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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

The Four Oaks and District League have just one week of fixtures remaining and in division one Boldmere St Mikes have done all they possibly can to keep their title hopes alive by winning their home tie with Old Oscott WMC 9-0. Leaders The Boat had a closer 6-3 win away to Pint Pot Flights to keep them two points to the good on St Mikes but trailing slightly on average, however the title will be decided in the final games of the season as the two teams will square up to each other. Unbelievably in the second division with one more game to play three teams are tied on the same 22 points at the top of the table. Despite losing 5-4 away to The Fox in their penultimate fixture St Thomas’s Social Club lead the pack and must still remain favourites as their far superior average over both The Boot and Erdington Arrows means a win of any kind would be enough to take the title. Full Results:Match 17:Division One:- Bishop Vesey 4 (M.Hall 100, S.Holmes 2x100, D.Walton 140,2x100, M.Archer 137,120, 140,100, M.Norton 100) Golden Hind 5 (G.Kimberley 105b,4x100,125, D.Pickering 100, W.Naylor 112b,2x100,123,2x140,133, T.O’Kereke 140, J.Frost 140,125), Old Oscott Arrows 4 (E.Atkins 100, A.Lea 108b,119, D.Page 100, M.Maher 102b) Drakes Drum 5 (J.Mahon 100, J.Clarke 2x100, A.Day 125,2x100,140), Boldmere St Mikes 9 (B.Linnecor 113b, M.Ashton 2x100,137, R.Hawker 3x100, C.Perry 125, N.Smallwood 120b,135, S.Paling 100,131, A.Kimberley 160b,100, M.Wild 160b,100,8 darts game) Old Oscott WMC 0 (J.Rogers 105,100,140, T.Morris 140, N.Hawkley 125, J.Tolley 100), Pint Pot Flights 3 (R.Mercer 5x100, M.Mills 132, B.Godfray 120, M.Bagnall 2x100) The Boat 6 (S.Bettson 100, J.Prince 125,2x140,2x100, S.Harvey 140, N.Clarke 120b,100b,3x100,104, K.Reynolds 100, M.Partridge 128, K.Deeley 100,133,121, W.Mynard 100), Division Two:- Erdington Club 2 (K.Shorthouse 115b,2x140,100, P.Willis 100, L.Shorthouse 2x100,101, R.Barritt 100, M.Westmorland 140) The Boot 7 (G.Lynch 100,136,140, J.Lynch 135, G.Gaughan 3x100,2x140, T.Taylor 109,118f,100, T.Tyrie 100, R.Smith 132), Boldmere Tap 4 (C.Hagans 108b,101, P.Bromley 140, D.Quirk 2x108b, D.Simpson 121,101, S.Alexander 121, S.Hagans 100) Red Lion 5 (B.Hughes 2x100,125, D.G.Bond 3x100,128,123, L.Bayliss 100, D.Bond jnr 121, M.Wilde 132,140,134, M.Gaughan 100), The Duke 4 (G.Hinett 100,114f) Rosey Mac’s 5 (A.Poole 100, P.Coen 115, R.Lloyd 118), St Thomas’s Social Club 4 (W.Cadby 130b,105,120b,131,171, I.Lloyd 111b,100, A.Rose 2x100, T.Kelly 100,122,105, J. Collins 108b,137,100,140, W.Taylor 100) The Fox 5 (M.Corfield 100b,180,3x100,140, R.Stanton 100b,122,2x100, M.Willetts 100f, D.Perry 115b), Plough and Arrows and Erdington Arrows both had a bye.
The Sheldon and District Winter League had round one of their Sheldon Shield on the fixture card which produced a couple of shock results as premier side Saltley Amateur Gardeners went down 4-3 away to Crown-Forget-Me-Not from division one and Sheldon Marlborough Arrows who are second in the division one table lost 4-3 at home to Small Heath Amateur Gardeners who are in the bottom three of division two. Four of the other six games matched teams from the same division, in the division one games leaders Iron Horse beat third placed Willclare Sports and Social 4-3 and two lower teams in the same division East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association and Holy Souls produced a 5-2 win for the former. The all division two games saw third in the table Ridgemere Social Flights lose 4-3 to fourth placed Maggies and bottom team Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights lose by the same scoreline to Greville Arms. In the other two games premier team Highwood KB’s won 5-2 away to division two leaders Shirley RBL Misfits while division one outfit Sheldon Dukes chalked up the biggest win of the round 6-1 away to Meadway Sports and Social from division two. Full Results:Sheldon Shield:Round One:- Iron Horse 3 (A.Mayell 100b, M Bown 104b, J.Green 105b) Willclare Sports and Social 4 (M.Holt 106b, D.Reid 2x100, B.Dixon 100, F.Dixon 118b), Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 3 (D.Humphries 100) Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 4 (C.Hughes 120b, M.McKenzie 100b, L.Allwood 100), Meadway Sports and Social 1 Sheldon Dukes 6 (A.Plows 100, M.O’Donnell 105, G.Groves 116), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 5 (D.Sudbury 100, G.McGill 100) Holy Souls 2 (M.O’Sullivan 100), Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 3 Greville Arms 4, Crown-Forget-Me-Not 4 Saltley Amateur Gardeners 3, Shirley RBL Misfits 2 (J.O’Sullivan 140, L.Clutterbuck 140, J.Boyle 120b) Highwood KB’s 5 (N.Wykes 137, T.Hobbis 109b, G.Pagett 105b,140, A.Cooke 140), Ridgemere Social Flights 3 (P.Fielding 140, C.Smith 100) Maggies 4 (S.Hoccom 140, N.Hall 105b, D.Tudor 100, S.Hall 100, P.Cunningham 136).
It was Presidents Cup semi finals week in the Forest of Arden Winter League the draw bringing together the two Journeys End teams, division one leaders Journeys End, who have lost one of their eight divisional games beat their local rivals Journeys End Flights, who are undefeated in seven in the league, 7-2. The result from the other last four game was somewhat of a surprise as next to bottom of division one Greville Arrows beat the division’s second placed Highwood KB’s 6-3. Full Results:Presidents Cup:Semi Finals:- Greville Arrows 6 (M.Mitchell 100,121, C.Okey 4x100, D.Ryecroft 140,122,100, D.Duggan 3x100) Highwood KB 3 (N.Wykes 180,137, N.Byrne 100,137, W.Cooper 123, A.Cooke 100,105, M.Gorman 140,112), Journeys End 7 (A.Howell 4x100,140, D.Evans 2x100,140,122, T.Constable 125,2x100,111,140, P.Kingdon 133,118,125, L.Barberan x00. x1 125 10f10S.ingdon 180) Journeys End Flights 2 (M.Tilley 3x100, S.Edwards 4x100,140, S.Kennedy 2x100, J.Sidwell 180, C.Roberts 125, A.Edwards 140, T.Steele 100,120, J.Phipps 3x100).
In division one of the South Birmingham League leaders Erdington Members Club suffered their second defeat in eleven as they lost their home tie with second placed Mackadown Social 5-4, Mackadown are now just two points behind Erdington with two games in hand. In addition to the top two teams playing each other the bottom two also squared up to each other with Banbury Club getting the 5-4 verdict over bottom placed Crown Arrows to lift Banbury up one place above The Trident who went down 6-3 at Coleshill Social. Just two results from division two which saw leaders The Gate go two points ahead of second placed The Bell when they won 6-3 at The C’s leaving Bell with a game in hand. 6-3 was also the margin by which bottom team Smithswood Social lost to The Kingfisher. Full Results:Division One:- Erdington Members Club 4 (M.McFall 112b,130,134,2x100,101, M.Anwar 100, B.Cadby 100, J.Liggins 116b, C.Millward snr 120b) Mackadown Social 5 (N.Parsonage 137,135, D.Young 100,120, A.Caddick 2x100b, J.Cabena 111), Crown Arrows 4 (J.Gaskin 140, K.Depper 100b,120, L.Carter 100, T.Blakemore 100) Banbury Arrows 5 (W.Cooper 100, K.O’Connor 120b, J.Gallagher 120b L.Reece 120,101), The Raven 4 (A.Mayell 100,120b, D.White 105b,100, A.Eden 100b,101, T.Whitehouse 120) Crown at Shard End 5 (S.Edwards 100,140, G.Clinton 154b,105b,123, A.Edwards 2x100, D.Clinton 126f, T.Evans 120), Coleshill Social 6 (S.Sweetman 137,100b,118f, S.Parsons 100, C.Cooke 112b, P.Bryant 100, L.Thompson 100) The Trident 3 (T.McDonough 140, C.Walton 140, A.Cooksey 100, R.McDonough 104b), Division Two:- The Kingfisher 6 (G.Shergold 100f, R.Mills 100,180) Smithswood Social 3 (C.Graves 100, N.Wilson 102,100, M.Bailey 100,109, S.King 100), The C’s 3 G.Merideth 100, E.Williams 114f) The Gate 6 (T.Barrs 116b,100b, T.Moulineux 100, N.Groves 2x100,120),
Last weekend at the Bishopsgate Club, Foleshill Road, Coventry, CV1 4JJ the Warwickshire Super League staged their Super League Mixed Pairs Knockout, eighteen pairs participating with a fantastic total payout of £300. The outcome resulted in Donna Pinch and Antony Allen regaining their title as Mixed Pairs Champions of Warwickshire after defeating Marian Conway and Noel Grant in the final.
Chris Williams with a massive 7-0 win over Rob Montana has returned to the top of the Winmau Centre Thursday Night Champions League with a total of 98 points from 18 games. Williams has a comfortable six points lead over second and third placed Adam Quinton and Devinder Singh who in turn have played 19 and 22 games. Currently at week eleven there are only two players in the league who are in any sort of position to catch or even overtake Williams and they are West Midland county players Sam Guest in fifth place and reigning champion Mick Baker who is currently ninth. Guest on 86 points has only played 15 games and could possibly take his total to 107 with his games in hand while Baker with 72 points from 14 games could reach a possible 100, but with many, many more games to play that could all change. Full Results:Week 11:- Shane Watters 2 Craig Capewell 5, Rob Montana 0 Chris Manoila 7, Louis Burley 6 Robert Pierce 1, Mark Bayliss 7 John Edwards 0, Martin East 3 Chris Fox 4, Charlie Burley 4 Lisa Maiden 3, John Edwards 2 John Porter 5, Robert Pierce 3 Sam Guest 4, Sam Aitkens 2 Louis Burley 5, Adam Quinton 7 Devinder Singh 0, Paul Boddison 6 Craig Capewell 1, Sam Guest 5 Sam Aitkens 2, John Porter 0 Martin East 7, Craig Capewell 3 Robert Pierce 4, Devinder Singh 3 Paul Boddison 4, Chris Fox 7 Charlie Burley 0, Rob Montana 0 Chris Williams 7, Robert Pierce 7 Rob Montana 0, John Edwards 2 Charlie Burley 5, Charlie Burley 4 John Porter 3.
Hillyfields ‘B’ took their unbeaten run in the Kings Norton League to eleven games when they won 6-1 away to The Coppice. Second in the table West Heath, despite having played one game more than the leaders kept the pressure on them with a 7-0 win at Weoley Hill to put them on the same 22 points. The leading pair now have a six points advantage over third in the table Srirchley United. Fourth placed Rubery RBL lost ground in the title race as they went down 4-3 at Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club to leave them with an eight points deficit as are Hillyfields ‘A’ and E57. Full Results:Match 12:- The Coppice 1 (A.Chidley 2x100, A.Coyle 2x100, C.Heath 100, A.Deeley 2x100, M.Mooney 2x100,140) Hillyfields ‘B’ 6 (E.Simpson 3x100,121,180, G.Dews 3x100, J.Hykin 3x100,125, V.Gould 3x100, P.Blades 2x100, R.Mann 4x100,135, T.Hamilton 3x100, T.Hamilton 180), Hillyfields ‘A’ 2 (K.Drain 100,140, L,Fox 123, M.Poolton 106,125,139,140, A.Harvey 100,123,135, M.Varley 140, K.Vaughan 100, Joe Fox 100,140, S.Poolton 140, John Fox 105) E57 5 (J.Calt 2x100,121,139, D.Logan 2x100,125,140, T.Roberts 100,2x140, J.Good 121, R.Morris 2x140, M.Ellis 2x125), Cotteridge Social 6 (P,Taylor 100,112, B.Faulkner 120,140, Matt Ivory 3x100,140, J.O'Neill 2x100,109, S.Hale 128, A.Faulkner 3x100,135, C.Harman 2x100, J.Isham 100) Bear and Staff 1 (K.Jukes 2x100, A.Underwood 123, N.Harris 180), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 4 (C.Davenport 100, D.Whitecombe 100,140, S.Corbett 115,138, S.Brown 104, M.Bloomer 100,125) Rubery RBL 3 (R.Packer 100,2x125,180, S.Hodges 3x100, J.Grainger 2x100, I.Medlicott 140,180, B.Heath 3x100), Weoley Hill 0 (D.Barnickle 100, B.Manders 100, M.Proctor 100, M.Lloyd 2x100,121) West Heath 7 (P.Hughes 2x140, W.Marshall 3x100,121,140, T.Shipley 100,125,2x140, W.Webb 5x100,180, A.Sutton 2x100,140, K.Hall 100. T.Corbett 2x100, C.Airey 140).
Week five of the Sheldon Marlborough Cricket Club Singles League saw Dave Howlett beat Ray Turner 2-1 to head the table with 25 points. Pete Jones had a 3-0 win over Ian Genge to put him on the same 25 points but from twelve games, one more than Howlett. Third placed Dave Humphries won his game against Steve McCarthy 3-0 and has 22 points, three short of the leading duo but he has only played eight games, three in hand on Howlett and four on Jones. Full Results:Week 5:- Alan Wale 2 Neal Rughani 1, Dave Brown 1 Paul Sunner (125,2x100) 2, Dave Howlett (121,108f) 2 Ray Turner 1, Dave Humphries (3x100) 3 Steve McCarthy 0, Ian Genge 0 Pete Jones (110b,100) 3, John Young 2 Marie Jenkins 1, Alan Wale (120b,100) 1 Paul Brown 2.
Although Cotterills Lane Club won 4-3 against Tyseley WMC in the Camp Hill League it was not enough for them to hold on to pole position as with a 7-0 scoreline Holy Gulp defeated Station Wagon and have moved up from third to top the table with the same perfect six points as Cotterills from their opening three games, Gulp having the better average of the two. At the other end of the table New Inn moved up two places off the foot despite losing 4-3 at Devil’s Club as Station Wagon following their massive reversal drop to bottom place and Emerald Club with a 5-2 home defeat at the hands of the Hay Mills Social Club Lions team go next to bottom, all three of the bottom teams are without a point so far. Full Results:Week 3:- Cotterills Lane Club 4 Tyseley WMC 3, Holy Gulp 7 Station Wagon 0, Devil’s Club 4 New Inn 3, Emerald Club 2 Hay Mills Social Lions 5.
The number of players in the current season for the Shirley Red Lion Premier League are now confirmed at 33 a new record for the increasingly popular league, the previous best being 25 and presently topping the table is Chris Thomas who with a 3-1 win over Chris Thomas snr followed by a 4-0 win against Andy Hoy has amassed a total of 20 points from his opening six games. Reigning champion Mick Gorst has moved up five places to joint second with 3-1 wins over Chris Devlin and Neil Comerford plus a 4-0 success against Nick Walker who is making his debut in the league, while former leader Mark Gwalchmai after being held to a 2-2 draw by Andy Hoy then won 3-1 against Dave Fisher to share second place with Gorst, all of the top three players are on 20 points. Tom Bent with a 4-0 win against Jack Sidwell in which he checked out on 124 took the week’s highest finish prize of £5. Full Results:Week 3:- Trevor Carter 2 Nick Walker 2, Ken Hopton (114f) 4 Lee Holtham 0, Mick Bown 2 Dave Fisher 2, Mark Gwalchmai 2 Andy Hoy 2, Chris Thomas 3 Chris Thomas snr 1, Steve Heeks 3 Adam Stuart 1, Paul Higgins 2 Steve Sidwell 2, Mark Cater 0 Jack Sidwell 4, Tom Bent 4 Tim Lowe 0, Luke Coles 1 Craig Johnson 3, Antony Daly 3 Chris John 1, Tony Daly 2 Andy Thomas 2, Chris Devlin 4 Neil Comerford 0, Chris Devlin 1 Mick Gorst 3, Lee Harris 3 Mikey Harris 1, Dave Heighway 3 Brian Lawton (104f,11 darts game) 1, Chris Thomas snr 0 Ken Hopton 4, Trevor Carter 1 Steve Heeks 3, Lee Holtham 2 Mick Bown (100f) 2, Dave Fisher 1 Mark Gwalchmai 3, Andy Hoy 0 Chris Thomas (112f,9 darts game) 4, Andy Thomas 2 Brian Lawton (104f) 2, Adam Stuart 2 Paul Higgins 2, Steve Sidwell 4 Mark Cater 0, Jack Sidwell 0 Tom Bent (124f) 4, Nick Walker 1 Mikey Harris 3, Craig Johnson 1 Antony Daly 3, Chris John (180) 1 Tony Daly 3, Dave Heighway 1 Chris Devlin 3, Neil Comerford 1 Mick Gorst 3, Lee Harris (152b) 3 Steve Sidwell 1, Tim Lowe 1 Luke Coles 3, Dave Fisher 2 Lee Holtham 2, Mick Gorst 4 Nick Walker 0, Antony Daly (180) 1 Paul Higgins 3, Dave Heighway 3 Tom Bent 1, Neil Comerford 0 Tony Daly 4.
The Pip Club League were engaged in their Belgrave Cup divisional semi finals and in the division one games there was a shock for leaders Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) who were taken out by third in the table Queens Head. Second placed Winning Post defeated Birchmoor Club. In the division two games leaders Globe (Wolnecote) won their tie with Pip Club while bottom of the table Wigginton Arms lost to Royal Oak. There is just one result from the Belgrave Shadow Cup semi finals in which Sports Bar ‘180’ accounted for Globe Trotters. Full Results:Belgrave Cup:Semi Finals:Division One:- Winning Post beat Birchmoor Club, Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) lost to Queens Head, Division Two:- Royal beat Wigginton Arms, Globe (Wilnecote) beat Pip Club, Belgrave Shadow Cup:Semi Finals:- Sports Bar ‘180’ beat Globe Trotters,
No change at the top of the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League as all of the top six teams won in week nine. Leaders Ten Arches ‘A’ had a comfortable 8-1 win away to Kingswinford Snooker Club to keep them two points ahead of the chasing trio of Ten Arches ‘B’ who had a 6-3 home win over The Cross (Oldswinford), Brickmakers Arms who won their home game with Gate ‘A’ 7-2 and Gate ‘B’ who were the league biggest winners of the week as they handed out a 9-0 whitewash to their visitors Gigmill. Fifth placed The Bridge (Kingswinford) won 5-4 at Starving Rascal to put them on 12 points, four off the top but with a game in hand. Full Results:Week 9:- Brickmakers Arms 7 Gate ‘A’ 2, Starving Rascal 4 The Bridge (Kingswinford) 5, Fox Inn (Lye) 2 High Acres 7, Ten Arches ‘B’ 6 The Cross (Oldswinford) 3, Hare and Hounds ‘B’ 2 Bird (Wordsley) 7, Bird (Stourbridge) 4 Quarry Bank Conservative Club 5, Church Tavern 3 Stourbridge RBL 6, Kingswinford Conservative Club 5 Crestwood 4, Old Cat Inn (Wordsley) 4 Garibaldi 5, Kingswinford Snooker Club 1 Ten Arches ‘A’ 8, The Swan 7 Hare and Hounds ‘A’ 2, Gate ‘B’ 9 Gigmill 0.
[caption id="attachment_18692" align="aligncenter" width="169"]Royal Albrighton, Plate Knockout, Andy Roberts, Pat Pace, Red Dragon, Alan Towe Andy Roberts (left) and Pat Pace (right).[/caption] The Royal, Albrighton staged another of their ever popular knockouts and taking the top prize of £140 was Oakengates man Andy Roberts who had a 6-3 win in the final against Gnosall’s Pat Pace who collected £60 as runner up. In the semi finals Roberts won 5-3 against Ryan Perks (Telford) while Pace had a straight 5-0 win against Steve Ritchie (Shifnal), both losing semi finalists receiving £20. Losing in the last eight were Simon Pritchard, Dave Bayton, Andre Knox and Scott Meyrick. In the Plate Knockout Matt Padgett (Ilkeston) won the final with a close 3-2 result against Mark Jones (Telford) and in turn collected £30 and £15. [caption id="attachment_18691" align="aligncenter" width="169"]Royal Albrighton, Plate Knockout, Mark Jones, Matt Padgett, Red Dragon, Alan Towe Mark Jones (left) and Matt Padgett (right).[/caption]
The Small Heath League got their new season underway and all of the three opening games finished 6-3 with wins for East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association, Cob’s Bar and Foaming Tankard who in turn defeated Gulp Tribe, Emerald Club and Wagon and Horses. Full Results:Week 1:- Gulp Tribe (Mick O’Sullivan 160b, Bill Carter 113, Dave Heighway 105b, Matthew Cooper 2x100, Chris Stokes 2x100) 3 East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association (Les Robinson 100,100b, Colin Wyatt 3x100,120b,100b, Nigel Davis 100, Jake Webster 128, Tommy White 100,100, Paul Webster 2x100, Terry Webster 100,120b) 6, Cob’s Bar (Rob Pikey 121) 6 Emerald Club (J.Fisher 112b, D.Willis 122,100) 3, Wagon and Horses (Con Murphy 116,105b, Andy Hegarty 116b, Alan Cheshire 140, Julian May 140,2x100) 3 Foaming Tankard (Ian Jones 105b, Gerry McCormack 180,2x100, Alex Downes 100, George Drennan 100, Steve Cain 140,100, John Frost 100, Clive Austin 128) 6.
With a 7-2 win at Lamp Tavern, Bulls Head (Netherton) took their unbeaten run in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League to six games and held on to their two points lead over rivals Dudley Sports ‘B’ and Mount Pleasant. Dudley Sports ‘B’ had a close 5-4 home win against New Talbot while Mount Pleasant had a convincing 8-1 win at Brewers Wharf to draw level on points and average with Dudley Sports ‘B’ and share second place. Fourth in the table Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club were another team to win 8-1 playing at home against Portway to put them on 8 points, four short of the leaders. Full Results:Week 6:- Lamp Tavern 2 Bulls Head (Netherton) 7, Limes Club 1 Brickmakers Arms 8, Brewers Wharf 1 Mount Pleasant 8, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 8 POrtway 1, Delph Bell 9 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 0, Blue Brick 3 The Swan 6, Roebuck 5 Pensnett Liberal Club 4, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 5 New Talbot 4.
The Brierley Hill Friday Night League had the first leg of the second round of their League Cup on the agenda and the only surprise was the 4-3 away win by seventh placed Miners (Wollescote) against Brickmakers Arms who are currently second in the league table. League leaders Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ won 6-1 away to Samson and Lion and there were 5-2 wins for Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ and Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ who beat respective opponents Dudley Sports and The Bell. Full Results:League Cup:Round Two:First Leg:- Samson and Lion 1 Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 6, Dudley Sports 2 Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ 5, Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 5 The Bell 2, Brickmakers Arms 3 Miners (Wollescote) 4.
It was top versus bottom in week nine of the Rowley Monday Night League as leaders The Bell played away to bottom of the table Loyal Lodge and returned with a 7-2 victory to keep them ahead of Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ on average after they won by the same 7-2 margin in their home tie with Three Diamonds ‘X’. Both of the top two teams have won all nine of their games and have a four point’s advantage over former leaders Cradley Liberal Club who for the second time in nine games lost as they finished on the wrong side of a 5-4 result away to Tividale FC. Full Results:Week 9:- Tividale FC 5 Cradley Liberal Club (Christopher Eaves 152b) 4, Yeltz Bar 2 Cottage 7, Loyal Lodge 2 The Bell (Eddie Price 160b) 7, Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ (Kalvin Chambers 8 darts game) 7 Three Diamonds ‘X’ 2, Three Diamonds 3 Roost 6, Whiteheath Tavern 4 Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 5, Windmills End 3 Fairfield 6, Haden Cross 4 Ivy Bush 5.
After a surprising 4-3 defeat away to Wagon and Horses in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League last week Dewdrop were quick to recover as in their latest home game against New Talbot they won 6-1, however they remain two points behind leaders Island Inn who took their winning run to seven games with a 5-2 home result against The Wonder. Full Results:Week 7:- Waggon and Horses 3 Old Hop Pole 4, Merry-Go-Round 4 Horseley Tavern 3, The Vine 7 Hayes Social 0, Dewdrop 6 New Talbot 1, Ivy Bush 4 Old Court House 3, Island Inn 5 Wonder 2.
Gilberts Bar, Willenhall was again the setting for the West Midlands play off for the Gold Cup Doubles and from the 24 entries the two pairs to qualify were Chris Mason and Peter Wyse plus Scott Baker and Dan Nicholls. Mason and Wyse beat Scott Roberts and Daniel Haden 4-3 in their final game while Baker and Nicholls had a 4-1 win over Michael Baker and John Mycock. Special congratulations to Peter Wyse and Dan Nicholls who made it a fantastic double as they both qualified for the Gold Cup singles the previous week.
With a 5-2 home win over Ten Arches ‘A’, Brickmakers Arms kept their faint hopes of winning the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League alive but with just two remaining fixtures and a four points deficit plus a huge average shortfall over leaders Ashwood ‘A’ realistically they should finish as runners up, however they still need to win another game to confirm that as third placed Miners Welfare are on the same 48 points but have just one fixture remaining. Full Results:Week 31:- Brickmakers Arms 5 Ten Arches ‘A’ 2, Portway 1 Miners Welfare 6, Netherton Cricket Club 2 Ashwood ‘B’ (D.Cartwright 160b) 5, Glasscutters 1 Wombourne Cricket Club 6, Dudley Sports 4 Britannia 3, Ten Arches ‘B’ 6 Hare and Hounds 1, Fox Inn (Lye) 4 Gornal Conservative Club 3.
It’s as you were for the top eight players in the Yeltz Bar Tuesday Night Singles League, leader Richard Reed holds on to pole position although he suffered his first defeat in five as he went down 3-2 to Neil Steventon who together with Tommy Johnson now shares second place on 21 points just one fewer than Reed, Johnson had a 3-2 win against Loz Slater. Full Results:Week 5:- Richard Swinden 0 Richard Duncan 5, Trevor Collier 4 Tony Duncan 1, Richard Reed 2 Neil Steventon 3, Mark Adams 1 Alister Duncan 4, Loz Slater 2 Tommy Johnson 3, Doug Richmond 4 Richard Barrett 1, Steve Carey 3 Vince Bayliss 2, Adam Hill 1 Richard Hill 4.
There were wins for the top two teams in division one of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night Singles League in week five, leaders Riley’s ‘C’ won 6-1 against the Boat and second placed Sunbeam 4-3 against Jack’s Bar while in division two Dog and Partridge top the table after handing out a 4-3 defeat to the Shed, this being Shed’s first loss and as a result drop to third behind Wednesfield Legion, both teams two points off the top. Full Results:Week 5:Singles League:Division One:- Bull 6 Pavilion 1, Penn Bowling 1 Riley’s ‘B’ 6, Riley’s ‘A’ 5 Victoria 2, Riley’s ‘C’ 6 Boat 1, Sunbeam 4 Jack’s Bar 3, Division Two:- Pendulum 4 Ukrainian Club 3, Red Lion 3 Yale Club 4, Roebuck 4 Woodfield Social 3, Royal 4 Riley’s ‘D’ 3, Shed 3 Dog and Partridge 4, Wednesfield Legion 6 Bird in Hand 1, Doubles League:Division One:- Bull 2 Pavilion 1, Penn Bowling 1 Riley’s ‘B’ 2, Riley’s ‘A’ 1 Victoria 2, Riley’s ‘C’ 3 Boat 0, Sunbeam 2 Jack’s Bar 1, Division Two:- Pendulum 2 Ukrainian Club 1, Red Lion 2 Yale Club 1, Roebuck 2 Woodfield Social 1, Royal 1 Riley’s ‘D’ 2, Shed 2 Dog and Partridge 1, Wednesfield Legion 2 Bird in Hand 1.
The Tettenhall Wednesday Night League fixtures brought together the top two teams Cleveland Arms and Whitmore Reans WMC, despite home advantage Cleveland lost the match 4-3 and also the number one spot as their first defeat in four saw them drop into second place, two points behind the undefeated Whitmore Reans. Full Results:Week 4:- Bull 4 Dog and Partridge 3, Cleveland Arms 3 Whitmore Reans WMC 4, ECC ‘B’ 4 Brewood British Legion 3, Jones Road 3 Swan Compton 4, Moreton 3 Village Inn 4, Riley’s 4 ECC ‘A’ 3.
A 120 finish helped Kevin Harris to a 4-2 win over Tommy Johnson in the Halesowen Friday Night Singles League and took his winning run to seven games and giving him a two points lead over second placed Robert Harris who had a similar 4-2 win against Adam Hill. Third placed Mark Bayliss lost ground on the leading duo as he lost 4-2 to Jason Gale who is currently seventh with 8 points, six off the top but with a game in hand. Full Results:Match 7:- Peter Stockwell 6 Paul Kelly 0, Dougie Richmond 3 Nigel Gale 3, Kevin Dauncey 5 Jan Habernathy 1, Mark Bayliss 2 Jason Gale 4, Adam Hill 2 Robert Harris 4, Kevin Harris (120f) 4 Tommy Johnson 2.
Tamworth League:Full Results: Match 10:- Three Tuns (Fazeley) 3 Sports Bar 4, Sports Bar ‘180’ 3 Wigginton Arms ‘B’ 4, Wigginton Arms ‘A’ 5 Dolphin Inn 2, Fox and Dogs 7 Old Liberal House 0, Players League:- Glenn Alexander (Three Tuns, Fazeley) beat Mick Chater (Sports Bar), Steve Taft (Sports Bar ‘180’) beat Phil Picking (Wigginton Arms ‘B’), Grant Harris (Wigginton Arms ‘A’) beat Baz Wright (Dolphin Inn), Wayne Hewins (Fox and Dogs) beat Keith Lane (Old Liberal House).

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