue Kingdon South Birmingham League - Secretaries Cup Winner Neil Parsonage with Sue Kingdon (Organiser)[/caption] Full Results:Secretaries Cup:Semi Finals:- Neil Parsonage 2 Dan Cooper 0, John Whitehouse 2 Richard Liggins 0, Final:- Neil Parsonage 2 John Whitehouse 1, Captains Cup:Semi Finals:- Scott Hipkiss 0 Simon Edwards 2, Dave Mortiboys 2 Nigel Groves 1, Final:- Simon Edwards 2 Dave Mortiboys 1, Ladies Singles:Semi Finals:- Diane Hudson 2 Maggie Groves 0, Cindy Ray 1 Emily Jones 2, Final:- Diane Hudson 1 Emily Jones 2.
The Boat and Golden Hind both took their unbeaten runs in division one of the Sutton and District Summer League to four games as they both won 8-1, Boat winning at Old Oscott Arrows who are fourth in the table while Golden Hind won away against bottom placed Plough and Arrows. Erdington Club lead the way in division two, a 7-2 home win over Boldmere Tap maintaining their winning ways and giving them a four points lead over Boot and Drakes Drum who are joint second and have a game in hand on the leaders, Boot won their tie at Red Lion 6-3, while Drakes Drum had a bye this week. Just one leg of average separate the Fox and Old Oscott WMC at the top of the third division, Fox had a 7-2 win away to bottom of the table Lad in the Lane, Old Oscott WMC were 6-3 winners at Oscott Social to keep the pressure on the Fox. Full Results:Week 4:Division One:- Plough and Arrows 1 (W.Chinn 130,116,100, N.Robbins 2x100, G.Baxter 100, I.Taylor 140,134,100, P.Smith 145,2x100, P.Seadon 125) Golden Hind 8 (J.Morris snr 160b, B.Stephens 120b,100b,121,140, A.Kimberley 160b,120b,140,109,2x100, K.Lumby 123,109b,115,100, B.Linnecor 105,100, D.Pickering 2x140,121), St Thomas’s Club 2 (J.Burdett 180) Bishop Vesey 7 (M.Wild 180,116f, S.Holmes 120b), Old Oscott Arrows 1 The Boat 8, Division Two:- Erdington Club 7 (S.Paling 130b) Boldmere Tap 2, Pint Pot 2 Erdington Arrows 7, Red Lion 3 (D.Bond 120b) The Boot 6 (T.Tyrie 120b, 110f, R.Smith 180), Division Three:- Lad in the Lane 2 The Fox 7, Oscott Social 3 Old Oscott WMC 6, Rosey Mac’s 5 The Duke 4.
The Bilston and District League are still running down their season with cup finals the latest of which was the doubles knockout. The final saw Lee Cox and Mark Hampton (Tilted Barrel) record a straight 2-0 win over R.Arnold and A.Jacques (Allens Sports Bar ‘A’) to lift the title. In the semi finals Cox and Hampton beat C.Glover and R.Father, Arnold and Jacques won against P.Arnold and T.Gelder. [caption id="attachment_21807" align="aligncenter" width="427"]Bilston and District League, Doubles, Winners, Mark Hampton, Lee Cox, Red Dragon Darts Bilston and District League Doubles Winners Mark Hampton and Lee Cox (Tilted Barrel)[/caption] Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Quarter Finals:- B.Dolman & S.Fletcher lost to P.Arnold & T.Gelder, C.Glover & R/Father beat A.Frazer & P.Tonks, J.Cox & L.Paskin lost to L.Cox & M.Hampton, R.Arnold & A.Jacques beat J.Westwood & R.G.Taylor, Semi Finals:- L.Cox & M.Hampton beat C.Glover & R.Father, P.Arnold & T.Gelder lost to R.Arnold & A.Jacques, Final:- L.Cox & M.Hampton Tilted Barrel) 2 R.Arnold & A.Jacques (Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ 0.
Journeys End made it three wins in as many games in the Forest of Arden Summer League when they won 5-4 away to Highwood KB. The result from the Journeys End Flights and Crown Arrows is a late result and so Flights are currently in second place with two wins from two games and showing a game in hand on Journeys End. Full Results:Week 3:- Highwood KB 4 (A.Gorman 100,101, W.Cooper 3x100,135, M.Gorman 100, N.Wykes 4x100, D.Memory 100) Journeys End 5 (L.Barberan 3x100,2x140,135, R.Lawrence 2x100,140,131, P.Kingdon 123, S.Whatmore 100, S.Kingdon 100, J.Jennings 2x100,140), Kingshurst Knights 7 (D.Miller 2x140,2x100,180,15 darts game, D.White 137,135, K.Brush 2x100,2x125,118, R.Franklin 3x100,2x140,121,180,15 darts game, R.Derbyshire 100, S.Moran 3x100) Chelmsley Town 2 (J.MacDonald 9x100,140, N.Lumley 100, I.Robinson 124,100), Highwood Exiles 2 (L.Warbourton 100, R.Harrison 2x100, J.Phipps 100,116, P.Harvey 134, D.Cooper 140, C.Harrison 100,140, D.Carey 2x100) Greville Arrows 7 (D.Ryecroft 2x100,2x140,104, C.Okey 140,123,100,125, M.Mitchell 2x140, K.Duggan 2x100, C.Burns 116, D.Duggan 2x100).
Cotterills Lane Club added a 5-2 home win over Holy Gulp to take their winning run to nine games in the Camp Hill League and keep them two points ahead of their nearest rivals Hay Mills Social Club Lions who won by the same 5-2 margin at Eagle and Ball to put them two points to the good on Holy Gulp. Full Results:Week 9:- Cotterills Lane Club 5 Holy Gulp 2, Emerald Club 4 Wagon and Horses 3m Tyseley WMC 4 Devil’s Club 3, Station Wagon 2 New Inn 5, Eagle and Ball 2 Hay Mills Social Club Lions 5.
A 42-6 win over Full Monty has seen What’s The Point return to the top of the Winmau Centre Monday Night League with 304 points. The Untouchables in second place beat Keep It In The Family 34-14 and are now some 31 points adrift of the leaders but seven ahead of third placed Just The Tip. Full Results:Week 9:- The Untouchables 34 Keep It In The Family 14, Full Monty 6 What’s The Point 42, Unleashed Warrior 13 Oche Dokie 35, Make Mine A Double 11 Utter Nutters 37.
Week ten in the Small Heath League was a case of the top half playing against the bottom half, all of the results going as expected and as a result the league table is exactly the same as the previous week with East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association just ahead of Gulp Tribe on average, both teams having 18 points after E.B.A.H.A won 5- 4 against Cob’s Bar and Gulp having a 7-2 win over Wagon and Horses. Third placed Foaming Tankard were the week’s biggest winners as they chalked up an 8-1 result against Emerald Club but trail the leading duo by six points. Full Results:Week 10:- Foaming Tankard 8 (M.Cain 100, Alex Downes 100, Ian Jones 100, John Frost 137,121, Gerry McCormack 100,160b, Jim Frost 140,2x100,113f, Steve Cain 121) Emerald Club 1 (Danielle Whitmore 134, Jamie Fisher 125, Anthony Fisher 180,121,100, Colin Rigby 100, Ray Fisher 114b, Dennis Willis 120b), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 5 (Colin Wyatt 3x100,105b,100b, Nigel Davis 2x100, Tommy White 124, Jake Webster 2x140, Terry Webster 100, Les Robinson 135) Cob’s Bar 4 (Dave Shakespeare 116b, Mark Turner 2x140,120b,100b, Ashley Lattimer 123,2x100, Rob Pikey 100), Gulp Tribe 7 (Bill Carter 140,100, Dave Heighway 140,100,120b, Matt Cooper 140,100, Neil Parsonage 140,3x100) Wagon and Horses 2 (Graham Daly 120b, Derek Rivitt 146b, Michael Looby 100, Alan Cheshire 100).
Belgrave Club were the only losers in the top five teams in the Pip Club League’s Main division as they lost 5-4 at home to Pip Club. Leaders Queens Head remain four points ahead of second placed Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) after their 6-3 win over Royal Oak, Bulls Head convincingly winning their tie at Progressive Club 8-1. Full Results:Week 18:- Globe (Wilnecote) 3 Globe Trotters (Mark Faulkner 100f) 6, Birchmoor Club7 Old Liberal 2, Progressive Club (Duncan Campbell 180) 1 Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth, Ian Turner 126f) 8, Belgrave Club (Adam Williams 106f) 4 Pip Club (Spencer Hawkesworth 180) 5, Wigginton Arms 4 Winning Post 5, Queens Head (Mark Tomlinson 180, Sam Whittaker 141f) 6 Royal Oak 3.
Little change at the top of the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League as all of the top five teams recorded wins in week 15. Dewdrop and Island Inn stay locked together on 26 points at the top of the table after the former won 7-0 against Hayes Social and the latter 4-3 against Merry-Go-Round. Four points behind the leading pair is Wagon and Horses who beat their hosts Ivy Bush 5-2 while fourth placed Vine had 7-0 win at Old Court House and making up the top five is Old Hop Pole who won 4-3 at the Wonder. Full Results:Week 15:- Ivy Bush 2 Waggon and Horses 5, Wonder 3 Old Hop Pole 4, Island Inn 4 Merry-Go-Round 3, New Talbot 4 Horseley.Tavern 3, Dewdrop 7 Hayes Social 0, Old Court House 0 The Vine 7.
The Bell go two points clear at the top of the Rowley Monday Night League after their 7-2 home success against sixth in the table Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ and.second placed Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ lost 5-4 at home to Whiteheath Tavern who are fifth in the table but level on 24 points with third and fourth placed Ivy Bush and Cradley Liberal Club. Full Results:Week 17:- The Bell 7 Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 2, Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 4 Whiteheath Tavern (T.Cadman 160b) 5, Loyal Lodge 2 Roost 7, Yeltz Bar 6 Windmills End 3, Tividale FC 5 Haden Cross 4, Cradley Liberal Club (Dave Redding 10 darts game) 8 Fairfield 1, Cottage 5 Three Diamonds 4, Three Diamonds ‘X’ 4 Ivy Bush 5.
There was a first win in sixteen games for Hare and Hounds ‘A’ in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League when they won 5-4 at Crestwood, despite the win however they remain at the foot of the table. At the other end of the table Ten Arches ‘A’ won their home fixture with fifth placed The Bridge (Kingswinford) 6-3 to keep them four points ahead of Brickmakers Arms and Ten Arches ‘B who are level on points and average and share second place. Third in the table Gate ‘B’ are on the same 28 points as Brickmakers and Ten Arches ‘B’ behind only on average. Full Results:Match 16:- Ten Arches ‘A’ 6 The Bridge (Kingswinford) 3, Crestwood 4 Hare and Hounds ‘A’ 5, Garibaldi 3 Gate ‘A’ 6, Stourbridge RBL 5 Quarry Bank Conservative Club 4, The Cross (Oldswinford) 4 Bird (Stourbridge) 5, Bird (Wordsley) 3 Brickmakers Arms 6, Gigmill 2 The Swan 7, Queens 5 Kingswinford Snooker Club 4, Starving Rascal 3 Kingswinford Conservative Club 6, Fox Inn (Lye) 4 Old Cat Inn (Wordsley) 5, Gate ‘B’ 9 Church Tavern 0, Hare and Hounds ‘B’ 0 Ten Arches ‘B’ 9.
Crown ‘A’ and Landywood ‘A’, the top two teams in the West Midlands Men’s Super League in turn both won 5-0 against Crown ‘B’ and Rowley Bar and Grill to leave just one point between the two teams, Crown holding pole position. Due to the whitewashes handed out by the top two teams third placed Pheasant’s 4-1 win against Olde Queens Head means they drop further behind in the title race and are now four points off the top. Full Results:Week 30:- Landywood ‘A’ 5 Rowley Bar and Grill 0, Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ 1 Bridgtown Social 4, Ten Arches 5 White Swan 0 (walkover), Pensnett Welfare Club 2 Duke of York 3, Crown ‘A’ 5 Crown ‘B’ 0, Pheasant 4 Olde Queens Head 1, Staffordshire Knot 1 Chillington 4, Cabin 2 Allens Sports Bar ‘B’ 3, Landywood ‘B’ had a bye.
The Netherton Thursday Night League played their singles knockout down to the last eight and winning through to finals night were, A.Tonks, P.Tonks, M.Cooper (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club), M.Jones (Hill and Cakemore), S.Tipper (Bulls Head), J.Sharratt, B.Neale, K.Barnfield (Riddins Tavern). Full Results:Singles KnockoutQuarter Finals Winners:- A.Tonks, P.Tonks, M.Cooper (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club), M.Jones (Hill and Cakemore), S.Tipper (Bulls Head), J.Sharratt, B.Neale, K.Barnfield (Riddins Tavern).
After a surprising 5-4 home defeat by Dudley Sports ‘A’, Mount Pleasant have been replaced at the top of the Brierley Hill Monday Night League by Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club who won 9-0 at Brewers Wharf to give them the same 22 points as the former leaders but with a better average. Third in the table Bulls Head (Netherton) also lost, beaten 6-3 at home by fifth placed Pensnett Liberal Club to leave them two points adrift of the top two teams. Full Results:Week 14:- Mount Pleasant 4 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 5, Brickmakers Arms 3 The Swan 6, Bulls Head (Netherton) 3 Pensnett Liberal Club 6, New Talbot 3 Roebuck 6, Lamp Tavern 5 Blue Brick 4, Limes Club 2 Delph Bell 7, Brewers Wharf 0 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 9, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 2 Portway 7.
The Brierley Hill Friday Night League played off the second leg of the semi finals of their League Cup and winning through to the final were Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ with a combined average win of 11-3 over their ‘B’ team and Brickmakers Arms who beat Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ by the same 11-3 margin. Full Results:League Cup:Semi Finals:Second Leg (First Leg results in brackets::- Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 0 (3) Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 7 (4), Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ 2 (1) Brickmakers Arms 5 (6).
The Yeltz Bar and Halesowen Hunters darts team are organizing the Halesowen Open Darts Knockout on Saturday 17th June in a bid to raise monies which will go to the family of the late Ben Morse who was a victim of a “Hit and Run” incident a few weeks ago. Entry to the open is £5 with half going into the prize pot and half to Ben’s family. Players must register by 1.00pm with match play commencing at 1.30pm.
This coming Friday will see the Crown at Olton host a charity match between a Sue Kingdon Select and Andy Hutchings Select to raise funds for a charity of Dave Duncan’s choice, Dave himself very seriously ill. All players will pay £5. The game will get underway between 7.30 and 8.00pm.
The Sports Argus Charity squad have a few remaining free Friday’s in their calendar, anyone wishing to book any of the following dates should contact Richard Liggins on 07432-147825. Dates available are 13/10/2017, 10/11/2017, 15/12/2017, 12/01/2018 and 19/01/2018.
Week 13 of the Yeltz Bar Tuesday Night 501 Singles League produced the performance of the season so far as Loz Slater recorded a stunning 99.54 average in his 5-0 win over Trevor Collier. Slater chalked up winning legs of 13,2x15,16 and 18 darts hitting two maximums and checking out on 120, 116 and 100. Tommy Johnson also won 5-0 against Richard Duncan which coupled with Richard Reed’s surprise 3-2 loss to Doug Richmond sees Johnson take over pole position with 56 points, one more than former lead Reed. Full Results:Week 17:- Richard Swinden 0 Richard Hill 5, Trevor Collier 0 Loz Slater 5, Neil Steventon 4 Alister Duncan 1, Richard Reed 2 Doug Richmond 3, Tommy Johnson 5 Richard Duncan 0, Steve Carey 3 Adam Hill 2, Tony Duncan 3 Mark Adams 2.
The Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League now has clear leaders in all four divisions. Riley’s ‘C’ with 22 points top the division one singles league while Dog and Partridge with an unbeaten 26 points lead division two. In the doubles leagues Riley’s ‘B’ have a six points advantage over the rest of the field in division one and Wednesfield Legion are two points ahead of second placed Riley’s ‘D’ in division two. Full Results:Week 13: Singles League:Division One:- Boat 1 Bull 6, Pavilion 1 Jack’s Bar 6, Penn Bowling 1 Riley’s ‘C’ 6, Riley’s ‘B’ 7 Riley’s ‘A’ 0, Wednesfield Conservative Club 3 Sunbeam 4, Division Two:- Bird in Hand 3 Red Lion 4, Riley’s ‘D’ 0 Dog and Partridge 7, Roebuck 4 Pendulum 3, Ukrainian Club 3 Royal 4, Woodfield Social 2 Wednesfield Legion 5, Yale Club 2 Shed 5, Doubles League:Division One:- Boat 2 Bull 1, Pavilion 2 Jack’s Bar 1, Penn Bowling 1 Riley’s ‘C’ 2, Riley’s ‘B’ 2 Riley’s ‘A’ 1, Wednesfield Conservative Club 1 Sunbeam 2, Division Two:- Bird in Hand 2 Red Lion 1, Riley’s ‘D’ 2 Dog and Partridge 1, Roebuck 3 Pendulum 0, Ukrainian Club 1 Royal 2, Woodfield Social 0 Wednesfield Legion 3, Yale Club 2 Shed 1.
A massive 7-0 win at Village Inn in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League has seen Jones Road move off the bottom of the table to be replaced by ECC ‘B’ who lost 6-1 at Moreton. Full Results:Week 13:- Brewood British Legion 2 Cleveland Arms 5, ECC ‘A’ 4 Bull 3, Moreton 6 ECC ‘B’ 1, Swan Compton 4 Dog and Partridge 3, Village Inn 0 Jones Road 7, Whitmore Reans WMC 6 Riley’s 1.
A 7-2 win by the leaders of the Wednesbury and Darlaston Wednesday Night League The Nutan has knocked their opponents Churchills ‘A’ down the table two places to fourth. English Oak take over the second spot after their 7-2 win at Horse and Jockey giving them the same 22 points as Nutan. Full Results:Match 12:- Horse and Jockey 2 English Oak 7, Black Horse 8 Churchills ‘B’ 1, Churchills ‘A’ 2 The Nutan 7, Staffordshire Knot 6 Red Lion 3.
by Alan Towe Website:

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