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Article: Darts News – Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Derbyshire v West Midlands

Darts News – Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Derbyshire v West Midlands

In division two of the BDO Inter County Championships Derbyshire began 2015 where they left off 2014, winning. Their first game of the New Year was a home fixture against West Midlands and it turned out to be just the start they needed to keep them well on track for a return to division one.

Both ladies teams finished with a 3-3 draw, the ‘B’ side went one down when Samantha Maiden (West Midlands) beat Dee Fenn 3-0, but wins from Nicola Fletcher and Dawn Buckley, both 3-0 against respective opponents Claire Hobbs and Jacqueline Maiden gave them a 2-1 lead.

West Midlands drew level with yet another straight legs win from Sarah Roberts over Samantha Clarke only to see the home side take the lead again, this time thanks to a 3-1 win by Kelly Dean against Wendy Waine, Kelly’s winning average of 15.87 earning her the team’s match award.

With the result hinging on the final game West Midlands in form player Christine Banks secured a draw when she beat Rachel Ayres 3-0.

The ‘A’ game was much of a similar affair only this time it was Derbyshire who took the early lead when Joanne Oldershaw opened with a lady of the match performance against Kath Jenkins, winning 3-0 and averaging 20.04. Lauren Jackson (Derbyshire) promoted to the ‘A’ side after four consecutive match awards for the ‘B’ doubled her team’s lead with a 3-2 win over Kim Fellows.

West Midlands reply was two in a row from Gemma Barrett and Lisa Astbury. Gemma winning 3-1 against Jackie Sweet and Lisa stopping Jane Densley’s run of four consecutive ‘A’ match awards when she won 3-1.

Sara-Jane Harrison restored Derbyshire’s lead with a 3-1 win against Heather Wright, but a similar 3-1 win from West Midlands Debbie Loon over Rachel Bird put the final score all square at 3-3.

It was cheers all the way for the men’s teams the ‘B’ side getting off to a cracking start with wins in all of the opening six games. Robert Wood got the ball rolling with a 3-1 win over his namesake Robert Thompson. The home team’s long serving Jim Beardmore added his 3-1 win over Mark Allen-Watkiss to the tally before Alan Statham made it three 3-1 wins with his victory over Glen Cullen.

Taking the score along to 4-0 was Paul Williams, a 3-2 success against John Morris before Robin Woolery took out Martin Angell with a 3-0 result. As the first half drew to a close West Midlands looked all set to chalk up their first winner as John Mycock opened up a 2-0 lead against Tony Cresswell, but Cresswell fought back to not only level terms but go on to win the tie 3-2.

Mark Craddock gave West Midlands a boost as the second half got underway, coming back from 2-1 down against Robert Needham to win 3-2. West Midlands joy was short lived as David Allcock turned in a man of the match performance against Justin Evans winning 3-1 and averaging 28.48 to ensure a Derbyshire win as he took the score to 7-1.

Avtar Singh was West Midlands second winner, a 3-1 success against Dean Wilkins before Colin Rich made it 8-2 with his 3-2 win over Paul Price. The away side took the last two games, Lee Stanley and Robert Smith both losing 3-2 in turn to Gary Watts and Jamie Barrowman to give a final score of 8-4 in Derbyshire’s favour.

The first four games of the men’s ‘A’ match all went with the darts advantage, Keith Allman (West Midlands) first on and winning 4-2 against Stephen Pashley after trailing 2-1. The home team’s Wayne Pepper really pulled one out of the fire as he found himself 3-1 down after going 1-0 up against Richard Platt to go on and win 4-3.

Sean Carrol twice behind to Derbyshire’s Paul Bettney put the visitors noses in front again with a close 4-3 win, only to see David Smith-Hayes level the match for a second time when he beat Mark Rollinson 4-0. At this point the sequence was broken and the home side went ahead for the first time, Paul Mellor adding another 4-0 result to the score when he won against Jonathan Platt.

Rounding off the first half of the match Michael Baker won 4-3 against Reece Spurr to put West Midlands back on level terms.

Gavin Baker gave the away team the lead for a third time when he accounted for his namesake Paul Baker with a 4-1 scoreline before Derbyshire took control and stormed into a winning 7-4 lead. Richard Hanson began the comeback when he, after going 3-1 down to Neil Pointon won 4-3, Tim Daniels added his 4-3 win over Christopher Mason after he had been trailing 2-1 and 3-2. Nigel Daniels assured at least a share of the points with another 4-3 win, this time Ian Jones had opened a 3-1 lead and lost before man of the match Gary Fenn, with a 29.04 average and a straight 4-0 win against Danny Coyle took the match beyond West Midlands reach as his win notched up the magical seventh of the match.

The final game went to West Midlands Matthew Dicken, again a winner who had come from behind as he was 2-1 down to Adrian Asprey before going on to win 4-2.

So an overall 21-15 win to consolidate Derbyshire’s pole position and giving them a total of 128 points, eleven more than their nearest rivals Berkshire and 19 ahead of third placed London with four more fixtures to play.

Full Results:(Derbyshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Stephen Pashley 2 Keith Allman 4, Wayne Pepper 4 Richard Platt 3, Paul Bettney 3 Sean Carrol 4, David Smith-Hayes 4 Mark Rollinson 0, Paul Mellor 4 Jonathan Platt 0, Reece Spurr 3 Michael Baker 4, Paul Baker 1 Gavin Baker 4, Richard Hanson 4 Neil Pointon 3, Tim Daniels 4 Christopher Mason 3, Nigel Daniels 4 Ian Jones 3, Gary Fenn 4 Danny Coyle 0, Adrian Asprey 2 Matthew Dicken 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Robert Wood 3 Robert Thompson 1, Jim Beardmore 3 Mark Allen-Watkiss 1, Alan Statham 3 Glen Cullen 1, Paul Williams 3 John Morris 2, Robin Woolery 3 Martin Angell 0, Tony Cresswell 3 John Mycock 2, Robert Needham 2 Mark Craddock 3, David Allcock 3 Justin Evans 1, Dean Wilkins 1 Avtar Singh 3, Colin Rich 3 Paul Price 2, Lee Stanley 2 Gary Watts 3, Robert Smith 2 Jamie Barrowman 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Joanne Oldershaw 3 Kath Jenkins 0, Lauren Jackson 3 Kim Fellows 2, Jackie Sweet 1 Gemma Barrett 3, Jane Densley 1 Lisa Astbury 3, Sara-Jane Harrison 3 Heather Wright 1, Rachel Bird 1 Debbie Loon 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Dee Fenn 0 Samantha Maiden 3, Nicola Fletcher 3 Claire Hobbs 0, Dawn Buckley 3 Jacqueline Maiden 0, Samantha Clarke 0 Sarah Roberts 3, Kelly Dean 3 Wendy Waine 1, Rachel Ayres 0 Christine Banks 3.

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