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Article: Practice them doubles!

Practice them doubles!

This must be natural to you already, but never underestimate the power of repetition. The business end of the match is always doubles.

The game of the week

Double Tussle

Your aim is to hit three double ones before moving on to double two. Depending on your level, you can choose to use either six, nine or twelve darts achieving this.

So if you’re an advanced player, you can use six darts only.

If you’re an average player – like 85% of us – please use nine darts for each number.

If you’ve began your darts career not so long ago, please don’t hesitate to use twelve darts to do this.

Remember that you can only move on hitting each double three times.

The game should be doable in approx. 45-60 minutes in each level.

Simple and very straight forward game, it does so good to your doubling skills.

Enjoy your practice!

Mikko Laiho, DartsGym


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