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Article: Darts News - Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Derbyshire v Kent

Darts News - Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Derbyshire v Kent

With only four remaining fixtures to play in division one of the BDO Inter County Championships Derbyshire desperately require points to lift them off the foot of the table and their game this coming weekend, a home tie against Kent could well be the one that gives them their first win of the season as in the previous five played they have lost.

With just 74 points the home side are twelve away from safety and one of the teams with that 86 points is Kent, the other being Surrey who Derbyshire will play away in the final game of the season.

So although a gap has opened between Derbyshire and the teams above them all is still not lost and a win this weekend could well be the confidence booster required to kick start and save their division one status.

Selected to play for Derbyshire are Men’s ‘A’:- Paul Bettney, Tim Daniels, Gary Fenn, Richard Hanson, Sean Lambert, Andrew McCracken, Paul Mellor, Darran Sinfield, Robert Smith, Steve Soar, Lee Stanley, Alan Statham, Men’s ‘B’:- Dave Allcock, Paul Baker, Tony Cresswell, Adrian Daniels, Rob Needham, Joe Osgothorpe, Scott Parkin, Ian Scobbie, Ash Spencer, Rob Stansbury, Mark Walker, Reserves:- Ian Allcock, Adrian Asprey, Jim Beardmore, John Clifford, Keith Cooper, Craig Freeman, Wayne Howe, Richard Rawding, Colin Rich, Paul Williams, Women’s ‘A’:- Rachel Bird, Sammi Clarke, Kelly Dean, Jane Densley, Lauren Jackson, Jennifer McCormick, Women’s ‘B’:- Dee Fenn, Sara Harrison, Sara Jukes, Louise Rawson-Lee, Alison Shilton, Jackie Sweet, Reserves:- Rachel Ayres, Dawn Buckley, Nicola Fletcher, Lyn Gilbert, Janice Pearce.

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