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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Last weekend darts players from all over the British Isles plus the Netherlands and Isle of Man converged on the Wolverhampton Indoor Community Sports Arena to take part in Saturday’s BDO Winmau Wolverhampton Classic and Sunday’s BDO Winmau Wolverhampton Open, all hoping to take away a share of the huge £10,000 prize pot on offer. In the Classic tournament the honours went to the BDO ranked world number one Glen Durrant (33.68) who in the final took on Worcestershire county player Liam Kelly (29.25) and won 6-2. In the semi finals Durrant was taken to a deciding leg by Dean Reynolds while Kelly had a more convincing 5-2 success against Kyle McKinstry. West Midlands man Scott Baker after winning the BDO Gold Cup Pairs and the Gateway Welsh Open was unable to make it three wins in a row as he made his exit in the quarter finals when he lost 4-2 to runner up Kelly. [caption id="attachment_24275" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Wolverhampton Classic, Glen Durrant, Andy Jones, Winmau, Dharam Jagpal BDO Winmau Wolverhampton Classic Andy Jones (Winmau), Glen Durrant (Winner) and Dharam Jagpal (Arena Owner)[/caption] Full Results:Last 64:- Glen Durrant 4 Martyn Moore 0, Cris Dale 4 Luke Morton 1, Harrison Blewitt 3 Jim McCutcheon 4, Luke Wildman 1 Jon Mansell 4, James Hurrell 1 Shane Price 4, Dean Mills 2 Daniel Ayres 4, Allan Edwards 4 Gareth Watts 1, Alan McKnight 4 Nick Kenny 2, Martin Phillips 4 Ben Davies 3, Matthew Padgett 4 Tom Gregory 1, Martin Atkins 4 Colin Wood 1, Conor Whitehouse 0 Cameron Menzies 4, Brian Dawson 4 Andy Turnbull 0, Matthew Green 3 Wayne Willis 4, Wayne Harrison 3 James Huthwaite 4, Glen McGrandle 2 Dean Reynolds 4, Ross Montgomery 0 Darren Clifford 4, Steven Gillam 4 James Beeton 1, Carl Dennel 2 Eddie Dootson 4, Graham Usher 0 Conan Whitehead 4, Kyle McKinstry 4 Michael Smith-Neale 0, Reece Colley 4 Kevin Lane 3, Paul Brown 4 Andrew Bray 1, John Roberts 4 Adrian Heathcote 1, Scott Baker 4 Neil Rose 1, Frazer Hill 4 John Simms 1, Daniel Nicholls 4 Tom Aldridge 2, Richie Edwards 4 Jim Williams 1, Gary Robson 4 Adam Smith-Neale 1, Liam Kelly 4 Paul Williams 0, Ian Jones 4 Dan Cole 1, Mick Nixon 4 Jamie Hughes 0, Last 32:- Glen Durrant 4 Cris Dale 2, Jim McCutcheon 4 Jon Mansell 0, Shane Price 2 Daniel Ayres 4, Allan Edwards 4 Alan McKnight 1, Martin Phillips 0 Matthew Padgett 4, Martin Atkins 4 Cameron Menzies 1, Brian Dawson 1 Wayne Willis 4, James Huthwaite 1 Dean Reynolds 4, Darren Clifford 4 Steven Gillam 1, Eddie Dootson 3 Conan Whitehead 4, Kyle McKinstry 4 Reece Colley 0, Paul Brown 4 John Roberts 2, Scott Baker 4 Frazer Hill 1, Daniel Nicholls 2 Richie Edwards 4, Gary Robson 0 Liam Kelly 4, Ian Jones 3 Mick Nixon 4, Last 16:- Glen Durrant 4 Jim McCutcheon 1, Daniel Ayres 1 Allan Edwards 4, Matthew Padgett 4 Martin Atkins 1, Wayne Willis 3 Dean Reynolds 4, Darren Clifford 4 Conan Whitehead 2, Kyle McKinstry 4 Paul Brown 1, Scott Baker 4 Richie Edwards 3, Liam Kelly 4 Mick Nixon 2, Quarter Finals:- Glen Durrant 4 Allan Edwards 2, Matthew Padgett 0 Dean Reynolds 4, Darren Clifford 2 Kyle McKinstry 4, Scott Baker 2 Liam Kelly 4, Semi Finals:- Glen Durrant 5 Dean Reynolds 4, Kyle McKinstry 2 Liam Kelly 5, Final:- Glen Durrant 6 Liam Kelly 2.
Prior to the Classic final the final of the British Disability Darts Association tournament was played off and taking the crown was Sheffiled’s Jonathan Hirst. In the final Hirst came up against Ricky Chilton the game going to a deciding leg in which both players had their chance to win the title but it was Hirst who found the vital finishing double to be crowned winner of the Official British Darts Organisation Wolverhampton Classic for the BDDA. [caption id="attachment_24276" align="aligncenter" width="640"]British Disability Darts Association Winner, Jonathan Hirst, Winmau, Wolverhampton Classic, British Disability Darts Association winner Jonathan Hirst[/caption]
Sunday saw the fifth annual BDO Winmau Wolverhampton Open which produced some world class darts from many of the top players that took part. The semi finals saw Warwickshire star Jamie Hughes take on West Midland man Glen McGrandle with Hughes recording a 33.11 average in his 5-2 win. Booking his final place against Hughes was Scotland’s Ross Montgomery (32.83) who in his last four game beat England’s Martin Atkins in a very close 5-4 encounter. The final saw Montgomery steam into a 3-0 lead and despite Hughes coming back to 3-2 it was Montgomery who went on to seal his victory with a final 6-2 scoreline. [caption id="attachment_24278" align="aligncenter" width="640"]BDO Winmau, Wolverhampton Open, Andy Jones, Ross Montgomery, Dharam Jagpal BDO Winmau Wolverhampton Open Andy Jones (Winmau), Ross Montgomery (Winner) and Dharam Jagpal (Arena Owner).[/caption] Full Results:Last 64:- Jamie Hughes 4 Eddie Dootson 0, Luke Perry 1 Graham Elvidge 4, Craig Capewell 2 Nelu Manoila 4, Joshua Richardson 4 Daniel Day 3, James Hurrell 4 John Roberts 2, Mick Hibbert 4 Tony Rimmer 3, Richie Edwards 4 Tom Gregory 2, Rhys Griffin 0 Nick Kenny 4, Graham Usher 4 Mick Nixon 1, Micheal Smith-Neale 3 James Huthwaite 4, Richard Swainston 3 Shaun Carroll 4, Glen McGrandle 4 Cameron Menzies 3, Brian Dawson 4 Ben Davies 2, Mark Westgarth 4 Daniel Nicholls 3, Bradley Kirk 4 Daniel Ayres 1, Roy Pryor 0 Dean Reynolds 4, Ross Montgomery 4 Matthew Padgett 2, David Wallace 1 Matthew Moore 4, Ian Jones 4 Martin C.Adams 2, Anthony Aldridge 0 Conan Whitehead 4, Kyle McKinstry 4 Francis Carragher 0, Tony Richardson 1 Paul Williams 4, Paul Brown 4 Jamie Holmes 3, Ted Hankey 4 Scott Waites 2, Scott Baker 2 garry Thompson 4, Martin Atkins 4 Miroslav Horacek 1, Dean Birks 0 Liam Kelly 4, Stephen Hancock 1 Jim Williams 4, Gary Robson 4 Dane Cole 1, Steven Gillam 2 Allan Edwards 4, Steven Ritchie 4 Jim McCutcheon 3, Andy Turnbull 1 Scott Mitchell 4, Last 32:- Jamie Hughes 4 Graham Elvidge 2, Nelu Manoila 2 Joshua Richardson 4, James Hurrell 4 Mick Hibbert 0, Richie Edwards 1 Nick Kenny 4, Graham Usher 4 James Huthwaite 0, Shaun Carroll 2 Glen McGrandle 4, Brian Dawson 4 Mark Westgarth 2, Bradley Kirk 3 Dean Reynolds 4, Ross Montgomery 4 Matthew Moore 2, Ian Jones 4 Conan Whitehead 2, Kyle McKinstry 4 Paul Williams 1, Paul Brown 0 Ted Hankey 4, Garry Thompson 2 Martin Atkins 4, Liam Kelly 4 Jim Williams 3, Gary Robson 0 Allan Edwards 4, Steven Ritchie 1 Scott Mitchell 4, Last 16:- Jamie Hughes 4 Joshua Richardson 2, James Hurrell 3 Nick Kenny 4, Graham Usher 2 Glen McGrandle 4, Brian Dawson 0 Dean Reynolds 4, Ross Montgomery 4 Ian Jones 3, Kyle McKinstry 4 Ted Hankey 2, Martin Atkins 4 Liam Kelly 2, Allan Edwards 2 Scott Mitchell 4, Quarter Finals:- Jamie Hughes 4 Nick Kenny 2, Glen McGrandle 4 Dean Reynolds 2, Ross Montgomery 4 Kyle McKinstry 3, Martin Atkins 4 Scott Mitchell 0, Semi Finals:- Jamie Hughes 5 Glen McGrandle 2, Ross Montgomery 5 Martin Atkins 4, Final:- Jamie Hughes 2 Ross Montgomery 6.
Just one week after winning the BDO Gold Cup Pairs with Dan Nicholls Tipton’s Scott Baker travelled to the Gateway Resort, Millenium Coast, Bynea, Llanelli SA14 9SN to participate in the 2017 Gateway Welsh Masters and from a starting line up of 128 players Scott made his way through to the final. [caption id="attachment_24280" align="aligncenter" width="601"]BDO Gold Cup, Scott Baker, Dan Nicholls, Red Dragon Darts Gold Cup Men's Pairs Winners Scott Baker and Dan Nicholls.[/caption] The semi finals produced an all “Black Country” affair when West Midlands Scott Baker faced former West Midlands player and current Warwickshire player Jamie Hughes and to reach the final Baker recorded his biggest win of the tournament when he handed out a somewhat surprising 5-0 whitewash to Hughes. From the other half of the draw Welshman Dean Reynolds emerged as Scott Baker’s final hurdle. The final was extended to the best of eleven legs and went the full eleven legs distance with Scott Baker taking the final leg for a close 6-5 win, the title and the top prize of £3,000 with Reynolds receiving £1,200. [caption id="attachment_24279" align="aligncenter" width="360"]Gateway Welsh Open, Winner, Scott Baker, Red Dragon Darts, Alan Towe Gateway Welsh Open Winner Scott Baker[/caption]
Sean O’Donnell suffered a setback to his title aspirations in the Sheldon Social Dukes In-House League when in his latest fixture he lost 3-0 to Lee Molyneux. Prior to the game O’Donnell was joint top of the table with Paul Sunner neither player having dropped a single leg from their five games, but after his defeat and Sunner’s 3-0 win over Dave Field he has dropped into second place and trails Sunner by three points. Lee Molyneux and Chris Cotter are also on the same 15 points as O’Donnel but they have played one game more than him. Full Results:Week 6:- Lee Molyneux (100) 2 Perry Pudge 1, Rob Hicks 2 Mark O’Donnell 1, Dave Field 0 Paul Sunner 3, Steve Groves 0 Gary Groves (106b) 3, Phil Ashford (120b,139) 2 Chris Cotter (124) 1, Perry Pudge (135,101b) 1 Mick Hicks 2, Tony Hicks 0 Adam Plows (100) 3, Lee Molyneux (110f) 3 Sean O’Donnell (100) 0.
Just one result from group one of the South Birmingham League which saw Chelmsley Conservative Club beat The C’s 6-2 to put all teams in the group on three games and Raven top with five points just one more than Conservative Club. In group two Pavillions kept up their push for the title with a 6-2 win at Toby Jug maintaining their three points lead over both The Dog, who won 5-3 at The Kingfisher and Iron Horse who were held to a 4-4 at home by The Trident. The Dog have played one game fewer than both Pavillions and Iron Horse. Erdington Members Club lead group three and after a 5-3 win away to second placed Mackadown Social are the only team in the league with a 100% win record, this was Mackadown’s first defeat in five games. Full Results:Match 5:Group One:- Conservative Club 6 (D.Flores 2x100, M.Tilley 2x100, J.Phipps 2x100,125, L.Walker 132, K.Johns 100) The C's 2 (L.Walker 105, L.Beale 100, S.Beale 100), Group Two:- Iron Horse 4 (R.Earl 135, T.Rainsford 114f,100, J.Evans 100, C.Hough 100) The Trident 4 (S.Hughes 125,2x100, P.Jones 139, K.Buttle 121, S.Hipkiss 125, C.Walton 100,123, M.Naylor 2x100), Toby Jug 2 (T.Adams 140,100, A.McSwiggan 100, S.Hunt 101, L.O'Connor 140) The Pavillions 6 (J.Buttle 2x100,140, M.Barnes 100, T.Warrilow 133,100, M.Phillips 4x100, D.Whitehouse 140,2x100, N.Jackson 100), The Kingfisher 3 (M.Jay 2x100, P.Taylor 120) The Dog 5 (P.Thompson 117, J.Fathers 100, M.Blackborrow 100,120, M.Clayton 100,122, S.O'Brien 100,140, P.Richards 4x100), Group Three:- Smithswood Social 2 (N.Hughes 125,140, P.Cobley 140,2x100, M.Bailey 2x100,114,140) Crown at Shard End 6 (M.Walker 2x100, R.Lawrence 133,118, A.Edwards 100, D.Clinton 123. S.Edwards 100,140), Mackadown Social 3 (N.Parsonage 100,125,109,140,105, D.Young 2x100, C.Henn 100, J.Cabena 100, G.James 100,140, M.Noonan 4x100) Erdington Members Club 5 (M.McFall 2x180,2x100,101,134,145, J.Frost 3x100, L.Barberan 3x100,140, J.Liggins 140,100), The C's Arrows 1 (P.Harvey 101,100, K.Geary 2x100,125) Coleshill Social 7 (G.Jones 2x100, S.Parsons 2x100, C.Cooke 100,102, N.Harris 115), Mini League:- The Bell 1 leg (D.Hudson 100, B.Wker 130) The Raven 23 legs (J.Whitehouse 109f, M.Bown 115f,15b,101,100, A.Whitehouse 100, D.Mortiboys 100, L.O'Donnell 128).
The Sutton and District Summer League played off the quarter finals of their Prestridge Shield and Roy Bird Cup. In the former the top two teams in division one Golden Hind and The Boat both won 8-1 in turn against Erdington Arrows and St Thomas’s Club. The other two games saw Drakes Drum beat The Fox 6-3 and Plough and Arrows win 5-4 against Old Oscott WMC. The Boot were the biggest winners in the Roy Bird Cup handing out an 8-1 defeat to their hosts Boldmere Tap while the Duke won 6-3 against Lad in the Lane and both Pint Pot Flights and Red Lion beat respective opponents Erdington Club and Old Oscott Arrows 5-4. Full Results:Prestridge Shield:Quarter Finals:- The Boat 8 St Thomas’s Club 1, Drakes Drum 6 The Fox 3, Erdington Arrows 1 Golden Hind 8, Plough and Arrows 5 Old Oscott WMC 4, Roy Bird Cup:Quarter Finals:- Boldmere Tap 1 The Boot 8, The Duke 6 Lad in the Lane 3, Pint Pot Flights 5 Erdington Club 4, Red Lion 5 Old Oscott Arrows 4.
It was League and Consolation Cup semi finals week in the Camp Hill League, in the League Cup the top two teams Cotterills Lane Club and Hay Mills Social Club Lions squared up to each other with league leaders Cotterills the winners. The other last four game saw Emerald Club lose to Gulp Tribe. The Consolation Cup semis produced wins for Tyseley WMC and New Inn at the expense of Eagle and Ball and Devil’s Club. Full Results:League Cup:Semi Finals:- Emerald Club lost to Gulp Tribe, Hay Mills Social Club Lions lost to Cotterills Lane Club, Consolation Cup:Semi Finals:- Tyseley WMC beat Eagle and Ball, New Inn beat Devil’s Club.
With the Small Heath League leaders East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association having their fixture with Heartlands Club cancelled second in the table Gulp Tribe took full advantage of the opportunity to go level on 24 points with with them as they chalked up a 7-2 home win over Cob’s Bar. The other game played also finished with a 7-2 result in which Wagon and Horses beat Emerald Club. Full Results:Week 16:- Gulp Tribe 7 (Neil Parsonage 140,3x100, Mick O’Sullivan 100, Dave Heighway 2x100, Chris Walsh 123,101b, Mick Tilley 180) Cob’s Bar 2 (Anthony Lattimer 100, Lee Stanton 100), Emerald Club 2 (Anthony Fisher 3x100,118, Jamie Fisher 100) Wagon and Horses 7 (Ashley Pearson 100, Derek Rivitt 100, Michael Looby 100, Julian May 100).
The Winmau Centre Monday Night League have just three fixtures remaining and leading the field with 484 points from 13 games is What’s The Point who have not only a four points lead over second in the table Just The Tip but also a game in hand and look favourites to retain the title they won last season. Third in the table The Untouchables are a massive 41 points adrift of What’s The Point and despite having a game in hand on Just The Tip trail them by 37 points. Full Results:Week 15:- Oche Dokie 17 Utter Nutters 31, Just The Tip 38 Keep It In The Family 10, Make Mine a Double 10 Full Monty 38, Unleashed Warrior 2 What’s The Point 46.
A 9-0 win by Journeys End away to Highwood Arms in the Forest of Arden Summer League has taken them from third to top of the table on ten points. Highwood KB were 5-4 winners at Kingshurst Knights and have the same number of points as Journeys End but trail slightly on average in second place. With no result in for the Journeys End Flights versus Greville Arrows fixture the former loses the number one spot and drops to third, however they do have a game in hand on the two teams above them and are on the same ten points. Full Results:Match 6:- Highwood Arms 0 (D.Hudson 116, A.Hawkins 2x100, A.Thurman 135) Journeys End 9 (P.Kingdon 100,140, D.Evans 108f,100,133, G.Clinton 100, A.Howell 2x100,123, J.Jennings 100, L.Barberan 140,100), Kingshurst Knights 4 (R.Derbyshire 125, C.Marshall 105, D.White 2x100, K.Brush 100, R.Franklin 3x100,125,121, S.Moran 140,3x100,125, D.Miller 100) Highwood KB 5 (G.Thomas 100f, T.Hobbis 125,121,140, W.Cooper 100,140, A.Cooke 100, A.Gorman 140,119, D.Memory 180, N.Wykes 121,140).
The Shirley Red Lion Premier League play off for the players who finished in the top four of the league was a little disappointing insomuch as the man who finished the season top of the table Paul Higgins was unavailable. Nevertheless finals night went ahead and after a 3-1 win over Mark Gwalchmai in the semi finals Tom Bent went on to win the final by the same margin against Andy Thomas.
CEM West Heath lost ground on leaders Longbridge United in division one of the South West Birmingham Clubs League when in week six they lost 4-3 away to their rivals and are now four points adrift of the unbeaten Longbridge side. Yardley Wood kept their two points lead in division two over Bartley Green FC ‘B’ with a close 4-3 home win over Stirchley Tascos, however Bartley did manage to reduce some of the average deficit with a 7-0 win at Longbridge Flights. Division three leaders Selly Oak Flights were 6-1 winners over Longbridge Ladies while second placed Stirchley Nomads won their game against Stirchley Ladies 5-2 to remain two points off the top. Full Results:Week 6:Division One:- Longbridge United 4 (S.Walsh 125, M.Fletcher 101b,100,139, M.Lloyd 135) West Heath CEM 3 (M.James 100, K.Hall 2x100, D.Field 137,100,140), Greenlands 5 (M.Musto 114,100,139, P.Hughes 120b,2x100, N.Watts 116b,118, A.Deeley 2x100) Rubery RBL 2 (S.Wheeldon 100, K.Vaughan 105b,100, A.Faulkner 101b, J.O’Neill 140,118, J.Hggins 140), Division Two:- Yardley Wood 4 (D.Morris 121, D.Palmer 100) Stirchley Tascos 3 (S.Riddick 100, C.Ryan 134, M.Bathurst 140,105b, J.Harris 106b,100), Longbridge Flights 0 (L.Jordan 120, K.Malone 100) Bartley Green FC ‘B’ 7 (D.Singleton 105, L.Jevins 128,100), Division Three:- Stirchley Nomads 5 (R.Poole 110b, M.Hanley 100) Stirchley Ladies 2 (P.Barbier 103b), Selly Oak Flights 6 (K.Anthony 125, R.Donoghue 140,108, L.Stanwell 100) Longbridge Ladies 1 (P.Tobin 108), Men’s Singles Knockout:Winner:- Kevin Bambrick, Runner Up:- Richard Hosey, Women’s Singles Knockout:Winner:- Lyn Arnold, Runner Up:- Cheryl McHugh.
The gap between the top two teams in the Kings Norton League remains at eight points after both teams won 6-1 in their most recent fixtures. Leaders Hillyfields ‘B’ defeated Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club while second in the table West Heath won away at Toby Jug Flights and with games now running out and Hillyfields unbeaten in 23 games the title looks almost certain to go to them. Full Results:Match 24:- Rubery RBL 3 (R.Packer 100,140, S.Hodges 100,113,123,140, J.Grainger 2x100, I.Medlicott 125,126,180, B.Heath 2x100, P.Medlicott 100,132, S.Hodges 139f) Hillyfields ‘A’ 4 (L.Caven 134, K.Drain 126,2x140,180, L.Fox 100,125, M.Varley 100, M.Poolton 100, Joe Fox 2x100), Hillyfields ‘B’ 6 (E.Simpson 100,117,2x121,140,174, J.Hykin 100,2x125,140, K.Bedder 2x100,121,140, V.Gould 2x100,109,121, J.Best 100,180, T.Hamilton 100,121,140,180, R.Mann 2x100,120,2x121, G.Dews 2x100) Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 1 (M.Musto 2x100,2x140, S.Corbett 100, K.Gater 100, M.Bloomer 2x100,140, D.Whitecombe 100, S.Brown 100), E57 7 (D.Logan 100,140, B.Bonas 3x100,140, T.Roberts 100, N.Porter 2x100,140, D.Davenport 3x100, M.Ellis 2x100, B.Doyle 100,140) Bear and Staff 0 (J.Reading 100, B.Crumpton 2x100, K.Jukes 125, C.Burke 100, N.Harris 100,125), The Coppice 4 (A.Coyle 123,135,140, D.Hill 125,100,180, R.Mooney 100, M.Mooney 105,122, A.Chidley 120f, A.Deeley 100,105, D.Hill 180) Grant Arms 3 (M.Kearney 110, S.Campbell 100, D.Campbell 140, P.Smith 100, Donna Campbell 2x100, V.Walton 102), Stirchley United 3 (T.Jeffs 2x100, T.Cullen 100, C.Price 100, B.Thomas 100, C.Ryan 121,180) Weoley Hill 4 (L.Allen 100, M.Lloyd 2x100,110,2x120, N.Proctor 101,140, A.Meredith 120, P.Wallace 100, D.Barnickle 100,105,2x140), Toby Jug Flights 1 (K.White 100, D.Kent 100, G.Smith 108, R.Higgins 100, S.Knowles 2x100, J.Higgins 100, C.Gauntlett 134) West Heath 6 (P.Hughes 2x140, W.Marshall 3x100, A.Sutton 4x100, T.Shipley 2x100,2x140, W.Webb 4x100, C.Airey 100,100f, S.Deeley 123), Billesley 2 (S.Bond 100,121, T.Elscey 2x100,123, A.Coleman 100, P.Bond 100, D.Jones 119, J.Eades 100,101) Cotteridge Social 5 (J.O'Neill 4x100, B.Faulkner 100,140, P.Taylor 2x100,121, Matt Ivory 3x100,140, C.Harman 121,140).
The Stourbridge and District Monday Night League played off their singles knockout and taking the title with a final straight 2-0 win over John Jackson was Chris Williams. Williams also won his quarter final and semi final games against J.Gaskin and Rob Harris 2-0 as did Jackson against M.Rollinson and Sam Stanley. Full Results:Singles Knockout:Round One:- D.Edwards 0 M.Rollinson 2, P.Jenkins 1 J.Jackson 2, J.Gaskin 2 A.Nicholls 0, S.Stanley 2 W.Green 1, C.Williams 2 C.Williams 0, B.Powell, R Harris and R.Purchase snr had byes, Quarter Finals:- S.Stanley 2 R.Purchase 0, J.Jackson 2 M.Rollinson 0, B.Powell 0 R.Harris 2, C.Williams 2 J.Gaskin 0, Semi Finals:- J.Jackson 2 S.Stanley 0, C.Williams 2 R.Harris 0, Final:- J.Jackson 0 C.Williams 2.
Week 23 saw Queens Head have a bye in the Pip Club League but hold on to pole position in the Main division with 42 points. Second placed Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) reduced the arrears to four points with a 7-2 win at home against Old Liberal. Full Results:Week 23:- Pip Club 1 Globe Trotters 8, Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) 7 Old Liberal 2, Globe (Wilnecote, John Higgins 112f) 6 Wigginton Arms 3, Birchmoor Club 7 Sports Bar ‘180’ 2, Progressive Club 1 Winning Post (Mark Potter 115f 8, Belgrave Club 6 Royal Oak 3, Queens Head had a bye.
A 6-3 win at Townsend Club maintains Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club’s nine points lead at the top of the Netherton Thursday Night League. Riddins Tavern in second place won their home tie with Bulls Head 5-4 but third placed Delph Bell are the team to watch as they have only played nine games as opposed to the two teams above them having played eleven and wins in those game would put them within three points of the leaders, just one win short. Full Results:Week 11:- The Crown 4 White Horse 5, Riddins Tavern 5 Bulls Head 4, Hill and Cakemore 3 Fairfield 6, Townsend Club 3 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6, The Bell had a bye.
Delph Bell were the only losers in the top four teams in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League going down 5-4 away to second placed Bulls Head (Netherton). The win gives Bulls Head 26 points the same as third placed Mount Pleasant after their 6-3 win at home against Roebuck. Both teams are two points short of leaders Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club who won their latest game at New Talbot 6-3. Full Results:Week 17:- Lamp Tavern 7 Brewers Wharf 2, New Talbot 3 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6, Bulls Head (Netherton) 5 Delph Bell 4, Brickmakers Arms 4 Blue Brick 5, Portway 4 Pensnett Liberal Club 5, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 4 The Swan 5, Limes Club 4 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 5, Mount Pleasant 6 Roebuck 3.
Leaders Woodside took their points tally to 56 in the Silver End Sunday Morning League when they won 7-1 at Glasscutters. Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ are in second place and they also won 7-1 at home against fifth in the table Mount Pleasant, but with just six fixtures remaining they are still have a huge task as they are six points behind Woodside. The Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ revival continues with a 5-3 win at The Bridge. Full Results:Match 20:- Glasscutters 1 Woodside 7, Pensnett Welfare Club 5 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 3, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 3 The Bell 5, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 7 Mount Pleasant 1, Railway 3 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 5, Blue Brick 4 Old Star 4, The Bridge 3 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 5.
A 5-2 home win over Gate Hangs Well has seen Ashwood ‘A’ take over pole position in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League. Former leaders The Swan lost by the same margin at Stourbridge RBL and drop into fifth place. In addition to Ashwood ‘A’ having maximum ten points so have Brickmakers Arms, Wombourne Cricket Club and Ten Arches ‘B’. Full Results:Match 5:- The Bell 3 Ten Arches ‘B’ 4, Netherton Cricket Club 5 Hare and Hounds 2, Fox Inn (Lye) 0 Wombourne Cricket Club 7, Ashwood ‘A’ 5 Gate Hangs Well 2, Brickmakers Arms 6 Glasscutters 1, Stourbridge RBL 5 The Swan 2, Ten Arches ‘A’ 4 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 3, Station Inn 7 Park Lane Tavern 0, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 3 Ashwood ‘B’ 4.
Third in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League The Vine suffered a surprising 5-2 home defeat by fifth in the table Waggon and Horses. No such problem for the top two teams as leaders Dewdrop won 6-1 against Ivy Bush and second placed Island Inn beat Old Court House 4-3 to remain within six points of Dewdrop. Full Results:Match 20:- The Vine 2 Waggon and Horses 5, Horseley Tavern 4 Old Hop Pole 3, Merry-Go-Round 5 Hayes Social 2, New Talbot 5 Wonder 2, Island Inn 4 Old Court House 3, Dewdrop 6 Ivy Bush 1.
Its close at the top of the Yeltz Bar Tuesday Night 501 Singles League with Tommy Johnson and Richard Reed tied on 77 points after 18 games. In the latest games Doug Richmond narrowly missed out on handing Johnson his first defeat but in the end it was Johnson who got the close 3-2 verdict, no such problem for Reed as he recorded a 5-0 win over Richard Swinden. In league two Mark Bayliss moved up into the top position with a 5-0 win over Ash Portman, second placed Ant Williams winning by the same score against Jason Tromans to put him one point off the top .
Big wins for the top two teams in division one of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League as leaders Riley’s ‘C’ beat Pavilions 5-2 and second placed Sunbeam won 6-1 against The Bull. In the second division Dog and Partridge did their title hopes a power of good with a 7-0 win over Red Lion while their nearest rivals Wednesfield Legion had a somewhat close 4-3 win at Yale Club. Full Results:Match 17: Singles League:Division One:- Pavilion 2 Riley’s ‘C’ 5, Riley’s ‘B’ 4 Victoria 3, Sunbeam 6 Bull 1, Village Inn 5 Penn Bowling 2, Wednesfield Conservative Club 3 Riley’s ‘A’ 4, Division Two:- Dog and Partridge 7 Red Lion 0, Shed 4 Royal 3, Ukrainian Club 1 Roebuck 6, Woodfield Social 4 Bird in Hand 3, Yale Club 3 Wednesfield Legion 4, Doubles League:Division One:- Pavilion 1 Riley’s ‘C’ 2, Riley’s ‘B’ 2 Victoria 1, Sunbeam 1 Bull 2, Village Inn 3 Penn Bowling 0, Wednesfield Conservative Club 2 Riley’s ‘A’ 1, Division Two:- Dog and Partridge 3 Red Lion 0, Shed 1 Royal 2, Ukrainian Club 1 Roebuck 2, Woodfield Social 3 Bird in Hand 0, Yale Club 1 Wednesfield Legion 2.
In the Wednesbury and Darlaston Wednesday Night League The Nutan had a vital 5-4 win away to third in the table English Oak to keep intact their two points lead on second placed Black Horse who in their home tie against fourth in the table Churchills ‘A’ won 6-3. Full Results:Match 15:- Black Horse 6 Churchills ‘A’ 3, Horse and Jockey 5 Staffordshire Knot ‘B’ 4, English Oak 4 The Nutan 5, Churchills ‘B’ 1 Staffordshire Knot ‘A’ 8.
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