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Article: Darts News – Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Warwickshire v Essex

Darts News – Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Warwickshire v Essex

In the premier division of the Riley’s BDO Inter County Championships, Warwickshire wound down their home programme with a 20-16 win over Essex to stretch their unbeaten run to five consecutive games. The win almost certainly guarantees them third place in the table, the highest position they have achieved since their promotion as champions of division one in the 2008/2009 season.

Prior to the fixture Essex were their nearest rivals in the table, and incidentally still are placed fourth after the defeat, but now the gap between the two teams is 11 points, Warwickshire on 170 and Essex 159.

The final games of the season will see Warwickshire play away against Kent, who are three places below and 27 points behind them. Meanwhile, Essex have a home tie with next to bottom of the table Gwent, both teams should win their games, that being the case they will finish as they are now in third and fourth places.

The Essex game saw the ladies ‘B’ win 4-2, with wins from Melanie Hill, in the opener against Nicky Mynard, Essex took the next two through Steph Hewson and Sharon Hawkins, only to see the home team move up a gear and make a clean sweep of the last three games thanks to wins from Marian Conway, Lisa Whitmore and Edwina Holdsworth. Lisa Whitmore’s 3-0 win over Lynn Kelly saw her average 19.03, which earned her the lady of the match award.

With five wins and only two defeats in their seven games the result of the men’s ‘B’ game was somewhat surprising as they finished on the wrong side of an 8-4 scoreline. At the halfway mark of their game they trailed 4-2, Luke Kennedy had opened up and gave them the perfect start when he not only beat Liam Pender 4-2, but took the match award with his 28.48 average. However, the only other win in the first six was the sixth player Paul Deslandes with a 4-3 win against Michael Peel.

The second half was much the same, Antony Allen and William Naylor the two winners, who in turn defeated Craig Vickers and Gavin Payne.

Sunday was a better day, the ladies fought back magnificently from 1-0 and 3-1 down, Donna Pinch winning the second game against Amanda Dodd, Trina Gulliver (23.37) taking the penultimate game against Wendy Reader and the match award into the bargain and Denise Keyte’s final 3-2 success over Stacey Ellis securing a 3-3 draw.

Tom Aldridge (28.19) and Dave Harris (23.49) were not only the first two players for the men’s ‘A’ side but also the first two winners as they accounted for the respective counterparts Phillip Halls and Eddie Gosling. Alas the lead was erased when Rhys Hayden and Steve Johnson had 4-1 and 4-3 wins against her rivals Steve Hine and Noel Grant.

For the next six games it was all one way traffic, all in favour of Warwickshire. There were 4-2 wins from Dean Stewart and Jamie Atkins against Phillip Brewster and Darren Peetoom, Richard Foster beat Shaun Lovett 4-0, Nigel Heydon despite being taken the full seven legs distance beat Wayne Bloomfield 4-3, Kevin Dowling was another straight 4-0 winner in his draw against Ritchie Edhouse, his win ensuring a Warwickshire victory.

Adding icing to the cake was Jamie Hughes, a terrific 4-0 win over Wayne Gleed and a superb 29.91 average for his second man of the match award of the season.

Alan Collins pulled one back for Essex in the penultimate game, a 4-0 win over Mark Westgarth and to complete the weekends fixture Mark Carter added his 4-0 win against Bryan Margerison to the tally to give a 9-3 win for the men’s ‘A’ and an overall 20-16 victory.

A final win against Kent would complete a super season for Warwickshire and who knows maybe a top two place next season!!

Full results;Men’s ‘A’:- Tom Aldridge 4 Phillip Halls 1, Dave Harris 4 Eddie Gosling 2, Steve Hine 1 Rhys Hayden 4, Noel Grant 3 Steve Johnson 4, Dean Stewart 4 Phillip Brewster 2, Jamie Atkins 4 Darren Peetoom 2, Richard Foster 4 Shaun Lovett 0, Nigel Heydon 4 Wayne Bloomfield 3, Kevin Dowling 4 Ritchie Edhouse 0, Jamie Hughes 4 Wayne Gleed 0, Mark Westgarth 0 Alan Collins 4, Mark Carter 4 Bryan Margerison 0, Men’s ‘B’:- Luke Kennedy 4 Liam Pender 2, Ashley Hykin1 Dave Solly 4, Mark Strong 1 Paul Marsh 4, Carl Green 3 Sam Lepley 4, Dane Vickers 1 Stephen Hardy 4, Paul Deslandes 4 Michael Peel 3, Simon Power 1 Barry Adlam 4, Antony Allen 4 Craig Vickers 3, Ian McFarlane 3 Shaun Walsh 4, William Naylor 4 Gavin Payne 1, Mark Archer 0 Lee Woods 4, Tom McGlone 0 Michael McCombe 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Kat Spanswick 0 Sue Waterman 3, Donna Pinch 3 Amanda Dodd 2, Wendy Adams 2 Viv Dundon 3, Angela Jones 2 Donna Gleed 3, Trina Gulliver 3 Wendy Reader 1, Denise Keyte 3 Stacey Ellis 2, Women’s ‘B’:- Melanie Hill 3 Nicky Mynard 2, Louise Graham 0 Steph Hewson 3, Ann Rodgers 2 Sharon Hawkins 3, Marian Conway 3 Charlotte Halls 2, Lisa Whitmore 3 Lynn Kelly 0, Edwina Holdsworth 3 Sheila Busby 0.

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