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Article: China Yangtze River League supported by Winmau and Haywood

China Yangtze River League supported by Winmau and Haywood

The China Yangtze Darts Tour has made 2 stops on its tour of China’s major darting cities, Shaoxing City (March 17) and Wenzhou City (May 26). These are two of China’s richest cities, and the sport of darts is rapidly gaining popularity in these affluent areas.


In each event there were more players than anticipated with many fascinated spectators watching the growing skills of the enthusiastic Chinese players.


The results of the Shaoxing event are as follows:

1st Mr. Xiang Songyu (Wenzhou)

2nd Mr. Ju Erlin (Shanghai)

3rd Mr. Ma Jigong (Shaoxing)


The results of the Wenzhou event are as follows:

1st Mr. Xie Jianguang (Wenzhou)

2nd Mr. Zhao Luming (Taizhou)

3rd Mr. Ma Ligong (Shaoxing)


Winmau would like to congratulate all the winners and would like to thank all those players that participated.


The next leg of the Yangtze Winmau Haywood tour is played in Hangzhou on July 20, and we’ll publish results and pictures as soon as they are available.

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