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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

What a great start to the new season as West Midlands made it three wins in as many games in division two of the BDO Inter County Championships when they won 23-13 away to Sussex.
The weekend got off to a fine start with the ladies ‘B’ winning 5-1 Heather Wright (20.88) their lady of the match, following up with a 7-5 win were the men’s ‘B’ side their top player being Ashe Khayat with a 28.18 average.
The ladies ‘A’ match saw all of the games go with the darts advantage and finished all square at 3-3 with Sarah Roberts claiming her second match award with a top average of 23.48. The men’s ‘A’ for the second consecutive fixture won 8-4 Mark Craddock the man of the match with a 27.96 average.
The result sees West Midlands hold on to pole position in the promotional table and increase their slender lead over London by one more point giving them 75 points as opposed to their rivals 70.
Full Results: BDO Inter County Championships:Division Two:Sussex v West Midlands (13-23):(Sussex names first): Men’s ‘A’:- Cliff Prior 3 Gareth Watts 4, Tony Peters 2 Avtar Singh 4, Craig Stoner 4 Ian Jones 1, Craig Deeley 1 Michael Baker 4, Liam Kipling 3 Shaun Carroll 4, Darren Woolgar 2 Matthew Dicken 4, Dan Bradford 4 Richard Platt 1, Rod Hawkins 3 Mark Craddock 4, Greg Upton 4 Jonathan Platt 2, Dave Creasy 3 Nick Fullwell 4, Aegir Bjornsson 0 Keith Allman 4, Paul Eves 4 Mark Rollinson 1, Men’s ‘B’:- Ken Sowerby 3 Mark Allen-Watkiss 2, Shaun Sandalls 1 Sam Guest 3, Dave Williams 3 Karl Hinks 0, Harry Jackson 0 Scott Baker 3, Lee Jennings 2 Ashe Khayat 3, Andrew Sexton 3 Simon Meredith 2, Jorden Langridge 0 Paul Price 3, Graham Harris 1 Danny Coyle 3, Paul Robinson 2 John Morris 3, Todd Rainsley 3 Robert Smith 2, Danny King 3 Jack Routledge 0, Connor Levett 1 Neil Pointon 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Trish Kidd 3 Gemma Barrett 0, Crystal Woodrow 0 Sarah Roberts 3, Karen Winter 3 Kath Jenkins 1, Denise Peake 0 Lisa Astbury 3, Donna Rainsley 3 Kim Fellows 0, Laura Macintosh 1 Debbie Loon 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Julia Saldanha 1 Sophie Singh 3, Hayley Gatford 3 Wendy Waine 2, Elaine Chapman 0 Jacqueline Maiden 3, Sarah Boniface 0 Heather Wright 3, Teresa Weir 0 Kirsty Shaughnessy 3, Karen Wilson-West 1 Shellbie Simmons 3.
For the first time in five games Crown at Olton lost in the premier division of the Sheldon and District Winter League. Playing away to bottom of the table The Pirates, who prior to the game were pointless having lost all three of their games Crown went down 5-4 and as a result drop two places in the table to third and their hosts move off the foot of the table to be replaced by EBAHA who lost 7-2 to The Lyndon.
A 5-4 win at Mackadown Social has seen Saltley Amateur Gardeners take over the number one spot with 10 points from six games, Crown at Shard End are second with 8 points from four games and are now the only undefeated team in the division.
In division one Iron Horse made it five straight wins with a 5-4 win over Willclare Sports and Social who drop from third to fourth in the table, Highwood KB’s move up two places to second following their 7-2 home win over Holy Souls.
Crown Arrows are going strong in division two their 5-4 home win over Shirley RBL Misfits taking their 100% win record to six games and giving them a four points advantage over second placed Ridgemere Social Flights who beat Maggies 6-3 leaving them with a game in hand on the leaders.
Full Results:Week 6:Premier Division:- The Pavillions 4 (M.Morgan 100, D.Whitehouse 100, B.Evans 2x100,125, A.Richards 100,105, R.Evans 105b,100, N.Jackson 100, M.Turner 105b,100) Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 5 (A.Barnfield 136, L.Nixon 120b, A.Nixon 100, M.Barber 100,140), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 2 (J.Darby 140, A.Hinton 100, L.O’Donnell 121, N.Davies 3x100,116b, S.Whatmore 116b,100, R.Carey 100, D.Horley 100, B.Horley 116b,100) The Lyndon 7 (S.Harding 135, R.Lucas 121,116b, A.Foulkes 135, J.Buckingham 110b,140, S.Darby 127, P.Henderson 136, A.Daly 102b,100), The Pirates 5 (K.Green 125, S.Hughws 100, M.Naylor 100, W.Naylor 112b,100, A.Cooksey 135,101b, G.Green 100,140, P.Moran 100,140) Crown at Olton 4 (A.Hutchings 121, T.Randell 100,120b, J.Sidwell 100b,100, S.Kennedy 100, P.Yardley 115b,100, J.Jennings 2x120b,140), Mackadown Social 4 (L.Barberan 100, S.Kingdon 2x100, M.Heaven 100b, G.James 2x100) Saltley Amateur Gardeners 5 (J.Randell 100b,120, R.Lawrence 140,137, A.Caddick 120b,100, P.Webster 100,140, T.Webster 120b,160b, T.White 100b,140, J.Phipps 100), Division One:- Solihull Moors 6 (N.Warner 100, S.Hicks 2x100,140, S.Green 100, L.Hodges 100,140, I.Evans 134, P.Vasey 105) George V 3 (J.Hinson 132, B.Anderton 100, S.Palmer 122), Marston Green Tavern 2 (T.Knowles 121, D.Bond 100b, T.Frost 160b, B.Tranter 2x100) Crown-Forget-Me-Not 7 (A.Smith 100, W.Griffiths 2x100, J.Lynch 120b,100b, T.Colley 100b, C.Kettlewell jnr 100, J.Stokes 100), Iron Horse 5 (R.Earl 101b,2x100) Willclare Sports and Social 4 (A.Smith 100, W.Griffiths 2x100, J.Lynch 120b,100b, T.Colley 100b, C.Kettlewell 100, J.Stokes 100), Highwood KB’s 7 (W.Cooper 140, T.Hobbis 100,N.Wykes 125, N.Byrne 2x100,139) Holy Souls 2 (C.Stokes 112b,152b, T.Evans 140, D.Heighway 100, J.Rafter 114b,102f, J.Duffy 112b,127), Division Two:- Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 4 (S.Wasley 121, D.Heath 2x100, T.Heath 108b, D.Jelley 100) Greville Arms 5 (T.Cox 130f, J.Cocchi 100, A.Hawkins 100,140,123, P.Thorley 100, K.Hull 100), Ridgemere Flights 6 (C.Bunn 100, L.Carter 139, P.Fielding 142b,180, C.Smith 110b, A.Phipps 120b,100, J.McGuigan 101) Maggies 3 (R.Duncan 100, S.Hoccom 106b,2x100,100b, B.Swaine 100b,133, N.Hall 105b,100, S.Hall 100, P.Cunningham 109b), Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 4 (S.Miller 100, A.Wale 100, G.Oakley 100, N.Rickets 100,101, A.Sleath 140) Highwood Arrows 5 (S.Payne 107,117, T.Arrowsmith 125,100, D.Carey 112b,134), Crown Arrows 5 (J.Gaskin 140, K.White 112b,116, J.Morrisey 100, D.White 122f, J.Masefield 2x100) Shirley RBL Misfits 4 (J.O’Sullivan 140, M.Hodgson 100, J.Boyle 100, G.Brown 108b, K.Bygrave 100), Highwood Exiles 1 Meadway Sports and Social 8 (R.Hounsell 124b,100, MShellis 107f, A.Byard 100).
The preliminary round of the Brian Goodman Cup was on the fixture card for the Four Oaks and District League and the biggest win of the round was 8-1 achieved by both Golden Hind and The Beehive who in turn defeated Boldmere Tap and Red Lion. In contrast the lead changed four times in the match between Bishop Vesey and Golden Hind Arrows before the Arrows took the final game to win 5-4. Another nail biter saw Old Oscott Arrows beat Plough and Arrows 5-4 again the final game deciding the issue. Boldmere St Mikes won 6-3 at The Boot with 180’s from M.Wild and B.Linnecor. Erdington Arrows outscored their visitors Old Oscott WMC but we unable to match their opponents finishing power and lost 6-3.
J.Dempsey (Bishop Vesey) and P.Opelier (Plough and Arrows) also recorded maximums this week.
Full Results:Brian Goodman Cup:Preliminary Round:- Bishop Vesey 4 (M.Hall 100, J.Dempsey 180) Golden Hind Arrows 5 (J.Mahon 2x100, K.Lumby 100, S.Spink 100, J.Verschoyle 100,137, A.Day 2x100, G.Oldfield 100,140), Brookvale Social 6 (J.Yates 140, M.Driscoll 100, R.Blaney 100, S.Lysaght 135, W.Naylor 125,102) The Park 3 (C.Batt 100, C.Marston 100, D.Clarke 100), Erdington Arrows 3 (J.Stokes 132, M.Edwards 101, M.Phillips 112b, J.Leydon 120b,100, M.Kenny 100, J.Cox 2x100,140) Old Oscott WMC 6 (J.Tolley 100, T.Morris 120, N.Hawkley 104, C.Hawkley 134,100, D.Parsons 100, M.Bowles 100, D.Higgins 100), Golden Hind 8 (T.Kelly 160b,101b,10 darts game, T.O’Kereke 100, G.Kimberley 101b,2x100, D.Pickering 140, S.Baker 100b,140, D.Munge 140) Boldmere Tap 1 (C.Hagans 100, S.Hagans 124), Old Oscott Arrows 5 (M.Page 100, D.Page 100, M.Compton 2x116b,140, A.Lea 140,100, E.Atkins 100) Plough and Arrows 4 (N.Robbins 100, P.Opieler 180, I.Taylor 121, A.Humphriss 100), The Beehive 8 (M.Partridge 135,102, K.Reynolds 2x100, R.Parry 110b, W.Mynard 100, C.O’Neil 133, J.Prince 130, K.Deeley 108b,100) Red Lion 1 (I.Bayliss 100, D.Bayliss 125,100, D.Bond jnr 100, B.Hughes 3x100), The Boot 3 (D.Walton 116f, T.Tyrie 120b, G.Gaughan 101, M.Brogan 120, M.Norton 100) Boldmere St Mike’s 6 (J.Kavanagh 100, M.Wild 180, S.Paling 132,100, A.Kimberley 137, C.Perry 133, B.Linnecor 112b,2x100,180, M.Ashton 111b,100), The Lions 4 (J.Collins 100, K.Shorthouse 100b,100, K.Taylor 131b, S.Davey 121) Boldmere Sports and Social 5 (B.Lysaght 123, P.Koyce 100,139,140).
Highwood enforced their bid for the Shirley and District Monday Night League title with a 5-4 win over third in the table Shirley Red Lion, second placed Crown Jewels are on the same 30 points as Highwood their 8-1 win against Shirley Legionnaires reducing the deficit on average to just three legs and after sixteen games a gap of eight points has now opened up between them and the rest of the teams.
Bottom of the table Shirley Spartac had a good week as they chalked up their first win on 16 games when they won their home tie with next to bottom Blue Bell 6-3.
Dan Rycroft was on the mark for Strawberry Fields hitting two maximums in their 8-1 win over Baldwin Bears. Matt McCallion (Cider House) was another player to find the three treble twenties while Mark Gwalchmai (Shirley Red Lion) recorded a 140 finish.
Full Results:Week 16:- Highwood 5 Red Lion 4 (Mark Gwalchmai 140f), Strawberry Fields 8 (Dan Rycroft 2x180) Baldwin Bears 1, Shirley Spartac 6 Blue Bell 3, Crown Jewells 8 Shirley Legionnaires 1 , Baldwin 2 Solihull Sports Club 7, Sharmans Cross 5 Cider House 4 (Matt McCallion 180).
The South Birmingham League staged the first round of their Roy Parry Cup and three of the five games finished with 7-2 wins for St John’s, Raven and Coleshill Social who in turn defeated Family Tree, The C’s and The Bell. Kingfisher and The Dog both won 5-4 against their respective opponents Toby Jug and The Gate.
A few late results saw Banbury Flights beat The Dog and Smithswood Social 5-4 to go top of division two with a perfect six points from their opening three games, for former leaders The Dog it was their first defeat and as a result go two points behind Banbury and drop to second place.
Full Results:Roy Parry Cup:Round One:- Toby Jug 4 (I.Beattie 154b, D.Revitt 3x100,112b, D.Rainey 132) Kingfisher 5 (R.Sharples 2x100,105b, S.Boden 123), St John’s 7 (S.Kingdon 2x100, L.Barberan 140,100,120b, S.Whatmore 156b,121, T.Evans 100,101b, D.Clinton 135, D.Kingdon 117) Family Tree 2 (S.Hughes 100, A.Cooksey 100,112b,105, 10 darts game), The Gate 4 (N.Groves 3x100,125, T.Molineux 100) The Dog 5 (M.West 112b, P.Thompson 140,125, S.Fathers 112b, S.O^Brien 2x100, S.Ansell 121,140, M.Clayton 100, P.Richards 100), Raven 7 (R.Earl 2x100,110,121,2x140, J.Evans 140, A.Mayell 136,140, J.Whitehouse 100, A.Whitehouse 100, D.Mortiboys 100, T.Whitehouse 116b,120b,100) St Ann’s CCC 2 (J.Carter 100, D.Whitehouse 120, C.Millward 100, L.Spink 100), Coleshill Social 7 (S.Sweetman 100, L.Robinson 102b, P.Bryant 120,100) The Bell 2 (N.Walker 100, J.Green 100), Late Results:Division Two:- Toby Jug 4 (T.Adams 118, B.Weir 100,124, D. Reyitt 100, S.Chick 118) The Gate 5 (N.Groves 3x100,120b, D.Downes 100,136f, T.Molineux 140), Banbury Flights 5 (W.Cooper 100, P.Wilde 111,116,10 darts game, J.Moss 140,2x100, L.Reece 140,100, A.Luckman 100) The Dog 4 (P.Richards 137,100, S.O^Brien 100), Banbury Flights 5 (W.Cooper 100,117, J.Galager 100b, L.Reece 100b, J.Moss 100, P.Wilde 123) Smithswood Social 4 (A.Richards 120b,103f,100b,105,100, M.Winstanley 100, P.Cobley 2x100,102,  L.Walker 105, M.Bailey 117f).
The Forest of Arden Winter League had their divisional cups on the agenda and in round one in division one second in the table Olton Crown beat third placed Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 6-3 while in the division two encounters there was a shock for the divisional leaders Chelmsley Town who despite being unbeaten in the league were knocked out by Ivy Leaf with a 6-3 scoreline. Highwood KB beat bottom of the table Greville Arms with a convincing 8-1 result.
Full Results:Divisional Cups:Round One:Division One:- Olton Crown 6 (J.Sidewell 2x140,2x100,117, J.Norris 100, A.Hutchings 180, B.Nixon 100b,120b,100, R.Duncan 100, T.Steele 140, D.Duncan 2x100) Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 3 (P.Jones 100, J.Humphries 116,120, D.Howlett 140,104,100, N.Rughan 100), Division Two:- Highwood KB 8 Greville Arms 1, Ivy Leaf 6 (R.Jelly 138, T.Lambie 100, D.Parsons 112b, D.Field 2x100, S.Parsons 100) Chelmsley Town 3 (D.Cox 119, D.Cooper 115).
What Are Thooose had a setback to their title aspirations in the Winmau Centre Monday Night League played at Wolverhampton Indoor Community Sports Stadium when for the first time this season they lost, a 31-17 defeat at the hands of the Misfits who have taken over pole position with 276 points seven more than their opponents who drop to second in the table.
In third place are What’s The Point who won 34-14 against Keep It In The Family to put them on 255 points. Reigning champions The Untouchables who are currently fourth had a bye this week and are on 246 points with a game in hand on the three teams above them.
Full Results:Week 7:- Misfits 40 (Sam Guest 180, Jay Hough 180 Neil Salter 180) Keep It In The Family 8, Where’s My Team 4 (Matt Evans 180) The Untouchables 44 (Dan Edmunds 180, Dave Bentley 180), What’s The Point 34 Here For The Beer 14, What Are Thooose 45 (Mark Daniel 180, Euan McGovern 180, Owen Maiden 180, Kristian Wharton 180) Double Trouble 3, Bulls Hitters 48 Barney Army 0, Week 8:- Where’s My Team 5 Mad House 43 (Reece Cook 180), What’s The Point 34 Keep It In The Family 14 (Dave Lewis 180), What Are Thooose 17 (Owen Maiden 180, Kristian Wharton 180, Mark Daniel 116f) Misfits 31 (Sam Guest 2x180, John Morris 180), Bulls Hitters 38 (Mike Hampson 180, Gemma Barrett 180, James Owen 180,127f)  Here For The Beer 10, Double Trouble 10 (Clifford Sandel 180) Barney Army 38 (Mark Harvey 180,140f).
Just one fixture played in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League this week which saw league leaders Old Hop Pole beat third placed The Vine 5-2 to open up a four points lead at the top of the table, plus they have a game in hand on second placed Dewdrop with just three fixtures remaining. So apart from a massive upset Old Hop Pole do look to have the title in the bag with Dewdrop runners up as they in turn are twelve points to the good on third placed The Vine.
Full Results:- Old Hop Pole 5 The Vine 2.
The Aston league played off the first round of their 10-A-Side Cup with league leaders Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s Club winning 6-1 against Old Oscott WMC while second in the table Sportsmans Rest suffered a 4-3 defeat at the hands of third placed Erdington Club.
In the other two games Mitre beat Aston Flights 5-2 and Red Lion won 4-3 at Safe Harbour.
Full Results:10-A-Side Cup:Round One:- Safe Harbour 3 Red Lion 4, Sportsmans Rest 3 Erdington Club 4, Mitre 5 Aston Flights 2, Old Oscott WMC 1 Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s Club 6.
The latest of the Winmau First Thursday of The Month Knockouts at the Wolverhampton Indoor Community Sports Stadium was won by none other than the American number one Larry (The Bald Eagle) Butler who finished as runner up to Glen Durrant in this year’s Winmau World Masters in Hull. In the quarter finals Butler was held to a very close 4-3 win by Richard Hosey but then had a more convincing 5-1 success in the semis against Lee Craig. From the other half of the draw a previous winner Mick Baker accounted for Simon Meredith with a 4-1 verdict to reach the last four and then booked his final place with a straight 5-0 win over Sam Guest
The final saw Butler clinch the top prize with a 6-2 win over Baker.

2015-11-05 - Winmau Centre Monthly Knockout Dharam (Tam) Jagpal (Arena Owner), Mick Baker (runner up), Larry Butler (winner) and losing semi finalists Lee Craig and Sam Guest

2015-11-05 - Winmau Centre Monthly Knockout Dharam (Tam) Jagpal and winner Larry Butler

Full Results:Quarter Finals:- Richard Hosey 3 Larry Butler 4, Lee Craig 4 Liam Baker 1, Mathan Richards 0 Sam Guest 4, Mick Baker 4 Simon Meredith 1, Semi Finals:- Larry Butler 5 Lee Craig 1, Sam Guest 0 Mick Baker 5, Final:- Larry Butler 6 Mick Baker 2.
Six games into the new season and there are still three teams unbeaten in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League and three of the top five teams won 9-0 in week six. Leaders Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) beat their visitors Queens 9-0 to stay top of the table on average from reigning champions Ashwood who won their home tie with The Fox (Lye) 6-3. Third placed Britannia also had a home game against The Swan in which they were 9-0 winners while fourth placed Ten Arches ‘B’ who are two points behind the leading trio won 8-1 at The Crestwood. Brickmakers Arms make up the top five and they were the third side to win 9-0 in a home game against The Cat Inn (Wordsley). Ten Arches ‘A’ are on the same ten points as their ‘B’ team and Brickmakers, they won 5-4 against Stourbridge RBL.
Full Results:Match 6:- Ashwood 6 The Fox (Lye) 3, Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) 9 (S.Bloomer 8 darts game, B.Firzgerald 140f) Queens 0, Crestwood 1 Ten Arches ‘B’ 8, Bird (Wordsley) 6 Quarry Bank Conservative Club 3, Plough 4 High Acres 5, Garibaldi 3 Bird ‘B’ (Stourbridge) 6, Britannia 9 The Swan 0, New Inns 3 Kingswinford Conservative Club 6, Church Tavern 3 Shrubbery Cottage 6, Ten Arches ‘A’ 5 Stourbridge RBL 4, Brickmakers Arms 9 The Cat Inn (Wordsley) 0.
The Cradley Tuesday Night League played the finals of the doubles knockout and the final turned out to be an all Crown affair with A.Ghaley and M.Tedstone (Crown ‘A’) beating J.Sharratt and R.Humphries (Crown ‘B’) 3-1. Ghaley and Tedstone won 2-0 in the last eight against T.Nock and A.Dimmock (Wheatsheaf) and booked their final spot with a similar straight legs win over R.Duncan and M.Greenwood (Vine) in the semis. Sharratt and Humphries had a bye in the quarter finals and then won 2-0 against J.Lowe and L.Eaves in the last four.
Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Quarter Finals:- R.Duncan / M.Greenwood (The Vine) 2 N.Walters / I.Vincent (The Gate) 0, A.Ghaley / M.Tedstone (Crown ^A^) 2 T.Nock / A Dimmock (Wheatsheaf) 0, J.Sharratt / R.Humphries (Crown ^B^) – bye, S.Goodwin / A.Apiti (Bulls Head) 1 J.Lowe / L.Eaves 2, Semi Finals:- A.Ghaley / M.Tedstone 2 R.Duncan / M.Greenwood 0, J.Sharratt / R.Humphries 2 J.Lowe / L.Eaves 0, Final:- A.Ghaley / M.Tedstone 3 J.Sharratt / R.Humphries 1.
With only three fixtures remaining in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League Dudley Sports ‘C’ edged closer to the title when they won 6-3 at the Blue Brick to maintain their four points lead at the top of the table over their nearest rivals Bridge ‘B’ who won 7-2 at home against the Griffin, in fact Dudley Sports ‘C’ now have to lose their last three games and Bridge ‘B’ win all three for them to lose the title as in addition to their four points lead Dudley Sports ‘C’ also have a massive average advantage. The two teams are guaranteed first and second places and it now looks as though it will be Dudley Sports ‘C’ as winners with Bridge ‘B’ runners up.
Full Results:Week 39:- Blue Brick 3 Dudley Sports ‘C’ 6, The Swan 5 Brickmakers Arms 4, Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 7 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 2, Liberal Club 8 Bridge ‘A’ 1, Dog and Lamppost ‘B’ 5 Old Star 4, Bulls Head (Netherton) 6 Queens Head (Wordsley) 3, Bridge ‘B’ 7 Griffin 2, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 3 Roebuck 6, Portway 4 High Acres 5, Black Horse 5 Tenth Lock 4.
There was a first defeat of the campaign for Roebuck in the Brierley Hill Friday Night League a crushing 9-0 reversal away to second in the table Brickmakers Arms, the loss seeing Roebuck drop two places to fourth.
Reigning champions Miners (Wollescote) once again lead the way their 7-2 home win over Pensnett Welfare Club making it three wins in as many games and six points while second and third placed Brickmakers Arms and Netherton Cricket Club are both on four points, the cricket club winning their home tie with The Bell 6-3.
Full Results:Week 3:- The Cross (Oldswinford) 5 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 4, Brickmakers Arms 9 Roebuck 0, Miners (Wollescote) 7 Pensnett Welfare Club 2, Netherton Cricket Club 6 The Bell 3.
Abbey slipped from second to fifth in the Harborne League table following their 5-4 defeat at Amber Tavern Pirates who are one place above them and two points to the good. Court Oak are top with a perfect eight points from four games the latest of which saw them win 8-1 at home against Avenue Social. Hillyfields ‘A’ are second their 9-0 win over Sportsman leaving them just two points behind the leaders while third in the table Avenue Flights had a close 5-4 win over Hillyfields ‘B’ but the win kept intact their unbeaten run of three games and together with Court Oak they are the only unbeaten teams in the league.
Full Results:- Avenue Flights 5 Hillyfields ‘B’ 4 (P.Yardley 112f), Court Oak 8 (K.Bedder 180) Avenue Social 1, Weoley Castle WMC 3 Bartley Green FC 6, Amber Tavern Pirates 5 Abbey 4, Hillyfields ‘A’ 9 (J.Best 180) Sportsman 0.
After eleven games there is nothing separating the top two teams in the Netherton Thursday Night League, Rose and Crown and White Swan are locked together on the same points and average. The latest round of fixtures saw Rose and Crown win 7-2 at Fairfield and with the same scoreline White Swan won at Delph Bell. Third in the table Bulls Head (Netherton) have played two games fewer than the two teams above them, wins in both of those would take them level on the same 30 points and if they can get fifteen or more winners in those games they would go top of the table.
Full Results:- Delph Bell 2 Whate Swan 7, Pensnett Liberal Club 1 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 8, White Horse 5 The Widders 4, Fairfield 2 Rose and Crown 7.
White Horse (Quarry Bank) have taken over the number one spot in the Halesowen Monday Night Ladies League after a 5-2 win over Hare and Hounds while Black Horse suffered a damaging 5-2 defeat at Haden Cross which could lose them their third place.
Full Results:- Haden Cross 5 Black Horse 2, White Horse 5 Hare and Hounds 2, Captains Cup:- Haden Cross beat Black Horse, White Horse lost to Hare and Hounds.
There were 6-1 wins for the top two teams in the Camp Hill League this week leaders Cotterills Lane Club beat third placed Holy Gulp while their nearest rivals HMS Lions beat Lady Westminster to keep them level on the same 14 points as Cotterills. At the other end of the table the bottom two teams played each other next to bottom Wagon and Horse beating bottom team Devil’s Club 4-3, this was Wagon’s second win in eight outings while Devil’s Club are left still seeking their first points of the campaign.
Full Results:- Cotterills Lane Club 6 Holy Gulp 1, Devil’s Club 3 Wagon and Horses 4, Lady Westminster 1 HMS Lions 6.
The West Midlands Men’s Super League is four games into its new season and leading the way is Landywood ‘A’ who handed out a 5-0 whitewash to their hosts bottom of the table Griffin to give them 27 points. In addition to Landywood ‘A’ having won all four games so too have Crown ‘A’, Greets Green and Allens Bar and there are only four points separating the top four teams. Wednesfield FC lost third place and their unbeaten record as they finished on the wrong side of a 4-3 result at Staffordshire Knot and drop to fifth.
Full Results:Match 4:- Staffordshire Knot 3 Wednesfield FC 2, ECC 2 Pensnett Welfare Club 3, Crown ‘B’ 2 Greets Green 3, Winmau Darts Centre 1 Bridgetown Social 4, Orange Tree 2 Rowley Bar and Grill 3, Griffin 0 Landywood ‘A’ 5, Landywood ‘B’ 1 Allens Sports Bar 4, Cabin 1 Crown ‘A’ 4.
No change at the top of division one of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League with all of the top seven teams recording wins in week 29.
In division two long time leaders Pheasant lost their home tie 4-3 to Emerald who are in the bottom half of the table and as a result of their defeat drop to third two points behind Roebuck who have taken over second place by handing out a 7-0 whitewash to Red Lion. Whitmore Reans WMC continue to lead the table their 6-1 win at Three Crowns giving them 46 points and a four points breathing space between themselves and Roebuck.
Full Results:Week 29:Division One:- Bradmore ‘B’ 5 Riley’s ‘D’ 2, Jack’s Bar 5 Bradmore ‘A’ 2, Merry Boys 0 ECC 7, Penn Bowling 6 Dog and Partridge 1, Riley’s ‘C’ 5 Chillington Club 2, Victoria 7 Ashmore 0, Village Inn 4 Corpus 3, Wednesfield Conservative Club 1 Cabin 6, Wednesfield FC 4 Otter and Vixen 3, Wednesfield Legion ‘A’ 5 Railway 2, Division Two:- Boat ‘B’ 3 Woodfield Social 4, Bull 4 Wednesfield Legion ‘C’ 2 (both teams were one player short), Moreton 7 Bird in Hand 0, Pendulum 5 Old Stags Head 2, Pheasant 3 Emerald 4, Roebuck 7 Red Lion 0, Three Crowns 1 Whitmore Reans WMC 6, Ukrainian Club 5 Castle 2.
The Tamworth League played off the first two rounds of their Three Tuns Trophy and winning through to the last four teams were Prince of Wales ‘A’, Fox and Dogs, Mile Oak Rovers and Belgrave Club.
Full Results:Three Tuns Trophy:Round One:- Prince Of Wales ‘B’ 0 Prince Of Wales ‘A’ 4, Sports Bar ‘180’ 2 Globe Inn 4, Mile Oak Rovers 4 Progressive Club 1, Wigginton ‘B’ 4 Dolphin Inn 1, Round Two:- Prince Of Wales ‘A’ beat Wigginton ‘A’ (walkover), Fox and Dogs 4 Globe Inn 0, Three Tuns (Fazeley) 3 Mile Oak Rovers 4, Belgrave Club 4 Wigginton ‘B’ 3.
Small Heath League:Main Cup:Semi Final:- Gulp Tribe beat Cob’s Bar, Consolation Cup:Semi Final:- Mitre lost to Clock Inn.

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