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Article: Darts News – Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Bedfordshire v Shropshire

Darts News – Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Bedfordshire v Shropshire

Shropshire’s revival continues and following their 22-14 win against Pembrokeshire they have now added a 23-13 victory away to Bedfordshire.
Saturday’s games gave Shropshire a terrific boost as both of the ‘B’ sides chalked up wins. The ladies ‘B’ after going 1-0 down when Charlotte Tyler beat Debbie Davies rattled off three wins to go 3-1 up, Kirsty Jenks began the trio of wins when she won 3-2 against Becky Minney. Leanne Quinton beat Jo Dilley 3-1, her 16.40 average proving to be an award winning one at the end of the day and taking the score to 3-1 was Pamela Evans another 3-1 result as she accounted for Carol Perkins.
Bedfordshire then recorded their second winner when Louisa Chamberlain beat Caroline Powell 3-1, but the result ended with a 4-2 win for Shropshire when Mandy Morgan added her straight 3-0 win against Irene Maddy to the tally.
The men’s ‘B’ tie saw Shropshire win the opening two games thanks to wins from Martin Riggs and Andrew Chatter, who in turn won 3-2 against Simon Parrott and 3-0 against Lloyd Wintle.
The hosts were quick to reply as Micky Reed beat Richard Parker 3-1 and Ben Hazel won 3-0 against Neville Quinton to level at 2-2, then for a second time Shropshire won two in a row John Cornmell winning 3-1 against Mark Ciruitt and Philip Austin beating Steve Mace 3-2.
The second half was mainly Shropshire’s going from 4-2 to 9-2 up as Simon Pritchard started the half with a 3-1 win over Paul Orchard followed by a 3-2 win from Scott Pitchford against Mark Kingdon. David Evans added the all important seventh winning game when he beat Gary Morris 3-1 and by the same margin John Breeze defeated Kelvin Maddy to make it 8-2.
In the penultimate encounter Shropshire found their man of the match, Derek Coulson went one down to Pierce O’Mahoney but then stepped up a gear, levelled the game, went 2-1 up with two maximums and a 16 darts leg and rounded off his win with a 14 darts leg to give him a 25.44 average.
Danny Humphries looked all set to put the final score at 10-2 when he went 2-0 up against Joe Butlin, but Butlin held his nerve and went on to win 3-2 and give a result of 9-3 to Shropshire.
As it turned out the ladies ‘A’ was the only down side of the weekend, Marie Riggs beat Sue Smith 3-0 in the opening game and despite Kerry King (Bedfordshire) cancelling out the lead with her 3-0 win over Suzanne Lane Shropshire took went ahead again in the third when lady of the match Michele Pritchard defeated Maria Goddard 3-0 with a 17.48 average. Unfortunately from there on in it was all Bedfordshire, three 3-0 wins from Shirley Williams, Maria Perrin and Lisa Perkins at the expense of Lorna Wheatley, Caroline La-Ffin and Katharine McLean to give the home team a 4-2 win.
The men’s ‘A’ were in superb form as they guaranteed at least a draw and more importantly secured an overall win in the first seven games.
Two straight 4-0 wins in the opening two games supplied by Glen McGrandle and Daniel Astbury in turn against Frank Raleigh and Mat Caste. Bedfordshire did reduce the arrears as Richard Wood beat Mark Jones 4-3 but it was only momentarily as Danny James beat Colin Essam 4-1 then Eddie Austin and Les Marson rounded off the first half of the game with 4-0 wins over Lee Rose and Dean Taylor to give the away team a 5-1 lead.
Sam Hamilton (Shropshire) went one up against Trevor Ellacott with a 110 outshot only then to go 2-1 down after missing finishing doubles in the next two legs. Hamilton then got his act back together, won the fourth in 17 darts with scores of 2x100 and 139, then went 3-2 up with a 180, 100 and 117 in 15 darts and rounded off a superb 4-2 win in 19 darts and a match award winning average of 28.44.
Trailing 6-1 Bedfordshire then had their best run of the match, three wins from Carl Yeowell, Steven Spring and Andy Moser, Yeowell beating Antony Stoneman 4-2, Spring winning 4-1 against John Cooper and Moser having a 4-3 win against Scott Towers.
With their lead reduced to 6-4 Roger Taylor put Shropshire back on winning ways with his 4-3 win over David Broome after Broome had gone within an ace of victory when he opened up a 3-1 lead, and rounding off a terrific 8-4 win was Clive Lucking who won the final tussle against Bobby Lee 4-2 to give Shropshire an 8-4 win and an overall 23-13 victory to see them move up the table and put them within eleven points of second placed Gloucestershire who they take on at home in their next fixture.
Full Results:Bedfordshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Frank Raleigh 0 Glen McGrandle 4, Mat Caste 0 Daniel Astbury 4, Richard Wood 4 Mark Jones 3, Colin Essam 1 Danny James 4, Lee Rose 0 Eddie Austin 4, Dean Taylor 0 Les Marson 4, Trevor Ellacott 2 Sam Hamilton 4, Carl Yeowell 4 Antony Stoneman 2, Steven Spring 4 John Cooper 1, Andy Moser 4 Scott Towers 3, David Broome 3 Roger Taylor 4, Bobby Lee 2 Clive Lucking 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Simon Parrott 2 Martin Riggs 3, Lloyd Wintle 0 Andrew Chatter 3, Micky Reed 3 Richard Parker 1, Ben Hazel 3 Neville Quinton 0, Mark Ciruitt 1 John Cornmell 3, Steve Mace 2 Philip Austin 3, Paul Orchard 1 Simon Pritchard 3, Mark Kingdon 2 Scott Pitchford 3, Gary Morris 1 David Evans 3, Kelvin Maddy 1 John Breeze 3, Pierce O’Mahoney 1 Derek Coulson 3, Joe Butlin 3 Danny Humphries 2, Women’s ‘A’:- Sue Smith 0 Marie Riggs 3, Kerry King 3 Suzanne Lane 0, Maria Goddard 0 Michele Pritchard 3, Shirley Williams 3 Lorna Wheatley 0, Maria Perrin 3 Caroline La-Ffin 0, Lisa Perkins 3 Katharine McLean 0, Women’s ‘B’:- Charlotte Tyler 3 Debbie Davies 0, Becky Minney 2 Kirsty Jenks 3, Jo Dilley 1 Leanne Quinton 3, Carol Perkins 1 Pamela Evans 3, Louisa Chamberlain 3 Caroline Powell 1, Irene Maddy 0 Mandy Morgan 3.

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