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Article: Darts News – Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Worcestershire v Shropshire

Darts News – Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Worcestershire v Shropshire

An away tie against Worcestershire in division three of the Riley’s BDO Inter County Championships proved to be just a little too much for Shropshire, who are desperately fighting to maintain their status in the division.

Saturday’s B’ team results had mixed fortunes as the ladies recorded a 4-2 win storming back from a a 2-0 deficit after Wendy O’Keefe and Jackie Evans had in turn defeated Debbie Davies and Katharine McLean 3-1 and 3-0 respectively.

Caroline Powell began the comeback when she accounted for Anne Bailey with a straight 3-0 win. Caroline La-Ffin followed up with a 3-1 win over Emma Dawson before Wendy Talbot gave Shropshire the lead for the first time in the match when she beat Sue Barker 3-0. The match was won in style thanks to a lady of the match performance from Deana Worrall. Deana had a 3-0 win over Sharon Halloway and averaged 19.78.

The men’s ‘B’ went 1-0 up with a 3-2 victory by Scott Pitchford, but sadly they then lost the next three games, Paul Wallace, Paul Bailey and Chris Stanley beating their respective counterparts Rob Harris, John Breeze and Shane Knight.

From 3-1 down Kevin Harris laid on a match award display to keep the away team in the game, Kevin won 3-1 against Keith Simpson and in the process recorded a superb 28.17 average. Putting the match back to level pegging was Danny Humphries, who chalked up a close but much needed 3-2 win over Chris Stokes taking the score to 3-3.

Worcestershire then took another three consecutive games, this time it was thanks to Anthony Butler, Nathan Richards and Terence Hanco at the expense of Richard Parker, Nathan Storar and Andy Powell to take the hosts within an ace of victory.

Roger Taylor delayed the home teams celebrations when he won 3-1 against Neil Parsonage, but the cheers rang out in the very next encounter when Phil Randall beat John Cooper 3-1 to put up the magical seventh winning game a lead of 7-4.

The last game also went to the hosts as Tony Young beat Matt Williams 3-2 to give a final score of 8-4 to Worcestershire.

On Sunday the honours were shared the ladies began with Leanne Loveridge getting them off on the right foot when she beat Jackie Evans 3-0 and took the match award with her 21.17 average. Pam Evans (Shropshire) put up a brave fight against Korrin Hopkins but eventually went down 3-2. Michele Pritchard restored Shropshire’s lead with a clinical 3-0 win over Jennifer Shail, but once again the hosts were quick to respond and it was Zoe Jones who took the score along to 2-2 with her 3-1 win against her namesake Pam Jones.

For a third time the away team took the lead and for a third time it was a 3-0 win, this time supplied by Mandy Morgan in her tie with Janet Farley. However, as done twice before the game was levelled, the final score 3-3 with a close 3-2 win for Kim Jones over Lorna Wheatley.

Worcestershire’s Anthony West won the first of the men’s ‘A’ games, a 4-2 result over Matt Williams, but despite Shropshire taking the lead no fewer than three times following that it turned out that it was just not enough to earn a win as they finished all square at 6-6.

Man of the match Andy Roberts cancelled out the win from West with his own 4-1 win against Mark Jones, which earned him the match award for his 27.12 average. Then came Worcestershire’s award winner in the form of Tony Randell (28.63), a 4-0 success to put the home team 2-1 up.

Steven Ritchie (4-2) and Danny James (4-3) had win over respective opponents Terence Hancox and Chris Jennings to take the tally to 3-2 to the visitors, only to see Ian Mackenzie and Phillip Randell defeat Clive Lucking and Andi Chatter to reverse the lead and put the home team 4-3 up.

Two 4-2 wins from Eddie Austin and Darryl Sheldon over Paul Bailey and Kevin James gave Shropshire a 5-4 lead requiring three more wins for an overall victory with three to play. Those hopes were dashed when Lee Furneaux beat Brian Hickman 4-2 to make it 5-5.

With an overall win out of the question, Simon Pritchard kept the hopes of a possible win for the men’s team when he defeated Phil Whitlock 4-2, but at the end of the day the match was shared as Tom White won the final game against Neville Quinton 4-0 for a 6-6 draw.

Things are not looking good for survival now for Shropshire, they are 14 points above bottom team Bedfordshire but 15 adrift of Buckinghamshire who are directly above them. Mathematically they can still survive, but it will depend on the final fixtures of the season, not only their result at home to Cumbria, who are just above Buckinghamshire, but also the result from the Buckinghamshire tie with top of the table Merseyside. However, 15 points to fetch back in the last game of the season is a big ask, they just have to go out play well, win their game and hope it will be enough!!

Full results (Worcestershire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Anthony West 4 Matt Williams 2, Mark Jones 1 Andy Roberts 4, Tony Randell 4 Dan Astbury 0, Terence Hancox 2 Steven Ritchie 4, Chris Jennings 3 Danny James 4, Ian Mackenzie 4 Clive Lucking 1, Phillip Randell 4 Andi Chatter 1, Paul Bailey 2 Eddie Austin 4, Kevin James 2 Darryl Sheldon 4, Lee Furneaux 4 Brian Hickman 2, Phil Whitlock 2 Simon Pritchard 4, Tom White 4 Neville Quinton 0, Men’s ‘B’:- Alan Futcher 2 Scott Pitchford 3, Paul Wallace 3 Rob Harris 0, Paul Bailey 3 John Breeze 2, Chris Stanley 3 Shane Knight 2, Keith Simpson 1 Kevin Harris 3, Chris Stokes 2 Danny Humphries 3, Anthony Butler 3 Richard Parker 2, Nathan Richards 3 Nathan Storar 2, Terence Hance 3 Andy Powell 1, Neil Parsonage 1 Roger Taylor 3, Phil Randell 3 John Cooper 1, Tony Young 3 Matt Williams 2, Women’s ‘A’:- Jackie Evans 0 Leanne Loveridge 3, Korrin Hopkins 3 Pam Evans 2, Jennifer Shail 0 Michele Pritchard 3, Zoe Jones 3 Pam Jones 1, Janet Farley 0 Mandy Morgan 3, Kim Jones 3 Lorna Wheatley 2, Women’s ‘B’:- Wendy O’Keefe 3 Debbie davies 1, Jackie Evans 3 Katharine McLean 0, Anne bailey 0 Caroline Powell 3, Emma Dawson 1 Caroline La-Ffin 3, Sue barker 0 Wendy Talbot 3, Sharon Halloway 0 Deana Worrall 3.

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