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Article: Darts News - Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Gloucestershire v Shropshire

Darts News - Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Gloucestershire v Shropshire

This coming weekend Shropshire face a tough task as they travel away to take on high riding Gloucestershire in this their latest fixture in division four of the BDO Inter County Championships.

Gloucestershire are currently in pole position in the promotion table with 113 points while Shropshire have slipped down the table and are eighth in a field of ten teams. However such is the division this season that there are very few points dividing top from bottom Shropshire just eight points adrift of fourth placed Breconshire and only 22 off promotion chasing Bedfordshire in second place, so with four fixtures remaining there is still plenty to play for.

Lining up for Shropshire will be Men’s ‘A’:- Richard Parker, Andi Chatter, Peter Eley, Danny James, Kevin Harris, Roger Taylor, Derek Coulson, John Cooper, Ian Pallett, Neil Powell, John Cornmell, Clive Lucking, Men’s ‘B’:- Jacob Perrins, Brian Hickman, Martin Riggs, Martin Angell, Nathan Storar, Andre Knox, Louis Burley, Eddie Austin, Matt Williams, Nigel Sandbrook, Peter Trott, Rob Trumper, Reserves:- Wayne Speed, Rob Harris, Phil Austin, Callum Bailey, Darryl Sheldon, Women’s ‘A’:- Marie Riggs, Stephanie Clarke, Julie Griffiths, Michele Pritchard, Kath McLean, Mandy Morgan, Women’s ‘B’:- Kirsty Jenks, Sophie Fawcett, Lynne Watton, Grace Angell, Caroline Powell, Sue Lane, Reserves:- Leanne Quinton, Millie Holt, Deanna Worrall.

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