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Article: Darts News – Project Darts Round-up

Darts News – Project Darts Round-up

  Turbo & Slimshadey in Terrific Cosmo Finals The Cosmo World Series special was followed by the 1st Bob Pinder open (report to follow) in a dramatic and terrific days darting. With everyone in high spirits it was the Cosmo world Series Qualifier which was the 8th of the year and with Pete Jacques, Trevor Burkhill, Brian Dawson, Bob Pinder, Carl Wilkinson, Lee Cushworth and Steven Marfleet all through to the final it was to see who would join them. Trevor Burkhill, Micky Stocks, Project Darts, Red Dragon Darts Group A Greg Beard flew out the traps with a 3-1 win over Kieran Potts and in it recording a 15 and 2 x 18 dart legs. Kieran then rallied by beating Charlie Stocks 3-0 and that set up the task of beating Greg Beard for the 11 yo star and gave his all, hitting a 16 dart leg in the process but going down 3-2 with a couple of Maximums. He also missed the 7th dart for the perfect leg and 2 x 18 dart legs for Greg Beard topping the group and Kieran Potts going through also. [caption id="attachment_20671" align="aligncenter" width="241"]Greg Beard, Project Darts, Steel City Championship, Red Dragon Darts Greg Beard with 9 180s.[/caption] Group B Trevor Burkhill was ruthless recording 6 legs under 21 darts and 2 x 3-0 wins and that left Jake Rhodes and Jon Smethurst to battle for a place in the next round and the youngster won through 3-1 over Smeggy and Jake "Dusty" Rhodes followed Turbo into the next round. [caption id="attachment_18347" align="aligncenter" width="210"]Trevor Burkhill, Project Darts, Sheffield Franchise League Trevor Burkhill[/caption] Group C Ben Dulley was quick away recording a 3-1 win over Gareth Baxter winning the game with a 120 out. Gareth Baxter was quick back in beating Andy Friar 3-0 and the last Ben won 3-0 over Top Guard Andy Friar to send Rocky and Baxter into the next round. [caption id="attachment_24196" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Ben Dulley, Project Darts, Cosmo World Qualifiers, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darst Ben Dulley[/caption] Group D The Hustler herself was in fine form winning 3-1 over Ben Chivers and the same over Pete Bell and with Pete hitting a 103 checkout to beat Ben he also followed Anne "The Hustler" Lofthouse into round 2. [caption id="attachment_24197" align="aligncenter" width="230"]Anne Lofthouse, Projects Darts, Cosmo World Qualifiers, Red Dragon Darts Anne Lofthouse[/caption] Group E Steve Marfleet and Micky Stocks looked unbreakable in the group, both recording wins of 3-0 over Ron Muschett and Tom Gurran. Micky hitting 3 x 180s and legs of 13, 16, 3x18s in his wins and 2x180s for Steve Marfleet. Micky against Steve was always going to be a tight affair and it proved as between them 3 more maximums went in with 2 for Steve and a 12 dart leg also with Micky 16, 21 going on to win 3-2 and top the group [caption id="attachment_24198" align="aligncenter" width="618"]Gareth Baxter, Micky Stocks, Red Dragon Darts, Cosmo Qualifiers, Project Darts Gareth Baxter & Micky Stocks[/caption] Group F Bob Pinder took on Mark Gurran and although went 1-0 down, recorded a 3-1 victory. Mark battled away to a 3-2 victory over Owen Cubitt with Bob recording a 3-1 win over Owen also and topping the group with Mark Gurran going through. [caption id="attachment_24199" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Bob Pinder, Red Dragon Darts, Cosmo Qualifiers, Project Darts Bob Pinder[/caption] Group G Sie Simmons is currently making a name for himself as arguably one of the most improved players in the region over the past 6 months, kicked into gear to win the group with a 3-2 over Chris Keane and 3-0 over Neil Bradley and Dave Oxley to top the group. Neil's wins over Chris and Dave was enough to send Neil Blast Off Bradley through to the next round. [caption id="attachment_24200" align="aligncenter" width="219"]Neil Bradley, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts, Cosmo Qualifiers, Project Darts Neil Bradley[/caption] Group H Jack Kerr, improving all the time, also won group H hitting a 180 over Tom Blagg and a 3-1 win over Gav Pilling. Gav then went on to defeat Tom Blagg so it was the Maniac going into round 2. [caption id="attachment_24201" align="aligncenter" width="383"]Gav Pilling, Project Darts, Red Dragon Darts, Cosmo Qualifiers Gav Pilling[/caption] Last 16 Greg Beard came out the winner 4-0 over Gav Pilling but legs of 18, 16, 20 & 19 and another maximum from Greg didn't really let up on Gav who had played very well all day. When you get a player called Turbo and another called Blast Off you know it is going to be quick and that it was with the pair of them recording a match under 10 mins and a 4-1 win for Turbo Trev over Neil Bradley. Guz took an early lead over Ben Dulley but fightback from Rocky secured a 4-2 win over Mark Gurran. Steve Damorf hit legs of 16, 15, 17 in a solid performance to see off Anne The Hustler Lofthouse. 21, 18, 19, 15 dart legs for Slimshady Micky Stocks beating Pete Bell. Gareth Baxter did very well against The Hellraiser but went down 4-2. Sie Simmons continued to sneak through the draw winning 4-2 over Jake Rhodes. A 15 dart leg and a 180 was enough for Jack Kerr to see off Kieran Potts 4-1 but a good performance from Kieran yet again seeing lots of improvement. [caption id="attachment_24202" align="aligncenter" width="333"]Steve Marfleet, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts, Cosmo Qualifier Steve Marfleet[/caption] Last 8 Micky Stocks and Bob Pinder played out a brilliant game good enough for any stage World wide showing what these two players can do with Micky 19, 16, 18, 13 dart legs and 2 x 180s and Bob 15, 18 and a maximum also with Micky going into the next round 4-2. Jack Kerr won the other top half quarter 4-1 over Sie Simmons and Sie with a 15 and a 107 out, Jack with a maximum and 152 out and a 12 dart leg. Greg Beard and Trevor Burkhill also set up a high quality game as 13 and a 16 dart leg with another 2 x 180s for Greg and a 16, 17, 17, 18 dart legs for Trev who just scraped it 4-3. Steve Marfleet was the last through with a 4-0 win over Ben who didn't really get going but Steve was on song. Cosmo Darts, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts Semis Trevor Burkhill went 2-1 down to Steve Marfleet but then recorded 16, 17, 13 dart legs to go through 4-2. The other Semi final was the same score line with Micky stocks going into the final young Jack hitting 2 x 18 dart legs and a couple of Maximums and 2x18,21 & 17 to see off Jacks challenge. 3rd place Steve Marfleet edge Jack out 2-1 despite Jack having a 13 dart leg. [caption id="attachment_24204" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Steve Marfleet, Ben Chivers, Jack Kerr, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts, Cosmo Darts Steve Marfleet, Ben Chivers & Jack Kerr[/caption] Final Micky stocks took and early lead and recorded legs of 18,17 Trev clawed back with 20.18 before Micky then lead again with a 14 and missed a dart to take the game but trev took the last two legs to record a 4-3 victory. [caption id="attachment_24194" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Trevor Burkhill, Micky Stocks, Project Darts, Red Dragon Darts Trevor Burkhill, Gavin Pilling and Micky Stocks[/caption] Trev has already qualified and it was Micky Stocks 3rd final and now takes his seast in the final in December . FINAL 1 TREVOR BURKHILL 2 LEE CUSHWORTH 3 CARL WILKINSON 4 PETER JACQUES 5 BRIAN DAWSON 6 BOB PINDER 7 STEVEN MARFLEET 8 MICKY STOCKS ORDER OF MERIT 69 ANNE LOFTHOUSE - 7 66 JAKE RHODES - 8 61 SIE SIMONS - 7 60 OWEN CUBITT - 6 59 JOHN SMETHURST - 7 56 BEN CHIVERS - 7 55 BEN DULLEY - 5 47 TREVOR TYE - 5 42 GREG BEARD - 3 37 CHRIS LACEY - 3 37 MARK GURRAN - 3 37 ANDY FRIAR - 5 30 TONY MOLYNEAUX - 2 30 MARTIN SOMMERTN- 3 29 KIERAN EVANS - 3 28 ADAM WARNER - 2 ------------------------ 27 TOM GURRAN - 3 26 STEVE NAISBIT - 3 25 CHRIS KEANE - 3 23 ANTONIO CRUZ - 3 22 JACK KERR - 2 21 SAM RENSHAW - 3 21 CHARLIE STOCKS - 3 20 TOM BRIGGS - 2 20 CHRIS BURD - 2 19 BRAD CLOWERY - 2 18 CHRIS MARKHAM - 2 18 KIERAN POTTS - 2 16 GARETH BAXTER - 2 15 ROGER REID - 1 15 JAMES THOMAS - 1 15 GREG MARTIN - 1 13 STEVE RUMBLE - 1 13 RAB MCKENZIE - 1 12 TOM BLAGG - 2 11 DANNY HALL - 1 11 PAUL HAMPTON - 1 11 JIM CHOJNOWSKI - 1 11 JORDAN PAYNE - 1 11 GEORGE STOCKS - 1 11 RYAN GOFFIN - 1 9 TOM WRIGHT - 1 9 RICK CURRY - 1 9 WES SMITH - 1 9 PETE BRAMLEY - 1 9 NEIL BRADLEY - 1 9 GAVIN PILLING - 1 9 JORDAN MATTHEW - 1 9 STEVE THOMPSON - 1 9 ALEX JACQUES - 1 9 DEAN CONOLY - 1 9 PETE BELL - 1 9 JOHN HIRST - 1 9 ADY LINDLY - 1 9 STEVE HATTERSLY- 1 7 JOHN BOWLER - 1 7 RON MUSCHET - 1 7 DAVE OXLEY - 1 7 BRIAN LEWIS - 1 5 TRACEY STOCKS - 1 5 MARC ELLIS - 1 5 ANDREW BUTLER - 1 5 SIMON CHIVERS - 1 DOUBLE A AND BLUER BRITTLE ON SONG IN PIKADO LIGA Double A Antony Ainsworth was in top draw form this week as he blasted in a couple of 6-1 wins over Angie the Poweress Brittle and Kevin "moves like" Jagger to move up the table. Daz Bluer also moved up the table as he recorded wins over Liam Johnson in a fine tussle 4-2 and a 6-1 win over Andy Friar. Paul Brittle continues on the up with two wins this week 7-0 twice and moves him into contention for a top half place. Steve Hattersley was impaling the treble 20 bed hitting 2 x 180s against Martin Pell who also was on the receiving end of a brilliant display by Ben Chivers. Ben Beardmore hit a 13 dart leg and a 118 out in his win over Lee Thompson to keep top ahead of Steve Hattersley and Micky Stocks who was back this week with a 7-0 win. The youngsters Owen Cubitt and Charlie Stocks had tight games, Owen going down to Tom Sawford 4-3 and Charlie won by the same score over Lee Thompson. The dark horse in the field, Shaun Greenfield, comes into contention with another fine victory also and Anne Lofthouse won the battle of the ladies winning 5-2 over Super Sue Edwards and game of the week is a tie as John Lieber fought to a 4-3 win over Tony Hirst. Jodie Bruce battled a 4-3 win over Barry Brittle, Tom Briggs hit the highest finish 125 of the week winning 7-0 over Mandy Slack [caption id="attachment_24205" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Paul Brittle, Red Dragon Darts, Pikado Liga, Project Darts Paul Brittle, 2 x 7-0 wins[/caption] Most 180s Steve Hattersley - 2 Highest out Tom Briggs - 125 Least darts Ben Beardmore - 13 Pikado Liga, Project Darts, Red Dragon Darts 4th Yorkshire Open goes to Turbo Trev 4th annual Yorkshire Open took place in Rotherham this week and it went to local PDC player Turbo Trevor Burkhill in a field of players from all over the north and midlands. Trevor won through his group in fine style with a 4-0 win over Jake Rhodes with legs of 18, 15, 16,12 before beating Owen Cubitt to go through. In the last 16 he would then face county star Martin Richards and both men hit a 12 dart leg and a 120 out shot aswell as a maximum but then Trev rattled in a 16 and 2 x 15 to win 4-1. Next up was Mark Gurran and Turbo continued with the pressure with legs of 16, 15, 13, 15 a maximum and a 121 out to go through 4-0 and then a 4-1 win over Bob Pinder 13, 14, 17, 16 and a 111 out before setting up a final with Greg Beard and Trev would hit 18, 17, 17, 18, 12 to record a 5-0 win in the final. [caption id="attachment_24210" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Greg Beard, Trev Burkhill, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts, Yorkshire Open Greg Beard with the family and Mark Gurran and winner Trev Burkhill[/caption]   He was faultless all day but saying that the field was very good as Greg also on route to the final had a maximum in his opener and legs of 17, 18, 16, 21 in a 4-0 win before beating Sie Simmons 4-1 with legs of 17 x 2 and 18 x 2 with two maximums. Greg then had a 14, 15 and a 18 in a 4-0 win over Tom Blagg and in arguably game of the day a 4-3 win over Scott Bennet in the last 8 with all legs under 22 darts. Greg would then see off the most gutsy player of the day Lee Cushworth 4-3 again with all legs under 21 and make a well deserved final. Lee Cushworth had to battle all day long and is clearly showing the form from a couple of years ago winning all his group games 4-3 including a belter with Martin Richards with 20 been the highest leg. Lee hit 8 x 180s and 17 legs under 19 dart including 5 ton plus checkouts and recording wins over Pete Bramley, Tom Gurran, Martin Richards, Owen Cubitt, Jordan Matthews before losing out to Greg Beard in the last 4 but spare a thought for young Tom Gurran who lost a last leg decider in all his 3 group games. Scott Bennet was the winner of group 1 and also recorded a 12 dart leg in his 4-1 win over Paul Hampton who also made it to the knockout stage. Greg Beard and Sie simmons was victorious in group 2 with Jordan Matthews and Lester Bowers making it through group 3. Martin Richards and Lee Cushworth were the victories of group 4 with group 5 going to Trev Burkhill and Owen Cubitt. Mark Gurran and Anne Lofthouse from Group 6 Steve Marfleet, Tom Blagg, Bob Pinder and Jack Kerr making it form groups 7 & 8. Last 16 SCOTT BENNET 4-2 JACK KERR GREG BEARD 4-2 TOM BLAGG 14, 15, 17 and a 120 out for Greg JORDAN MATTHEWS 4-1 ANNE LOFTHOUSE LEE CUSHWORTH 4-2 OWEN CUBITT 3 x 180s with two for Lee TREVOR BURKHILL 4-1 MARTIN RICHARDS 15, 15, 16, 12 120 out and a maximum for Trev and a 120 out and a 12 for Martin MARK GURRAN 4-2 LESTER BOWERS 147 & 121 out for Mark STEVE MARFLEET 4-1 SIE SIMMONS BOB PINDER 4-0 PAUL HAMPTON 2 x 16, 18 and 2 x 180s for Bob and a maximum for Paul Last 8 SCOTT BENNET 3-4 GREG BEARD JORDAN MATTHEWS 2-4 LEE CUSHWORTH 2 x 180s for Jordan TREVOR BURKHILL 4-0 MARK GURRAN 2 x 15, 13, 198 dart legs a 121 out and a 180 for trev STEVE MARFLEET 2-4 BOB PINDER 180 for Steve, 2 x 180s for Bob and legs of 14/16 for Bob Semi Finals GREG BEARD 4-3 LEE CUSHWORTH 17, 19, 19 for Greg 2 x 19s For Lee TREV BURKHILL 4-1 BOB PINDER 14, 18, 19, 17 and a 111 out for Trev and a 16 for Bob Final TREV BURKHILL 5-0 GREG BEARD 18, 17, 17, 18, 12 for Trev [caption id="attachment_24215" align="aligncenter" width="430"]Pete Bramley, Tom Gurran, Red Dragon Darts, Yorkshire Open Pete Bramley & Tom Gurran[/caption] [caption id="attachment_24216" align="aligncenter" width="631"]Owen Cubitt, Sie Simmons, Brian Lewis, Yorkshire Open, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts Owen Cubitt, Sie Simmons and Brian Lewis[/caption] The plate was won by Pete Bramley beating Tom Gurran in the final and the champion of champions qualifier went for the 2nd year in a row to Brian Lewis with victory over Sie Simmons with both men really stepping up there game in the short format YORKSHIRE OPEN 2014 MARK LAWRENCE SHAUN CARROLL 2015 JARON ESTEVE LEE BUDGEN 2016 DARREN JOHNSON CARL WILKINSON 2017 TREVOR BURKHILL GREG BEARD Goffin continues to improve with every game It was a steel city victory for Ryan Goffin as he powered to a final win over Steve Thompson in a very good quality steel city qualifier.Ryan cam through his group(2) with victories over Matt Pryor coming from 2-0 down and a 3-0 win over Owen Cubitt before going down to Rocky Ben Dulley in the group top spot decider 3-1 with dulley topping the group winning all games.He then met Pat Meeson who had won a close group with victories over Laura Taylor,Austin stebbings and Paul Brittle and it was Paul Brittle who was too strong for the rest also coming through the group 3.Group 1 was a victory for Greg Beard with wins over Mick hulley,Steve Marfleet and Marc Ellis in the group of the night with Steve Marfleet winning the last game decider to go through to the knockout stages also.4th and final group was a win for Lester Bowers in a group that produced the finalist on the night steve Thompson who came through 2nd losing out in the last game to Lester Bowers after they had both beat Pete Bell and Antonio Cruz in close games.Steve Thompson finished well to beat Greg Beard in the last 8 and then met Ben Dulley who edged out Paul brittle 3-2.Steve would then beat Ben 3-1 to make the final.Steve Marfleet won 3-2 in a brilliant game and then lost 3-1 to Ryan Goffin who got the better of Pat Meeson.The final was a 3-0 win for Ryan who finished very well in every leg. [caption id="attachment_24218" align="aligncenter" width="670"]Steve Thompson, Ryan Goffin, Steel City Championship, Red Dragon Darts Steve Thompson & Ryan Goffin[/caption] 28 GREG BEARD 26 STEVE MARFLEET 24 RYAN GOFFIN 20 LESTER BOWERS 19 ADAM WARNER 18 PAUL BRITTLE 18 MARC ELLIS 18 PAT MEESON 18 BEN DULLEY 15 BOB PINDER 15 MICK HULLEY 11 CHRIS MARKHAM 10 ANTONIO CRUZ 10 PETE BELL 8 OWEN CUBITT 8 LEE CUSHWORTH 7 PETE BRAMLEY 7 MATT PRYOR 7 STEPHEN BRIGGS 7 ANNE LOFT HOUSE 6 PAT FINNEY 6 LAURA TAYLOR 6 SIE SIMMONS 6 BRAD CLOWERY 5 BEN CHIVERS 5 STEVE THOMPSON 4 STEVE MEEK 4 JOHN LIEBER 3 RUSS SIMONS 3 TOM BRIGGS 3 SAM FORDHAM 3 TOM BLAGG 2 RICH JOHNSON 2 STEVE EWINGTON 2 SHAUN GREENFIELD 2 AUSTIN STEBBINGS 2 PAUL HARRIS 2 ANGIE BRITTLE 2 STEVE NAISBIT 2 TREVOR TYE 2 LEE WOLFE 1 GREG BATTING 1 HARRY HATTER 1 CHRIS KEANE 1 TOM SAWFORD 1 JOHN EDWARDS 1 JON SMETHURST 1 TRACEY BELL 1 DAZ BLUER

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